Wed Jun 19 11:09 2019 NZST
Run: 587.4nm (1063.2km)
20 14.33S 169 46.69E
Weather: Sunny with a mild breeze. Good solar day.

Made landfall a couple of days ago in Anoton. Beautiful place and a lovely anchorage. Awaiting the cruise ship to bring down the officials to clear. We have a pre -arrival clearance form.

Thu May 23 5:47 2019 NZST
No position sent.
Weather: Blustery day yestday with clear skys

Sun May 5 9:42 2019 NZST
Run: 60.8nm (110km)
17 46.36S 178 22.95E
Weather: 8:30 am Fiji time Winds 10-15 kts SSE. 10 percent cloud cover.

Moved to Denearu Marina. No more laundry and showers. Contruction going on.

Thu May 2 19:18 2019 NZST
Run: 97nm (175.6km)
Avg: 8.2knts
24hr: 197.3nm
17 33.76S 177 29.17E
Weather: 7:30 pm Fiji time Winds Land Breeze. 50 percent cloud cover.

Another gorgous day, alas it was all under the iron genny. Now in Vitogo Bay outside Latoka. Moving to the tourist center tomorrow.

Thu May 2 7:30 2019 NZST
Run: 71.9nm (130.1km)
17 26.88S 178 57.18E
Weather: 7:30 pm Fiji time Winds 10-15 kts SSE. 80 percent cloud cover.

Yeah We have moved. Currently in Makogi. Neptune made us work and Mother Nature gave a a glorious sunset. Dont anchor in in a NW wind. Horrible surge / seas in the harbor. Luckily they calmed down over night .

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