Amazing Grace - 621 Jun 2019

June 06, 2019 - 08:00

6 June 2019. 0730 hrs. This begins our 4th day in Savusavu. Got the wind generator fixed by installing 3 new blades. Yesterday refueled with diesel. Still waiting to get our laundry done. Big backup of cruisers with 2-3 weeks of dirty, salty clothes awaiting a run through the washing machine at the Copra Shed Marina. At this rate, the laundry lady can retire soon to a nice apartment overlooking Monaco. While it's still a long way out, mid next week looks like a potential weather window to make the Falaga run. Us and a swarm of others. With all the boats saying they plan to visit, I give the place another year at most before it's overrun, and the character and serenity will be lost. I remember first visiting Savusavu in 1995. There were 3 boats here, one was us. Now 50 or more boats can be here at any given time. A couple of years ago, I counted almost 100 before I lost sight of them down the creek. I guess that's progress. And a new super yacht marina is being built here. In a few years Savusavu will have all the character of Denerau - if you think McDonalds brings character to a location. Right now we're enjoying Savusavu like in years past.

Phew! High winds have passed...we hope! 29/05/2019

June 05, 2019 - 13:54

3rd day in toward Tonga. Yay! 1st 24hrs left on top front of low thus expected not pleasant start to get north as quick as possible to be past most of next low pressure which will likely be nasty. Was unpleasant 3+ M swells confused seas and low 30s wind, saw 47 in squall, boat was very wet even us inside clears due to confused waves thru day and night. 4 boats headed back to Opua with various issues they couldn't resolve in these conditions. 2nd day eased....phew! :). Mahi did awesome and we are good. Day 2 to 3... easing seas, better food options, but need to motor to keep speed in these 4 knot winds. Animals thus far..... Already picked up a passenger....worm....yuck! Cereal in that container quickly abandoned ship! :) We were going to start an aquarium on board with all the sea water during 1st day but Russ told animal collections. :)


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