Fri Nov 24 9:08 2017 NZDT
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 127.1nm (230.1km)
Avg: 8.3knts
24hr: 199.2nm

We are back in NZ cruising down the coast towards Opua to check-in. It was a good night sailing until just after midnight when we turned on the motor and motor sailed into NZ. It's great to be back!!!

Thu Nov 23 17:49 2017 NZDT
Run: 92.1nm (166.7km)
Avg: 8.7knts
24hr: 207.9nm

A good day sailing and making good progress. We are expecting to get into Opua sometime tomorrow early avo. We have a beautiful sunny day with easterly winds between 12-19kn and half metre SE swell. One more night and we are home - Yay!!!!!

Thu Nov 23 7:11 2017 NZDT
Run: 105.5nm (191km)
Avg: 7.9knts
24hr: 190.4nm

Another night of pounding and very little sleep, but the finish line is only a day and night away. So we have made good ground and that's the main thing. Most of the night was 17-20kn easterlies on the nose. Still about a 1m E swell and we have a beautiful sunny day today, so can't complain.

Bummer, sorry to hear conditions haven't been too comfy! But you are nearly home, which is great news. xx

Looking good. Weather has been fabulous since we have been back in NZ. Any plans once you get to Opua? Stay safe Cheers Rob
Wed Nov 22 17:53 2017 NZDT
Run: 68.9nm (124.7km)
Avg: 7.3knts
24hr: 174.1nm

Another long day of crash and bash, but making headway. We have about 289 miles in a straight line to go until we get to the Bay of Islands. 16-20kn ESE (on he nose) with a sloppy sea (just perfect!).
The crew was wondering if Sue was keen for lunch in Opua on Saturday?.

Tell 'the crew' I'll meet him for lunch on Saturday. Have a great last few days. See you soon. Sue
Wed Nov 22 8:23 2017 NZDT
Run: 109.5nm (198.2km)
Avg: 7.6knts
24hr: 183.1nm

It's been a hard night of on the nose sailing, lots of banging and not the best sleep. Oh well, we are predicting just over a couple of days to go. We have had 19kn easterlies with 1m E swell. Another fine day, with quite a bit of cloud. We are crossing our fingers for a NE wind to kick in. Won't hold our breath tho. AND not long after the first Mahimahi was caught, we got another one. Fresh fish last night and fish curry tonight.

Got your txt message guys. Glad your allgood. Have been keeping an eye on YIT Cant wait to see you soon. Safe Travels. Love Yous, Dana xxx
Tue Nov 21 18:02 2017 NZDT
Run: 78nm (141.2km)
Avg: 7.3knts
24hr: 174.1nm

A day of mainly sailing, a little bit of motor sailing. The highlight was Wok pulling in a Mahimahi, which we will have for dinner. 11kn SE and 1m SE swell. We are ticking along ok. The wind is expected to pick up tonight, so hopefully push us closer to home

Tue Nov 21 7:17 2017 NZDT
Run: 90.6nm (164km)
Avg: 6.8knts
24hr: 164.1nm

The easterly winds finally kicked in, so we tacked and are heading slightly more south. Not the best of nights sleep, as the wind is stronger 13.5kn SE and on the nose, but it's nice to be making some progress. It rained a little bit overnight and It's a bit cloudy today with the odd back cloud, A 1M SE swell on the nose which makes it a bit uncomfortable, but not unusual - homeward bound!!

Mon Nov 20 18:02 2017 NZDT
Run: 72.5nm (131.2km)
Avg: 6.6knts
24hr: 159.1nm

Another beautiful day going not very far. A bit frustrating with the lack of wind, but hoping that the easterlies kick in very shortly. We have 6kn SW winds with 1m SE swell. We have had the motor on and off intermittently during the day. Currently motor sailing. All good on board.

Mon Nov 20 7:06 2017 NZDT
Run: 89.4nm (161.8km)
Avg: 6.7knts
24hr: 161.1nm

A nice calm night of motorsailing and everyone getting heaps of sleep. Still heading mainly east and hoping that when the forecast wind kicks in, we will get a nice run into New Zealand. Sounds good anyway. Not much wind at present - only 9 knots S and 1m SE swell. Looking forward to heading in the right direction and getting home. (Paul says hi to Sue)

H back to Paul. Happy sailing😀
Sun Nov 19 17:47 2017 NZDT
Run: 65.8nm (119.1km)
Avg: 6.5knts
24hr: 156.4nm

Sailed all morning and just before lunch turned on the motor and have been motorsailing ever since, heading ESE - slowly dog-legging to NZ. It's been a fine warm day, but that should slowly change. Not bad conditions wth 2m SE swell. All happy on board.

Be safe, looking forward to catching up. Heading up to Auckland to relieve North Star and Activa of all our shit on Tuesday. Have been missing you guys!
Sun Nov 19 7:41 2017 NZDT
Run: 76.8nm (139km)
Avg: 5.6knts
24hr: 134.7nm

A good night of light sailing between 10-13 kn SE with a 1m SE swell, slightly in the nose. As we have Paul Ranum with us as crew, we have managed a little more sleep than usual which is nice. They both sound like they are sleeping well. Maybe another day of heading in the wrong direction. Could be a long passage!!

Safe sailing - don't hurry back as the weather is cold and wet in NZ!!
Sat Nov 18 18:00 2017 NZDT
Run: 42.1nm (76.2km)
Avg: 4.3knts
24hr: 103.5nm

Trying to get as east as possible, but feels like we are heading to Fiji. There is only one advantage - it's not getting any colder yet. SE breeze - 10-13kn and 1m SE swell. All crew happy and well.

Sat Nov 18 8:14 2017 NZDT
Run: 68.8nm (124.5km)

Hi Guys, we are just about to leave isle of Pines, New Caledonia shortly. It's been a fabulous season, but we are looking forward to seeing friends and family back home. We are going to have to head east a little bit this time and it won't be a quick / easy trip, but there hasn't been many great Windows to head home so far, so we are taking this one. Look forward to seeing everyone. xxxxx

Sun Oct 22 11:19 2017 NZDT
Run: 22.5nm (40.7km)

Baie d'Citron

Fri Sep 8 7:44 2017 NZST
Run: 192.8nm (349km)
Avg: 7.7knts
24hr: 185.2nm

We had a great sail using the Gennaker, until about 2200hrs and then motored the rest of the way to New Caledonia. We have just come through the Havannah pass and heading towards Noumea to check in today. We have been fortunate with the full moon all passage and this morning was a gorgeous sunrise - a nice welcome!

Thu Sep 7 6:45 2017 NZST
Run: 166.4nm (301.2km)
Avg: 12.1knts
24hr: 291.5nm

Not a lot of wind and fairly calm seas until about 11.00pm when the wind got up to between 10-12kn and was on the right angle for a Gennaker run. It's been a lovely day of gentle sailing. We will pull down the gennaker when it gets dark, Still no fish at this stage. Still in track to get to Noumea by Friday avfternoon - yay!

Thu Sep 7 6:45 2017 NZST
Run: 65.5nm (118.6km)

A quiet night with the exception of the motor. Not a lot of wind and fairly calm seas with a 1 m SE swell. On track to get to Noumea by Friday avo. Only one more night!

Wed Sep 6 17:03 2017 NZST
Run: 206.2nm (373.2km)
Avg: 8.3knts
24hr: 200.1nm

We sailed for most of the day until about 1500hrs, when we turned on our motor as we have finally run out of wind.

Sad about the wind, but at least the moon is lighting the way and making the night watches seem shorter. See you two shortly
Tue Sep 5 16:19 2017 NZST
Run: 301.6nm (545.9km)
Avg: 31.1knts
24hr: 746.2nm

A good night of steady wind of 20 kn, but has now eased early this morning to about 14 kn E. Still moving along nicely with a reef in the main and just the stay sail, but we will make some changes when Wok wakes up. Still making good ground.

Tue Sep 5 16:19 2017 NZST
Run: 119.4nm (216.1km)

A big lazy rock and roll day, but moving along nicely with a reef in the main and just the stay sail - making good ground.

any fish???
Tue Sep 5 6:37 2017 NZST
Run: 82.9nm (150km)
Avg: 3.6knts
24hr: 87.6nm

Bumpy night with between 20 - 27kn SE winds. First night is always the hardest with not much sleep for me. Wok managed a few hours with the help of Pihia Bombs.

Hi hope all is going well. Don't burn yourself Lanie. Phillip from Blue Baie is having a birthday party on Thursday night , your invited ! See you soon
Mon Sep 4 7:54 2017 NZST

Just to confirm correct dates, Fusio is leaving Fiji Monday 4th September not Sunday

Hi guys just missed you- we arrived in Savusavu this morn- have a great trip
Sun Sep 3 8:00 2017 NZST
Run: 2.2nm (4km)

Heading to Vuda Marina to check out, as we are leaving Fiji today for New Caledonia.

Wed Aug 23 8:21 2017 NZST

Still hanging around Musket Cove area with a little Kite Boarding, playing on the paddle boards in the surf & some trips to the outer reef for a snorkel.
Maybe heading for New Caledonia in a week or so.

Sun Jul 16 7:23 2017 NZST
Run: 14.3nm (25.9km)

Playing in the wind a Musket Cove

Sat Jun 10 16:39 2017 NZST
Speed: 0nknts
Run: 60.6nm (109.7km)
Weather: 10kn SW, very hot and fine with 50% cloud cover.

Ourselves Shenanigans and RhumCocoa had great morning and afternoon kite sessions at Nananu-I-ra Thursday. Friday there was no wind, so we all headed off towards Vuda Marina where we were meeting up with Richard Edlin our friendly boat builder. We spent a night halfway down and all had drinks on our boat and then arrived today at lunch time. We went Into the bar and had a beer with Richard - great to catch up. We are all going out to dinner tonight at the Marina. Both RhumCocoa and us are hanging out on our picks, so could be a bumpy night - all part of the experience!

