Places of Interest

GPS: 20 30.098S 174 44.381W

Stunning but small rolly anchorage with room for three yachts max. The entrance can be trivky, navigate with care (Tonga cruising guide has good guidance). This spot is definitely worth the effort to...

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GPS: 19 51.017S 174 24.943W

Anchorages are large and sheltered with good holding in sand. Uoleva has no village but a couple of resorts, the island's big enough though that you can still feel you have it mostly to...

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GPS: 19 56.46S 174 43.00W

Anchor on the sheltered western side of the island near the wharf. This is an excellent all weather anchorage with a safe wide northern entrance. From here you can dinghy ashore and follow the road...

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Whangamumu Harbour
GPS: 35 15.0024S 174 17.8986E

Always a favourite to come back to. This harbour has good holding on a muddy sandy bottom and is sheltered in any blow except northeasterlies. There is old whaling station ruins to wander around...

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North Minerva Reef
GPS: 23 39.433S 178 54.354W

North Minerva Reef is the larger and most preferred of two large submerged atolls, popular as a stopover destination and place to await favourable weather for yachts in transit to Tonga or Fiji....

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Galoa Harbour
GPS: 19 03.91S 178 10.63E

Good protected anchorage. Reported to be unaffected by NW winds.

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Vuda Point Marina, Fiji
GPS: 17 40.86S 177 23.21e

Marina and approved clearance station with haulout facilities, repair and maintenance and good general services. This is also a recognised cyclone shelter.

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Waitepipi Bay
GPS: 35 00.224s 173 43.957e

Good calm anchorage, suitable in all winds except east and southeast. Good holding in 3-8 metres with sandy bottom. Climb up the hill on the southwest side of the bay for a greatview.

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Rere Bay
GPS: 35 00.526s 173 43.788e

Good calm sheltered anchorage, especially for smaller vessels with draft <2m which can tuck in further. Good holding in 3-6 metres in muddy bottom. Exposed to east, southeast and westerly winds.

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Waitapu Bay
GPS: 35 02.616S 173 45.468E

Calm shallow anchorage with good holding in muddy sandy bottom. Very sheltered, especially from southwest or northeast winds, exposed to northwest.

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Touwai Bay
GPS: 35 01.804S 173 46.124E

This anchorage has deep water close to shore - anchor close for better shelter. Good holding on muddy sandy bottom. Exposed to southwest, west and northwest winds. Beware of the 2.2m shallow when...

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Owhatanga Bay
GPS: 35 01.405S 173 46.007E

Sheltered anchorages can be found here for most winds except northwest. Good holding in broken shell, mud and sand and you can tuck in close to shore around most of the bay. Great spot for...

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Stephenson Island
GPS: 34 58.235S 173 46.753E

This anchorage is sheltered in northwest, north and northeasterly winds but can be fairly exposed otherwise and open to northwest swells. The bottom is rocky with seaweed so lay your anchor...

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Whangaihe Bay
GPS: 34 59.736S 173 48.996E

Good holding on sand and shingle bottom in 3-4 metres of water. Good shelter in all but northern quadrant winds.

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Mahinepua Bay
GPS: 34 59.928S 173 51.078E

Moderate holding in sandy bottom. Well sheltered in all but eastern quadrant winds. Anchor in the middle of the bay as it gets too shallow for most towards the head of the bay.

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Taiaue Bay
GPS: 35 01.058S 173 51.924E

Moderate holding in 4-5 metres of water on sandy bottom. Good shelter in southern quadrant winds. Exposed to north and northeasterly swells. Beware of the charted awash rock northwest of Omorere...

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Motutapere Bay
GPS: 34 58.368S 173 56.250E

Day anchorage only for diving the wreck of the Rainbow Warrior. Moderate holding in 6-10 metres on weedy rock and sand bottom. Can be a bit rolly and is subject to northeast, south, and western...

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Hamaruru Island
GPS: 34 58.624S 173 56.775E

Day anchorage only for exploring the Cavalli Islands, sheltered from northern quadrant winds. Moderate holding in 3-5 metres on weedy rock and sand bottom.

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North Bay, Motukawanui Island
GPS: 34 59.277S 173 56.641E

Good anchorage in southerly conditions near the Rainbow Warrior dive site. Good holding in 8-9 metres on rocky sandy bottom.

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Northeast Bay, Motukawanui Island
GPS: 34 59.504S 173 57.185E

Fair weather anchorage best in western quadrant winds. Anchor in 6-8 metres in the middle of the bay on rocky sandy bottom. Beware of rocks either side or the anchorage and the awash Te Haumi Rock...

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Horseshoe Bay, Motukawanui Island
GPS: 35 0.762S 173 56.370E

This shallow bay has moderate holding in the middle of he bay in 3m on sandy shingle bottom. Best in northeastern quadrant winds. Can be a bit rolly in norhterly and southerly swells.

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Orokaraka Bay, Matauri Bay
GPS: 35 2.490S 173 55.183E

Good holding in 3-4 metres of water on sandy bottom. Best in southern quadrant winds.

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Waiaua Bay
GPS: 35 3.577S 173 55.787E

Moderate holding on sandy bottom, well protected from northwesterly winds and swell. Exposed to southeast quadrant winds and swells.

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Maratea Point, Poor Knights Islands
GPS: 35 27.330S 174 43.939E

Anchor in 12-20 metres on rocky ground just north of Maratea Point. Sheltered in easterly winds but otherwise exposed and can be rolly. No fishing - this anchorage is in a no-take marine reserve.

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Sandagers Reef, Poor Knights Islands.
GPS: 35 28.506S 174 44.162E

Anchor in 12-20 metres on rocky ground. Sheltered in east and southeast winds but subject to northeast swells coming through the gap. No fishing - this anchorage is in a no-take marine reserve.

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Maroro Bay, Poor Knights Islands
GPS: 35 28.835S 174 44.182E

Good anchorage in south and east quadrant winds with rocky bottom. No fishing - this anchorage is in a no-take marine reserve.

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South Harbour, Poor Knights Islands
GPS: 35 29.020S 174 44.641E

This is a deep anchorage for sheltering in north and northwest winds. You will need to get close to the western shoreline to find anchoring sites in 15-30 metres on rocky ground. No fishing - this...

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Labrid Channel, Poor Knights Islands
GPS: 35 29.262S 174 44.390E

Approaching from the west, anchor in the middle of the channel in 12-20 metres on rocky bottom. Best in northern quadrant winds, can be rolly especially from the east. No fishing - this anchorage...

