Fri Dec 29 17:17 2017 NZDT
Run: 111.3nm (201.5km)

Anchored in Oneroa Bay Waiheke island

Wed Oct 19 8:35 2016 NZDT
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 166nm (300.5km)
Avg: 7knts
24hr: 167.1nm
Weather: 5NW, 1021, calm, 60%cc

200 to Opua. Will get a wind shift late tomorrow but light and rain

Tue Oct 18 8:44 2016 NZDT
Speed: 3knts
Run: 144.1nm (260.8km)
Avg: 6knts
24hr: 143.3nm
Weather: E5, 1024, 100%cc

via relay as they are now in my skip

Mon Oct 17 8:36 2016 NZDT
Speed: 4knts
Run: 222.6nm (402.9km)
Avg: 4.6knts
24hr: 110.3nm
Weather: ese5-10, 1025, 90%cc, 1m S swell

Sat Oct 15 8:09 2016 NZDT
Speed: 6knts
Run: 176.1nm (318.7km)
Avg: 7.5knts
24hr: 179.3nm
Weather: 1018, 20S wind, 50%cc

booming signal from Kathryn. Wind direction wont be so good for a day but improves

Fri Oct 14 8:35 2016 NZDT
Speed: 7mknts
Run: 529.9nm (959.1km)
Avg: 15.8knts
24hr: 379.1nm
Weather: light

saw whales this morning.

Wed Oct 12 23:02 2016 NZDT
Run: 637.2nm (1153.3km)
Avg: 2.8knts
24hr: 66.5nm

Checked out. Leaving for Opua early on 13th

Mon Oct 3 9:08 2016 NZDT
Run: 258.1nm (467.2km)

Enjoying Noumea.
Will be watching weather from the end of this week to return to NZ

Mon Jun 20 8:02 2016 NZST
Run: 1075.4nm (1946.5km)
Weather: squally

good to be anchored down in Aneityum

Tue May 31 16:39 2016 NZST
Run: 0.5nm (0.9km)
Avg: 4.6knts
24hr: 110.8nm

Should have said , now owners of Bellissima, 60ft Edlin cruising ketch. Living aboard. G

Hi guys. Just curious.??? Was Cobolt a NZ registered vessel. We cruised in 2013 and met Cobolt in Fiji . Think the owner was James Daven. We were on a Ketch named Orka. Regards G/B.
Tue May 31 16:32 2016 NZST
Run: 112.1nm (202.9km)

Tue May 10 11:15 2016 NZST
Run: 122.1nm (221km)

Waiting in Bay of Islands for weather window to Vanuatu

Mon Nov 2 15:38 2015 NZDT
Run: 404.6nm (732.3km)
Avg: 5.1knts
24hr: 123.3nm
Weather: sunny

arrivign in Opua after seeing orcas off north cape

Fri Oct 30 8:55 2015 NZDT
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 173.9nm (314.8km)
Avg: 7.1knts
24hr: 171nm
Weather: SW20, 70%cc, sw swell 3-4m bumpy

Thu Oct 29 8:30 2015 NZDT
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 168.4nm (304.8km)
Avg: 7knts
24hr: 169.2nm
Weather: WSW25, 2m rough confused 2m seas, blue sky, 30%cc,

all well desite front arriving at midnight

Wed Oct 28 8:37 2015 NZDT
Speed: 3.5knts
Run: 166.3nm (301km)
Avg: 6.9knts
24hr: 165.9nm
Weather: light se, 1m se swell, 5%cc

continuing pleasant weather but front arrives tomorrow!

Tue Oct 27 8:33 2015 NZDT
Speed: 6knts
Run: 147.9nm (267.7km)
Avg: 6.2knts
24hr: 148.3nm
Weather: ESE12, 1m se seas, blue sky, 10%cc

Mon Oct 26 8:37 2015 NZDT
Speed: 5knts
Run: 258.3nm (467.5km)
Avg: 5.4knts
24hr: 128.9nm
Weather: varying but SSE12, 50%cc, calm

all well

Sat Oct 24 8:31 2015 NZDT
Run: 331.8nm (600.6km)

leaving Port Vila today for Opua

Tue Jul 14 11:00 2015 NZST

anchored in Baie Papaye watching weather to check out on Friday for Vanuatu

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