YIT closing down 1st December 2020

Hi All,
Unfortunately YIT is closing down as of the 1st December 2020 (or thereabouts ), once the Pacific cruising ( if there is one this year, or next ) is finished. YIT has been providing yacht tracking since 2013 and now the site requires major amounts of work to keep up to date with the latest technologies. I realistically do not have the time especially with with our amazing young boy (who cruised with us last year) who is growing up so fast and requiring my undivided attention ( it is very hard working from home with him in this pandemic ), also maintaining the boat and now maintaining a house, and finally, maintaining two 4wds for a hobby that has been on the back burner for the last ten years! One that I plan to enjoy with my boy now I have him addicted to trucks. Another factor is the current global pandemic and how that has effected the cruising for this year and possibly the next. While I could use the lull to rebuild the site, I actually would rather spend the time with family. I spent a good chunk of time in the early days building YIT and supporting GHR, so feel I have done my bit in somewhat supporting the cruising community.

Thank you to everyone that has supported YIT over the years through time, donations and memberships, it really has been a privilege to provide some form of yacht tracking / blogging for you, and it was absolutely wonderful to meet some of you last year. If you ever get to wellington, you'll have a place to stay (now we have a house) should you want off the boat in the wild wellington weather ( it's not that bad really ), or just passing through.

What are our plans? Our plans are to continue cruising and do a bit more around NZ and then eventually head off again, if the world ever lets us given the current pandemic.

I have shut the membership system down now. If your membership expires during the year and you still need it till December, please just flick me an email and I will activate your account. As for peoples trips and data, I plan on finishing an export function over the remainder of the year ( the only bit of YIT work I'll be doing, as well as scaling the servers right back and eventually shutdown ) so you will be able to generate a pdf of your travels that you will be able to print or turn into a book.

Stay safe and hope you all get out sailing soon.

Hi Mike, sorry to hear yit site coming to an end, and appreciate all your help, it has certainly made it easier for our non tech savvy friends to keep up. We would dearly like to renew Double Bubbles membership, as we finally get to go north, if we still can until you finish up. Thank you once again, Kath

Hi Kath, All renewed. Stay safe and hopefully some cruising opens up for you guys.

Hi Mike, sorry to hear that but glad to hear that you're able to spend quality time to with your family, which is more important.

It would be great if we could export our tracking in a machine readable format we can then import into something else (such as opencpn track files) as we've been using yit since the start for all our ocean passages. PDF is not really suitable for the thousands of positions we've logged automatically. Best of luck with your future ventures. Chris

Hello Mike,

Thank you for this great resource. Any news on being able to transfer our info to a PDF or similar ?


SV Fluenta

Sorry you have had to shut down. We really appreciated the work you put into maintaining this site over the years. It has been a difficult period with the pandemic. We hope you and your family have a wonderful future ahead. Sadly, Margy and Monty S/V Whistler

Hi Mike, glad to hear you are focused on looking after yourself and family. Silver Light has been laid up in Aussie while we waited out Covid for 17 months in NZ so only just caught up with the close down. Thankyou for all your time and effort over the years, YIT has been a great resource. All the best for your life ahead. Cheers, Iand and Cheryl from Silver Light.