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Outu Bay
GPS: 35 13.050S 174 18.554E

Moderate holding in 6-8 metres on weedy rocky bottom among shingle and broken shell. Best in northerly and westerly winds. Can be rolly.

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Te Toroa Bay
GPS: 35 13.978S 174 17.604E

Fair holding in 6-8 metres on weedy rocky bottom among broken shell. Best in westerly winds. Beware of submerged rock on the northern side of the anchorage.

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Bland Bay
GPS: 35 20.539S 174 21.406E

Pretty bay with quite good shelter but can be a bit rolly, best in northerlies. Moderate holding in 6-8 metres on rocky bottom. Nice beach to walk along and explore the rocky outcrop at the eastern...

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Puriri Bay, Whangaruru Harbour
GPS: 35 21.932S 174 21.313E

Eastern end of the large anchorage that joins up with Sandy Bay. Very good holding in in 2-4 metres on muddy sandy bottom. Great shelter from easterly quater winds and swell. 

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Sandy Bay, Whangaruru Harbour
GPS: 35 21.264S 174 21.313E

Huge anchorage, pick your spot depending on the conditions. Very good holding in a large area of 3 metres on muddy bottom. You can get closest to shore on the northern side of the bay. Well...

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Mimiwhangata Bay
GPS: 35 25.845S 174 25.052E

Very good holding in 3-5 metres (eastern side) or 7 metres (western side) on sandy bottom, great shelter from all but north quadrant winds and swell. You can get a bit of shelter from then...

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Motutohe Island
GPS: 35 29.314S 174 28.033E

Fair weather anchorage sheltered from south and east quadrant winds. Anchor in 3-4 metres on sandy bottom tucked in on the inside of Motutohe Island.

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Wooleys Bay
GPS: 35 33.572S 174 29.450E

Good holding in 3-5 metres on sandy bottom. Best in south quarter winds but some shelter form east in the smaller Whale Bay on the eastern side also. Very picturesque bay with a walking track.

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Matapouri Bay
GPS: 35 33.675S 174 30.599E

Very sheltered from all but east quadrant winds. Anchor in 3-5 metres off the beach in the middle of the bay, good holding on sandy bottom.

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Tutukaka Harbour
GPS: 35 37.029S 174 32.046E

Sheltered from all winds. Good holding in 2-4 metres on muddy bottom. Subject to some roll from an easterly swell. There is a small township here and the base for dive charter companies serving the...

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Whale Bay
GPS: 35 10.112S 174 6.586E

Moderate holding in 3-5 metres on sandy shingly bottom. Best shelter from north quadrant winds. Can be a bit rolly.

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Rangihoua Bay
GPS: 35 10.249S 174 5.763E

Moderate holding on sandy bottom, best in 3-5 metres on the northeastern side of the bay in north quadrant winds or at the southern end of he bay in westerlies. Can be rolly from north and...

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Opito Bay
GPS: 35 11.644S 174 2.477E

Safe anchorage in strong winds to shelter from all but south quadrant winds with good holding in a muddy bottom.

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Moturoa Island
GPS: 35 12.400S 174 4.564E

Good holding in a muddy bottom, calm and sheltered to all but northwest quadrant winds. Beware of rocks close to shore.

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GPS: 35 16.798S 174 5.843E

Shallow anchorage with good holding in muddy sandy bottom. Beware of traffic around the busy wharf and cable lines in the southeast.

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Uruti Bay
GPS: 35 16.721S 174 8.062E

Good holding on a muddy bottom. Calm and sheltered from all but westerly winds. Inside the bay is very shallow so anchor at the mouth.

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Matauwhi Bay
GPS: 35 16.121S 174 7.642E

Poor holding in muddy bottom. Protected from all but south quadrant winds.

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Kororareka Bay, Russell
GPS: 35 15.790S 174 7.205E

Good holding in a muddy bottom but with lots of boat traffic.

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Roberton Island, Motuarohia Island
GPS: 35 14.034S 174 10.114E

Good holding in 3-5 metres in the northwest side of the bay. Good shelter from all but south quadrant winds.

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Mangahawea Bay, Moturua Island
GPS: 35 13.260S 174 11.019E

Moderate holding in sandy bottom. Anchor in the middle of the bay. Good shelter from all but west quarter winds. Exposed to northwesterly swells.

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Waipao Bay, Moturua Island
GPS: 35 13.736S 174 11.374E

Moderate holding in sandy bottom with some weed. Anchor in 3 metres in the middle of the bay. Exposed to southwest wind and swell. Beware of the awash rock at the north end of the bay.

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Awaawaroa (Pipi) Bay, Moturua Island
GPS: 35 13.584S 174 11.965E

Good bay for sheltering from strong winds from all but the south quarter. Good holding in muddy sandy bottom in 3-4 metres near the head of the bay.

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Waiwhapuku Bay, Moturua Island
GPS: 35 13.097S 174 11.634E

Moderate holding in sandy bottom, anchor in 2-3 metres in the middle of the bay. Best shelter in west quarter winds.

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Sunset Bay, Motukiekie Island
GPS: 35 13.004S 174 11.888E

Good shelter from all but west quarter winds. Bottom is a mixture of mud, sand and rocks. Look out for rocks close to shore and on the westernside of the northern channel when approaching.

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Waewaetorea Bay, Waewaetorea Island
GPS: 35 12.143S 174 12.698E

Good holding in 3-5 metres in sandy bottom with broken shell. Sheltered from all but westerly winds. Exposed to northerly swells. Beware of rocks near the middle as you approach the channel.

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Waewaetorea Passage
GPS: 35 12.596S 174 13.246E

Moderate holding in 4-5 metres on sandy shingle bottom. Good shelter from east and south quarter winds. Both bays here are good for anchoring but beware of the awash rock at the northern end of the...

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Otaio Bay, Urupukapuka Island
GPS: 35 12.835S 174 13.435E

Good holding in 3 metres on muddy sandy bottom. Good shelter from all but southwest quarter winds. Anchor in the middle of the bay as it is very shallow towards the head.

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Paradise Bay, Urupukapuka Island
GPS: 35 12.835S 174 13.435E

Anchor near the head of the bay in 2-5 metres to get the best shelter from all but west quarter winds. Can be exposed to westerly swells.

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Urupukapuka Bay, Urupukapuka Island
GPS: 35 13.258S 174 14.356E

Good shelter from north and west quadrant winds. Anchor in sandy bottom on the southern side of the bay unless you have a very shallow draft. Can be a little rolly. Good access to great walks on...

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Opunga Cove
GPS: 35 15.551S 174 12.480E

Good holding in 3-4 metres on muddy bottom. Great anchorage in east quarter winds.

