Fri Apr 6 16:39 2018 NZST
GPS: 36 49.907S 175 11.520E
Run: 16.6nm (30km)
Weather: Stunning spell for the last week

Our 7th night out in the Gulf with fabulous weather. Been along Waiheke and out to Coromandel, glided back to Ponui today. Fresh fish for dinner and Mark in swimming - in April! !

Tue Feb 13 17:39 2018 NZDT
GPS: 36 46.954S 174 53.855E
Run: 25.1nm (45.4km)
Weather: Low cloud all day, just starting raining ...... again

Left Kawau with 15kt nor'esterly forecast. All the sails up and poled out. Quite flat water but 33 knots thru Tiri channel was not quite what we were bargaining on. Speedy arrival into Issy Bay tucked between Rangitoto and Motutapu. No coke for skipper to have with his rum, no fruit or veg left. Definitely time to find a supermarket.

Mon Feb 12 18:35 2018 NZDT
GPS: 36 25.386S 174 50.040E
Run: 34.4nm (62.3km)
Weather: Very weird weather.

Back at Kawau Island. We have rejoined civilisation after our sojourn at Great Barrier sitting out storms. That would have to be the worst spell of weather we have have for a very long time. Winds were back down to 10 - 15 knots today, and although heavy showers and thunderstorms were forecast it looked ok so we made a run for it. No rain or storms but we got heavy fog for a couple of hours, seriously - what is going on with our summer? Anyway tucked back up in Bon Accord Harbour and we were going to treat ourselves dinner at the Boat Club but we caught a good sized fish underway so that's dinner tonight.

Fri Feb 9 10:59 2018 NZDT
GPS: 36 09.072S 175 21.050E
Run: 2.3nm (4.2km)
Weather: Dreadful! Had 48 hours of very strong catabatic winds, now easing and raining

Karaka Bay, Port Abercrombie, Great Barrier Island. Came here 2 days ago after a short stop at the grocery store in Fitzroy as the ferry was supposed to have delivered fresh supplies. Well it was a public holiday on Tuesday so the ferry didn't come Wednesday, and was possibly going to be cancelled yesterday dye to 50 knot gusts forecast in the Colville Channel. Feeling like we are back in the islands, digging around in the cupboards for bright ideas. Weather has been very blustery for 2 days, calming now and it's been raining and cooler since last night. Guess we are paying for it being such fabulous weather in December, February not shaping up well at all.

Mon Feb 5 16:34 2018 NZDT
GPS: 36 11.026S 175 21.599E
Run: 0.7nm (1.3km)
Weather: GREAT BARRIER ISLAND. Suns out again after another spell of inclement weather

Finally off the boat today before cabin fever set in! Ashore to Port Fitzroy. Boating Club for lattes then 1hr 30 min serious uphill hike to Rocky Lookout, returned to Boat Club for lunch (wasnt that great timing), grabbed a few provisions from the very meager selection at the store. Once back to Balvenie we moved to the next bay 1 mile away, starting point for the full day hike up Mt Hobson tomorrow

Fri Feb 2 20:37 2018 NZDT
GPS: 36 10.403S 175 21.480E
Run: 33.9nm (61.4km)
Weather: Cool after the storm but suns back out.

A rather sporty and speedy sail across from Kawau to Rarohara Bay in Port Fitzroy on Great Barrier Island. Looking forward to doing all the walks here over the next few days. Weather a bit changeable until summer returns.

Looking out from anchorage northwest through passage into Port Abercrombie and out to the open sea
Mon Jan 29 10:27 2018 NZDT
GPS: 36 25.386S 174 50.040E
Run: 7.7nm (13.9km)
Weather: Not a cloud to be seen, about 15 knot nor'easter

Came back up to Kawau yesterday for the Anniversary Weekend Bash. Forgot how many people we know own boats here. Our social schedule has been very hectic and shows no signs of slowing down. Having fun in the sun.

Sat Jan 27 13:53 2018 NZDT
GPS: 36 29.844S 174 43.802E
Run: 24.8nm (44.9km)
Weather: Stunning still, long may it continue

At Mahurangi for the Auckland Anniversary Weekend Classic Yachts Regatta. Let the photo tell the story!

