Exocet Strike

Thu Aug 16 8:18 2018 NZST
No position sent.
Weather: Cloudy with rain.

Arrived yesterday in Savusavu Fiji, all cleared in and enjoying Fiji,

Thu Aug 9 16:04 2018 NZST
GPS: 14 16.12230N 178 40.30302W
Run: 0.8nm (1.4km)
Weather: Sunny, 10% cloud, light winds!

Still in Pago Pago harbour, chain caught around a bommie head. Apparently a big one! Diver coming tomorrow to see if he can free us!

Tue Aug 7 0:00 2018 NZST
GPS: 14 16N 178 41W
Run: 3329.2nm (6025.9km)
Weather: Light winds, 100% overcast, 1001.5

Currently in Pago Pago, American Samoa, aiming to sail for Fiji, Savusavu, tomorrow Wednesday 8/8/2018.

Wed May 25 10:44 2016 NZST
GPS: 24 46S 152 23E
Run: 40.5nm (73.3km)
Weather: S 5 kts, cloud 5%, baro 1013,

arrived Bundaberg 1300 NZST, bio and customs cleared by 1600. During the night before arrival the sky had 100% hazy cloud and the wind clocked thru' north to west and then to SW as predicted, not more than 6 to 8 kts. On arrival the clouds cleared, and didn't come back. Waited until now for the cold front to arrive but nothing experienced, guess it was further east.

Tue May 24 6:52 2016 NZST
GPS: 24 25S 152 54E
Run: 180.2nm (326.2km)
Avg: 7.4knts
24hr: 178nm
Weather: 3.5 kts W, swell nil, cloud 100% but thin, baro 1012 steady.

all well, 30 miles to Bundaberg, tide just turning in our favour. Thanks for your listening watches and weather info. Will report frontal data later. John

Mon May 23 6:34 2016 NZST
6.8 kts
GPS: 25 16S 155 37E
Run: 143.4nm (259.6km)
Avg: 6.7knts
24hr: 161.1nm
Weather: wind SE 10, swell 0.5 m SE, cloud 5%, baro 1014 steady.

all well on board, motor sailing to get into Bundaberg tomorrow before noon, hopefully.

Sun May 22 9:12 2016 NZST
GPS: 26 07S 157 43E
Run: 209.6nm (379.4km)
Avg: 8knts
24hr: 191.3nm
Weather: 15 kts, SE, 0.5 m swell, 100% cloud, 1018.5 baro.

wind has gone from 18 to 25 down to 8 to 15, sailing whenever we can, hoping to reach Bundaberg Tuesday.

Sat May 21 6:54 2016 NZST
8.3 kts
GPS: 27 10S 160 54E
Run: 204.9nm (370.9km)
Avg: 8.9knts
24hr: 214.7nm
Weather: 21 kts SSE, 1 m swell SW, plus 0.5 chop, cloud 0%, baro 1014.0 rising slowly.

all well. Some thought, the Gfs gribs seem accurate but maybe 6 hours early and are understating the average wind strength by 40%, is this usual. Also looks like another low developing and crossing Tasman with a front reaching to near Hervey Bay by Tuesday plus I can now see the system David mentions around Cairns, but GFS shows on weds not Tuesday, looks to have a lot of activity, would David comment please, thanks, John

Fri May 20 8:00 2016 NZST
GPS: 29 07S 163 26E
Weather: SSW10, 1010.5, 1m swell, 40%cc

passed thru trough last evening at 1700.

Fri May 20 6:24 2016 NZST
GPS: 29 07S 163 26E
Run: 137.2nm (248.3km)
Avg: 5.9knts
24hr: 142.1nm
Weather: 10 kts SSW, 1 m swell, 40% clouds, baro 1010.5 rising slowly

all well, happy the wind has filled in. Think we went through the clouds of the start of the front, no rain where we were, but looked to be just starting to rain 20 miles east of us. Light winds all night until 0300 NZST when stayed at 7 kts, enough for us to sail!

Thu May 19 7:14 2016 NZST
GPS: 29 49S 165 34E
Run: 263.9nm (477.7km)
Avg: 5.4knts
24hr: 130.7nm
Weather: 6 kts N, slight swell, 5% cloud, baro 1012 hPa.

all well, motoring since 0600 UTC, waiting for the new winds to arrive.

Wed May 18 6:59 2016 NZST
7.4 kts
Weather: 12 kts NW, 1m swell with chop, 10% cloud, baro 1013.5

all well, enjoyed Mahimahi we could last night for supper.on edge of front, we're going too deep into it so tacked to get back on edge, may motor across high then.