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Orokawa Bay
GPS: 35 15.226S 174 11.972E

Good holding in mud and broken shell bottom. Good shelter in all but south quarter winds.

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Te Angamate Bay
GPS: 35 15.268S 174 11.590E

Good holding in mud and broken shell bottom, well sheltered from easterly and northerly winds. Subject to westerly swell.

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Pareanui Bay
GPS: 35 14.996S 174 11.706E

Good holding in muddy sandy bottom in 5 metres in the middle of the bay close to shore. Good shelter from east quarter winds though southeasterlies can funnel across.

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Putakokota Bay
GPS: 35 14.983S 174 12.145E

Good shelter in southwest quarter winds at the western end of the bay in 5-8 metres on muddy bottom.

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Parorenui Bay
GPS: 35 14.780S 174 13.608E

Good holding in muddy bottom. Good shelter in all bot north quadrant winds. Keep well clear of the rocks off both headlands when coming and going from this bay. Excellent spot to shelter from...

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Parekura Bay
GPS: 35 15.222S 174 14.916E

Good holding in 2-5 metres on muddy bottom. Shelter can be found in this bay from all but northerly winds and northwesterly swells though some wind can funnel through.

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Omakiwi Cove
GPS: 35 14.417S 174 14.630E

Good holding in muddy sandy bottom in 3-5 metres. Sheltered from all but west quarter winds.

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Kaingahoa Bay
GPS: 35 13.953S 174 15.308E

Good holding in 3m on muddy bottom near the mouth of the bay after which the bay shallows out to less than one metre. Good shelter from south to east quadrant winds.

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Oke Bay
GPS: 35 13.679S 174 15.975E

Good holding in 3-5 metres on sandy bottom just offshore. Sheltered from west quarter and southerly winds though the southeasterly flows around the hills.

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Maunganui Bay, Deep Water Cove
GPS: 35 11.574S 174 18.183E

Moderate holding in sandy bottom, best anchoring in 5-10 metres at the head of the bay in the northeast of this cove. There is also an anchorage in the southeastern part of the cove. Sheltered from...

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Mistletoe Bay, Inner Queen Charlotte, NZ
GPS: 41 13.572s 173 58.294e

A nice sunny anchorage, reasonably well sheltered in a Northerly, plenty of room to swing. Around 8m of water and a sandy bottom.

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Chaucer Bay, Bay of Many Covers, Inner Queen Charlotte, NZ
GPS: 41 10.456s 174 9.579e

A narrow entrance between submerged rocks. Holding OK in 10-15m water.

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GPS: 16 46.65s 179 19.99e

Very comfortable all weather anchorage, moorings are plentiful throughout the bay plus a few stern-to berths available.

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Beveridge Reef
GPS: 20 01.00s 167 45.00w

Beveridge Reef, a submerged atoll in Niue's EEZ. The reef encloses a lagoon about 4x2 nm. Entrance is on the western side and is about 7m deep. Trade winds here are from the southeast, the...

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Saweni Bay
GPS: 17 38.68s 177 23.53e

Well protected an all but northerly. Beach and road access to Lautoka township (cab). 

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Likiliki, NW Malolo Island
GPS: 17 44.296s 177 08.823e

good in E-SE winds

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GPS: 18 07.309s 178 25.514e

Commercial Harbour

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Beqa Malumu Bay
GPS: 18 22.366s 178 08.970e

very well protected from all directions

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NW Kuata
GPS: 17 21.980s 177 07.915e

Good SE - NE anchorage, pitcuresque

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Cuvu Bay Naviti
GPS: 17 09.538S 177 12.172E

Good in NW - E, holding good. close to Mantaray Pass

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$1 Bay
GPS: 17 04.989s 177 16.606e

Good in NE - S winds, good holding

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GPS: 18 09.441s 178 33.628e

A bit rolli but well protected from N to SE

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Somosomo bay East Vomo Reef
GPS: 17 05.755s 177 16.064e

Sheltered from the roll at 1$ bay. Good NE to Southerly

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Cukuvou Harbour, Yandua Island
GPS: 16 48.979s 178 17.105e

Sheltered from most winds. Good holding on sand at 7m.

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Viani Bay
GPS: 16 45.000s 179 53.300e

Supposed to be quiet, is very rolly today

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Nanuya-Sewa, Blue Lagoon
GPS: 16 56.573s 177 22.055e

Beautiful calm anchorage, protected from swell and all but southerly winds, good holding. Good snorkelling and long white beaches.

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GPS: 17 45.536s 177 23.146e

Good spot for picking up / dropping off friends from airport if local marinas full.

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Monu Island, Mamanuca Islands
GPS: 17 35.620s 177 02.830e

good in light winds and slight sea, day ancohage

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Monuriki Island, Mamanuca Islands
GPS: 17 36.444s 177 02.381e

good in settled conditions and southerly sector winds, good holding

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Loltong Bay, Pentecost Island, Vanuatu
GPS: 15 32.704s 168 08.828e

calm, inside reef, sand, good holding

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Ranwoponte pt
GPS: 16 12.422s 167 58.376e

18mtrs good holding

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Nabouwalu Village
GPS: 18 53.244s 178 27.857e

Well protected, very welcoming village (sevu sevu should be done)

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GPS: 19 02.92s 178 09.30e

Good shelter exept from W to N. Good holding in about 6m between shallowith reefs so good visibility or Google Earth images vital for pilotage, though Navionics charting seems reasonably accurate....

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Copra Shed Marina
GPS: 16 46.68s 179 19.97e

All weather even hurricane

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Neiafu Town Moorings
GPS: 18 39.515s 173 58.980w

Good and save mooring

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Apia Harbour
GPS: 13 49s 171 45w

Apia Harbour

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Tauranga Marina
GPS: 37 40.22855s 176 10.63283e

Bridge Marina

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GPS: 18 08.1886s 178 24.5117e

Commercial port...

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GPS: 17 4600s 177 2300e

Denarau Marina

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Likuri Harbour
GPS: 18 03s 177 17e

Likuri Harbour - nice flat anchorage.

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Apia, Samoa
GPS: 13 50s 171 46w


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Oyster Island on Santo
GPS: 15 22'.424s 167 11'.391e

very good anchorage

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Bird Island/Nukufotu, Wallis & Futuna
GPS: 13 11.156S 176 12.245W

The most fabulous island for bird life. Covered in frigate birds, brown and red-footed boobies and noddy terns, and teeming with crabs and moray eels which stalk the shoreline waiting for a nervous...