Tue Jan 23 0:00 2018 NZDT
GPS: 36 50.56S 174 51.299E
Run: 28.8nm (52.1km)
Weather: Calm conditions, idea for anchoring at St Heliers in Auckland

A few days of perfect conditions made us revise our plans. A pleasant sail in very light conditions saw us head south to Auckland. We anchored off our home beach at St Heliers Bay, surprised my Mum for her birthday AND on the 24th in a moderate seabreeze powered up the harbour to the Harbour Bridge and finally returned to where we started our circumnavigation. ITS OFFICIALLY DONE

Balvenie at anchor off St Heliers
Sat Jan 20 17:55 2018 NZDT
GPS: 36 25.60S 174 49.529E
Run: 44.5nm (80.5km)
Weather: Sunny again after 4 ikky days

Great sail south back into the Hauraki Gulf from Whangarei, 10 to 12 on the beam, gentle swell, sun shining and we caught a fish. Does it get any better? Anchor down in Stockyard Bay, Bon Accord Harbour, Kawau Island. Last here 14 years ago to the day.

Thu Jan 18 12:13 2018 NZDT
GPS: 35 49.835S 174 31.439E
Run: 0.5nm (0.9km)
Weather: Strong NE blowing

Moved again, McKenzie Bay was sheltered but was copping incredible bullets down the hillside, peaked at 46knots as we were upping anchor to move into Taurikura Bay. Although gradient wind in here is around 20 knots plus we are not getting the bullets as much. Raining today.

Mon Jan 15 23:00 2018 NZDT
GPS: 35 50.132S 174 31.883E
Run: 0.5nm (0.9km)
Weather: Expected strong winds and cloudy skies arrived. Summer has left us for now

Moved along a little to McKenzie Bay as looked like there was better wind protection

Sun Jan 14 18:46 2018 NZDT
GPS: 35 50.546S 174 31.898E
Run: 35.4nm (64.1km)
Weather: 80% cloud cover, can't complain it's been a stunning spell

Tucked up with anout 18 others in Urquharts Bay at the mouth of the Whangarei Harbour entrance. Bit of a mixed bag coming down but only motored 10 mins out of 9 hours. Whangarei Heads look just like French Poly, this is a great coastline that we are finally exploring. Raced French Curve - they won just , Bugger!, they didn't get becalmed when we did!

Fri Jan 12 16:23 2018 NZDT
GPS: 35 21.175S 174 20.892E
Run: 7.7nm (13.9km)
Weather: Stunning still, long may it continue

Super sail in light winds, flat seas and blue sky. Another top anchorage, will be here a few nights

Fri Jan 12 11:00 2018 NZDT
GPS: 35 14.997S 174 17.895E
Run: 15.1nm (27.3km)
Weather: Stunning

Just had 2 nights in gorgeous Whangamumu. Caught up with friends last seen in Fiji 2004 and others in US Virgins in 2014. What a life this is. Off to Whangaruru today

Tue Jan 9 18:18 2018 NZDT
GPS: 35 12.243S 174 02.246E
Run: 7.3nm (13.2km)
Weather: Absolutely stunning summer weather

Checking out Kerikeri inlet, quite different to the rest of the Bay of Islands and rather beautiful

Sun Jan 7 11:23 2018 NZDT
GPS: 35 16.707S 174 07.730E
Run: 2.5nm (4.5km)
Weather: Suns out again, yippee

Sat out that very nasty weather system in the marina. Now we have started our summer of cruising, made the move 3 miles to Pomare Bay! Looking forward to the weather perking up again for a long hot summer. Off to do our favorite Russell Flagstaff hike via all the bush walk side trips

Thu Nov 16 13:25 2017 NZDT
GPS: 35 18.8645S 174 7.911E
Run: 1.6nm (2.9km)
Weather: 18c partly cloudy.

Hanging around at anchor in Opua while the All Points Rally events are on.

