Sat Jul 21 14:57 2018 NZST
Run: 888nm (1607.3km)
22 17S 166 26E
Weather: light SE breeze, 60% cloud cover

Been in Noumea, New Caledonia for past few days after a mixed bag of a 6 day passage from Southport. 1st half saw very frequent squalls, with winds into the 40's from all directions. Then decent trade wind sailing for last couple of days. Very frustrating though, with 1.5-3.0 knot current against us nearly the whole way! Happy to be here, Another baguette with roquefort??? Oui, merci !!!

Tue Oct 24 8:52 2017 NZDT
Run: 2324.1nm (4206.6km)
Avg: 95.8knts
24hr: 2300nm
26 48S 153 12E

one mile from the first buoy to enter Brisbane channel. Busy avoiding a LOT of traffic

Mon Oct 23 8:37 2017 NZDT
Run: 2656nm (4807.4km)
Avg: 55.3knts
24hr: 1328.2nm
25 15S 115 41E
Weather: 8SE

120nm to Brisbane which is good as bravo is throwing hissy fits. The autopilot is now working but there is a leak in the Hydraulics so a new backstay is on the job and there is no headsail use. Also a puzzling clunking noise indicates they may have hit something. They will be pleased to arrive!

They must be back in their Landcruiser in WA to be there Patricia... haha Adam should call Dave on his arrival in Brisvegas. Adam has his number for any assistance. Cheers

Oops, I think something happened to the longitude. Something lost in translation? Or could that "something you hit" have been the continent of Australia? ;-)
Sat Oct 21 8:37 2017 NZDT
Run: 139.6nm (252.7km)
21 46S 157 35E
Weather: light E8,

Murphy has struck. Usually they fit the hydrovane before a passage, but this was a short one - right? The autopilot has never missed a beat prior to this but !!!! So they are hand steering to Brisbane.

Thu Oct 12 8:34 2017 NZDT
Run: 31nm (56.1km)
19 54.9756s 158 26.90676e
Weather: 15SE, 1019,

A beautiful day in Chesterfield reef . Six boats here. Will leave after the weekend whn wx is good to get to Coffs.

Wed Oct 11 8:35 2017 NZDT
Run: 162.4nm (293.9km)
Avg: 6.9knts
24hr: 165.6nm
19 35S 158 46E
Weather: SE17, 1018, conf seas 1.5SE, 20%cc

about 20nm to Chesterfield. Will have even more birds to add to the poop collected on passage

Tue Oct 10 9:03 2017 NZDT
Run: 274nm (495.9km)
Avg: 7.5knts
24hr: 179.7nm
18 26S 160 56E
Weather: SE12, 60%cc, 1mse swell, 1016 st

160 to Chesterfield Reef

Sun Oct 8 20:27 2017 NZDT
Run: 185.6nm (335.9km)
Avg: 3.1knts
24hr: 74.4nm
16 38.53S 164 38.56E
Weather: 18knts SE, 2m SE swell, 20% cloud cover, 1015 baro

Left Luganville, Vanuatu, bound for Australia via Chesterfield Reef. Been working to slow Bravo down to allow arrival in daylight in 2 more days. Now down to #2 reef in main, reefed staysail, still too fast, will likely heave to tomorrow night. A fast, though rolly sail so far! All well aboard

Hey Bravos, hope the rolling isn't too bad and that you find Chesterfield to be as calm as! We're anticipating some epic photos of wildlife from the reef... Anyway, we need to plan ahead - will you be in Sydney for Christmas? If so, how about a prawns on the barbie Christmas lunch? Just need to get the invitation in early as we know you'll be in demand. Knowing the 'small world' of us yachties, we'll no doubt hook up with some other folks we know.. Have a great stopover at the reef and we'll look forward to hearing from you when you get to Aus. Love from us both, G&D xx
Fri Oct 6 8:34 2017 NZDT
15 31.292s 167 10.940e
Weather: light 6se, 60%cc,

Will leave tomorrow for Chesterfield and meet up with navigator1

Thu Oct 5 8:37 2017 NZDT
15 31.292s 167 10.940e

Likely to depart Luganville on saturday for Newcastle via a stop at Chesterfield.

