Transiting the LOYALTIES, to and from Grande Terre, New Caledonia

Late in the 2017 cruising season the permission given to check into the Loyalties at Lifou changed. The first brochure (see below) still says that this is permitted but in fact that is not so. This permission was cancelled due to a series of drug related problems with cruising boats. This situation may change again in 2018 so you may try out the following but don't be surprised if your email does not go through or your request is rejected.
1. Send an email with your request to
2. Specify which island you want to stop at, give your boat name, POB, and onward intentions
3. You will get a reply. It may take more than one attempt. Their tel if you speak french is (687) 26 53 00 or 27 64 97
When you arrive visit the local gendarme and make sure you fly the yellow Q flag the whole time.
4. Then proceed onto Noumea, if New Cal is your destination.
Please note that you need to keep the authorities informed of any changes in your plans. This applies to all countries actually, and as long as they are informed you will normally find them accommodating. In particular New Caledonia officials are very familiar with the maritime world and what can change on route.

I checked the above email address and although I got a notice about it not going through, about 5 mins later I got a reply to say it was correct. I was also sent sent two attachments that cover this information. Received 6 Sept 2017. Yit Mike will put these on soon. It is in .pdf format and at this point I cannot add them. Done, thanks Mike.

I got no response when I sent them an email request, except the mail box full msg.

OK, second time I sent a request in I got a response back quickly in French that said it was OK by Customs and it included contacts for Immigration and Biosecurity should you want to check with them.

Thanks to this great suggestion, we did send an email to customs to ask if we could check in at We. We got a very pleasant reply which said:
- it was OK with customs
- but we should check with BioSecurity and Immigration
They were kind enough to give us both email addresses in the email reply.
BioSecurity answered quickly with the phone number of their agent who has his office at the We marina. Great guy.
Immigration never answered... so we decided to go anyways. Of course we tried to contact the marina by email and phone. No response at all.
We later learned that Immigration would NOT have allowed the stop (good thing customs gave us the wrong email for them). They were very pleasant and understanding however, when we did finally check in with them in Noumea.
Important to note that the We marina is small but very well built and currently without any staff. Hence why we got no reply. We chose a nice empty slip and there was no one to pay.

It worked out well for us. We got to visit Lifou and had some of the best pain aux raisins ever! We do both speak French. But not sure if that was a help or hindrance here.