Tue Nov 7 13:37 2017 NZDT
GPS: 35 18.527S 174 09.569E
Run: 3.1nm (5.6km)
Weather: 18c partly cloudy. Waiting for front to come through tonight

Pottered up the Waikare Inlet, miles of space all to ourselves but can still see Opua. Good spot to sit out a blow

Tue Oct 31 21:59 2017 NZDT
GPS: 35 16.38S 174 07.55E
Run: 7.3nm (13.2km)
Weather: Sunny spells, no rain. 20+knot nor'easter

Sitting at Matauwhi Bay while the north easterly blows then we will go back to Opua to anchor for a few days to meet up with friends coming in from the islands

Thu Oct 26 0:00 2017 NZDT
GPS: 35 13.2475S 174 14.339E
Run: 3.2nm (5.8km)
Weather: No rain for 4 days, and that's because the watermaker broke! !

Enjoying all the hiking trails on Urapukapuka Island. Pretty quiet out here, just us, the sheep and birds. MAGIC

Sun Oct 22 12:33 2017 NZDT
GPS: 35 15.2726S 174 11.950E
Run: 2.5nm (4.5km)
Weather: Cloudy and wind building

Moved to Orokawa Bay with great protection from expected strong northerlies. Flat water, huge bay. All good

Sat Oct 21 16:40 2017 NZDT
GPS: 35 13.073S 174 11.703E
Run: 7.9nm (14.3km)
Weather: 18c partly cloudy.

Out cruising again at last. Busy as its Labour Weekend. Can watch the Coastal Classic fleet arrive into the BOI from here. Great walk around island on DOC trails

Mon May 1 21:44 2017 NZST
GPS: 35 18.983S 174 07.34E
Run: 0.2nm (0.4km)

No movement for Balvenie in the foreseeable future. She is still in Opua where we left her suddenly in January and we are in London tidying up affairs after Marks mum passed away suddenly. No tropical sunsets, snorkeling, happy hours and beach barbies for us this year. Life is not the same off Balvenie 😟

Wed Feb 8 11:06 2017 NZDT
GPS: 35 18.832S 174 07.34E
Run: 28.1nm (50.9km)

We have left Balvenie tied up in Opua and we are both in England as Marks mum sadly passed away suddenly in January. Not sure when we will return to our flosting home.

Fri Jan 13 18:00 2017 NZDT
GPS: 35 02.322S 173 45.345E
Run: 2.7nm (4.9km)

Had last night anchored off teeny Whangaroa township, did the climb up St Paul's Hill this morning and have moved this afternoon for better shelter (mind you its only 15knots), another top spot

Thu Jan 12 9:31 2017 NZDT
GPS: 35 00.24S 173 44.106E
Run: 27.3nm (49.4km)

Came north to Whangaroa Harbour a couple of days ago, what a stunning spot. Sunny skies, light breeze and mid 20's, absolutely perfect

Sun Jan 8 13:19 2017 NZDT
GPS: 35 16.394S 174 05.348E
Run: 2nm (3.6km)

Gloomy day with 10knot westerly so came across to Waitangi to shelter and do grocery run. Fun last night with hangi and band after tall ships racing

Sat Jan 7 10:02 2017 NZDT
GPS: 35 16.380S 174 7.48420E
Run: 0.4nm (0.7km)

Moved a little way across to Matauwhi Bay by Russell as its the Tall Ships Regatta today leaving from here. Should be a fun day, Hangi ashore later.

Thu Jan 5 12:23 2017 NZDT
GPS: 35 16.753S 174 07.380E
Run: 2.6nm (4.7km)

Tucked away from the cool southerly in the western part of Pomare Bay, just a stones throw from Russell. Had a busy Xmas and NY, back taking it easy

Fri Dec 16 12:39 2016 NZDT
GPS: 35 19.030S 174 7.084E
Run: 0.7nm (1.3km)

Up on the hard doing antifoul and other boat stuff. Catching bus to Auckland then back Boxing Day. Merry Christmas everyone

Sun Dec 11 16:57 2016 NZDT
GPS: 35 18.751S 174 07.736E
Run: 2.7nm (4.9km)

Anchored off little Pine Is (Moitutokape Is) by Opua, getting ready to haul out on Tuesday morning to antifoul

Fri Dec 9 14:24 2016 NZDT
GPS: 35 16.439S 174 07.493E
Run: 3.7nm (6.7km)

Had a cloudy but great 2 days at Roberton Island, just moved to Matauwhi Bay, adjacent to Russell for the night. Might go in for fish n chips for dinner

Wed Dec 7 12:08 2016 NZDT
GPS: 35 14.10962S 174 10.20557E
Run: 3.6nm (6.5km)

Moved this morning to beautiful Roberton Island, just an hour from Russell, rather lovely here.