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Stunning view, Wallis & Futuna
GPS: 13 11.112S 176 11.923W

This tiny island has the most amazing view with the open ocean on one side and on the other, the tranquil calm turquoise waters and islands of Wallis. Scramble around the western edge of this rock...

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GPS: 20 15.68S 174 47.82W

Nomuka was a great village to visit and it wasn't long before a local lad took us under his wing to show us around and take us up to the village plantation where he lavished us with a bounty of...

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GPS: 19 57.98S 174 29.31W

This is an absolutely stunning spot to stop and relax for a few days, walk around Uanukuhahaki and you won't be disappointed. This was our favourite island to walk around. We saw a huge sea snake...

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Neiafu Lookout
GPS: 18 38.922S 173 59.967W

Access this lookout from tapueluelu road, walk is only about half an hour But you will be rewarded with great views out over neiafu and across to The eastern islands as well as across to the...

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GPS: 18 46.109S 174 01.230W

At low tide you can walk right around this charming wee island. on the Southwestern side there are some fantastic caves and on the southern coast Pretty good birdlife with terns and a few...

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Kenutu, Vava'u, Tonga
GPS: 18 42.064S 173 55.550W

Access this walk from the beach toward the south end of kenutu. climb up And explore the stunning vantage points that look out across the ocean Over the island's rugged eastern coast. you can...

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Lac Lalolalo, Uvea, Wallis
GPS: 13 17.965S 176 14.151W

Walk or see if you can hitch a ride with a 4WD or one of the locals that are heading up to tend to their crops. While technically a main road, RT1 gets pretty rugged after Malaetoli village. The...

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Faioa, Wallis
GPS: 13 22.102S 176 10.203W

A beautiful island with a perfect swimming spot at its north western tip where the sandy beach drops steeply away. Walk around to the eastern side and you will be met with a very different...

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Nukutapu - Nukuatea, Wallis
GPS: 13 21.790S 176 13.452W

There is a nice walk to a lookout and one of the many catholic monuments that characterise French territories in the Pacific. At low tide you can walk across a sandbar over to Nukuatea for a look...

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Dukes Nose Walk
GPS: 35 00.2748S 173 43.8010E

DOC hut with walkway beside up to Dukes Nose. This is a good walk with stunning views, but, the last part of the walk is hand over hand chains. Stunning views.

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Whangamumu Track, Te Toroa Bay and Cape Brett Track.
GPS: 35 14.950S 174 17.591E

From this anchorage you can access the tramping track north to Te Toroa Bay or a walking track that stretches across to the other side of the peninsula. If you are after a longer walk the track to...

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Urupukapuka Island Archaeological Walk
GPS: 35 12.708S 174 13.080E

arcaheological sites and great cliff top views. Full walk is 5 hours but you can do shorter stretches. More detail can be found on the website.

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Moturua Island Track
GPS: 35 13.060S 174 11.513E

This track can also be accessed from Mangahawea Bay or Waipao Bay anchorages. The full loop track is 4.6km and takes approximately 2.5 hours.The walk takes you through open grassy areas as well as...

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Mimiwhangata - Kaituna Bay track
GPS: 35 26.051S 174 25.398E

There is a loop walk on an informal track that takes you around the peninsula along beautiful beaches and a bit of rocky coast, across farmland past wetlands full of native birds and through...

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Whangaruru North Head Scenic Reserve - Sandy Bay end
GPS: 35 21.538s 174 21.653e

This is a beautiful scenic 2.5 hour walk through native bush and a couple of wetlands with views opening up of Bland Bay, Ocean Beach, offshore to the Poor Knights Islands and of Whangaruru Harbour...

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Whangaruru North Head Scenic Reserve - Admirals Bay end
GPS: 35 22.289s 174 21.686e

This is a beautiful scenic 2.5 hour walk through native bush and a couple of wetlands with views opening up of Bland Bay, Ocean Beach, offshore to the Poor Knights Islands and of Whangaruru Harbour...

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Kiwi walk - loop track to Ocean Beach
GPS: 46 58.0725s 168 10.528e

Dinghy to shore at this beach to access a loop track to Ocean Beach where kiwi can be spotted feeding in the sand at dawn and dusk. If you want to be ashore after 6pm or before 6am you need a permit...

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Stewart Island robin
Ulva Island - Te Wharawhara
GPS: 46 55.594s 168 07.945e

An open island sanctuary with fabulous bird and plant life, including rare mohua (yellow-heads) and tieke (saddle backs). Access easy walking tracks from Sydney Cove. Walks range from ten minutes to...

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Historic whaling repair station
GPS: 46 54.756s 168 02.920e

Historic site and short walk. Foundations and remains from the old whaling repair station that serviced vessels hunting in the Southern Ocean. Huge ice-damaged props litter the beach.

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Rakiura Track
GPS: 46 50.206s 168 05.151e

Good spot to access the stunning Rakiura Track with options of a jetty or beach landing. You can make the short walk over to Maori Beach (easy 2 hour return with a bit of time to explore, it has...

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Ridgeline Walk, Evening Cove, South Pegasus
GPS: 47 12.202s 167 37.435e

Short walk up to the ridgeline with nice views. The track starts near a large boulder on the shore. Follow the blue markers and make note of where you emerge into the open for an easy return.

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Frazer Peaks (Magog & Gog) from Evening Cove
GPS: 47 12.374s 167 36.975e

Walk to Frazer Peaks. You can choose to summit one or both peaks - Magog and Gog. We went to Magog and it was stunning. Incredible views over the island, including Gog, Seal Creek (Cooks Arm) and the...

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Bald Cone (ex Billy's Cove)
GPS: 47 13.597s 167 35.215e

Spectacular 275m high granite peak. Two hours to the top. Follow small piles of rocks in the open terrain. When you emerge from the bush cross the gulley and follow the ridge a little before crossing...

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Tin Range Track
GPS: 47 09.248s 167 42.164e

Walk to historic mining site. The track starts at the western side of the entrance to a very small narrow inlet opposite the historic settlement site on the other side of the bay. The track is...

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Inland Lake
GPS: 03 46.331S 134 12.055E

Hired guide in tiny village. 6 hr round trip through primary forest to huge fresh water lake. Many birds, beautiful forest.

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Dinghy River Trip
GPS: 03 45.76S 134 07.52E

Not really walking...dinghy trip up the fresh water river! We started at the river mouth (where lat long is) and went over the bar at near high tide. Had minimum 7 ft going over the bar, so could...

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Airport, Leava, Futuna
GPS: 14 18.829S 178 03.997W

Beautiful rich and abundant life, fingering reefs which go quite deep pretty quickly and the most enormous boxfish we've seen. Would be a good dive site too.