Tue Jun 6 21:30 2017 NZST
Speed: n=0aknts
Run: 46.5nm (84.2km)
Weather: 20kn SE, fine with 90% cloud cover.=0A

ourselves and Shenanigans arrived at Nananu-I-ra Tuesday evening about 5.30pm and immediately had arrival drinks. We had a great afternoon of kiteboarding today (Wednesday) on the point, with the five of us all kiting together. Tomorrow is meant to have more wind, so bring it on=20

Mon Jun 5 10:42 2017 NZST
Speed: 7.2nknts
Run: 48nm (86.9km)
Weather: 14kn SE, fine with 90% cloud cover.

We spent 4 nights in Savusavu which was a fabulous time of socialising and going out for dinner each night which was soo cheap. $22.00 Fijian for a night on the town - not bad. We caught up with Pete and Wanda from RhumCocoa who had sailed from Tahiti, so that was very cool spending some time with them. Yesterday ourselves, Shenanigans and Sharp Focus moved on to Namena to do some diving, but it wasn't quite what it was before Cyclone Winstone - sad! Today Shenanigans and ourselves are sailing on to Nanunanu I-ra to do some kite boarding - bring on the wind!!

Wed May 31 3:51 2017 NZST
Speed: 0nknts
Run: 97.8nm (177km)
Avg: 8.2knts
24hr: 195.6nm
Weather: 20kn SE, fine with the odd shower. 70% cloud cover.

Its 3.45am and we have about 20 minutes to go before we pull up a mooring in Savusavu. It's been a great ride with always a little bit of drama attached, but all in all fantastic to be here. Looking forward to setting foot on land for a few days.

Happy to hear you (and the 'Nannys aka Shenanigans) have arrived safely. Nice feeling to step on to terra firma, hey! xx

Fantastic to hear you're there safe and sound! What was the drama? Looking forward to catching up with you guys soon, save some fun for us okay, we are hoping to leave in a couple of weeks.
Tue May 30 15:51 2017 NZST
Speed: 7.5nknts
Run: 70.9nm (128.3km)
Avg: 7.5knts
24hr: 181nm
Weather: 16kn SE, fine with the odd shower. 70% cloud cover. Half m E swell.

we have passed quite a few islands so far, through the Koro Sea and expect to arrive in Savusavu about 3am for a couple of hours sleep.

Tue May 30 6:27 2017 NZST
Speed: 7.5nknts
Run: 111nm (200.9km)
Avg: 7.7knts
24hr: 185nm
Weather: 17kn SE, fine with the odd shower. 70% cloud cover. 1 m se swell. Bar 1018

We turned off the motor at 2200hrs and had a fabulous sail through the night and it should continue until we get to Savusavu, which should be early tomorrow morning. Yay!!

Mon May 29 16:03 2017 NZST
Speed: 6.5nknts
Run: 72.9nm (131.9km)
Avg: 7.5knts
24hr: 180.4nm
Weather: 12kn se, Fine and very hot with 30% cloud cover. 1m se swell, Bar 1019

Another day of motoring because of lack of wind. We are hoping that that changes sometime tonight. Nice day of sitting in the sunshine, although almost too hot to sit in it for too long.

Mon May 29 6:21 2017 NZST
Speed: 6.5nknts
Run: 128.1nm (231.9km)
Avg: 7.3knts
24hr: 174.7nm
Weather: 5.7kn se, beautiful clear skies. 1m ne swell, Bar 1019

A night of motoring due to lack of wind. We have been side by side next to Shenanigans all night. We have also had passenger all night at the top of the mast. Obviously a very tired bird, but he isn't suffering from constipation.

Sun May 28 12:45 2017 NZST
Speed: 6.5nknts
Run: 7.6nm (13.8km)
Weather: 4.7kn N, beautiful sunny day. 1m ne swell, Bar 1018

There is not much wind, so motoring at present. Had a fabulous time at North Minerva catching up with lots of other yachties, but now looking forward to getting to Savusavu in Fiji.

Thu May 25 18:45 2017 NZST
Speed: 0nknts
Run: 51.9nm (93.9km)
Avg: 4.5knts
24hr: 108.8nm
Weather: still blowing 20 kn E

anchored at North Minerva. Spent the evening with Rob & Carolyn from Shenanigans with crew Ian. Mulling over the journey and trading war stories.

Thu May 25 7:18 2017 NZST
Speed: 6.5nknts
Run: 110.9nm (200.7km)
Avg: 7.2knts
24hr: 172.8nm
Weather: 17kn E, partly cloudy and fine. 3m e swells, lumpy seas, Bar 1018

Another good night of sailing, but the wind was slightly more forward of beam, which makes the boat launch off the waves a little more. 40 miles before we reach Minerva, so we should be well and truly there before lunch time. Yippee!

Wed May 24 15:54 2017 NZST
Speed: 7.5nknts
Run: 81.4nm (147.3km)
Avg: 8.9knts
24hr: 214.7nm
Weather: 20kn E, partly cloudy and fine. 3m e swells, lumpy seas.

The wind and big swells are persistent, meaning we are cruising along nicely. Unfortunately today, I managed to burn my arm making hot drinks when a big wave hit, so I have a couple of blisters to contend with, but not too serious. Still on track for North Minerva tomorrow, along with Shenanigans who are right behind us.

Wed May 24 6:48 2017 NZST
Speed: 7.5nknts
Run: 114.8nm (207.8km)
Avg: 7.9knts
24hr: 189.4nm
Weather: 20-24kn E, partly cloudy and fine. 3m e swells, lumpy seas. Bar 1019

Another good night sailing and making good progress, but the big swells and wind chop still hanging around. Finally saw our friends from Shenanigans on the radar (AIS) last night. Hopefully get into Minerva similar timing. We are thinking Thursday. Bring it on!

Tue May 23 16:15 2017 NZST
Speed: 7.0nknts
Run: 76.6nm (138.6km)
Avg: 8.1knts
24hr: 194.5nm
Weather: 20-24kn E, partly cloudy and fine. 3m e swells, lumpy seas

Another good day sailing and making good ground, but the seas make it a tad uncomfortable.

Tue May 23 6:48 2017 NZST
Speed: 5.5nknts
Run: 99.2nm (179.6km)
Avg: 6.9knts
24hr: 165.3nm
Weather: 15-24kn NE winds. 30%cloud cover but fine. 2 metre E swell. Bar 1025

A fabulous night of sailing and making good progress. We are just behind Bill from Liberation. Both of us slept well & hopefully only two more night shifts before Minerva.

Mon May 22 16:24 2017 NZST
Speed: 8.0knts
Run: 78nm (141.2km)
Avg: 8.3knts
24hr: 200.2nm
Weather: 15-20kn E, partly cloudy and fine. 1m e swells

Great day sailing and making good ground after a slow night. We have Bill & crew from Liberation just ahead of us and Mal and Pauline from Mahia, just behind us. We have been chatting frequently.

Mon May 22 7:03 2017 NZST
Speed: 5.5nknts
Run: 95.5nm (172.9km)
Avg: 6.5knts
24hr: 154.9nm
Weather: 8-15kn NE winds. 90%cloud cover but fine. 1 metre E swell. Bar 1031

The winds have dropped a bit, so a slower sail last night, motored for a while. We both have caught up on some sleep which is a good feeling. Nothing eventful happened which is also a good thing.

Good to hear your both doing well and not being tossed around out there. Happy sailing Udderlife catching up!! Xx
Sun May 21 16:15 2017 NZST
Speed: 7.5nknts
Run: 61.8nm (111.9km)
Avg: 7.6knts
24hr: 182nm
Weather: 15-20 SE winds. fine, seas a little sloppy with a 2 metre SE swell.

great sailing day, making good progress, with a couple of reefs in the main - good cruising conditions. Hopefully a bit more sleep than last night.

Hey guys watching your good progress. Keep safe and hope you get some sleep. Love from Remedy at home:(
Sun May 21 8:06 2017 NZST
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 117.5nm (212.7km)
Avg: 7.7knts
24hr: 184.3nm
Weather: 20-25kn SSW partly cloudy and fine. 1m se swells, messy seas. Bar 1026

sloppy seas with sw winds made it hard for sleeping, but great sailing with just a handkerchief main up. No foresail. Will catch up on some sleep today as the sea flattens out today. Both well on board.

Hey hey Team Fusio, like you, we are underway. Glad to read things have settled down a bit for you out there. xx Irene
Sat May 20 16:48 2017 NZST
Speed: 8.5nknts
Run: 35.2nm (63.7km)
Avg: 9knts
24hr: 216.6nm
Weather: 25-35SW winds. fine, but bumpy seas.

good to get away. Good sailing but a bit sloppy. Hoping the sea calms down a tad so we can get a little bit of sleep tonight.

Hello to you cuties. Miss you heaps thanks for playing with Captain Bill😍 Have a wonderful crossing and I will keep my eyes in you. 9 knots average great speed. Calm seas I hope for you Love Maria and Captain Bill
Sat May 20 12:54 2017 NZST
Speed: 5.5nknts
Run: 1.1nm (2km)
Weather: 23w winds. fine with drizzle patches

we have finally cast free of the Marina and on our way to Minerva Reef then Fiji. Had a great time in Opua with all the other cruisers, but time to go to a warmer climate.

Fri May 12 21:30 2017 NZST
Speed: 0knts
Run: 8.8nm (15.9km)
Weather: windy and fine with drizzle patches

Still waiting for cyclones to disappear. At the moment we are in Opua Marina doing a bit of socialising while this windy drizzly weather remains. Today we went up to Doubtless Bay with Irene and Lionel off Kiapa and had a kite surf. Lots of fun. The night before we were at Don Salthouse place having a party. Never a dull moment.

Mon May 8 11:42 2017 NZST
Speed: 0knts
Run: 1.3nm (2.4km)
Weather: sunny skies 20% cloud cover.

We are hanging out at Urapukapuka Island after spending the last two days at Russell. Last night we went into the Russell Boating Club for dinner and there was a band playing. Rob and Carolyn and Ian from Shenanigans were with us. Rob and I did a few numbers and we had a bit of a dance as well - a great night.

Fri May 5 8:24 2017 NZST
Speed: 0knts
Run: 7.6nm (13.8km)
Weather: sunny skies,but very cold as we haven't left NZ yet.

