Bella Vita

Mon Sep 26 22:19 2016 NZDT
GPS: 05 43(814)S 112 40(102)E
Run: 224.2nm (405.8km)
Avg: 2.5knts
24hr: 60.2nm

After a couple days in the NW anchorage at Kangean Island, we've made our way to Bawean Island for a quick rest before yet another overnight passage up to Kumai to see the orangutans - can hardly wait! We leave at o-dark-30 tomorrow morning for the approximately 34 hour trip....

Fri Sep 23 4:00 2016 NZST
GPS: 07 02(165)S 115 39(504)E
Run: 88.5nm (160.2km)

Decided to head to the SE section of the Kangean Islands for a little quite time after being part of the rally pack for so long. Ended up anchoring off of Saur Island - which was a very lovely spot and completely protected from swell and wind. Probably one of the most comfortable anchorages we've had in ages! Went in to meet the locals after a couple of them came out to visit the boat and had one of our most amazing and friendly greetings EVER! As we dragged our dinghy on shore, about 20 people came out to greet us! Men, women and children - all super excited to have "tourists" come to shore. I don't think they see yachties very often and so we were given a nice tour of the island, followed by refreshments (water, cookies and fresh coconut water). We went back the following day to take picture and to give some thank you gifts and school supplies for the kids and had another great experience (and an even longer walk!). What a wonderful place and sweet, sweet people. These are the days that I feel so incredibly lucky to be living this life!

Mon Sep 12 4:00 2016 NZST
GPS: 08 09(566)S 115 01(408)E
Run: 74.3nm (134.5km)

Had about 10 wonderful days in Lovina while renewing our visa's. Bali is an amazing place and I can see why so many tourists love it! I was happy we were in a smaller community that doesn't see quite as many tourists, but still has plenty of wonderful restaurants and shops. We did some good shopping and reprovisioning while in Lovina and also had a GREAT tour with our friends Doris and Rudolf from Muck (pronounced Mook) to see some of the sites nearby. My personal favorite was the Jatiluwih Rice Terraces - a Unesco World Heritage site. Absolutely breathtaking - I've never seen such beautiful and lush green country. Hope we can get back there someday!

Fri Sep 2 17:25 2016 NZST
GPS: 8 22.027S 116 04.824E
Run: 249nm (450.7km)
Avg: 218.2knts
24hr: 5235.7nm

Anchored in the beautiful Gili Air with many of the other Sail Indonesia rally boats. We will likely stay here for several more days just enjoying the good restaurants, lovely snorkeling and new friends.

Fri Sep 2 16:17 2016 NZST
GPS: 8 39.051s 119 42.745e
Run: 16.2nm (29.3km)

A quick overnight stop to see the great Komodo dragons on Rinca Island. What an amazing experience! Not only did we see the dragons in the wild on our hike, but we also saw dear, native birds and falcons, buffalo and monkeys. Definitely a highlight on our trip around the world...

Recently eaten buffalo!
Recently eaten buffalo!
A very full dragon...
A very full dragon...
A young dragon - maybe 3 years?
A young dragon - maybe 3 years?
Mature dragon
Mature dragon
Fri Aug 26 16:53 2016 NZST
GPS: 8 28.05s 119 33.880e
Run: 21.4nm (38.7km)

Spent 3 wonderful days on a mooring ball at Gili Lawa Darat in Komodo National Park just snorkeling and relaxing all by ourselves. Very peaceful and an absolutely beautiful anchorage with soft velvety hills all around us.

Mon Aug 22 15:31 2016 NZST
GPS: 8 30.369s 119 52.477e
Run: 166.7nm (301.7km)

We've been anchored in Labuan Badjo for the last 3 days. It's a beautiful anchorage with all these amazing looking big live-aboard dive boats waiting to take all the tourists out to the many dive sites located in Komodo National Park. I was hoping to get certified to dive, but all the dust and smoke here in Indonesia has brought about several asthma attacks, so after a LOT of discussion, it was decided the risks were too great and that I would be better off waiting until the asthma was no longer an issue. Very disappointing, but hopefully it will get better soon.