Sat Sep 30 10:33 2017 NZDT
Run: 70.1nm (126.9km)
15 31.292s 167 10.940e
Weather: hazy conditins due the Ambae volcano

Luganville preparing for departure to Aus

Mon Sep 18 7:34 2017 NZST
Run: 70.8nm (128.1km)
14 57S 168 03E
Weather: 1020, 40%cc, 10se, stronger outside

This anchorage is on the N part of Maewo and they will be going south to Asanvari soon. It is slightly rolly but great people so had lots of visitors yesterday. Boats dont often go this far north.

AmBae being completely evacuated now. Decision just made. Food and sanitation are a problem.
Sun Aug 13 9:26 2017 NZST
Run: 97.4nm (176.3km)
15 32.221S 167 10.83E
Weather: Scattered clouds, temp low 80's, bar 1018 steady, light SE winds

Enjoying mooring at Aore Isl resort, easy ride across bay to Luganville. New owner is very cruiser friendly. Water maker repair a success!!! Diving is the agenda for this week.

Fri Jul 28 7:56 2017 NZST
Run: 88.2nm (159.6km)
16 35.7S 168 09E
Weather: beautiful, 50%cc, 8SE

bright glow in night sky from Ambrym volcano

Sat Jul 8 7:35 2017 NZST
Run: 82nm (148.4km)
17 52S 168 16E
Weather: 14SE, 1016ST, 1M swell SE, 30%cc

about 7miles from port Vila so good conditions for entry

Thu Jul 6 7:38 2017 NZST
Run: 58.2nm (105.3km)
18 49.11684s 169 00.73548e
Weather: 70%cc, light winds

Will leave Erromango tomorrow and head north.

Mon Jul 3 7:39 2017 NZST
19 31.64562s 169 29.5794e
Weather: light 10 SSE, 1018 st, heavy rain last night

having a very social time in Tanna but will move on tomorrow to Erromango

Fri Jun 30 7:40 2017 NZST
19 31.64562s 169 29.5794e
Weather: clear, 1018 st, light SE

spectacular trip to volcano last night as mostly clear.

Thu Jun 29 7:34 2017 NZST
Run: 48.5nm (87.8km)
19 31.64562s 169 29.5794e
Weather: 15-25se, 60%cc

Por Resolution. It was a bumpy ride with confused seas. There are 5 yachts there - and two dug out canoes. They get up early!

Wed Jun 28 7:37 2017 NZST
Run: 43.4nm (78.6km)
20 08S 169 07E
Weather: bar steady, 90%cc

This is the little protected flat anchorage at the top of Aneityum. It is a good one for staging to go north which Bravo will do today to Tanna

Mon Jun 26 7:42 2017 NZST
20 14.200S 169 46.558E
Weather: o/c drizzle, NE2

really enjoying life at Aneityum. Had a tour through a plantation yesterdaya in the mountains. taking some boat fixing fibreglass in today and will likely, maybe, possibly, leave tomorrow for Tanna.

Sat Jun 24 7:40 2017 NZST
20 14.200S 169 46.558E
Weather: 5N, 1014 st, NE land breeze, a bit bumpy overnight

legacy arrived yesterday so they have caught up with them and will move North soon. yeah right! Might have to clean the bottom after such a long stay at anchor!

Fri Jun 23 7:41 2017 NZST
20 14.200S 169 46.558E
Weather: 1014 st, 30%cc, 10SW

bumpy nite and even the flopper stopper line snapped!

Thu Jun 22 7:37 2017 NZST
20 14.200S 169 46.558E
Weather: 1014, 100%cc, light NE, w swell,

Rolly due to the west swell and no wind to hold them into it. Maybe time to leave for Tanna?

