David and Barbara on Astarte emailed the following:

I spent more than 4 hours over the last couple of days, sorting a problem with Norton virus protection and Sailmail. Mostly chatting on line with Norton. To make a long story a bit shorter, when I updated Norton, it affected the telnet function of Sailmail. Norton denied internet access with telnet.

This is the text I received from norton on how to fix the problem. they did it on line, but I asked for a text description to share. It seems a bit dodgey, but wanted to pass along the info.
* * * * * *
1. Open Norton product-Click on Settings and Select -Firewall
2. Select Traffic Rule tab- Click on Add and click Next until a Firewall rule gets created and then click on Finish.
3. Click on Move Up untill the Firewall Rule which got created moved to the top.
4.Click on Apply and Back.
5. Click on General Settings tab
6. Click on "Configure" present right beside the Network Trust
7. Select "Full Trust" from the dropdown.
8. Click on Apply and Close.
* * * * * *
My suggestion for folks having issues is to contact norton and do a chat, and let them remotely fix the issue. It is definitely a Norton issue, when we disabled Norton I got telnet to work, as soon as we enabled Norton telnet was denied internet access.

So there you have it. (If you need to contact Michael use mkhawkins@aol.com)