This is a major tourist destination - especially for those that are big into diving, so there are a gazillion dive shops as you walk through the "city", along with lots of "tourist centers" that will help you organize trips out to see the dragons and some very good restaurants too! All in all a fun place to stop and socialize with the many other Sail Indonesia rally boats that are also here.

Soon we will take off into the Komodo National Park to do some exploring, snorkeling and of course to see the legendary Komodo dragons! Very excited!

Mon Aug 15 14:51 2016 NZST
GPS: 8 38.006s 122 18.606e
Run: 152.7nm (276.4km)
Weather: Very light breeze from the SE

We are currently anchored in front of the SeaWorld resort in Maumere, Flores Island, Indonesia. We've made a few nice stops since Alor, including a fabulous stop at Kroko - what a beautiful spot! We arrived here in Maumere yesterday and are looking forward to a hike up to see the 3 craters tomorrow, along with catching up with internet stuff and doing a little shopping. Spending plenty of time socializing with other rally boats - it's been great to make some new friends!

Tue Aug 2 20:15 2016 NZST
GPS: 8 13.31S 124 30.31E
Run: 148.4nm (268.6km)
Avg: 3knts
24hr: 72.2nm

We've officially left the womb of Kupang and are now nicely anchored in Kalabahi Bay - where it's very quiet and just a light breeze.

Sun Jul 31 18:55 2016 NZST
GPS: 10 09.67s 123 34.26e
Run: 516.4nm (934.7km)

We made it to Kupang after an uneventful trip from Darwin. We've been here about 5 days and have really enjoyed getting to know some of our fellow rally boats along with some of the rally events! We are doing a major planning session today to put together a loose plan for the next 3 months (written in sand at low tide and all that!) and hope to leave tomorrow for Alor or the nearby island. So much to see - we can't wait to get going and start exploring beautiful Indonesia!

Thu Jul 7 2:30 2016 NZST
GPS: 12 27.066s 130 49.434e
Run: 328nm (593.7km)

We arrived in Darwin after a two night passage. Totally lucked out and timed the passes perfectly, so didn't have to stop and wait! So happy to finally be able to stop and smell the roses for a bit here in Darwin while we prepare to leave for Indonesia. Looking forward to meeting the other Sail Indonesia rally boats!

Thu Jun 30 13:50 2016 NZST
GPS: 11 57.606s 135 39.220e
Run: 456.2nm (825.7km)
Avg: 3.2knts
24hr: 76nm

Anchored just north of Galiwinku on Elcho Island in the Wessels Island group. Have found some internet (thanks Galiwinku!) and so are just taking a day or two to catch up and relax after putting in so many miles the last week.

Fri Jun 24 13:44 2016 NZST
GPS: 10 35.833s 142 14.388e
Run: 354.7nm (642km)
Avg: 3.9knts
24hr: 92.5nm

Two nights at Thursday Island and then we are off to enjoy a few days at the Wessel Islands after crossing the Gulf of Carpenteria. That passage will take just over two full days and we will be glad to have it behind us as that area can be notorious for big seas since it's so shallow.

Spotted our first live salt water crocodile here at Thursday (or technically anchored off of Horn Island) and boy was he a big one. We think he looked to be about 15 feet long and we know it was a "he" because females only get up to 10 feet and he was definitely bigger than that. Wow! Did he look prehistoric! Makes me feel like a T-Rex is going to come bashing out of the trees any minute...

Mon Jun 20 17:42 2016 NZST
GPS: 14 39.661s 145 27.087e
Run: 157.6nm (285.3km)

We've had a couple of days at Lizard Island and enjoyed some good, some bad snorkeling. The snorkeling around the Clam Garden (within the anchorage) was absolutely amazing! Tons of huge clams (biggest we've ever seen - up to 5 feet across!), lovely soft corals and a beautiful array of fish. We even saw a moray eel! But around the north tip of the Island it was very sad indeed - very little living coral and not much fish either.

We plan to leave tomorrow morning to make passage all the way to Thursday Island - about a 2 day trip. If the weather holds true to what it's saying now, we may leave to cross the Torres Straight as soon as this Friday!