Anchored at Moturua Island in the B.O.I, waiting for cyclone Donna to pass by up North to make it a safe passage. Not a bad place to be though, hanging out with our friends Rob and Carolyn from Shenanigans and Phil and Patricia from Blue Bie. All going for a walk today around the island

Safe travel guys, looking forward to catching up in October xx

See yoose soon. Departing marsden tomorrow morning.

Sounds idyllic! Have a great time! I'm glad you don't take risks. Precious family at sea! With my love, Lindy
Mon May 1 11:24 2017 NZST
Speed: 0knts
Run: 32.5nm (58.8km)
Weather: sunny skies 20% cloud cover. 15kn S

Arrived in Opua yesterday and today caught up with some boatie friends. We are still sorting out some teething problems, but should be ready to go anytime after today when the weather window permits. There are some ominous cyclone systems coming down from up North, so waiting for those to pass.

Sun Apr 30 11:09 2017 NZST
Speed: 7knts
Run: 70.2nm (127.1km)
Weather: fine, but cloudy 12kn SE

currently cruising past Tutakaka heading for B.O.I

Mon Apr 24 16:42 2017 NZST
Speed: 0knts
Run: 15.9nm (28.8km)
Weather: fine, but 80% cloudy skies

gulf harbour marina. Two days to go before leaving for Opua, Bay of Islands.

Thu Nov 17 9:08 2016 NZDT
Run: 83.1nm (150.4km)

We had a fabulous SW sail down the coast from Opua yesterday and anchored at Christian Bay (inside Kawau) for the night. We intend to be back at Gulf Harbour today as we have a few people to catch up with in the next few days. It's been a fantastic 6 months away!

Fusio, fusio, wherefore art thou? Kikikiaaaapaaa is headed to marsden cove this week.
Sun Nov 13 17:09 2016 NZDT
Run: 59.7nm (108.1km)
Avg: 6.2knts
24hr: 149.3nm

Just arrived in Opua Marina after a lovely sail and then motor to make water and have been cleared by Customs and Immigration. Glad to be back and looking forward to a decent sleep tonight. Thanks to all those who sent support messages. Its great to know that people are keeping a long distance eye on us. Will spend a couple of days at Opua and then head down the coast to Gulf Harbour early next week. Look forward to catching up soon.

Nice work Fusio Crew, have been watching your progress and glad you survived the rough front well and are safe home. To make you jealous, it's sweltering hot here at Tenia at the moment, had a fantastic dive at the point of the Tenia horn. Good surf there too :) Wish you guys were still here.

Good to you are home safe. Looking forward to catching up and sharing your adventures. Lots of love. G/B.

Welcome back! Sounds like a few rough bits coming back. Glad all is well. Look forward to seeing you back in GH
Sun Nov 13 7:33 2016 NZDT
Speed: 8nknts
Run: 107.1nm (193.9km)
Avg: 8.4knts
24hr: 200.8nm
Weather: 14-17kn SSW winds with slight SW swell. Cloudy & cold. Bar 1016

A good night of sailing with SSW winds & a boat speed of 6-8kn. We passed North Cape about midnight and are now on the home straight, with nice smooth seas compared to what we have been used to for the last few days. Looking forward to catching up with our Kiwi friends.

Sat Nov 12 18:45 2016 NZDT
Speed: 9nknts
Run: 84.6nm (153.1km)
Avg: 7.4knts
24hr: 178.1nm
Weather: 19-24 SSW at present, just started to ease. 2 mtr SW and 1 mtr N swells. Cloudy skies. Bar 1009

Another long day of constant SSW winds between 22-27kn and very uncomfortable sea. We are progressing quite well and expect to be in Opua sometime Sunday avo (all going well). All the winter woollies have come out of the closet. One more night of shift - yeeha!!

Well done for getting through what looked like an unpleasant bit of weather. Lucky you both are fit from all the kite boarding and have an Elliott. We are picking mid next week 4 leaving Ilse des Pins. C u in NZ.

Hi. Good to see your progress and taking the good with the not so good. Look forward to catching up on your return. Keep safe and good sailing Wally
Sat Nov 12 7:21 2016 NZDT
Speed: 6nknts
Run: 96.8nm (175.2km)
Avg: 7.6knts
24hr: 181.5nm
Weather: Ugly 25-30kn SSW, messy seas with up to 2 mtr SW swells. Grey skies and rain at times. Bar 1014

Not a great night. A frontal system hit us about 1700hrs that was alot stronger than we thought it was going to be, gusting wind speeds of over 40kn NE and rain and 3 mtr N swells and wind chop. Our gennoa pole got knocked out of position and bent, hanging overboard and Warwick had to go forward to tied it off - not fun. Very rocky night and i have a couple of bruises to show for it. It is still blowing between 25-30kn SSW and uncomfortable - cant wait to get home now.

Been watching your progress, not far to go now, safe sailing!

Hey guys, Sounds like a rugged trip…keep safe, not far to go now. Looking forward to catching up back in NZ. Cheers Brett & Jann
Fri Nov 11 18:33 2016 NZDT
Speed: 8.5nknts
Run: 92.5nm (167.4km)
Avg: 9.4knts
24hr: 225.4nm
Weather: 15-30kn N winds with 2 mtr N swell. Heavy rain and thunder. Bar 1005

Its been a wild ride this afternoon with thunder and rain and 15-30kn N winds, averaging 8-9 kn, and surfing down waves at 14.9kn. We had to bring out the wet weather gear and hot drinks - a stark contrast to yesterday with board shorts and bikinis. Definitely getting closer to NZ.

Fri Nov 11 8:42 2016 NZDT
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 119.3nm (215.9km)
Avg: 8.5knts
24hr: 203.8nm
Weather: 15-20 NW winds, messy sea. Sunny with high cloud. Bar 1016

At 0900hrs the NW wind arrived and we have been sailing ever since, averaging 7.5kn with 15-20kn behind us. We have had a slight problem with our Gennoa furler sticking, so we have the stay sail goose rigged at present, which makes things a little more comfortable. All good on board.

Hi Guys. So cool to see your'e on the way home. I hope our weather isn't too cold for you. You look like your'e making great progress. What's your ETA? Lots of love and safe travels to you both. Russ and Kath.xoxo
Thu Nov 10 18:39 2016 NZDT
Speed: 6.6nknts
Run: 84.5nm (152.9km)
Avg: 8knts
24hr: 193.1nm
Weather: Sunny with light high cloud, 10kn NW wind with 1mtr SE swell, Bar 1016

Started the day motoring, but then with the NE winds picking up 10-12kn, we put up the gennaker for a couple of hours, before the wind turned NNW and died. We have been motoring ever since, good chance to make water and charge up. Beautiful sunny day and the crew are all well.

Thu Nov 10 8:09 2016 NZDT
Speed: 6nknts
Run: 99.6nm (180.3km)
Avg: 7.3knts
24hr: 175.1nm
Weather: 8 kn NE winds with a half mtr E swell. Cloudy skies. Bar 1018

A good start to the night of gentle sailing with between 10-18 ESE winds, then the wind died and turned NE about 2.00am and the motor went on and is still on. A couple of cargo ships passed us and the odd yacht we passed, just to keep us on our toes, but other than that a quiet night. By the way - the Mahimahi was delicious!

Wed Nov 9 18:30 2016 NZDT
Speed: 6.5nknts
Run: 81.1nm (146.8km)
Avg: 7.8knts
24hr: 186.3nm
Weather: 8-14kn SE Winds with 1m Sth swells. Sunny with 70% cloud. bar 1019

Not a bad sunny day of smooth sailing, even the genneka came out for half an hour. A couple of times we put the motor on briefly, but mainly sailing with between 8-14kn SE winds. The long line was out and Hug saw something on the end of it. Warwick pulled in a good sized Mahimahi and thats dinner for tonight - not a bad days effort!

Wed Nov 9 8:03 2016 NZDT
Speed: 7.0nknts
Run: 113.1nm (204.7km)
Avg: 8.8knts
24hr: 210.4nm
Weather: 7kn ESE Winds and 1mtr SE swell. Cloudy skies. Bar 1019

We had a great nights sailing with SE winds of between 15-20kn and doing between 7-10kn. Unfortunately about 5.30am on my watch the winds have died and we have started up the motor, so motor sailing until we get some wind??? It is a little cloudy now, but still warm. We have all slept well on the first night and all fighting fit (I think - some are still in bed).

Tue Nov 8 19:09 2016 NZDT
Speed: 7.7nknts
Run: 62.8nm (113.7km)
Avg: 5.9knts
24hr: 142.2nm
Weather: 10-15kn SE with S swell of 1.5 mtr. Sunny. Bar 1016

We have had a great day of Sailing 10-15kn SE Winds, travelling between 7-9kn. Beautiful sunny day - almost too hot when you can't jump off for a swim (no complaints tho - Im sure we will be wanting the wamrth back in a couple of days). Nothing much to do but play cards and eat and enjoy the sea. All good on board.

Tue Nov 8 8:33 2016 NZDT
Run: 7.4nm (13.4km)

D-Day has arrived and we are finally leaving from Baie de Ugo in the Isle of Pines. We checked out of Noumea last Wednesday and spent our last few days doing some amazing dives with Bruce and Lyn off JoliFou - will really miss those two. The weather window looks pretty light, but should get lots of sailing in hopefully. With our extra crew member (Hug) we should get a little more sleep than usual on passage. Looking forward to seeing all our NZ friends again.

Happy sailing & see you soon. Just arrived a Whitsundays for a girls catamaran sailing trip!! Back 16th. Bye for now Celia xxx
Sun Nov 6 8:47 2016 NZDT
Run: 71.4nm (129.2km)

Sailed down to the Isle of Pines after checking out of Noumea on Wednesday. Had a dive at Gadji on Saturday & will dive again today. Looking at heading home this week all going well with the weather, we don't want to motor home but would like to miss being hammered as well. Have young Mr Huggett on board for the passage.

Looking at leaving New Cal next Sat/Sun for NZ . In Akl now back onboard Noumea Wed 9th with crew. Email/ ph if u need anything fm NZ. Cheers Bravado....

