AIS automated updates are now available to YIT. Each yacht has been assigned credits based upon their membership level. Feel free to test it out.

You will need to enter your MMSI number and have a transmitting AIS unit on your yacht. Set the number of times a day you want to update ( once per day @ 6pm is good for general cruising as you should be in an anchorage by 6pm ie dark ). On passage you might want twice, three or four times a day.
Satellite positions (on passage) will chew through your credits at a rate of 6x that of land based positions received. Still, much much cheaper than using Iridium GO tracking if the satellites can pick up your AIS signal ( not all AIS units are powerful enough to always get a position recorded by the satellites )

Enter your MMSI in your yacht info page and click the enable AIS checkbox.

There is a number of days option which currently defaults to 10. This is so you don't accidentally use all your credits, whilst sitting in a marina etc. Set this to how long you will be in transit for.

If you are wanting to add more AIS credits to your account, you can purchase credit packs here:

Any questions or issues, post them here or email