Tue Sep 5 7:36 2017 NZST
Run: 29.9nm (54.1km)
Weather: 1014 rising, clear skies, 3

Muscat Cove

Tue Aug 29 7:01 2017 NZST
Run: 360.7nm (652.9km)
Avg: 5.1knts
24hr: 121.4nm
Weather: Clear, 8ESE, 1012, .5 m swell

Entering Fiji waters for check in today. 25 miles to the pass.

Sat Aug 26 7:42 2017 NZST
Run: 129.3nm (234km)
Weather: NE10, 40%cc, 1.5m se swell

Mon Aug 21 15:35 2017 NZST
Run: 245nm (443.5km)
Weather: Winds are SE at 15-20. Cloud cover about 30% and bar 1012.

This position is Waisisi Bay in Tanna. Not generally a good anchorage because if the ash but with the Westerly winds we had yesterday we thought it would be was. They have now moved to P Resolution and that is where the wx report comes from today.

Fri Aug 4 7:32 2017 NZST
Run: 48.6nm (88km)
Weather: 30%cc, 12SE, 1m swell

on way from SW Bay Malekula to Lamen Bay Epi. Eta around 3pm

Tue Aug 1 7:07 2017 NZST
No position sent.
Weather: SE5, 30%cc, 1015

one other boat in anchorage restocked with fruit and veggies. Awei Island Meskylenes

Wed Jul 19 7:38 2017 NZST
No position sent.
Weather: 10% cloud cover no wind

here are 10 boats anchored off of Ranon Village and we're going to a festival i Fani Village about minurte walk from here up in the hills. 2 day Yam festival.

Tue Jul 18 7:31 2017 NZST
Speed: 4.3knts
Run: 50.3nm (91km)
Avg: 3.2knts
24hr: 75.8nm
Weather: SE15-18, 80%cc, 1013

heading to Ambrym, for festival. Dont know which one as Return to the Roots is Aug 25-27

Mon Jul 17 15:35 2017 NZST
Run: 9.8nm (17.7km)

Sat Jul 8 7:39 2017 NZST
Run: 60nm (108.6km)
Weather: 20%cc, no wind

Oyster Is in Pederson Bay Espiritu Santo. The Chinese have bought the resort and it is currently closed. Only two marks remain but the Rocket Guide way points are good.

Tue Jun 27 7:32 2017 NZST
Speed: 6mknts
Run: 29.8nm (53.9km)
Weather: 80%cc, 10SSW

motoring towards espiritu santo. had a great day on Saturday watching the land diving. Seven divers, on a beautiful day for viewing by crew of 5 boats and others.

Fri Jun 23 7:43 2017 NZST
Run: 135.6nm (245.4km)
Weather: SSE10, 50%cc, 1009

anchored at pentecost and presumably going to see the land diving. All well on board

Tue Jun 20 7:51 2017 NZST
Weather: 7E

This is Epi. Want to get to Pentecost as this coming weekend is the last weekend for land diving.

Mon Jun 12 6:47 2017 NZST
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 163.4nm (295.8km)
Avg: 7.3knts
24hr: 174.4nm
Weather: E15, 50% cloud cover bar 1014

rising 20 miles from Port Vila all's well onboard

Sun Jun 11 8:18 2017 NZST
Speed: 5.5knts
Run: 158nm (286km)
Avg: 6.2knts
24hr: 149.9nm
Weather: 15%ccVar 8-15, 1012,,

150 to port Vila. All well on board and nice sailing overnight.

Sat Jun 10 7:00 2017 NZST
Speed: 5knts
Run: 145.8nm (263.9km)
Avg: 6.2knts
24hr: 149.5nm
Weather: 13SSW, clear skies calm seas, 1011

all well on board

Fri Jun 9 7:36 2017 NZST
Speed: 4knts
Run: 301.2nm (545.2km)
Weather: 1010, squally 25NW

good sailing until 4am and then the squalls started but almost out of the,. All well.

Fri Apr 7 10:36 2017 NZST
Run: 246nm (445.3km)

Back in Fiji and getting Chara ready to splash on Tuesday

Wed Sep 7 7:57 2016 NZST
Speed: 5.5knts
Run: 13.4nm (24.3km)
Weather: 3-4ene, 1015, 50%cc, 1m se swell

via streaming! Wow for technology.

Tue Sep 6 7:35 2016 NZST
Run: 122.8nm (222.3km)
Weather: 15SE, 1.5m swell S, 50%cc

heading to Vanua Balavu

Thu Aug 4 7:36 2016 NZST
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 81.7nm (147.9km)
Avg: 3.4knts
24hr: 81.5nm
Weather: 35SE, 2m swell, 1013

will arrive savusavu early tomorrow morning. Have to deal with an alternator belt before that.

