Sun Dec 18 0:00 2016 NZDT
Run: 116.1nm (210.1km)
Avg: 5.1knts
24hr: 122nm

Arrived, cleared customs and biosecurity. At dock now recouperating.

Sat Dec 17 1:10 2016 NZDT
Run: 60.7nm (109.9km)
Avg: 5.2knts
24hr: 123.8nm
Weather: 20+ kts from SSW

Winds bult to 20 plus knts from SSW. Less than 100 miles but still a real PAIN

Fri Dec 16 13:24 2016 NZDT
Run: 21.5nm (38.9km)
Avg: 3.9knts
24hr: 92.7nm
Weather: 20 kts from S

Were hoping to be in tomorrow but wind shift to S and looks like crap out. Not fun

Fri Dec 16 7:50 2016 NZDT
Run: 159.8nm (289.2km)
Avg: 7.4knts
24hr: 177.1nm
Weather: 15 kts from the SSW

Some slides ripped out of the tides track

Thu Dec 15 10:11 2016 NZDT
Run: 1014.5nm (1836.2km)
Avg: 4.9knts
24hr: 118.7nm
Weather: 8 kts from the W

Finally we made it through the H and we now have a lovely W breeze.

Tue Dec 6 21:07 2016 NZDT
Run: 9.3nm (16.8km)

Leaving 8ish in am heading offshore.

Tue Dec 6 6:10 2016 NZDT
Run: 12.3nm (22.3km)

Checked out, final boat preps, checking gribs.

Sat Nov 26 17:35 2016 NZDT
Run: 0.8nm (1.4km)

The most difficult part of this trip appears to be the wait. Mother Nature is not cooperating and with a new TD we will simply....wait a bit more. Not wishing to be spanked on our trip to NZ.

Tue Nov 22 14:10 2016 NZDT
Run: 0.2nm (0.4km)

Final prep for boat prep to NZ. As soon as the wx looks promising we will head to Vuda and check out.

Like us, still waiting....... We are going to leave Port Vila tomorrow and head for Aneityum where we will wait for a good weather forecast. Do you have sailmail? Maybe we can try keep in touch while on passage?
Thu Nov 17 8:05 2016 NZDT
Run: 12.7nm (23km)

Prepping for passage. Last minute details

Your travels are forming the most fascinating chapters in the book of your lives- discover, find, seek, search, rummage, explore, unearth and visit, Bon Voyage!

Good luck with those last minute things! We'll follow your progress as you sail south and look forward to catching up in NZ. We're still in Vanuatu and will be for a couple more weeks. Will check in at Opua.
Mon Nov 7 21:08 2016 NZDT
Run: 0.5nm (0.9km)

Mon Nov 7 20:56 2016 NZDT

Beginning prep for passage to NZ

Greetings from Vanuatu, dear Wendy and Dave, so........ getting ready to head south hey..... We will head back to NZ towards the end of month. It would be lovely to catch up somewhere, or are you flying home?

Awesome. We are not heading back to the US. We hope to spend some time in NZ playing tourist and then time doing some boat projects.  One, the deck! We have the material just need to complete the patterns now.  Look forward to seeing you guys again. -Cheers

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