Email User Guide

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is essential that in all emails you type the commands exactly as per the examples below, including any square brackets, and substitute your own details. Without these commands YIT will be unable to process your email correctly.

Hot tip: Avoid errors and make your experience simpler by using the YIT App to generate the correct text with commands that you can then simply paste into the body of your email.

Send in a position, status and weather report


Subject: Your yacht name (make sure you use the one you registered with)

Body of email:

[password] MyPassword
[position] 21 34.52S 175 35.18E (must be in this format or with decimals added to minutes to be more precise e.g. 21 34.66S 175 35.85E)
[weather] 5knts SE, slight seas, no clouds, 1022 baro
[speed] 5knts (optional)
[heading] 270T (optional)
[status] ticking along, smooth calm seas, gaining on Silverbreeze should hopefully catch up for a bbq tonight...yeah right!

Note: Sending a brief description of the weather you are experiencing is a great help to David and Patricia (Gulf Harbour Radio) for monitoring the weather.

Get weather forecast and situtation reports

This example gets weather forecast for Fiji and Southwest Pacific. You will also receive any weather updates from yachts nearby. For forecast area options go to the Weather Requests page in the Help section.

Subject: (leave blank)

Body of email:

[position] 21 34S 175 35E

Send in a status, blog, and activity locations 

Note: the same command format applies to all activity (diving/snorkeling/walking/anchorage) locations, just substitute the appropriate word in square brackets.

Subject: YACHTNAME (make sure you use the name you registered with)
Body of email:

[password] MyPassword
[position] 21 34S 175 35E (must be in this format or with decimals added to minutes to be more precise e.g. 21 34.66S 175 35.85E)
[status] Sent in a new blog on the website and updated our position. Lovely weather but harrowing reef entrance. I have written all about it in the latest blog. Went for some great dives and snorkels and have added those locations.

[blog] title: This is my first blog.
Today we sailed in through the reef entrance to Pangai, the capital of Tonga's Ha'apai island group. It was quite an interesting experience, with the ferry coming the other way we had to make sure we kept a sharp lookout. We cleared customs and made our way over to Big Mumma's Yacht Club for an arrival cocktail...

[diving] :position 21 45.66s 173 34.77e
title: Twin Peaks
Two amazing coral towers with plenty of life on the top and activity down below.
Look for the blue ribbon eel in the SE corner at 12m.

[snorkeling] :position 21 44.66s 173 33.77e
title: Whale paradise
Drifting along the outer edge of the reef the coral garden is spectacular and with whales just hanging off. Totally amazing.

[anchorage] :position 20 30.22s 174 44.45w
title: Kelefesia
Small rolly anchorage with room for three yachts max. The entrance can be fun, navigate with care (Tonga cruising guide has good guidance). This spot is definitely worth the effort to get here, absolutely beautiful spot with amazing snorkeling.

[walking] :position 18 2.064s 173 55.550w
title: Kenutu, Vava'u, Tonga
Access this walk from the beach toward the south end of Kenutu. Climb up and explore the stunning vantage points that look out across the ocean over the island's rugged eastern coast.


Get information on activities and weather within X number of miles from your position

Note: this example is for diving but the same format applies for any activity types as well as weather, just substitute the appropriate word into the square brackets.

Subject: leave blank

[position] 21 34S 175 35E
[diving] 100 (gets all diving locations submitted within a 100 mile radius of your position)
[weather]100 (gets all weather reports issued in the last 24hrs by other boats in a 100 mile radius of your position.


Send in multiple status updates at once.

Order your positions newest to oldest if you are not adding dates.

Subject: YACHTNAME (make sure you use the one you registered with)


[password] MyPassword
[status] :position 21 34S 175 35E (must be in this format 21 34.66S 175 35.85E )
Still approaching the Tonga's Ha'apai Group from the east, still 15 miles out with slow going.
[status] :position 21 45S 174 35E
Approaching Tonga's Ha'apai Group from the east, still 95 miles out.
[status] :position 21 25S 173 35E
Set heading for the Ha'apai Group in Tonga, should be coming in straight from the East, 150 miles to go.

Enjoy using YIT

Using the examples provided here you should be able to easily use this system to access useful cruising information and keep in touch with friends and family back home, all via email straight from your vessel either over SSB or satellite email.

If you have any issues, problems or suggestions please email the system administrator at We hope you enjoy using YIT - happy cruising!