The Australian Border Force, also known as customs, do not charge a fee for inspecting and providing customs clearance into Australia for recreational vessel under 25m LOA during normal working hours.

The Australian government department of Agriculture & Water Resources, also known as Biosecurity do charge a fee for service. As of January 2016 the fees charged by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources increased by about 17.5% in comparison to fees that were charged for the same service prior to January 2016. See this website for a detailed summary and breakdown of the fees.

The fee charged varies from vessel to vessel and as such cannot be determined until after the inspection and associated paperwork has been completed. In 2017 the average cost for the pratique & initial timber inspection for vessels that participated in the Go West Rally was $448.00 AUD.

See this website for a summary and breakdown of the fees.

The Down Under Rally have partnered with the Bundaberg Port Marina and made it possible for those yachts who join the 2018 Go West "Bundy Rally" to no longer have to worry about how much the fee will be as The Down Under Rally will be paying the cost of the initial biosecurity pratique and timer inspection for all vessels who join the Go West "Bundy Rally"

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