Sat Sep 15 17:01 2018 NZST
Run: 0.8nm (1.4km)
36 37.143s 174 46.480e

If I can send this then how come I cannot log onto yit with my ipad

Tue Jun 26 12:13 2018 NZST
Run: 13.9nm (25.2km)
36 37.36S 174 47.25E
Weather: Sleety rain and viz about 100m. Temperature now a balmy 13 compared with 9c earlier. Torrential sleet and rain arriving from the west.

Not going anywhere but thought we should reposition CHameleon back at the dock where she has been since Easter. We did not get further than Kawau in April due to a major kerfuffle but returned home and was born so not all bad. An expensive and time consuming process fraught with disappointment but we met the challenge.

Sat Mar 31 15:25 2018 NZDT
Run: 13.9nm (25.2km)
36 25.48S 174 49.94E
Weather: West 15, partly cloudy

At anchor Schoolhouse Bay Kawau Island. This is our first time out this summer and we are about to turn the Clocks back. Better late than never..loads of boats here enjoying Bon Accord Harbour.

Tue Jan 9 14:23 2018 NZDT
36 37.36S 174 47.25E
Weather: 27C , sunny and light N.

Well Chameleon will sadly not be going to Great Barrier this season. David has bursitis in two shoulders and a torn ligament in one so he is out of action - and in a lot of pain. All caused by painting a deck - five times! Getting appointments for scans and injections and specialists is proving challenging during holiday season. But we enjoy reading reports from others enjoying the summer.

Happy New Year , sorry to hear about David’s Shoulder does sound painful , hope he can get some relief soon . We are back on F2 end of the month , preparing to sail back to Melbourne , no doubt we’ll chat on Tony’s Net , R Doug

Chameleon - Still in Noumea

Still in Noumea as it is still blowing- as it seems to be in the entire pacific due to stationary highs. Oh well, the economy of Noumea is improving as we stock up on french shoes and clothes. The Bastille Day parade was very different to those in French Polynesia. David missed the hip swaying hula girls but enjoyed the military display. Very spic and well armed. All branches of the military and police were represented as well as the fire brigade and a pipe band- seen practicing near the marina Read more...

which alerted us to the parade. Some units had a mixture of french and local and male and female whereas others were solely male and french. And very fit looking. We will leave in the weekend for the south and hopefully (says Patricia) we will anchor near where the french foreign legion have their R&R.

fire brigade and a pipe band- Noumea