Mon Dec 5 20:11 2016 NZDT
GPS: 35 15.920S 174 07.045E
Run: 3.4nm (6.2km)

Had a week in the marina now anchored off Russell, absolutely beautiful, not a breath of wind, sun starting to dip. Stunning

Sat Nov 26 10:50 2016 NZDT
GPS: 35 18.832S 174 07.34E
Run: 56.4nm (102.1km)

Yes, we did actually arrive! Got in about 0230 yesterday morning, beat the cold front in, had a great night celebrating last night, big sleep. Tied up at Bay of Islands Marina, phew

Thu Nov 24 18:51 2016 NZDT
4 knots under sail
GPS: 34 30.564s 174 17.614e
Run: 22.1nm (40km)
Avg: 4.1knts
24hr: 97.3nm
Weather: Winds 10 knots north west, flat seas, 40% cloud cover its a beautiful evening

LAND AHOY ON THE STARBOARD BOW!!! All very good onboard, motored for most of the day, started sailing again in light northerlies a couple of hours ago 37 miles to run to Customs Dock in Opua - @ 1845 NZ Time 23Nov Celebrating with a rum for spotting land, eta around dawn

Thu Nov 24 13:24 2016 NZDT
5 - 6 knots under motor
GPS: 34 12.564s 174 25.614e
Run: 143nm (258.8km)
Avg: 7.6knts
24hr: 181.6nm
Weather: Winds have been less than 5 knots since mid afternoon yesterday Starry night with a late sliver of a moon, total cloud cover this morning but now it is a brilliant day, shorts and teeshirts back on, we have brought summer to New Zealand Keeping a keen lookout for any signs of land but not even a long white cloud on the southern horizon!

Late checking in today as Gulf Harbour who normally take our morning checkin have finished for the season so Im updating via satphone, Been motoring all night, but seas very flat almost like being at anchor Over a knot of current against us which is a pain The first of our armada have arrived in Opua, we should be in about midnight - wow 68miles to run to Customs Dock in Opua - @ 1250 NZ Time 24Nov =20

Wed Nov 23 18:30 2016 NZDT
5 - 6 knots under motor
GPS: 32 29.564s 175 48.614e
Run: 81nm (146.6km)
Avg: 8.2knts
24hr: 196.2nm
Weather: Winds were light but good all night Started dropping at dawn and try as we could with various sails we have conceded that the engine is the best choice now Should arrive overnight Thursday (tomorrow)

WE HAVE CROSSED OUR OUTBOUND TRACK AND COMPLETED OUR CIRCUMNAVIGATION!!! So that was the hightlight of the day (month, year, lifetime!) Unfortunately we have lost all the wind as we go through the centre of the big high that has provided us with favourabloe conditions, motor is All very good onboard, 180miles to run to Customs Dock in Opua - @ 1822 NZ Time 23Nov Celebrating with a rum

Wed Nov 23 8:35 2016 NZDT
GPS: 31 39S 174 51E
Run: 109.6nm (198.4km)
Avg: 7.2knts
24hr: 173.2nm
Weather: 5%cc, 1023, E12

Tue Nov 22 17:24 2016 NZDT
6 - 7 knots
GPS: 30 06.882s 175 18.946e
Run: 67.2nm (121.6km)
Avg: 7.6knts
24hr: 182.2nm
Weather: Winds have been between about 15 - 22 knots overnight, continuing very changable Eased some today but still up and down so much Moved angle ESE still, so still sailing with wind just in front of the beam

a sunny day at last, what a difference to the temperature being able to sit in the sun Much windier than expected overnight and most of today, looks like we are just starting to sail into the centre of the high now and winds have lightened up and we have just taken the two reefs out of the main All good onboard, 315miles to run to Customs Dock in Opua - @ 1700 NZ Time 22Nov