Looks like a fast trip home. High moving east and a good low south to give you a norwest breeze . Hope it lasts for you. Maybe do some westing 1/3 into passage. G
Wed Oct 26 8:42 2016 NZDT
Run: 5.8nm (10.5km)

been a great week of kite boarding at Ilot Maitre in Noumea with lots of new friends we have been hanging out with every day for the last 3 weeks. We all went out for dinner and watched the All Blacks win - yay. It was fantastic to meet up with our good friends Hug and Yvonne who watched the game with us as well. We are saying goodbye to friends one by one who are all heading off in different directions. At present we have Rob and Carolyn from Shenanigans are on board with us for three days before they catch a flight home to NZ. We intend to spend some time with Hug and Yvonne while they are here and then Hug is coming on board as crew for the trip home. That should be fun and a bit more sleep for the two of us. We will be starting to look for weather Windows from the 1st November onwards.

Wed Oct 12 9:09 2016 NZDT
Run: 0.2nm (0.4km)

The wind has finally arrived and we have been kiting at Ilot Maitre (a small island 20 minutes from Noumea). Quite a few NZ and Aussie boats who are all kiters have gathered and we are having a blast on the water and off the water. Our friends off  Shenanigans, Rob and Carolyn who are amazing kiters have been helping us with a few tricks which has left both of us with a few sore parts, but it's a lot oof fun. It's going to be sad when everyone has to head back to either NZ or Aussie. We will be looking for weather Windows at the beginning of November.

Hi to you both, not sure if you are back in NZ yet but just wanted to say what a great time we had with you both on the water. Take care! Dan and Lisa
Fri Oct 7 9:02 2016 NZDT
Run: 0.1nm (0.2km)

We have been island hopping around the Noumea area, especially those islands with moorings while we had our anchor winch problem. Although we did go to the mainland to celebrate my 50th Birthday and was totally spoilt by Wok all day - no time spent in the galley. We have caught up with lots of yachties and one mate off Seacomber helped Warwick strip the anchor winch and clean it up and now it works perfectly. Our new part arrived a few days later. It doesn't hurt to have spare parts we have found. Yesterday we finally got some wind and got some kiting in - soo much fun. We caught up with some long lost friends we met last year from the boat Joli Fou and had them on board for drinks. Hoping we all get another kite in today

Mon Sep 26 8:25 2016 NZDT
Run: 99.8nm (180.6km)

We had a good overnight passage down to Baie de Prony and spent a day there, getting off the boat to hike up to the lighthouse. We spent a couple of nights around the Iles of Noumea, Ilot Maitre and Ile de Legnere, where the snorkelling was magic. I saw a dugong ile de Legnere and both Warwick and I saw one while we were paddleboarding around Ilot Maitre yesterday, along with lots of turtles. We have now dropped our guests off and are awaiting a motor for our anchor winch to arrive from NZ, which is playing up after two and a half months of being replaced. Fortunately there are free moorings out at the little islands surrounding Noumea, so not such a bad place to hang out waiting for parts. We are hoping for a bit more wind so we can have a play on our kites.

Hi you two we have been keeping an eye on your travels. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. WE on the other hand have done nothing at all. Still hoping to get up and see Ken in the next month. I have retired now so have plenty of time on my hands. Hope to see you when you come home. In the mean time safe travels. Love Merle & Red
Sun Sep 18 14:15 2016 NZST
Speed: 5 nknts
Run: 37.4nm (67.7km)

After a nice walk along the beach and a swim, we left Ouvea for the mainland. We intend to do an over-nighter and probably end up at Baie de Prony and then onto the area around Noumea. We have enjoyed the Loyalty Group and the weather has been superb.

Sat Sep 17 8:18 2016 NZST
Run: 29.3nm (53km)

We picked up our friends from Ouvea on Thursday, then on Friday headed to an Atoll with a little island attached called Ile Beautemps-Beaupre. The most pristine place we have ever been. The water is so clear aqua blue, that the birds flying over are also blue from the reflection. We went for a snorkel with all the big fish and prettty colours. We should be here a day or so, soaking up the prettiest place on earth.

Hi to you both, Ovea is great isn't it. We are winding down at a friends on Vancouver Island. Have done 25,000kms around USA and north eastern Canada, will have 9 days in Fiji on the way home ,and back end of October. Have fun and see you at home . Cheers Russ

Hi There. Been watching with envoy and enjoying your travels. I was in the Loyltys last year and was my favourite place to visit. Happy birthday Warick and another one coming up I believe. Have fun and thinking of you both often.
Thu Sep 15 11:47 2016 NZST
Run: 43.9nm (79.5km)

We arrived into Ouvea lagoon yesterday after a nice sail. Had a nice steak, roast potatoes and salad for Woks birthday lunch on the run. Had a windsurf on arrival yesterday and today we have made the most of the wind with a kite surf and windsurf. The wind is supposed to be dying down from tomorrow. We pick up our friends today and sail with them around the Loyalty Islands down to Noumea in the next week.

Hi Guys. A belated birthday wish for Warwick, hope you had a good one. Stuck here in the office and raining. you are in a nice place of the world.Enjoy
Sun Sep 11 17:03 2016 NZST
Speed: 6.4nknts
Run: 91.5nm (165.6km)
Avg: 9.2knts
24hr: 221.8nm

We have arrived at Lifou safe and sound and have put back the clock an hour. A slightly slower sail today, but still made over 10kn at times. We have put away the cards to releive the boredom and the sun is out - "time to play" once we have reinstated the boat and fix a couple of things. We officially check in on Tuesday and sail to Ouvea on Wednesday to pick up our friends Stuart and Carolyn.

Glad you made it safe and sound. We are sitting in Ouvea. Will keep an eye out for you on Wednesday.

Hi guys - glad you made it safe and sound - sounds like a great trip

Hi guys, good to see you have had a fast passage to New Cal. Love seeing your posts on FB of all the fun you are having, apart from the body damaging bits. Stay safe. Lots of love. B&G.
Sun Sep 11 7:09 2016 NZST
Speed: 7nknts
Run: 117.7nm (213km)
Avg: 8.5knts
24hr: 204nm
Weather: 16-20kn SE. 2 mtr SE swell. Sunny with 10% cloud cover. Bar 1019

The wind was a challenge last night with variations between 12-26kn SE in the space of a few seconds and changing from beam on to behind us. Its amazing when you are tired enough how you sleep whilst being thrown around in bed. We "should" arrive sometime Sunday evening. (Hope the All Blacks won last night)??

Sat Sep 10 17:18 2016 NZST
Speed: 8.5knts
Run: 90.7nm (164.2km)
Avg: 8.9knts
24hr: 213.4nm

Heading through the southern Vanuatu Islands at present. An another day of covering lots of ground and should be at Lefou late sunday.
Still have a lumpy sea with winds upto 25knts, with a little more sun today.
All well on board.

Sat Sep 10 7:06 2016 NZST
Speed: 8.5knts
Run: 126.5nm (229km)
Avg: 9knts
24hr: 216.9nm
Weather: 18-25kn SW and 2m SW swell. 70% cloud cover. Bar 1019

Another fast night on the high seas, travelling between 7-10kn with 18-25knSE winds. A little hiccup with our furling rope to the foresail breaking, but Wok managed to sort that and with the amount of wind, the stay sail and reefed main is sufficient. Still the odd rogue wave wanting to join us, but other than that, good progress - probably only one more night.

Fri Sep 9 17:06 2016 NZST
Speed: 8.0knts
Run: 87.5nm (158.4km)
Avg: 8.7knts
24hr: 209nm

good days sailing with SE winds 20-25kn.Not a lot of sun today. Fresh fish for dinner tonight.

Fri Sep 9 7:03 2016 NZST
Speed: 7knts
Run: 129nm (233.5km)
Avg: 9.1knts
24hr: 219.6nm
Weather: Thin cloud coverage. 20kn SE winds and a 1m SE swell. Bar 1017

Making good ground sailing even with a reef in the main and just the stay sail. No moon at all makes it pretty black and exhilerating, cruising along between 8 - 10kn in a bumpy sea. At times a fair bit of water coming over the top, but all in all a good night.

Thu Sep 8 16:57 2016 NZST
Speed: 9nknts
Run: 9968.1nm (18042.3km)
Avg: 1703.9knts
24hr: 40894.8nm
Weather: Fine with 20-30kn SE winds. 1 - 2 mtr wind chop, not much swell. Bar 1015

A decent start to our trip with 20-30kn winds SE travelling between 8 - 10kn. A little bit topsy turvy, but good to be sailing and getting along nicely. Easy Mexican meal and salad tonight - not too much prep. Both well.

Thu Sep 8 11:06 2016 NZST
Speed: 6.4nknts
Run: 10002.5nm (18104.5km)
Avg: 557.2knts
24hr: 13373.6nm
Weather: Sunny and variable winds. 10% cloud cover. Bar - 1015

We have checked out of Lautoka (Fiji) and are on our way to Lifou (Loyalty Islands in New Caledonia). It is a beautiful sunny day here with very little wind, although there is predicted to be good wind for our passage, between 15-20kn beam on. We will cross our fingers.

Wed Sep 7 17:09 2016 NZST
Run: 21.1nm (38.2km)

After spending a wonderful two months in Fiji enjoying the wind and sunshine and catching up with friends, we are heading off to New Caledonia tomorrow. We should have favourable side on winds and hopefully get to the Loyalty Islands (Lifou) around about Sunday. We will be checking in on Tuesday and then head down to Ouvea where we will be picking up our friends Stuart and Carolyn who will spend a few days with us.

