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Wed Nov 16 11:19 2016 NZDT
GPS: 35 18.90834S 174 7.17378E

Nicely tucked into the marina. Looking forward to the All Points Rally starting today.

Wed Nov 16 11:15 2016 NZDT
GPS: 35 18.90078S 174 7.18326E

Mon Nov 14 0:00 2016 NZDT
GPS: 35 18.89544S 174 7.18746E
Run: 266.8nm (482.9km)
Avg: 6.9knts
24hr: 164.8nm

Arrived in Opua at 6am on a beautiful full moon and no wind sea. magical sailing in through the Bay of Islands

Sun Nov 13 20:27 2016 NZDT
6.5 knts
Weather: 15 knots WSW 1.5m seas N 20% cloud cover

Only 44 nm to Opua. All ok on board. Glad to be out of frontal conditions.

Sat Nov 12 9:08 2016 NZDT
GPS: 31 39S 172 40E
Run: 111nm (200.9km)
Avg: 5.9knts
24hr: 142.2nm
Weather: 25-30S, 2-3m SW, 1003

225 to Opua. Will have SW for today and tomorrow until tonorrow night it changes to NW

Fri Nov 11 14:24 2016 NZDT
5.1 knts
GPS: 30 02.767S 172 45.294E
Run: 867.8nm (1570.7km)
Avg: 40.7knts
24hr: 977.8nm
Weather: 14 knots N 1.5m seas N 80% cloud cover 1009 baro

Sailing to Opua bracing for the front tonight. Seas already building and we are rocking and rolling!

Thu Nov 10 17:06 2016 NZDT
6.0 knts
GPS: 26 16.460S 173 38.954W
Run: 714.6nm (1293.4km)
Avg: 30knts
24hr: 720.6nm
Weather: 5 knots S 1 m seas SE 80% cloud cover 1014.6 baro

Sailing to Opua. Motoring at present, heading west and south before we make the turn to North Cape.

Wed Nov 9 17:18 2016 NZDT
5.2 knts
GPS: 26 34.799S 174 48.397E
Run: 737.2nm (1334.3km)
Avg: 2.7knts
24hr: 65.3nm
Weather: 13 knots S 1.5 m seas SE 25% cloud cover 1017 baro

Sailing to Opua. Making slow progress and heading west to avoid weather south of us.

Sat Oct 29 10:11 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 07.482S 175 09.832W
Run: 100.4nm (181.7km)

Have arrived at Big Mama's Yacht Club off Pangaimotu Island near Nuku'Alofa Tonga. Had fun at the big party last night. Now it is time to get the final things done before our passage to New Zealand.

Sun Oct 23 21:06 2016 NZDT
GPS: 19 51.069S 174 25.054W
Run: 80.7nm (146.1km)

Anchored near U'Oleva Island in the Ha'apai Islands Tonga, still doing jobs getting ready for the big jump to New Zealand.

Sun Oct 16 13:02 2016 NZDT
GPS: 18 43.341S 174 06.017W

Enjoying Tonga and getting ready for the big passage to New Zealand

Sun Oct 16 12:57 2016 NZDT

Sent in a new blog on the website and updated our position. Lovely weather and enjoying Vaka'Eitu. Had a great night at the Tongan Feast with other cruisers. Getting organized for the big passage to NZ.

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