Facebook posting now available

YIT can now post to your facebook timeline on your behalf. Login to YIT (web) and click the connect with facebook button above the map. You will then be prompted to login to facebook (if not already) and then asked to allow YIT to post to your timeline.

What does this do? Well any email, web or app updates (except automatic Iridium or app updates) sent into YIT will now automatically get posted to your Facebook timeline. This includes the first image of your updates. If no images are posted, a link to your YIT page is added so your friends and family may see where you are by visiting your map.

This is great for on passage, updates will be posted to facebook when you send in proper updates from your SSB or Iridium email.

So give it a try, click the facebook connect button on your yacht page.

The facebook connect button

Thats great, thanks Mike. Is there a way to use IFTTT to post updates from our YIT page to a blogger site?

Not at present but I just had a look and it doesn't look too difficult to integrate. I will have a play around with it and see if I can get something working and post back here with updates.