We'll be thinking of you. Hope you have a safe trip - take good care of each other, and we look forward to hearing about your safe arrival. xx
Mon Aug 29 7:51 2016 NZST
Run: 58.6nm (106.1km)

We enjoyed a lovely few days up at the Yasawas with Brett and Jann, kite boarding and windsurfing and catching up with other boaties in the evening at the yachties bar - lots of laughs (& beers). When we arrived back to Denarau Friday night, our friend Vern from "The Immigrant" let us stay on his marina berth while he was still up at the Yasawas. Saturday was a chores day, but had to stop at 3.00 to have beers with Al and Shirl on Bravado. When Brett and Jann turned up we were invited on board "Shaman" 88 ft sloop for another lot of drinks before the rugby and dinner at the yacht club - another All Black walkover. It was a very noisy session and then drinks back on our boat. Sunday we took Brett and Jann out for snorkelling at the back of Castaway Resort before saying goodbye and dropping them off at Musket Cove to catch the ferry to Denarau. We had to rush back to start another session of beer brewing before catching up with Dave and Greta off "Remedy" and hear all about their adventures in the Lau Group. It's been a busy week, but now starting to plan for our journey to New Caledonia.

Wed Aug 24 7:10 2016 NZST
Run: 58.5nm (105.9km)

We spent a few days in Denarau catching up with friends (Jan and Brett - who are now on board with us) and Richard and Trudy Edlin & kids who are staying at the Sheraton Villias resort. Watched some great All Black rugby with Jan and Brett - what a game! As there was no wind around Nadi Bay, we headed to Blue Lagoon in the Yasaws. Brett pulled in a couple of good sized GT 's - one of them we had for dinner - yum! We are looking forward to heading out this morning for a kite board wit Brett, as the wind is blowing nicely about 15 - 20 - can't wait!!!

Mon Aug 15 22:16 2016 NZST
Run: 13.4nm (24.3km)

We spent a lovely weekend with our good friends hug and Yvonne at the Wyndham Resort. Nice to lounge around the pool, join in with aqua aerobics, eat out and laught a lot. Sad to say goodbye, but will see them again at the end of our stay in New Caledonia. We are back at Musket Cove, hoping for wind (might be a bit hopeful though).

Sat Aug 13 10:59 2016 NZST
Run: 1.2nm (2.2km)
Weather: Cloudy but fine with light winds

Heading to Denarau to spend some time with our good friends Hug and Yvonne before they go home on Monday. Had a great night at Musket Cove last night catching up with Bill and Maria from Peregrine and also Verne and the boys from "The Immigrant". Ended up on their boat with Don Salthouse, enjoying the best burgers ever and sushi. These boys know how to catch ALOT of fish.

Sat Aug 6 7:11 2016 NZST
Run: 13.5nm (24.4km)

It's been a very eventful week, Wok having the "man flu" and me getting 7 stiches in my head whilst kite surfing (in the air) out at the sand bar at Muscat Cove. For the past few days it's been very calm, so we don't feel like we've missed out on too much. We spent a few days with friends on an 88 foot boat called Shaman. They took us out to Cloud 9 - a floating bar in the middle of the ocean. Not a breath of wind, so had a few expensive drinks there and lazing around before spending the afternoon lounging on their boat. The next day we had a golf challenge at Plantation with a couple of the guys (Mike and Conway). Now we are at Denarau on a mooring for a couple of nights, catching up with Hug and Yvonne who are at Wyndham resort. A bit more lounging around the pool and some rugby watching. Head back to Muscat on Monday to get my stiches out - Yay!!! It will be good to get back in the water.

Heyyyy & Bula! you always having an adventure! Hope your heads good and Wok better. We enjoying a couple of weeks causing in a camper van around south Island. Amazing weather - clear blue sunny sky in Queenstown & Wanaka! Slowly starting our journey back to rainy AKL. Will put up some pics on FB soon as haven't been on for weeks! Talk soon Celiaxxx
Sun Jul 31 21:25 2016 NZST
Run: 58.6nm (106.1km)

Back at Muskett Cove after sailing down from the Blue Lagoon via a stop in at Denarau to catch up with friends staying on land. Also a quick trip into the Nadi market on the $1.00 bus to top up with vegs & fruit.

Hi Guys, Brett is getting very exciting about doing some kitesurfing with you guys the last video looked amazing. I can't wait to lie in the sun and catch up with you both xx
Wed Jul 27 17:06 2016 NZST
Run: 29.8nm (53.9km)

After finding some Manteray's we carried on up to the Blue Lagoon looking for some wind. We found lots of wind up here and went Kite surfing for a couple of hours. Now heading for a couple of beers at the bar which will finish the day perfectly.

Tue Jul 26 9:06 2016 NZST
Speed: 7.6knts
Run: 34.6nm (62.6km)

We have spent a few lovely days at Musket Cove with our friends Mark and Deb, who are now back in Auckland. After they left the wind died, so no more kite boarding, but we did spend a couple of fabulous days out at Namotu Island. We got up at the crack of dawn to go surfing with just a couple of surfers out with us - magic! Two hours of fun before the crowds arrived. Now we are off to the Yasawa Islands with "Moonfish" to swim with the Manterays and hopefully get a bit of wind further up at Blue Lagoon.

Hi you two- sounds like you're having fun. we are in Grenada now getting the boat ready for Bonaire then Panama Keep us posted Stu & Lel
Tue Jul 19 8:02 2016 NZST
Run: 16.2nm (29.3km)

Made it to Musket Cove after a stop at Denarau for shopping at the market in Nadi & to pick friends Mark & Deb who had made there way down from Wananavu Resort. A brief Kitesurf on arrival & now for a game of golf.

Hi guys - we need to change the dates of our trip to Fiji - if it suits you? We are looking at arriving one week later (18 - 29th Aug). Please let me know if possible. I have attempted calling (mobile) but no luck. Cheers Brett
Sun Jul 17 15:39 2016 NZST
Run: 58.6nm (106.1km)

Just arrived at Saweni Bay from Wananavu where our friends, Mark and Deb have been staying in a resort. While we were there on Friday, Warwick took Mark fishing for the afternoon while Deb and I sat by the pool. That night we went for a lovely dinner at the resort, followed by great rugby - watching the Blues whip the Warratahs. The next day we picked them up and took them to our Kite Boarding spot - where we had a couple of hours of great kite surfing "together" (which was very cool). Now we are heading to Denarau where we will pick them up and have them on board for a few days around the Mamanuca Group (Mukat Cove).

If your ears were burning last Friday it was because of a get together with a lot of "old " Lyndale people, had a great night
Fri Jul 8 8:21 2016 NZST
Run: 34.5nm (62.4km)

Anchored at Nananau-I-Thake Island which is on the Northern tip of Viti Levu ( Fiji's main Island) Hope to get some Kitesurfing & Windsurfing in the next week or so, but the weather doesn't seem to be going to play ball (no wind) May have to resort to the Paddleboards.

Hi guys. Great reading what you are up to. Are you gonna be at musket cove for regatta week (16-21st sept?). We may have opportunity to be there, but only accomodation until the 17th. Wondering if it's worth it? Opinions welcome.
Thu Jul 7 6:55 2016 NZST
Run: 70.1nm (126.9km)
Avg: 3knts
24hr: 71.6nm

After a great sailing day (18-23knts), we stopped on the west side Naigani Is for a peaceful night. Will carry on up to Vollivolli Point area today, only about 30 miles from here so the Kite Boards & windsurfing gear sould get a hammering later today. On our sail yesterday we came past Namena Is, the island looked flattened with the wharf & building by the water gone & the rest of the resort in tatters. The vegetation on the island was looking a little flattened also, which was sad as the bird life last year when we stayed was amazing. Makogai also looked a little flattened from a distance. Cyclone Winstone made an ugly inpact on this part of Fiji.

Such a shame about the damage to those islands. We enjoyed beautiful diving and bird watching there 2 years ago. Plus the clam farm and the turtle farm, replenishing those stocks. Looks like the weather is very calm for you right now. Enjoy! We are now on the east coast of Italy, swimming in the Adriatic Sea.
Wed Jul 6 7:25 2016 NZST
Run: 38.4nm (69.5km)

Leaving Savusavu for Volli Volli Point area for some kite surfing and wind surfing. We may spend the night in Makogai depending on how far we get. We had planned to do that yesterday, but we had a bit of s hiccup with our alternator not working. A quick fix with Warwick and Mike from Moonfish sorting it out, we decided to stay another night in Savusavu, which wasn't that bad. A bit of windsurfing and then a beer at Waitui Marina to say goodbye to Jolene who runs it there - She is a fabulous lady. After that we had drinks with Don and Charlie's on Caro Vita. Sasha and I helped Don make pizza (his secret scone recipe) for the six of us - yum!! Now we are ready for a nice day sailing with 16kn easterlies.

Sat Jul 2 7:07 2016 NZST
Run: 38.4nm (69.5km)
Weather: Sunny with 5-10kn NE. 1013mb

Spent Thursday motoring in the showers up to Viani Bay trying to catch dinner, failed yet again but so did a couple of over boats so we aren't the only worlds worst fisher people. Had a beer or two on Caro Vita last night with the six on board.

Mon Jun 27 6:54 2016 NZST
Run: 86.9nm (157.3km)
Avg: 6.1knts
24hr: 146.5nm
Weather: Fine with 30% cloud cover and calm. Bar 1014

We arrived into Savusavu about 5.30am this morning after a very confused night of weather - anything from 27kn - 0kn from SE to NW. Now both Moonfish and ourselves are drifting just outside the marina waiting for Savusavu to wake up and then we can check in. It is nice to be here safe and sound.

Cool to see you got there safe n sound. Did you slow down so Moonfish could catch up. ??????? . Go the mono hulls. Great watching your adventures once again. Lots of love Gra N Bev. Your Bellissimates. ( Herd from Allan and Anne ( kiwi dream.) Going back to Gizo after a road trip around Aus. Had to cut it short as they hit a Roo and wrote off he car 700km from finish of trip. They are heading over the top west bound, Vietnam , Philipines etc. They got to get of the Rat that's on board first. Hope it hasn't done to much damage, ) raining here.

hi Guys Great to hear you have reached Savu Savu safely .Weather here is S... If you meet up with H Cs say hello to Jack Howe . sailing solo He is at Savu Savu also. Great guy for a party,plays guitaqr and sings. Good guy. Talk again soon Enjoy R n R
Sun Jun 26 16:40 2016 NZST
Speed: 6nknts
Run: 70.3nm (127.2km)
Avg: 7knts
24hr: 167.6nm
Weather: 95% cloud cover with the odd drizzle. Variable winds (changeable) Bar 1014

We have had a bit of everything weather wise - winds from all directions sometimes strong and sometimes not, sunshine and showers. We should arrive into Savusavu early Monday morning everything going well. Looking forward to a normal nights sleep and a walk around somewhere other than the boat. Not complaining tho...