Tue May 17 6:47 2016 NZST
7.6 kts
GPS: 31 37S 169 29E
Run: 103.2nm (186.8km)
Avg: 6knts
24hr: 144nm
Weather: 17 kts SSE 2m swell, 10% cloud, 1014.5 baro

all well, front passed winds reducing, report from data at 0600 NZST. Hoping to keep some wind as we cross high, maybe 7 to 8 kn will help conserve fuel.

Mon May 16 13:35 2016 NZST
5.0 kts
GPS: 31 51S 171 13E
Run: 60.6nm (109.7km)
Avg: 9.1knts
24hr: 219.4nm
Weather: 5 kts W long swell 2m, 10% cloud, 1012.5 falling slowly.

all well, heading towards some wind as northern route is looking very light.

Mon May 16 6:57 2016 NZST
GPS: 32 29S 171 56E
Run: 232.5nm (420.8km)
Weather: TWD 154 4.4 kn, swell slight, cloud clear, baro 1014.0,

Trying to conserve fuel since it's looking very light for some days, interested to hear Davids thoughts since I can only get Gfs and Cmc, hoping ec and uk met are giving stronger trades at 25 or 26,

Sun May 8 18:01 2016 NZST
GPS: 35 18.840s 174 7.331e
Run: 11.3nm (20.5km)

Currently in Bay of Islands Marina, awaiting final jobs to be completed then looking for a weather window to head off to Bundaberg.

Mon Oct 19 9:27 2015 NZDT
GPS: 35 9.19968s 174 9.43404e
Run: 172.1nm (311.5km)
Avg: 3.5knts
24hr: 83.2nm

arrived opua on Sunday.

Sat Oct 17 7:50 2015 NZDT
GPS: 33 37S 171 47E
Run: 144.5nm (261.5km)
Avg: 6.2knts
24hr: 148.6nm
Weather: LAV, Sea state is slight with a long SW swell maybe 0.5 to 1

Waiting for the wind to back to make haste from cape reign a to Opua

Fri Oct 16 8:29 2015 NZDT
GPS: 32 50S 169 28E
Run: 27.5nm (49.8km)
Avg: 22.8knts
24hr: 547.3nm
Weather: ese 8-10, 1026

all Good on board. relayed report

Fri Oct 16 7:17 2015 NZDT
GPS: 32 34S 169 07E
Run: 121.7nm (220.3km)
Avg: 5.5knts
24hr: 130.8nm
Weather: Baro falling v slowly 1024.5, se9, seas much improved

1430 utc report

Thu Oct 15 8:57 2015 NZDT
GPS: 30 49S 169 21E
Run: 143.2nm (259.2km)
Avg: 5.7knts
24hr: 136nm
Weather: 15-20 ese/se, 1020, 2m rough chop

not a good night but wind easing and clouds clearing

Wed Oct 14 7:41 2015 NZDT
GPS: 29 15S 167 47E
Run: 186.2nm (337km)
Avg: 8.2knts
24hr: 197.7nm
Weather: Baro 1020 steady. wind speed 5 kn dir 295T

Cloud steadily building, was zero to 5% overnight now 85% and looking very grey and heavy ahead, cold front approaching I guess. Gribs show the front moving through a bit more quickly, will try to head East on the start of it which shows being pretty much from S for a few hours then tack to head S by W as best possible, looks like we will not reach Opua until Sunday morning. Looks like winds go li

Tue Oct 13 9:04 2015 NZDT
GPS: 27 05S 165 58E
Run: 155.6nm (281.6km)
Avg: 6.4knts
24hr: 153.1nm
Weather: 3.5 kn from E - ENE winds, sea flattening out. Baro is 1020.

Th midnight pos 31/170E.  Fri midnight 32.5/171.5E

Mon Oct 12 8:41 2015 NZDT
GPS: 24 52S 165 32E
Run: 157.9nm (285.8km)
Weather: baro 1020.5 20 kn 090 T

on their way!

Tue Sep 29 8:34 2015 NZDT
GPS: 23 14S 167 17E
Run: 220.9nm (399.8km)
Avg: 9.4knts
24hr: 224.8nm
Weather: 6.6E, clear skies, moon set and sun rise at same time

approaching Havannah. Motored since mid night

Mon Sep 28 8:58 2015 NZDT
GPS: 20 58S 169 43E
Run: 422nm (763.8km)
Avg: 16.4knts
24hr: 393.4nm
Weather: 12-16 ESE, 1014, bright sun

Sun Sep 27 7:14 2015 NZDT
GPS: 18 34S 175 41E
Run: 127.5nm (230.8km)
Weather: 15se, 1015.5 rising slowly

Tue Jul 14 8:29 2015 NZST
GPS: 17 40.8S 177 23.1E

Port Denarau

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