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Euaiki, Vava'u, Tonga
GPS: 18 45.806S 174 01.276W

The best kept secret of Vava'u! This amazingly active and diverse snorkel site can entertain you for hours. Work your way from the west side of the resort's pier right from the very shallows out...

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Turtle Hole, Wallis
GPS: 13 16.815S 176 07.849W

Cool circular "hole" with reef on one side and a sandy incline on the other, plenty of fish included boxfish, whitetip reef shark, blacksaddle coral grouper, hawkfish, parrotfish, lots of two-tone...

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Mariner's Cave, Vava'u, Tonga
GPS: 18 41.451S 174 04.492W

Wicked underwater cave you can surface in. Great sea fog effects with the swell - do not miss out on this amazing experience! To find the cave look for the stripes in the rock wall and where the...

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Kelefesia, Ha'apai, Tonga
GPS: 20 30.195S 174 44.357W

Beautiful wee island that is privately owned but with no-one living there permanently. Amazing snorkeling with a reef that drops off vertically. There is also a wrecked yacht at about 10 m depth on...

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Swallows Cave, Vava'u, Tonga
GPS: 18 41.008S 174 02.839W

Stunning spot to snorkel. There are two caves here, the northern cave is fun to start in with a bonus secret cave to the left of the entrance That you swim down and up into (a good introduction if...

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Southeast Vakaeitu, Vava'u, Tonga
GPS: 18 43.665S 174 05.468W

Excellent snorkeling site with a good range of depths, large table corals and abundant fish life including some of the bigger guys cruising by in the deeper spots.

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Kenutu, Vava'u, Tonga
GPS: 18 42.113S 173 55.685W

Beautiful and very different snorkeling to most sites around tonga. This is a shallow site (so best at high tide) with a lush seagrass meadow where you can find trigerfish, sea stars, sea cucumbers...

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Uoleva South
GPS: 19 51.123S 174 25.463W

Great spot for beginners, either straight off the sandy beach or from the boat. This sheltered site is packed with a variety of coral. Very calm water, nice and shallow so it is easy to get up close...

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Umuna Spit
GPS: 18 40.744S 173 56.261W

At the northern tip of Umuna there is a sand spit leading west. Walk out to the end of the spit and you will find an extensive coral landscape. Tremendous bushes of coral with different kinds of fish...

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Frenchman Rock, Whangaihe Bay
GPS: 34 59.266S 173 49.013E

Great tunnels and caves to explore.

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Mahinepua Bay
GPS: 34 59.255S 173 51.888E

Rich marine life, including rock lobster and snapper.

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Pregnant female manta and friends (don't worry, she doesn't eat the fish)
Manta Ray Pass
GPS: 17 09.76158s 177 11.58258e

Manta rays feed in the pass swimming up and down for hours. The best time to go is a couple of hours before high tide. There is a bit of a current but not so strong that you can't swim against it...

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Scissor tail sergeant fish and a couple of sergeant majors
Blue Lagoon, Nanuya Island
GPS: 16 56.922s 177 21.952e

Huge schools of sergeant fish congregate here as they are regularly fed by the locals. Snorkelling among them is an incredible experience. The site slopes away from the beach and then quickly drops...

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Blue banded surgeonfish on top of the reef
Mana Island, Fiji - outer reef
GPS: 17 41.38722s 177 06.68934e

Beautiful and healthy coral with the reef dropping off steeply. Occasional small gorgonian coral fans. Anchor your dinghy just south of the reef pass into Mana lagoon and then snorkel along the...

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South of Ebeye
GPS: 8 45.51227n 167 44.10237e

Excellent snorkelling

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Nell Island Pass
GPS: 9 6.51747n 167 19.30974e

Fabulous drift snorkelling and walks across the islands and passes to the west.

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Grand Central, Namena Island, Fiji
GPS: 17 04.290S 179 06.512E

Amazing diving with beautiful basin rich with life and solid wall drop off. Great schools of big-eye barracuda and trevally, grey reef sharks hovering off the drop-off and lots of big pelagic fish...

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Chimneys, Namena Island, Fiji
GPS: 17 07.104S 179 03.960E

Beautiful colourful fish and coral dive, chimneys covered in clouds of bright pink, orange and purple anthias with schools of blue streak fusiliers and the odd boldly patterned clown triggerfish...

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Pinball Alley, Makogai, Fiji
GPS: 17 24.762S 178 56.795E

Lovely diving, fusiliers, peacock, coral, masked and black saddle coral groupers, bicolor rabbitfish and all the usual suspects plus a bonus turtle.

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Split-apple Rock, Tu'ungasika, Vava'u, Tonga
GPS: 18 39.508S 174 04.164W

Start in the northwest and head southeast. The dramatic and very picturesque split-apple rock can be found here. Lots of soft corals, awesome swim throughs, and great fish diversity including...

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Gorgonian Forest, Tu'ungasika, Vava'u, Tonga
GPS: 18 39.667S 174 04.045W

Fabulous gorgonian fans are the star feature of this site but it would be a brilliant site even without them, it has a great swim-through tunnel and an active cleaning station with pelagics like...

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Northwest Meyr, Kermadec Islands, NZ
GPS: 29 14.518S 177 52.705W

Stunning clear water with a few corals and little algae make with loads of inquisitive Galapagos sharks and kingfish make this a unique and impressive site. A great mix of temperate (demoiselle...

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Fofoa Is, Vava'u, Tonga
GPS: 18 41.749S 174 08.208W

Rich and pristine site on the southern outer side of the entrance to Hunga lagoon. This was one of the healthiest dive sites with the best coral diversity we found in Tonga. Lots of fish with big...

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Passe Avatolu, Wallis
GPS: 13 18.795S 176 16.591W

Outer reef dive just south of pass, there's a buoy here you can tie your dinghy to if it's not being used which is likely in this place away from the usual tourist and cruising throngs. Midnight...

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Ha'ano, Ha'apai, Tonga
GPS: 19 40.457S 174 17.414W

Brilliant dive site, explore the deeper areas on your way out but make sure you don't miss the shallower stuff on the way back - so much colour and plenty to see. There is a lovely wee village on...

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zero plane, roi-namur
GPS: 09 23.069N 167 28.198E

great first dive for our wreck dives in roi-namur and close to our anchorage. the plane is in good condition for how long it has been here. dived to 17 metres.

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f4u corsair (nose down), roi-namur
GPS: 09 21.000N 167 26.382E

awesome dive, plane sitting on nose, still intact.