Sun Jun 26 6:36 2016 NZST
Speed: 5.5nknts
Run: 94.3nm (170.7km)
Avg: 6.6knts
24hr: 158.8nm
Weather: Fine with 30% cloud cover. 9-13kn E with half mtr NE swell. Bar 1016

After mentioning that we had great NE winds last report, it changed back straight away to E and slowly diminished. So East winds behind us seems to be standard this trip and last night was pretty light. Apart from negotiating a couple of fishing boats, nothing terribly exciting happened. One more night and we will be in Savusavu - yay!

Sat Jun 25 16:21 2016 NZST
Speed: 8nknts
Run: 79.2nm (143.4km)
Avg: 8.2knts
24hr: 196.6nm
Weather: Mainly fine with odd shower. 40% cloud cover. 20-25kn NE. 1.5 mtr swell from E. Bar 1015

A good days sailing, with the wind mainly from the East (up our date) and sloppy sea. The wind has recently changed direction and we are cruising nicely with 20-24kn winds from NE. Moonfish is just in front of us within view. May the winds continue.

Sat Jun 25 6:41 2016 NZST
Speed: 8.5nknts
Run: 133.4nm (241.5km)
Avg: 7.6knts
24hr: 183.5nm
Weather: 17-24kn E. 1 mtr NE swell. Mainly fine with the odd shower. 50% cloud cover. Bar1015

A nice fairwell from Tonga with a pod of dolphins playing up for us on the way out of the harbour. Good night of sailing with 17-20kn Easterlies. Sloppy seas to begin with made sleeping hard work, but I'm sure we will get into the swing of it tonight.

Fri Jun 24 13:14 2016 NZST
Run: 4.2nm (7.6km)

Leaving Vava'u today 3.00pm for Savusavu (Fiji). We expect to arrive sometime Monday morning. We have had a fabulous time here and would love to come back next year. We are expecting a light passage with SSE winds 15 knots approx.

We are having a great time following your adventures. You are having so much fun with the moon fish less slow boat. Love to be there some time as another buddy boat. Kite surf, yep on my bucket list. Still working hard,ish here in the cold ,although off to Canada in a few weeks for 3weeks, at least we will get some warm this winter. Frantic at work rite now, need to sell soon, struggling to keep up with demand . We are over it all, you got out just n time guys. Safe passage, although we figure you may not get this until you are in fj. Lots of love n take care. G/B
Sun Jun 19 18:27 2016 NZST
Run: 4.5nm (8.1km)

Back in Neiafu to watch the rugby last night which doubled up as a rest from the Kitesurfing as we have had four days in a row. Market on Monday morning for a top up on the vegs & fruit then out for the last few days in Tonga. We have to leave by Thursday or renew our visas so looking forward to the passage to Fiji. We have now sorted out our Sat phone email system with a little help from Sasha from Moonfish so should keep our updates more updated.

Hi guys, we wish you plain sailing to Fiji. Did you hear about the disaster with platino losing 2 crew, one of whom I understand you know? Such a tragedy. Philip

Fusio Fusio Fusio, this is kikikiapaaaaa.. Hahahah. Have you got rid of the kite board leash yet? Aye!
Thu Jun 16 12:26 2016 NZST
Run: 3.8nm (6.9km)

After all the rain, we went up to Pangaimotu for a couple of days, waiting for some wind. We paddle boarded and snorkelled the Japanese Garden, which was very pretty. We motored up to Kenutu Island and went out early this morning for a kite board, which was very cool. Now we are just chilling after some lunch and feeling pretty tired.

Pleased to hear you had a good trip up. It all sounds idyllic. We sold the yacht last Saturday. Sad but exciting. Step 1. Start looking next week for the next yacht. Keith & Jane.
Mon Jun 13 13:18 2016 NZST
Run: 3.8nm (6.9km)

We are sitting in a little bay at Pangaimotu Is which is a lovely spot apart for the forth day of heavy rain. The first couple of days of rain we were in town to watch the All Blacks & to go to the market which went to plan but after a couple more days of rain we are starting to feel like a little bit of cabin fever is setting in. Hoping for a little bit of wind this week for some more kitesurfing back at Kenutu Is.

Wed Jun 8 17:50 2016 NZST
Run: 6.6nm (11.9km)

Two nights at Kenutu Is. with two days of Kite Surfing at a Sand Cay approx 1 mile away. Went for a walk on Kenutu Is. earlier to the German chair which is a structure made out of Bamboo type material, not bad as it was here two years ago. It looks east from the top of a cliff onto open ocean. A warn out crew tonight but all worth it.

Enjoy the blow holes at Lola, craggy rocks but spectaculair! Great area for kite surfing, have fun! From Karl and Heather in Portofino :-)
Tue Jun 7 7:13 2016 NZST
Run: 4.2nm (7.6km)
Weather: Fine but cloudy 15-20 ESE. Bar 1018

We have been at Port Maurelle for the past two days doing lots of activities. The water is pristine, so we have done lots of snorkelling. The second day we snorkelled Swallows Cave and then Wok, Mike and I went for a dive and saw bundles of pretty fish and a lion fish - pretty but lethel. Yesterday, Sasha wasn't feeling so good, so just the three of us went for a kite on a sandy bar around the corner from where we are anchored. Mike showed us up, but we all had some runs and it was alot of fun. We are heading off to Kenutu Island where there is a big blow hole and supposedly really good Kite surfing there. There is some good wind now, so cant wait!!

Sat Jun 4 11:20 2016 NZST
Weather: Rain this morning, but clearing SE 5-10kn Bar 1016

Big night out on the town last night - lots of dancing with the locals. Feeling a little slower this morning, but still managed to get to the market in the rain. We are off adventuring today, maybe dive/snorkell into some caves. The forecast has lots of wind in the next few days, so some kiting and windsurfing might just come into play - yay!!!

Hi guys, good to see you having safe sailing. We are looking forward to following in your footsteps next year. We are in Little Rock .Arkansas . Had a couple of days visiting a kiwi aquantance whose parents live in Algies Bay, he has been here 30 years. Going to a fish fry this arvo ,then off to Memphis to visit Elvis. Have fun , Russ and Jane
Fri Jun 3 7:27 2016 NZST
Run: 66.8nm (120.9km)
Avg: 2.7knts
24hr: 64.1nm
Weather: Fine, but rained overnight. Light easterly

We had a great sail into the first Islands of Vava'u where we waited for Moonfish to arrive and made another brew of beer. When we arrived, we all went into Neiafu township and visited Lawrence and Bentley (the labrador) at the Bounty Bar for a couple of beers - a great catch up (especially with Bently). We met some kiwis and ate Pizza at the Pizza Restaurant above the Mango Bar. Loving this place all over again!!

Thu Jun 2 6:26 2016 NZST
Speed: 7nknts
Run: 20.2nm (36.6km)
Weather: Fine with 15% cloud cover. E 12-18kn. sloppy seas. Bar 1016

We've had a great couple of days at Ha'ano Island - northern part of the Ha'apai group. Four of us surfing on the reef with the small surf was great fun, followed by some snorkelling and then Mahimahi Thai curry for dinner on Fusio for everyone last night. We got up at 5.30am and have now left for Vava'u. Good sailing 12-18kn Easteries (beam on) and we have just spotted a whale behind us - so cool!

Tue May 31 7:51 2016 NZST
Weather: Cloudy skies. 0-5kn Easterlies. Bar 1017

We are still at Uoleva with beautiful calm weather, but intend to head to Vava'u this evening after checking out in Pangi - (hoping the diesel pump works today). The wind is meant to hit us by the end of the week, so we are all hanging out to do some kite boarding / wind surfing when we get there.

It looks like we have your wind here, blowing like snot. We are enjoying un vin blanc at the French Riviera at the moment but missing the boat, the swimming, diving and the cameradery but don't have to worry about leaving a bit more chain out at night when the wind gets up. Had a look at all the super yachts in Nice today but we decided that we are very happy with our little 43 footer without all the servants running around on deck. Enjoy your swimming and diving, wind will arrive at some stage for you wind/kite surfing

Hey you two . Far to much fun is being had. Hehehe. Wish we could be there. Uloeva was the first truly romantic island I had ever been to. Bet you don't want to leave.. Great to see that you are having so much fun with that slow Kat Moonfish. Hehe ,.love you all . Ne'Afu will be good fun. Enjoy. Bellissamates.
Sun May 29 12:04 2016 NZST
Run: 4.2nm (7.6km)
Weather: Sunny and a little bit of high cloud. 10-15kn ENE. Bar 1015

We are loving being here in the heat of Tonga. The first night, we along with Mike, Sasha and Mel off Moonfish went into the Ha'apai Beach Resort for drinks and dinner, which was lots of fun. The next day we moved up to Uoleva and havent moved since. We have been doing lots of paddle boarding, snorkelling and walking. Drinks on Fusio the first night and then last night we went into a little Resort and had some beers, then all had dinner together on Moonfish and watched some stand up comedy - lots of laughs. Hope everyone is all good in beautiful NZ.

Helloooooooo, or should I say BULA to you 2, glad to hear you are loving Uoleva. Done any kiting yet? We had no wind yesterday, and today the breeze is tantalizingly close to kite-able...... but since it's high tide and the sandbar is covered.........
Sun May 29 12:04 2016 NZST
Speed: 5.5nknts
Run: 1.1nm (2km)
Weather: 10kn Easterlies. Fine with no cloud. Bar 1017

We are just leaving Pangi, after a nice paddleboard this morning with Mike & Sasha. Still hoping for some wind to do some kiteboarding. We had a fun day yesterday in town saying goodbye to Malcolm (crew off Moonfish). The party started at lunch time and continued into the evening on Fusio. We still cant get diesel as the pump is broken. Hopefully we will get some before leaving for Vava'u in the next day or so.

