Current/Forecast weather via Windy.ty.

Weather requests via YIT

YIT makes it easy to retrieve weather information from official forecasts and nearby yacht reports. Request weather using the app or by email using the commands in the following examples. Remember to copy the commands from the examples below exactly, including all square brackets and colons or YIT will be unable to process your request correctly. Even if you do not have internet access, the YIT App can help here by generating the email text for you.

Email Examples

Request weather from nearby yachts

To retrieve weather reports from yachts within a 100 mile radius of your position, send an email using the following example. You must include the [position] tag for this type of request.

Subject: leave blank


[position] 22 45s 175 34e
[weather]100 (Returns all yacht weather reports in a 100 mile radius.)

Weather Fax

You can retrieve various weather faxes via the YIT email system. The numbers 0,24,48,72 represent hours for the forecast. Leave any or all out. If no numbers are present the current forecast is sent (0 hours). The following example will bring back four images of which each image is around ~20k.

Subject leave blank

wxfax-nz: 0,24,48,72

Request official weather forecasts

Send an email using the following commands to retrieve current weather forecast reports for your specified regions. You can request forecasts for many areas as you like, each area must be on a new line. No position tag is required to be set in the email if you are not also requesting yacht weather reports. Below is the full list of weather forecast reports available at the present time. For weather forecasts not in this list, please email and it will be included if possible.

Subject: leave blank

pacific: (gets Pacific high seas from the NZ Metservice)
newcal:   (gets New Caledonia marine, this will  be automatically translated into English)
swpacific: (from Fiji Metservice)
subtropic: (from NZ Metservice)

Subscribe to a weather forecast

Rather than sending in a request for the same weather forecast multiple times, you can subscribe to automatically receive the latest version of that forecast for a given period of time by adding the number of days on the line after the weather region. To subscribe twice a day add a /2 after it. The following example subscribes to Fiji marine forecast for 10 days, twice a day (morning and night). 

Subject: leave blank

fiji: 10/2