Tue Nov 22 8:32 2016 NZDT
GPS: 29 10S 175 34E
Run: 120.2nm (217.6km)
Avg: 7.8knts
24hr: 188nm
Weather: ese15-20., 40%cc, SE2m swell with wind chop, 1023

376 to Opua

Mon Nov 21 17:12 2016 NZDT
6 - 7 knots
GPS: 27 52.882s 176 53.946e
Run: 66.7nm (120.7km)
Avg: 7.8knts
24hr: 186.4nm
Weather: Winds have been between about 10 - 18 knots, still very changable Moved around to the SE, got to the E for a short while but just strenghtened and back to SE, back on the wind 100% cloud, all a bit gloomy still, sun came out for a short while to warm things up

doing good time, seas have flattened considerably swell is around 1 metre with some wave chop on top Winds still variable, during the last hour between 12 and 20 true, tired of putting in reefs in the main and taking them out again, running with two reefs at mo and will leave in overnight Just had a big pod of dolphins with us 1700 NZ Time 21Nov

Mon Nov 21 8:36 2016 NZDT
GPS: 27 04S 177 29E
Run: 110nm (199.1km)
Avg: 7.6knts
24hr: 183.2nm
Weather: SE11, 80%cc, 1021

Sun Nov 20 18:12 2016 NZDT
6 - 7 knots
GPS: 25 56.882s 178 44.946e
Run: 56.9nm (103km)
Avg: 6knts
24hr: 144.8nm
Weather: Winds have been between about 6 - 18 knots, sometomes changing within seconds Started from the SSW and slowly backed now ESE and seemed to have settled in at around 10 - 12 knots over the last hour 80% cloud, all a bit gloomy, but getting more comfortable

left North Minerva Reef at 7am yesterday (19th), 12 boats left the day before us, we were the 2nd to leave yesterday, all 12 remaining left before lunch Condtions have been variable, we have a big 3 metre swell rolling through left over from the systems going through below us but it is starting to abate and should improve even more We are sailing just west of the rhumb line (the most direct route) heading for North Cape - New Zealand here we come!=20

Sun Nov 20 8:46 2016 NZDT
GPS: 25 13S 179 10E
Run: 159.8nm (289.2km)
Avg: 6.7knts
24hr: 159.7nm
Weather: SE15-18, 1-2m swell

Sat Nov 19 8:45 2016 NZDT
GPS: 23 38S 178 59W
Run: 3.9nm (7.1km)
Weather: SSW4-15, 3m long swell, 70%cc

Fri Nov 18 14:00 2016 NZDT
at anchor
GPS: 23 39.551s 178 55.696w
Run: 2nm (3.6km)
Weather: Front arrived just before dark last night, some rain overnight, skies clearing now about 50% cloud Winds eased to 12-15knts but right out of SW, calm anchorage still

Moved yesterday afternoon down by the lighthouse in the south west corner Very good protection here, even at high tide quite comfortable Had another big reef walk yesterday, even got to walk on a tiny sand cay at low tide Will be a shame to leave this amazing spot but great to have had such wonderful weather Flown over by NZ Airforce Orion yesterday who collected all our details and wished us all a safe passage home=20

Thu Nov 17 12:03 2016 NZDT
at anchor
GPS: 23 39.296s 178 53.823w
Weather: 08-10knts N, calm anchorage, 100% blue skies - just wonderful

Fabulous spell of great weather contining at North Minerva Reef 1 single hander left yesterday, 1 more arrived, current count is now 26 We will move down by the lighthouse later today, rumour has it there is a little beach at low tide, maybe early sundowners on the beach The wind is due to come in from the southwest at 20 knots overnight as a small front passes over When the wind moves around more to the south we will be leaving - probably Saturday =20

Mon Nov 14 11:30 2016 NZDT
at anchor
GPS: 23 39.296s 178 53.823w
Run: 2.5nm (4.5km)
Weather: 12-15knts E, calm anchorage, 100% blue skies - just wonderful

It's another superb day at North Minerva Reef 2 yachts left, more arrived, current count is 19 We have moved across to the south east corner, waiting for the tide to drop more then off walkeling (reef walking/snorkeling by land!)