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plane graveyard, kwajalein atoll
GPS: 09 20.912N 167 26.305E

as the title implies, lots of planes, we counted 8 on our dive, 2 vertical, fantastic dive, 34m

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eiko maru #2, kwajalein atoll
GPS: 09 22.693N 167 28.126E

awesome huge ship, lots and lots to see, close to anchorage at roi-namur, 30m

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c 46 plane, kwajalein atoll
GPS: 09 20.933N 167 26.398E

swam over top at end of dive, had trouble finding, 31m

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b25 plane, kwajalein atoll
GPS: 09 20.931N 167 26.412E

sitting upright on wheels, looks like ready for takeoff, 36m

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four sdb planes, kwajalein atoll
GPS: 09 21.110N 167 26.512E

planes disused and scrapped at end of war, interesting dive, 37m

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bommie dives at sixth island, kwajalein atoll
GPS: 09 20.101N 167 30.131E

didn't have good vis, lots of coral but not much fish life, 26m

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asakaze maru, local name k2 upright, kwajalein atoll
GPS: 08 44.415N 167 43.067E

great ship wreck with lots to see including guns, even with the poor vis and rough seas we had on the day, an awesome dive, 36m

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prinz eugen, kwajalein atoll
GPS: 08 45.133N 167 40.996E

top of wreck propeller out of water, great dive even with the poor vis we had, 27m

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namena marina reserve
GPS: 17 06.616S 179 05.703E

the diving is absolutely drop dead gorgeous and amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as this is a marine reserve there is a $30/diver charge, but we have certainly got more than...

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North Minerva Reef
GPS: 23 36.79s 178 55.75w

Scuba diving the outside wall drop-offs at the Minerva Reefs is spectacular due to the superb water clarity and extensive coral, fish and other marine life. There are few suspended particles and the...

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Limu Rise
GPS: 20 1.625S 174 28.269W

A cluster of large coral heads rising up to 3m depth, surrounded by sandy bottom at a depth of 20m. The water here is crystal clear, the best visibility you can get. The rocky coral rise is encrusted...

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Tongoa Wall, Tongoa Island, Vanuatu
GPS: 16 52.359S 168 31.821E

Amazing diving on the north side of the wall with lots of soft coral, fans, and sea creatures including banana nudibranch. The customary fee is 500 VT payable on shore although a higher fee may be...

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Ringdove Bay, Epi Island, Vanuatu
GPS: 16 37.366S 168 08.681E

Surprisingly good diving and snorkeling on the N and SE portions of the reef with hard corals deep and soft corals near the surface and some shallow canyons. In addition, there is an 80 ft wall on...

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Faioa Fork
GPS: 18 39.370S 173 55.388W

Take the dinghy across the inner reef north of Faioa Island at between 2 hours before and after high tide. Dive the drop off between the inner and outer reef. Excellent visibility, lots of coral...

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GPS: 18 38.548S 174 03.895W

From the surface this looks like just another coral garden. But the top of the coral reef is sitting on several towers of rock that plummet 15m down to sand. Swim through tunnels, into large caves...

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Makodroga Rocks
GPS: 17 26.014S 178 56.748E

A pile of black rocks jut out from the southern tip of Maodroga Island, adjacent to Makogai Island. Dive the western side of this reef. Large clams, turtles and a kaleidoscope of colours await you. A...

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Stephenson Island
GPS: 34 57.064S 173 45.767E

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Rainbow Warrior
GPS: 34 58.488S 173 56.094E

The wreck of the Greenpeace "Rainbow Warrior", marked by a yellow buoy. The vessel was bombed by the French in 1985 killing one and was sunk here to form an artificial reef as a memorial in 1987....

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Motukumara Rock
GPS: 35 14.060S 174 18.913E

Weedy reef with deep cracks and guts where you will find rock lobster, sponges, kelp forest and rich encrusting invertebrate life, including nudibranchs.

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Elsdon Pipe, Houghton Bay
GPS: 41 20.75514S 174 46.93986E

The topography at this site is great with a rocky reef full of of cracks, crevices and canyons. Plenty of kelp as well as invert encrusted patches on walls. Plenty to explore!Aquatic Life:This site...

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Cape Rodney to Okakari Point Marine Reserve (Leigh Marine Reserve)
GPS: 36 15.9687S 174 47.48706E

Cape Rodney to Okakari Point Marine Reserve (more commonly known as Leigh or Goat Island) was established over 30 years ago and was New Zealand's first marine reserve. Previously charachterised by...

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Taioma tug (Tauranga)
GPS: 37 37.2S 176 24.6E

The main deck of the Taioma is around 22m, base of the wreck at 27m and the funnel at 17m. There is only one ascent/descent line which leads down to the stern. when i was there it still had the...

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Long Island - Kokomohua Marine Reserve
GPS: 41 6.98094S 174 17.26776E

There are reefs around the northern side of Long Island and the bottom slopes away on the eastern side. Towards the south east there is a steeper drop off where more pelagic species may be seen...

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Sirens’ Rocks/Mermaids’ Kitchen, Taputeranga Marine Reserve
GPS: 41 20.96922S 174 45.79788E

This rocky coastline faces south and is exposed to the full force of the southerlies which regularly pound Wellington’s southern shores. A couple of days of northerlies though and this site is a...

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Blue Maomao Arch, Poor Knights Islands
GPS: 35 29.32404S 174 44.46924E

This site is based on the archway. A sandy bottomed channel (Labrid Channel) leads into the arch. Take a look at the large boulders in the channel where colourful triplefins and blennies perch....

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Hole in the Rock, Kapiti Island
GPS: 40 49.29672S 174 55.37274E

If you jump in on the eastern side of the point you find yourself in a fairly shallow bay kelpy dropping off fairly quickly to the north to sand flats. A reef runs along the west side of the bay and...

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West side, Kapiti Island
GPS: 40 50.72232S 174 54.411E

The bay is very kelpy with some large rocky parts (from memory...feel free to amend!). Out towards the end of the reef it drops off a bit and there is a lot of life with fish seeming to congregate...

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Mikhail Lermontov
GPS: 40 59.136S 174 14.54862E

The Lermontov now lies on her Starboard side and is fully intact. Diving on the Lermontov is a fantastic experience, with the propellers, damage, funnel, bridge and pool area all easily assessable....

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Middle Arch, Poor Knights Islands
GPS: 35 27.4551S 174 43.95294E

At the southern entrance to Middle Arch on the left is Bernie's Cave, a small cave with a sandy bottom at 13 metres and an air bubble at the top, about 7 metres. The cave has a ledge at the back...

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Rocky Bay
GPS: 41 5.98962S 174 49.92756E

This site lives up to its name with plenty of rocky terrain to explore that gradually gets deeper with nice walls and gullies to explore. Most of this site is quite shallow, getting down towards 13...