Tue May 24 16:53 2016 NZST
Run: 53nm (95.9km)
Avg: 5.2knts
24hr: 124.9nm

We had a great sail into Tonga and have just checked in at Pangi Port. We have been for a well deserved swim and now going for a beer at the Ha'apai Beach Resort with Moonfish - I'm sure it will be a quiet one.

Congratulations on making yet another safe passage! Enjoy your beer!
Tue May 24 6:42 2016 NZST
Speed: 6.5nknts
Run: 99.2nm (179.6km)
Avg: 7.1knts
24hr: 169.9nm
Weather: 6-9kn ENE, with 2m SW swell. Fine day with 15% cloud cover. Bar 1015

A good last night, even tho the motor was running throughout. Pretty well no wind, with big 4 mtr SW swells pushed us along, now down to 2 mtrs. We should reach Pangi (Ha'apai Group) sometime after lunch.

Mon May 23 16:41 2016 NZST
Speed: 5.6nknts
Weather: 5kn variable, with 4mtr SW and 1 mtr S swell. Fine with 20% cloud cover. Bar 1012

With very little wind, variable 5kn and a 4 mtr SW & 1 mtr S swell, its been a rocky old day - a tad frustrating having to motor all day, but only one more night shift makes it ok. Both good on board.

Hi. sounds like a nice cruisy time and a lot warmer than us. Enjoy Diane/Ian
Mon May 23 16:41 2016 NZST
Speed: 5.6nknts
Run: 66.7nm (120.7km)
Avg: 6.8knts
24hr: 162.8nm
Weather: 5kn variable, with 4mtr SW and 1 mtr S swell. Fine with 20% cloud cover. Bar 1012

With very little wind, variable 5kn and a 4 mtr SW & 1 mtr S swell, its been a rocky old day - a tad frustrating having to motor all day, but only one more night shift makes it ok. Both good on board.

Mon May 23 6:51 2016 NZST
Speed: 5.5nknts
Weather: 4-8kn variable. 1m SW swell. Fine, but 90% cloud cover. Bar 1012

We sailed until just after midnight until the wind started dying. Now its variable 4-8kn with a 1m SW swell. Neither of us slept that well, but we can always snooze during the day. One more night and we should be there - Yay!

Mon May 23 6:51 2016 NZST
Speed: 5.5nknts
Run: 94.7nm (171.4km)
Avg: 6.9knts
24hr: 165.5nm
Weather: 4-8kn variable. 1m SW swell. Fine, but 90% cloud cover. Bar 1012

We sailed until just after midnight until the wind started dying. Now its variable 4-8kn with a 1m SW swell. Neither of us slept that well, but we can always snooze during the day. One more night and we should be there - Yay!

Sun May 22 17:07 2016 NZST
Speed: 7nknts
Run: 82.3nm (149km)
Avg: 9.3knts
24hr: 222.3nm
Weather: 15-20kn SSW. 1.5mtr SW swell. Fine with 25% cloud cover. Bar 1010

Great days sailing with 15-20kn SSW. We hit 13.7kn surfing at one stage. Nice sunny skies. Fresh bread for lunch and mexican for dinner. Not much else to think about apart from Moonfish just behind us....

Sun May 22 8:14 2016 NZST
Speed: 7nknts
Run: 6.3nm (11.4km)
Weather: 15-20kn SW. 1 half mtr SW swell. Fine 70% cloud cover. Bar 1011

We are just leaving North Minerva Reef - heading for Tonga with about 15 - 20 knots SW. We've had a really cool time here. Last night there was 12 of us for dinner on Moonfish. We got given some yellow fin tuna from a passsing Catamaran that fed everyone. Yum.

Sat May 21 7:01 2016 NZST
Run: 23.9nm (43.3km)
Weather: Not as sunny today, about 90% cloud cover. 6-8kn NE (no swell in Minerva) Bar 1016

We spent the night in North Minerva after a fun day yesterday swimming with the sharks just outside the entrance of the reef. There was a sundowner party on a big cat called Domino where all 24 boats were invited. It was great to catch up with people and meet new people - not alot of moving room tho. Moonfish and us ended up on Kiapa for dinner - all in all - a great evening.

The party sounds fun. Not keen on the shark swim though! Rather you than me!!! We've had heaps of wind in Auckland - we haven't been out on the boat at all! Glad to hear the lures worked and you caught a mahimahi! The curry sounds yum! I bet it's lovely and warm there :0) We golfed today in showery, windy weather. Definitely winter layers on!!! Not as bad as that time at Queenstown though. Neither of us golfed well! We are playing in a tournament in South Head tomorrow but the weather looks showery and windy again.
Thu May 19 19:41 2016 NZST
Run: 20.3nm (36.7km)

We are currently anchored at South Minerva Reef, after a lovely day of snorkelling and relaxing in the sun. We spent the evening on Moonfish and are ready for a good nights FULL sleep.

Thu May 19 7:07 2016 NZST
Speed: 7nknts
Run: 103.4nm (187.2km)
Avg: 7.2knts
24hr: 173.5nm
Weather: 8-10kn NE winds with half mtr SE swell. Fine with 30% cloud cover. Bar 1017

Another motor sail night until about 0100hrs when we got a bit of sail 12-15kn Easterlies. Motoring now tho doing 7 kn. Only a couple of hours to go and we will be in South Minerva for a snorkel with with our friends from Moonfish who are just a couple of miles ahead and then later we will go into North Minerva for a party. It looks like another sunny day ahead.

Well done sounds like the spot to be. Cold here . You guys have been close to mike the whole way . That's perfect trip for Seacomber. Enjoy warm water we are jellous
Wed May 18 16:49 2016 NZST
Speed: 7 nknts
Run: 76.8nm (139km)
Avg: 7.8knts
24hr: 186.2nm
Weather: Clear skies, SE 8-12kn, with up to 1 mtr NE swells. Bar 1016

Beautiful day with Clear skies SE 8-12kn. Had a gennaker run for a while, but lots of motoring at about 7 knots. One more night and we will be at Minerva.

Enjoy Minerva, sounds like a smooth trip so far. We look forward to hearing more of your travels!

We are plotting you on our old chart. You not racing Moonfish are you. Hehehe. Bellissimates.
Wed May 18 6:55 2016 NZST
Speed: 6.5nknts
Run: 102nm (184.6km)
Avg: 7.6knts
24hr: 182.2nm
Weather: 4-6kn WNW wind with a half mtr SW swell. Clear skies. Bar 1018

We sailed until midnight with a 10-15 SW wind. Now we are motoring at 6.5kn with a 4-5kn W/NW wind. At least with the motor going, it makes it easier for the person sleeping. It looks like another beautiful sunny day ahead. Both good.

Hello Fusio, so nice to see your having a smooth trip, and sounds like such fun to hook up with a few boats in Minerva...isn't it grand to be able to meet up with friends in the middle of the Ocean. That makes our life style so interesting and wonderful. Hugs, Captain Bill and Maria from PEREGRINE
Tue May 17 17:29 2016 NZST
Speed: 6.5nknts
Run: 78.6nm (142.3km)
Avg: 7.7knts
24hr: 183.7nm
Weather: 10-15kn Southerlies with 1m SW swell. Sunny day with 20% cloud cover. Baro 1016

Great day sailing in light southerlies 10-15kn, with sails wing on wing. We saw a whale today that cruised near us, blowing his top. He was lying on the surface (maybe sleeping). We had Mahimahi Curry tonight - yum! Such a good day and we are in contact now with 3 other boats nearby.

Hi guys, nice that you are having a good passage. Jane and I are just into California heading south. Started in our RV from Vancouver last Thursday . Have fun ,be with you next year. Russ
Tue May 17 7:13 2016 NZST
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 100.9nm (182.6km)
Weather: 10kn Southerlies and half mtr SW swell. Clear skies with a little cloud on the horizon

Uneventful night of motor sailing with light 10kn Southerlies and half mtr SW swell. Probably another two nights before we get to Minerva Reef. Hoping for some of that wind to funnel through from NZ.

Tue May 17 7:13 2016 NZST
Speed: 6.5nknts
Run: 68nm (123.1km)
Avg: 2.8knts
24hr: 68.4nm
Weather: 3-6kn E and a SW 2m swell + half meter NE swell. Beautiful day with 10% cloud cover. Brom 1015.

Mahimahi for dinner yay! Wok caught a 1.200 mtr fish, so it might even be a BBQ with the amount of wind we dont have. A nice sunny day, with 3-6knots from the east. A SW 2m swell and NE half meter swell made it hard work sailing, so the motor is getting a workout. Both of us are well.

Mark says well done! Almost as good as his marlin! (Did you see it on facebook?)
Mon May 16 7:21 2016 NZST
Speed: 6.0nknts
Run: 99.3nm (179.7km)
Avg: 7.2knts
24hr: 172.5nm
Weather: 6-10kn E/NE winds overnight, with NE 1m swell. Baro 1018. Fine with 20% cloud cover

A lot of motor sailing with between 6-10kn E - NE winds. We had a couple of hours of very light sailing, but the motor is back on now travelling avg 7kn. Both of us are good and getting into the swing of 3 hourly shifts. There is just one boat now in range a little further behind.

Hi Fusios! Good to hear you're travelling well - even if it's not with sails... Better than blowing your watsits off! We are anchored in the river - we'll be a couple of weeks at least yet. :-( But we'll catch you somewhere! xx
Sun May 15 17:32 2016 NZST
Speed: 6.5nknts
Run: 81.1nm (146.8km)
Avg: 7.8knts
24hr: 188.4nm
Weather: 6-8kn ENE. 1-2m SW swells Fine with 50% cloud cover. BM 1018

Lack of wind today E to NE wind, 6-8kn, so lots of motor sailing. Nice weather tho with 1-2m SW swells. We caught up with Moonfish this morning and took some photos for them, then waved goodbye. That could change any time tho.