Sat Nov 12 16:06 2016 NZDT
at anchor
GPS: 23 37.165s 178 54.301w
Weather: 5knts NE, calm anchorage, 100% blue skies - just wonderful =20 . .

Glorious day at Minerva Reef It's a holiday atmosphere here, stowed dinghies redeployed, everyone out snorkelling, reef walking, spear fishing We snorkelled the pass this morning, 6 sharks, several wrasse, thousands of Sergent-Majors No 19 yacht just arriving, more to come!

Fri Nov 11 12:57 2016 NZDT
at anchor
GPS: 23 37.165s 178 54.301w
Run: 272.2nm (492.7km)
Avg: 9.8knts
24hr: 234.6nm
Weather: 8knts SE, calm anchorage tide falling so even flatter, 30% cloud cover, 11 yachts here, more still to arrive =20 . .

completed 270 mile sail from Tongatapu to Minerva Reef Several others with us, all lined up to enter pass at first light! Trip on the wind, lots over boat day one, yesterday rather pleasant No fish=20

Thu Nov 10 9:05 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 58S 177 13E
Run: 473.1nm (856.3km)
Avg: 23.6knts
24hr: 566nm
Weather: 16SSE, 80%cc, 2m swell, 1016

Wed Nov 9 13:02 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 6.35015S 175 28.95686W
Run: 20.7nm (37.5km)
Avg: 3.6knts
24hr: 85.8nm

1300hrs still got cell coverage, left 0930. 15knots SSE, 1metre seas, bit bumpy as on the wind. Sunny skies, 3 others next to us, 3 in front, 3 behind. We got us a convoy!

Wed Nov 9 7:14 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 07.487S 175 09.770W

50% cloud cover, 10 knots SSE. Today is the day we leave Tonga for Minerva Reef. The unofficial Big Mama's to North Minerva Rally about to begin, around 12 boats participating, 2 already slipped out. We are a couple if hours from leaving.

Tue Nov 8 8:00 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 07.487S 175 09.776W

Still in Tongatapu with 16 others. Latest plan is to leave Wednesday for Minerva. May leave later today if weather forecast has changed.  Light rain all night long, about 12 - 15 knots SE. 

Mon Nov 7 8:13 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 07.487S 175 09.776W

Still at anchor in Pangimotu, Big Mamas. Up to 25 knots over last 20 hours, about 15 knots now. 100% cloud. Still waiting to leave.

Sat Nov 5 13:44 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 07.487S 175 09.776W

Soggy Saturday afternoon. Lots of distant thunder and lightening overnight, no wind. Watertanks nearly full. No one has left, 2 more arrived

Fri Nov 4 11:17 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 07.487S 175 09.776W

Trying again this morning. Previous had us doing 38knots on our way to New Caledonia, so trying to put us back in the anchorage at Big Mama's in Tongatapu. Warm & sunny, no wind

Tue Nov 1 13:47 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 7.487S 175 09.776W

Still at Big Mamas Tongatapu. 50% Cloud, SE 8kts. 3 yachts left this morning for Minerva Reef. We are waiting for better (different!) weather window. GHR almost impossible to read this morning on 8779

Mon Oct 31 13:21 2016 NZDT
at anchor
GPS: 21 07.487s 175 09.776w
Run: 2.9nm (5.2km)
Weather: 8knts SE, calm anchorage, 100% cloud cover, light rain. Over 20 yachts here waiting, we are not liking weather for departing this week=20 . .

Still at anchor off Big Mama's, Tongatapu. Trialing email checkin on computer with satphone now

Sat Oct 29 11:12 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 8.36051S 175 12.29682W
Run: 2.9nm (5.2km)

Fri Oct 28 17:09 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 07.480S 175 09.792W
Weather: under 10kts, flat anchorage, 50% cloud cover, bar serving rum punches

at anchor, testing email format

Fri Oct 28 15:42 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 07.477S 175 09.792W
Run: 2065.6nm (3738.7km)
Avg: 55911knts
24hr: 1341863.5nm

Anchored off Big Mama's Resort, Pangaimotu Island, Tongatapu. Enjoying our last days in paradise

Fri Oct 28 15:40 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 18.76865S 152 43.25684E

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