Tue Jun 14 19:03 2016 NZST
GPS: 16 55.183s 145 46.890e
Run: 175.6nm (317.8km)

Staying at the Marlin Marina in Cairns to do one last major provision before our final big push north to Darwin. Cairns is beautiful and I wish we had more time to be tourists instead of needing to run all these errands and taking care of the day to day stuff - but that's life some days!

Thu Jun 9 19:21 2016 NZST
GPS: 19 15.511s 146 49.433e
Run: 147.3nm (266.6km)

Staying in a slip at the Townsville Yacht Club for a couple of days before heading to Cairns.

Tue May 24 12:14 2016 NZST
GPS: 20 5.582s 148 54.423e
Run: 73.4nm (132.9km)

Looking forward to enjoying some snorkeling in around Hook Island before heading out to Hook and Bait reef later this week. Currently staying in Stonehaven - beautiful and wonderfully calm after so many rolly anchorages!

Wed May 18 8:13 2016 NZST
GPS: 21 6.7428s 149 13.4451e
Run: 139.7nm (252.9km)

Quick stop in Mackay to reprovision before heading out for the Whitsunday Islands.

Wed May 11 2:00 2016 NZST
GPS: 22 33.052s 150 45.223e
Run: 238.4nm (431.5km)

Stopped at Port Clinton to wait out some high winds after a nice stay at Lady Musgrave. Heading north to the Whitsunday Islands - can't wait to get there!

Tue May 3 19:44 2016 NZST
GPS: 25 20s 152 59e
Run: 599.8nm (1085.6km)

Heading for Bundaberg, on our way to Great Barrier and the Whitsunday's!

Thu Jan 21 0:00 2016 NZDT
GPS: 33 52(28)S 151 10(969)E
Run: 73.8nm (133.6km)

We've been in Sydney for the last month and it's been absolutely amazing! Got to watch the start of the Sydney to Hobart race, stayed at the CYCA (race headquarters), watched the NYE fireworks from Athol Bay (incredible view!) and have toured almost every inch of downtown Sydney and much of the surrounding areas. Getting ready to head north, but will miss this beautiful city!

Wed Nov 4 13:30 2015 NZDT
GPS: 32 55s 151 45e
Run: 421.1nm (762.2km)

We arrived at Newcastle Yacht Club Marina as part of the Down Under Rally about a week ago. It's great here - lots of restaurants and cool places to investigate. Looking forward to our stay here!

Tue Oct 20 8:35 2015 NZDT
GPS: 27 40S 155 20E
Run: 171.1nm (309.7km)
Avg: 7knts
24hr: 168.4nm
Weather: 10-12 ese,

tomorrow in Coffs! great radio signal

Mon Oct 19 8:12 2015 NZDT
GPS: 26 06S 157 29E
Run: 415.8nm (752.6km)
Avg: 8.7knts
24hr: 209.7nm
Weather: ese 18-25

all good on board and eta Wed

Sat Oct 17 8:36 2015 NZDT
GPS: 23 46S 163 36E
Run: 207.9nm (376.3km)
Avg: 4.9knts
24hr: 117.1nm
Weather: 12ESE, 1.5m swell

on passage to Coffs Hbr (maybe brisbane)

Thu Oct 15 14:00 2015 NZDT
GPS: 22 16.614S 166 26.408E
Run: 0.8nm (1.4km)

Have checked out and are prepping to leave New Caledonia within 24hours!

Fri Aug 14 0:00 2015 NZST
GPS: 22 16(630)sS 166 26(411)E
Run: 335.9nm (608km)

Arrived New Caledonia!

Sat Jul 18 0:00 2015 NZST
GPS: 17 44(735)sS 168 18(741)eE
Run: 171.2nm (309.9km)

Waiting for weather window to New Caledonia...

Wed Jun 24 8:06 2015 NZST
No position sent.
Weather: 15-21 SE, 20-30%cc

3hrs from Luganville

Wed Jun 24 0:00 2015 NZST
GPS: 15 30(936)sS 167 11(034)eE
Run: 742.9nm (1344.6km)
Avg: 45.3knts
24hr: 1087.3nm

Arrived Vanuatu!

Tue Jun 23 7:36 2015 NZST
GPS: 16 44S 178 18E
Weather: 15-20 g 35 SE, 3-4m swell

On the way from Fiji to Luganville Vanuatu

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