Wed Aug 3 7:33 2016 NZST
Run: 130.1nm (235.5km)
Avg: 5.4knts
24hr: 130.5nm
Weather: calm 5 ene but 20 outside, 1n swell

anchored at Futuna and hope to check in and out straight away to get back to savusavu on friday ahead of the front

Tue Aug 2 7:37 2016 NZST
Speed: 4knts
Run: 133.3nm (241.3km)
Weather: 10-12 ene, 1010

on a round trip!

How is the north coast? Much cane burning? Did you stop in at Labasa?
Thu Jul 21 9:20 2016 NZST
Run: 132nm (238.9km)
Weather: South east 6-9, 1014,

Anchored at Koro Is Fiji

Fri Jul 15 6:54 2016 NZST
Run: 9.4nm (17km)

Anchored at Sawa-I-Lau in the Yasawa's. Winds out of the E at 15 gusting to 22. 95% cloud cover. Bar of 1015 temp 76 degrees.

Wed Jun 22 8:14 2016 NZST
Run: 2342.2nm (4239.4km)
Avg: 91.7knts
24hr: 2200.1nm

At Anchor in Blue Lagoon

Tue Jun 21 6:41 2016 NZST

At anchor all is well

Tue Jun 21 6:41 2016 NZST
Run: 2398.5nm (4341.3km)
Avg: 7.7knts
24hr: 185.3nm

At anchor

Wed Jun 8 8:04 2016 NZST
Run: 120nm (217.2km)
Weather: 3ENE, 1013, 10%cc, 23C. OK 73F

Tue May 26 7:32 2015 NZST
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 151.2nm (273.7km)
Avg: 6.3knts
24hr: 151.1nm
Weather: ese20-25, 2.5m lumpy seas

all well

Hi Bob and Joyce, This is Faith from Paradise:) I hope you both are doing well and have strong winds and calm seas! Can you please send me a quick email noting your best email contact as Michelle and Angela (with little Eve) would like to get in touch with you Vinaka Faith
Mon May 25 7:30 2015 NZST
Speed: 2knts
Run: 466nm (843.5km)
Avg: 6.5knts
24hr: 155.4nm
Weather: 3S, sct cloud, calm, 1016

eta tomorrow afternoon. Will start the engine soon

Fri May 22 7:33 2015 NZST
Run: 313nm (566.5km)
Avg: 7.5knts
24hr: 180nm

a relay from Rewa as their radioTX is grim. All well

Wed May 20 13:50 2015 NZST
Run: 431nm (780.1km)
Weather: winds very light so more than likely the motor is on

720m from Suva but their radio antenna is caput so there will be few reports. They can receive so will be getting wx updates and VHF is good for those boats not too far away.

Fri May 15 16:12 2015 NZST
No position sent.

Moved to Marsden Cove yesterday and waiting for next weather window. Expect ti leave for SavuSavu Fiji Sunday or Monday

Wed Apr 29 8:14 2015 NZST
Run: 486.3nm (880.2km)

In Whangarei finishing up last minute projects. Hoping to leave in 2 weeks

Good to hear from you. Bev and I are at Gulf Harbour, but will likely move to Marsen Cove tomorrow for a Saturday checkout to Fiji. We'll likely check in at Suva or more likely Savusavu. Had a lovely time with Ann & Mark at Great Barrier Island a couple of weeks ago. It would be great to see you all. Robbie

Sorry we haven't had a chance to meet up this summer. I hope we will see each other in Fiji. We plan to check in in Savusavu. Judy and Ray from F dock are planning to visit us for a couple weeks in Fiji. Best of wishes, Bob & Joyce
Sat Oct 25 8:35 2014 NZDT
Speed: 6mknts
Run: 110.8nm (200.5km)
Avg: 4.6knts
24hr: 110.4nm
Weather: SW6

eta Tu am

Fri Oct 24 8:29 2014 NZDT
Speed: 5.5knts
Run: 173nm (313.1km)
Avg: 7.2knts
24hr: 173.7nm
Weather: var10SW,

all well. Motored all day yesterday

Thu Oct 23 8:35 2014 NZDT
Speed: 7.3knts
Run: 172.5nm (312.2km)
Avg: 7.2knts
24hr: 172.9nm
Weather: SSE4,

600nm to WR wth eta wed

Wed Oct 22 8:39 2014 NZDT
Speed: 6.0knts
Run: 247nm (447.1km)
Avg: 4.4knts
24hr: 104.6nm
Weather: 14SSE

computer dead or acting like it so no emails

Mon Oct 20 0:00 2014 NZDT
Run: 157.9nm (285.8km)
Avg: 6.6knts
24hr: 157.9nm

much calmer today and more comfortable. Got fresh mahi mahi that should last us to NZ. currently heading to Minerva Reef position: 21 10.934s, 176 20.154w

Sun Oct 19 0:00 2014 NZDT

sailing with 20-25 kts of wind and lumpy seas. First day out of Vava'u and heading to Whangarei. Depending on weather, we may stop at Minerva Reef.
position:19 30.045s, 174 41.205w

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