Wed Jun 21 7:31 2017 NZST
Run: 6.7nm (12.1km)
20 14.200S 169 46.558E
Weather: flat calm, light w swell

really enjoying the friendly people and the beautiful island

Sat Jun 17 7:32 2017 NZST
Run: 163.4nm (295.8km)
Avg: 6.8knts
24hr: 163.2nm
20 20S 169 46E
Weather: 17ese

4miles from entering Aneityum. Sailing. can fully check in there now.

Well done guys. Enjoy Vanuatu. Off to Ivan & Louise's birthday party tonite in Williamstown. Cheers, Don & Deb
Fri Jun 16 7:31 2017 NZST
Run: 169.3nm (306.4km)
Avg: 7.1knts
24hr: 170nm
22 30S 170 47E
Weather: 20SE, 2.5m, 30%, 1018

24hrs to go so will need to slow down a bit to enter in the dawn light

Thu Jun 15 7:36 2017 NZST
Run: 155.9nm (282.2km)
Avg: 6.5knts
24hr: 155.4nm
24 49S 171 39E
Weather: 15SE, 1.5m swell, 1021,

290nm to Aneityum. Last night for about 20min had a huge school of fish between 40-90' depth. habe trouble with invertor charger so will have a fixing job on arrival.

Wed Jun 14 7:32 2017 NZST
Run: 104.2nm (188.6km)
Avg: 7.8knts
24hr: 187.5nm
27 02S 172 07E
Weather: 8sse, 50%cc, 1m seas,

Have been motoring for 2.5days so happy to hear about more wind. All well

Tue Jun 13 18:12 2017 NZST
Run: 75.5nm (136.7km)
Avg: 7.1knts
24hr: 171nm
28 27.74S 172 39.55E
Weather: 5.5knts SE, slight seas, 75% clouds, 1024 baro

Still motoring, little wind today above 5knts. Possible breeze tomorrow morning, fingers crossed. Only have about 2 days of fuel left!!! Had a bit of a scare today. We usually rev the engine every several hours of run time to clean out any carbon out of the turbo. Well, this time it started to die, then quit completely. A genuine "ruh row" moment. Couldn`t get it to run, so called in the McGiver team. Turned out there is a little valve in the engine compartment used to transfer (or "polish") fuel, which is normally left closed. Well, it was open, and sucking air. "There's yer problem, maam". Bled the lines, and we're back in business..." Fish report: Freezer finally emptied enough to toss the lines out this afternoon, but nothing to show....hopefully catch dinner tomorrow. Cindi baked an amazing banana bread this afternoon...tasty business!!! Cheers all. (Just passing the 1/2 point to Vanuatu now, about 500 miles left to go.)

Tue Jun 13 7:36 2017 NZST
Run: 166.5nm (301.4km)
Avg: 7knts
24hr: 167nm
29 25S 173 16E
Weather: SE6, 100%cc, light rain, 1024

all well. Thanks to Trevor on Villamee for relay

Mon Jun 12 7:40 2017 NZST
Run: 110.5nm (200km)
Avg: 5.7knts
24hr: 137.5nm
31 44S 174 02E
Weather: 8SSE, 20%cc, 1.5m, 1024 st

all well. This via relay

Sun Jun 11 12:24 2017 NZST
Run: 174.6nm (316km)
Avg: 6.1knts
24hr: 147.4nm
33 19.86S 174 05.30E
Weather: 14knts S, 1.5m sea, 40% clouds, 1022 baro rising

Good night of sailing. Wind continues to back around, now we´re nearly dead downwind after a jibe....slow and lumpy, will likely jibe back and heat up a bit in a while. But all fine aboard, had 2 albatrosses play with us at dawn.

