The following comes from Regine Watts, the Event Coordinator.

The Oyster World Rally fleet, consisting of 27 yachts with lengths between
45 and 82.5 feet, has been in French Polynesia, and is now, July 27, cruising
American Samoa, Cook Islands and Nuie.

Timings and the movements of the fleet are difficult to predict, but I
assume the fleet will arrive in Neiafu, Vava¹u, Tonga from the 14 August. Some
of the yachts may then start cruising in Tonga after the 18 to the 28 of August.
We have made special arrangements to clear the fleet into Fiji at Daliconi
village, Vanua Balavu on the 30./31 August, and again, after 4 September the yachts
may free-cruise to Vanua Levu . The Oyster World Rally support team will
be located in Savu Savu from around the 7-16 September, and then also to Suva, Denarau
and Musket Cove until the 13 October. The support team will be at Denarau
between the 17 September to 17 October, 2017.

This information will be updated as time goes by.

And from Gulf Harbour Radio -
Cruisers already in the Islands please do your best to avoid these areas during check in times so that their formalities can be completed easily. Please note that Muscat Cove Rally week is 15-20 September - every man for himself then!