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Breaker Bay - The Crack
GPS: 41 19.96734S 174 49.8804E

The swim through bisecting the rocks here is the highlight of this site. It is quite narrow so be careful not to hit the sides as you go through. If you continue clockwise when you get to the...

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Te Tapuwae o Rongokako Marine Reserve
GPS: 38 36.52932S 178 12.3477E

This site is representative of the habitats found along this coast. Rocky intertidal platforms have channels running through them , rocky reefs are covered in a variety of seaweeds to 10 metres below...

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Lake Taupo
GPS: 38 53.05308S 175 57.8004E

Lake Taupo is NZ's largest lake and includes many dive sites, including deep drop-offs, walls and weed lines but is predominantly made up of sandy or muddy bottom. Lake Taupo has an area of...

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Barney's Rock, Kaikoura
GPS: 42 26.87688S 173 35.079E

Barney's Rock is a popular wall dive with lush kelp forest. The rock itself is named after Barney O'Reily, a legendary local whaler who used the rock to spot whales from. Water temperature ranges...

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Horoirangi Marine Reserve, North Nelson
GPS: 41 9.32262S 173 24.20508E

The boulder reef is a distinctive feature of this reserve and is interspersed with patches of bedrock reef. The boulder reef is more dominant in the southern end of the reserve. The many cracks and...

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Milford Sound/Piopiotahi, Fiordland
GPS: 44 37.78908S 167 53.95476E

Diving in Fiordland is a unique experience due to the tea coloured (tanin stained) freshwater layer that permanently sits on the surface of the fiords reducing light penetration. Below this is the...

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Ulva Island (Te Wharawhara) Marine Reserve, Stewart Island (Rakiura)
GPS: 46 55.58112S 168 8.10654E

Water temperature ranges from 8 degrees in the winter to 14 degrees in the summer. Visibility can be excellent here as there is little run-off from the land with 85% of the island covered in native...

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Yung Pen, Taputeranga Marine Reserve
GPS: 41 20.94804S 174 45.21288E

Yung Pen is the wreck of a Taiwanese fishing boat that sunk in December 1982. Only the stern end of the Yung Pen is here, the bow ended up further on shore and was cut up for scrap. The wreck sits in...

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Te Awaatu Channel/The Gut, Fiordland
GPS: 45 17.53674S 166 56.63706E

Diving in Fiordland is a unique experience due to the tea coloured (tanin stained) freshwater layer that permanently sits on the surface of the fiords reducing light penetration. Below this is the...

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Vava'u, Tonga
GPS: 18 37.50594S 173 56.73018W

Usual coral walls and holes, shark spots, and a wreck. Used Beluga Diving when we stayed , professional informative and friendly.Aquatic Life:Sharks, turtles, tropical fish, Warnings:Tropical fish...

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Tonga, Nokolo
GPS: 21 16.36914S 175 7.68984W

Dived off from the beach, hired the gear from the local resort, I only went out as far as the reef as the locals warned me not to go further as thats where the sharks feedAquatic Life:visability was...

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Te Angiangi Marine Reserve
GPS: 40 9.59904S 176 50.69184E

This reserve protects a typical piece of the Central Hawke's Bay coast. At low tide a broad rock platform is exposed, giving access to a fascinating variety of marine life. At the northern and...

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Pohatu (Flea Bay) Marine Reserve
GPS: 43 52.5759S 173 1.33722E

Although the water is cold, getting into it is one way to appreciate the reserve. With a wetsuit, mask and snorkel you can explore the rocks around the shore, while scuba gear will allow you to dive...

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Lyttelton Head
GPS: 43 35.22444S 172 48.50928E

Rocky and weeds with some sandy spots. avg depht 15m - 20m A Cave which is full of sea foodAquatic Life:CRAYS CRAYS CRAYSWarnings:Rough water in N / NE and NW if the sweel is up. and rocks that...

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Radar Point Pinnacle, Cuvier (Repanga) Island
GPS: 36 25.614S 175 46.57698E

17-30 metres. Source: DIVE New Zealand magazine.Aquatic Life:Big pelagics, including kingfish and sharks, feeding on baitfish schools. Plenty of rocklobster. Deeper reefs with colourful invertebrate...

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Black Rocks, Coromandel
GPS: 36 41.92398S 175 51.91302E

0-25 metres. Source: DIVE New Zealand magazine.Aquatic Life:Kingfish work in baitfish boil-ups, especially in summer. Undulating reef with lots of kelp home to red and painted moki as well as...

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Gemstone Bay, Cathedral Cove
GPS: 36 49.873S 175 47.790e

0-8 metres. Great snorkelling site, usually quite sheltered. Good site for kids.Aquatic Life:Snapper, leatherjackets, parore, spotties and triplefins all close to shore. Rock lobster can be found...

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Spectacle Reef, Mahurangi island
GPS: 36 50.02002S 175 49.18998E

0-25 metres. Lots of deep canyons. Source: DIVE New Zealand magazine.Aquatic Life:Apricot and Jason nudibranchs on walls. Schools of maomao, demoiselles and butterfly perch. Kingfish and baitfish...

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Honeycomb Caves, Alderman Islands
GPS: 36 57.255S 176 3.28698E

5-15 metres. Caves with various entries and exits. Can be a bit exposed in swells and strong winds but a really nice dive. Source: DIVE New Zealand magazine.Aquatic Life:Untold invertebrate life...

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Stingray Rock, Alderman Islands
GPS: 36 59.18802S 176 4.893E

16-30+ metres. Very exposed pinnacle with steep walls and regular current. Awesome dive in blue water. Source: DIVE New Zealand magazine.Aquatic Life:Walls are covered with sponges, hydroids and...

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Mooring Bay, Alderman Islands
GPS: 36 57.621S 176 4.65402E

0-20 metres. Exposed to easterly wind or swell. Good snorkelling over the reefs including a swim-through. Source: DIVE New Zealand magazine.Aquatic Life:Colourful walls with plenty of photographic...

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MacGregor's Reef, Alderman Islands
GPS: 36 56.451S 176 6.35898E

10-30 metres. Source: DIVE New Zealand magazine.Aquatic Life:Reef fish include porcupinefish and scarlet wrasse. Sponges, anemones, ascidians and hydroids below 15 metres on the walls. Keen-eyed...

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Never Fail Reef, Great Mercury Island
GPS: 36 34.197S 175 47.649E

0-33 metres. Source: DIVE New Zealand magazine.Aquatic Life:Great fish life with red moki, butterfish, john dory, scarlet and banded wrasses as well as large kingfis feeding on baitfish schools....