Sat Jun 10 7:58 2017 NZST
35 50.23738S 174 28.09224E

Yeeee-hah!!! Bravo leaving Marsden Cove, NZ today, bound for Aneityum, Vanuatu

Safe sailing Adam and Cindy and catch you on Pac Sea Net @ 03.00z Peter ZL1PWD
Tue Jun 6 10:33 2017 NZST
No position sent.

Bravo still at Marsden Cove, waiting for a better weather forecast for the passage route to Vanuatu. Very unsettled at this point.

Sun Jun 4 16:21 2017 NZST
35 50.23738S 174 28.09224E

Still chilling at Marsden Cove waiting for a better weather window, as leaving today appeared to be a motor boat ride for the 1st couple of days. At this point, a Tuesday departure looks promising.

hi bravo team, all the best for this new sailing after a long time in whangarei. it is not easy to leave nz but sometimes we have keep going. cheers from the canaries marguerite

Thanks, Marguerite! Great to hear from you, hope all's well with you three in the Canaries. All the best!
Sun Jun 4 16:17 2017 NZST
No position sent.

Sat Jun 3 12:18 2017 NZST
No position sent.

Looks like a somewhat confused but hopefully decent weather window for departure tomorrow (Sunday). Will clear out of Marsden in the morning, bound for Aneityum, Vanuatu.

Good luck with the weather guys and safe sailing. Will keep in touch via 20mx Peter ZL1PWD
Thu Jun 1 6:11 2017 NZST
Run: 11.2nm (20.3km)
35 50.23738S 174 28.09224E

In Marsden Cove marina, fueled, provisioned, and awaiting a weather window for departure to Vanuatu

Sun May 28 20:25 2017 NZST
Run: 0.5nm (0.9km)
35 43.45580S 174 19.56718E

Fighting off mechanical gremlins on several fronts, think we've nailed the bulk of the rascals, and finally have Bravo ready for the passage to Vanuatu. Will head out to Marsden Cove on Monday 5/29 to await the next weather window.

Fri May 26 6:21 2017 NZST
Run: 0.4nm (0.7km)
35 43.44888S 174 20.06927E

Fingers crossed for a possible Sunday 5/28 departure for Vanuatu.

Wed May 10 8:12 2017 NZST
Run: 53nm (95.9km)
35 43.46651S 174 19.59018E

Back in the water at last! Wrapping up projects before awaiting weather window to Vanuatu

Thanks, mates! Been quite the roller coaster, we splashed and found that our refrig is working on replacing before a weather window opens!!! It's always something.....but feels great to be back afloat!!! Hope all's well w/ you guys!!!
Mon Nov 10 8:10 2014 NZDT
Run: 379.5nm (686.9km)
Avg: 8knts
24hr: 191.8nm
35 00S 174 38E
Weather: 14s, calm 1m seas

relay from Roundabout

Sat Nov 8 8:42 2014 NZDT
Run: 204.2nm (369.6km)
Avg: 8.4knts
24hr: 200.7nm
29 35S 175 42E
Weather: SE18-20, S1.5m, 100%cc, 1020 rising

a great radio and thks for relays

Fri Nov 7 8:17 2014 NZDT
Run: 187.6nm (339.6km)
Avg: 7.8knts
24hr: 187.9nm
26 42S 176 26E
Weather: 80%cc, SE18, 1022

eta Whangarei on Monday

Thu Nov 6 8:19 2014 NZDT
Run: 193.3nm (349.9km)
Avg: 8.1knts
24hr: 193.3nm
24 01S 176 53E
Weather: 8E, slight 1m swell E, 60%cc 1019

all well on board

Wed Nov 5 8:19 2014 NZDT
Run: 142nm (257km)
Avg: 9.4knts
24hr: 225.8nm
21 16S 177 26E
Weather: 15E has eased, swell 1.5mE, sunny

all good

Tue Nov 4 17:13 2014 NZDT
19 15S 177 51E
Weather: E18 swell E 1.5m

Awesome sailing for departure from Suva to NZ

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