Sat Oct 25 7:37 2014 NZDT

image: Beautiful day on NW side of in Taveuni. 3-5knts S, partly cloudy, 1012.6 baro

Fri Oct 24 9:01 2014 NZDT
Weather: 8knts E, gentle swell, rain clouds to the west otherwise clear, 1012.9 baro

image: Beautiful day in Taveuni, Just arrived after an overnight from Moala. Going back to Moala Saturday.

Mon Oct 13 9:42 2014 NZDT
18 33.39s 179 55.44e

image: Beautiful day in Moala (Southern Lau, Fiji) We just arrived after an overnight from Taveuni. Unfortunately the wind was dead on the nose, so we had to power the entire way. But an easy run. 12 Dr’s and Nurses on board for medical outreach.

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