Neptune's Highway

Neptune's Highway

Wed Jan 16 21:36 2019 NZDT
Run: 35.2nm (63.7km)
08 00.60N 98 49.7E

Spent a few days cruising the hongs of Phang Nga Bay.

Spectacularly beautiful and peaceful once you get away from day boats. Now we are at Krabi with a million noisy longtails ferrying tourists to and from the beach. Tomorrow we head back to civilization to make final preparations for our Indian Ocean crossing. I'm out of food after a week of cruising - how will I provision for 4 months. Yikes! Plus permits, visas, insurance, taxes... Ugh! Hope to be out of here first week of February.

Looking forward to having all the prep behind us and hopefully enjoy the ride.

Tue Jan 8 16:11 2019 NZDT
Run: 28.2nm (51km)
7 48.6N 98 21.3E
Weather: 20 kts from the East. Clear and sunny.

Finally official! Checked in yesterday afternoon and took a walk to check out local supermarket. OK, but disappointing after Malaysia. Will have to figure out how to get 3-4 months provisions before we leave. Wind is still blowing and anchorage is very lumpy. Long dinghy ride to shore. Looking for a more favorable option.

Sun Jan 6 21:06 2019 NZDT
Run: 29nm (52.5km)
7 44.71N 98 45.67E
Weather: 12-14 kts from SE in AM, lightening up to 5-7 in afternoon.

Perfect sailing conditions for 35 nm sail to Phi Phi Don.

Recounted plot of The Beach to Bruce as we sailed past the island where it was filmed. Picked up a mooring in gorgeous spot which we should have to ourselves once day trippers leave. Tomorrow we expect similar conditions for the 25 nm sail to Ao Chalong, Phuket to (finally!) clear in to Thailand and get some Thai food!

Wed Jan 2 20:21 2019 NZDT
Run: 103.2nm (186.8km)
7 31N 99 07E
Weather: Hazy, but sunny with 12 knots from the north.

Well, we expected to beat our way from Langkawi to Phuket - sailing NW with NE winds. But the winds have been from the north! Yesterday we clawed our way from Koh Lipe to Rok Nok into 16 kts on the nose. 43 miles turned into 50 with tacking (even motoring we needed to be off the wind with the main up to make any kind of speed). Left at sun-up and arrived at sun-down. Made a bee line for an available mooring and a charter cat came around the corner, saw we were heading for the mooring, and closed the gap when we were about 3 boat lengths away and snagged it out from under us. (Visions of Tawanda and the parking scene in Fried Green Tomatoes). It was the last available mooring so we anchored with the big boys in 120 ft! A record for us but very light breeze so no problem.

We realized early on that we can't make Phuket in these winds and a typhoon is expected to impact the area on Friday. So we did an easy jog today to Ko Lanta off the mainland and we will stay here until the weather straightens out on Sunday. Then, hopefully two easy day -hops will get us to Phuket where we can finally check into Thailand!

Hello Laura and Bruce, We hope all is well with Neptune’s Highway. We have been watching the typhoon’s progress closely and are glad it is beyond you now. Given the track of the storm we are glad you were delayed in getting further north when planned. We are eager to hear news from you. All well here. Barbara (and Jim)

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