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Coralie Bay, Great Mercury Island
GPS: 36 36.081S 175 48.01002E

0-25 metres. Good anchorage and site good for snorkelling also. Kelp covered rocks. Source: DIVE New Zealand magazine.Aquatic Life:Schooling fish particularly abundant in the summer, occasional rock...

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Kingfish Rock, Hahei Marine Reserve
GPS: 36 49.38702S 175 48.73398E

5-23 metres. Source: DIVE New Zealand Magazine.Aquatic Life:Schools of blue maomao, koheru, mackerel, kahawai and kingfish, especially in summer. Down the colourful walls are mussels, anemones,...

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South Sunk Rock, Hahei
GPS: 36 49.06602S 175 49.13898E

0-30 metres. Large rock with swim-throughs and crevices to explore. Source: DIVE New Zealand magazine.Aquatic Life:Covered in invertebrate life with nice sponge growths in rock crevices. Reef fish...

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Stony Bay, northern Coromandel Peninsula
GPS: 36 30.114S 175 25.62402E

Kelp covered rocky reef, 0-20 metres. Source: DIVE New Zealand magazine.Aquatic Life:Typical life include rock lobster, red moki, leatherjackets, spotties and other wrasses. Schools of trevally and...

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Port Charles, norhtern Coromandel Peninsula
GPS: 36 31.34202S 175 31.044E

0-30 metres. Quite well protected from the southwest wind with lots of broken reef, boulders and kelp forest. Source: DIVE New Zealand magazine.Aquatic Life:Rock lobster, red and painted moki,...

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Tokoroa Rock, northern Coromandel Peninsula
GPS: 36 37.377S 175 35.334E

3-30 metres deep,reasonably sheltered with a good patch of reef inside the rock great for snorkelling. The reef varies in depth with lotsof kelp over it. Source: DIVE New Zealand magazine.Aquatic...

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The Lighthouse, Slipper Island
GPS: 37 2.802S 175 57.41898E

0-30 metres. Exposed to northerly and easterly swells and strong winds. Good reefs with a few small caves. Source: DIVE New Zealand magazine.Aquatic Life:Big schools of demoiselles, blue maomao and...

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Rat Rock, Slipper Island
GPS: 37 4.71102S 175 55.53E

0-25 metres. Exposed to any wind from the south and often has current. Good photographic dive. Source: DIVE New Zealand magazine.Aquatic Life:Jewel and common aneones among unusual sea chells like...

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Orongatea Bay, Mayor (Tuhua) Island
GPS: 37 15.906S 176 16.30602E

0-20 metres. Good site for snorkellers above the kelp-covered boulders. Bubbles show where gas still rises from this extinct volcano's vents. Source: DIVE New Zealand magazine.Aquatic Life:Spotties...

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North West Bay, Mayor (Tuhua) Island
GPS: 37 17.52798S 176 14.03502E

5-20 metres. In the shallows there is little but kina barrens but further down the walls it is magic.Aquatic Life:A few crayfish hide in the caves and reef fish include Sandager's wrasses. Large John...

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Tuhua Reef, Mayor (Tuhua) Island
GPS: 37 18.39798S 176 17.28498E

0-30+ metres. Lots of volcanic rock form these reefs with chunks of black volcanic glass occasionally seen on the bottom. The fishing boat San Benito wrecked here but little is left that can be seen...

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SS Taupo Wreck
GPS: 37 24.63S 176 3.25302E

The SS Taupo sank in 1881, it sits on sandy bottom at 32 metres depth. The site is unmarked and the wreck is mostly collapsed though a large boiler can be seen standing up . Aquatic Life:Good fish...

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Diadema Rock, Te Paepae o Aotea (Volkner Rocks) Marine Reserve
GPS: 37 28.79472S 177 7.6554E

10-30 metres. Near vertical rock walls, submerged pinnacles and drop offs characterise this dive site which gets very deep very quickly. Minimal sediment run-off from the pinnacles result in very...

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Big Volkner, Volkner Rocks (Te Paepae Aotea) Marine Reserve
GPS: 37 28.54302S 177 8.05002E

6-30+ metres. Submerged pinnacle in the path of the warm eastern current.Aquatic Life:Kingfish are common and other pelagics like marlin, tuna and sharks can occasionally be seen. The pinnacle is...

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Homestead Reef, White Island
GPS: 37 31.60602S 177 10.40598E

12-25 metres. Swim-throughs between boulders and sand gutters.Aquatic Life:Blue and pink maomao, butterfly perch, sweep and occasional snapper, tarakihi and large blue moki. Kingfish can be seen...

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Club Rocks, White Island
GPS: 37 32.127S 177 10.99902E

0-30 metres. Rocky reef extending out on the western side with caves and archways.Aquatic Life:Sponges, hydroids and bryozoans. Abundant reef fish, blue and pink maomao and occasional kingfish....

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Lottin Point
GPS: 37 32.00598S 178 10.086E

0-30 metres.Aquatic Life:This is a rich dive site well worth the treck. Fish include blue maomao, snapper, blue moki, porae and kingfish. Warnings:Beware of fishing line among the kelp.Directions:10...

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Taupo Point, Golden Bay
GPS: 40 47.25498S 172 57.2448E

Patch of broken reef starting at 5 metres with a little kelp cover dropping down to sand at 12 metres. Aquatic Life:Rock lobster, kina, some scallops. Fish life dominated by spotties and banded...

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Tonga Island Marine Reserve
GPS: 40 53.32602S 173 4.0428E

Large granite boulders with little macroalgae as the granite regularly scours off keeping the boulders clean.Aquatic Life:A close look at the boulders reveals triplefins, flatworms and nudibranch,...

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Hapaku Island, D'Urville
GPS: 40 53.85702S 173 46.3656E

Algal covered reef extending from 5 down to 25 metres.Aquatic Life:Sweep, blue cod, butterfly perch, sea perch, red moki and blue moki inhabit the reef. Rock lobster can also be found in cracks and...

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Lookout Bay, D'Urville Island
GPS: 40 43.99302S 173 52.5E

5-20 metres.Aquatic Life:Butterfish, sweep, blue cod, butterfly perch, sea perch, and red and blue moki. Good invertebrate life on walls and rock lobster hidden about the place. A few kingfish and...

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Hells Gates, Pearl Island
GPS: 47 11.147s 167 41.450e

Scenic dive with good fish life - blue cod, trumpeter, butterfly perch, blue moki, tarakihi, girdled and scarlet wrasses. We also had a sea lion come check us out during the dive.

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