Sun May 15 7:12 2016 NZST
Speed: 7 nknts
Run: 110.6nm (200.2km)
Avg: 8.1knts
24hr: 195.2nm
Weather: variable wind, smooth seas 1m SW swells. Clear skies with a little bit of cloud. Bm 1020

We had a nice gentle sail doing 6-8kn with a West wind of about 10-15kn, then about midnight we started motor sailing. Now doing 7kn with 3 boats nearby. A good night, especially first night passage meal - lamb shanks and roast veges in the oven- not bad! Hopefully try some trolling today - fish for dinner?

Looking at the weather, thought you might be on your way. Bon Voyage! Keith & Jane
Sat May 14 17:36 2016 NZST
Speed: 8 nknts
Run: 44.5nm (80.5km)
Avg: 4.5knts
24hr: 108.8nm
Weather: NW 12-15kn, clear skies and smooth sea. BM 1018

Lovely sailing now after motor sailing out of the bay for an hour or so. Smooth seas and clear skies. It is so nice to be finally on the move.

Sat May 14 7:47 2016 NZST
Run: 8.9nm (16.1km)

Today is the day we leave for Minerva Reef along with Moonfish and many other boats. It should be a very light passage with a fair bit of motoring to start. Looking forward to going now that it's getting colder. We will miss all our friends in NZ tho.

Upside down Opua
Upside down Opua
Sideways Opua
Sideways Opua
Mon May 9 8:01 2016 NZST
Run: 32.6nm (59km)

On Saturday we left Tutukaka and motored up the coast to Whangamumu and spent the night there. We had a fabulous bush/coastal walk there before sailing (for a change) into the bay of islands and anchored at Urupukapuka Island. There is no immediate weather window for leaving NZ - so lucky for us we aren't in a hurry.

Sat May 7 9:50 2016 NZST
Run: 15.7nm (28.4km)

The intention was to leave Whangarei on Wednesday, but we ended up staying in Urquharts Bay and spending time with friends that live there . It's such a pretty place with some amazing walks. Certainly worth spending a couple of days there, especially getting fresh muffins for morning tea from Jen after a hard walk. We made a move Friday avo hoping for a light sail, but instead motored to Tutakaka. Mosh well, we made water and got the washing done - fabulous! Only a hop skip and jump away from the Bay of Islands.

Thu May 5 9:00 2016 NZST
Run: 36.7nm (66.4km)

We have spent the last two nights at Marsden Cove Marina. The first night, Lionel and Irene kindly drove us into Whangarei where we all met up with Sel Citron and Citrus Tart for dinner, combined with birthday celebrations for Irene. Last night we caught up with our friends Mike and Trudy who live at Ruakaka for dinner. It's great spending time with friends!! Now we will slowly travel up the coast to the Bay Of Islands. The weather doesn't look favourable for offshore passage in the next week, so we can enjoy this wonderful weather and having fun in NZ a little longer ?

Found the website. Thanks very much. Keith & Jane.
Mon May 2 21:42 2016 NZST
Run: 9.4nm (17km)

Left Kawau and headed to Leigh where we spent a lovely evening with Kiapa and celebrated Irene's birthday. Heading off together in the morning to Whangarei.

Mon May 2 8:33 2016 NZST
Run: 14.1nm (25.5km)

We spent the night at Kawau with Wally, Celia, Julie and others on "Udder Life". We may be waiting a few days to head north due to unfavourable northerly winds. No rush - just enjoying spending time on the boat.

Mon Apr 25 8:42 2016 NZST
Run: 0.1nm (0.2km)

Presently at Gulf Harbour, preparing to leave Sunday 1st to head up to Opua, where we will be waiting for a good weather window to head to Minerva / Tonga / Fiji.

Fri Apr 1 15:51 2016 NZDT
Weather: wet and windy

lazy day

Fri Apr 1 15:51 2016 NZDT
Speed: 5knts
Run: 0.1nm (0.2km)
Weather: ghjk


Tue Nov 17 20:03 2015 NZDT
Run: 97.7nm (176.8km)

Back at Gulf Harbour after a fantastic season in the Islands. Nice to be back, but it could get a tad warmer.

Hi Guys. We are in your neck of the woods.. In Fairway Bay marina. Wanna give us a call so we can catch up? My numba is 0204 024 4212.. Yeehah
Sun Nov 8 17:41 2015 NZDT
Run: 167.4nm (303km)
Avg: 7.1knts
24hr: 169.4nm

1730hrs arrived into Opua Marina safe and sound. Calm trip in with 10knot NW winds. Good to be on land - for a moment. Thanks to David and Patricia and Mike for the wonderful web site and looking over us during passage. Much appreciated.

Sat Nov 7 17:58 2015 NZDT
Run: 63.4nm (114.8km)
Avg: 7.1knts
24hr: 169.7nm

A better day motor sailing at 7 knots with 8 - 14 knots of southerly winds, with 2 meter SE swell. COG 132m. Nice sunny day and hoping this is our last night of sailing, hoping to get into Opua tomorrow avo.

Sat Nov 7 9:00 2015 NZDT
Speed: 6knts
Run: 100.9nm (182.6km)
Avg: 6.7knts
24hr: 162nm

A better night for sleeping, but sill motor sailing with 8 knot SE, travelling at 6 knots. COG 133m. Swell of 1.5 meter Sth. Partly cloudy skies and VERY cold. Thermals and winter woollies are on permanently now. Goodbye tropics!

Hi Guys,Going well,Weather is brilliant and WARM this weekend.Your well down the track now.Keep safe Happy sailing ,Catch up soon.ENJOY

Not far now. Forecast for Brett: Saturday, Southerly 15 knots, easing to variable 10 knots this evening. Sea slight. Easterly swell, 2 metres, easing. Looking good guys! Three Day Outlook: Southwest 15 knots, easing Tuesday variable 10 knots for a time. Moderate easterly swell easing Sunday.
Fri Nov 6 18:03 2015 NZDT
Speed: 6knts
Run: 49.1nm (88.9km)
Avg: 5.4knts
24hr: 128.8nm

Motor Sailing at 6 knots with SE winds 10 knots. 2-3 metre Sth swell and 1 metre E swell. COG 116m. Partly cloudy skies and cold. Another day of pounding into the sea, but slowly calming down late this avo and not so sloppy. Both good on board.

Fri Nov 6 8:54 2015 NZDT
Run: 69.8nm (126.3km)
Avg: 4.8knts
24hr: 114.2nm

12-15 SSE Winds and motoring at 4.00 knots into it, so not that comfortable. COG 175m. 3 mtr SE swells and cloudy skies. Both OK but a tad tired - a few days to go yet.

Thats ok at least you're both well and doing the right things, it looks like you're over half way now....yay and there might be a mixed bag of weather coming up as well, lots of sail changes. Keep Warwick on his toes ;-). In the immortal words (and, I know, over-used these days) of Sir Winston..."Keep Calm and Carry On". Hoping & prayin for you both!
Thu Nov 5 18:14 2015 NZDT
Run: 148nm (267.9km)
Avg: 6.2knts
24hr: 148.1nm

15 - 20 SSE winds and travelling at 5 knots. 2-3 metre SE swells. COG 156. Horrible day of sailing, cold and rainy, with the wind pushing us towards Aussie. Hoping for some sunshine and Southerlie winds to push us back to NZ. This could be a long journey!

Wed Nov 4 18:15 2015 NZDT
Run: 65.1nm (117.8km)
Avg: 7.7knts
24hr: 183.8nm

Still motoring with 3 knots of wind SE, glassy seas, travelling at 6 knots. Fine with some high cloud. COG 128m. Both cruising along, would love some wind in our sails.

Wed Nov 4 9:45 2015 NZDT
Run: 120.1nm (217.4km)
Avg: 7.7knts
24hr: 185nm

Lots of motoring with 4 kn SE travelling at 6 kn. 1 mtr swell SE. Beautiful sunny skies. COG 134 m. Pretty uneventful evening, with only one ship sighting so far.

Tue Nov 3 18:10 2015 NZDT
Run: 59.2nm (107.2km)
Avg: 7knts
24hr: 166.8nm

Its been a day of motor sailing, travelling at 6 knots, with wind 10knots SE, Swell of 1 mtr SE and sunny skies. COG 132 m. Cruisy day sitting in the sun eating home made pizza. Not roughing it too much.

Very nice, prepare yourself for the cooler weather ;-) as you come south. BE SAFE!!
Tue Nov 3 9:39 2015 NZDT
Speed: 6knts
Run: 109.5nm (198.2km)
Avg: 7knts
24hr: 168.6nm

Started motoring at 11.30 last night and currently motor sailing at 6 knots with 6 knots SE. 1 mtr Southerlie swell. A little bit of high cloud. COG 140 M We had an influx of flying fish bombarding our boat last night, so had to do a bit of a clean up this morning - not big enough for breaky.

Mon Nov 2 18:04 2015 NZDT
Run: 78.1nm (141.4km)

depart New Cal 6am this morning with a good breeze, currently travelling 6 kn with 10kn SE. Swell 1 mtr SE. COG 175 and sunny skies. Both of us ready for a few days of limited sleep.

Safe travels guys! Can't wait to see you but yes you'll need jumpers! It's been anywhere from 9-14 degrees at night down my way :-)

Very cool, have a safe trip you guys! Do you have an guestamate on what time you'll get to NZ?
Sun Nov 1 10:23 2015 NZDT
Run: 7.7nm (13.9km)

Had a great early morning along with lots of other Kiwis and Aussies at the local bar watching the All Blacks win and the locals beating each other up. Currently at Baie de Citron, but heading out to Ilot Maitre today where we will prepare to depart first thing Monday, fingers crossed. We have loved every minute of New Caledonia and intend to come back soon.

Hi Guys good to hear from you.have a safe trip home and hope the wind gods are good to you both. Great sailing ,Safe passage home.enjoy
Mon Oct 26 19:56 2015 NZDT
Run: 8.4nm (15.2km)

At Ilot de Legenere, just nth/west of Noumea. Weather fine with light winds

Ok you two, you can come home now, winter is over. Bellissamates.
Tue Oct 13 9:12 2015 NZDT
Run: 8.6nm (15.6km)

Sitting in Baie Maa about 7 miles nth of Noumea.

Having a dirty weekend up at Russell , aborted a weekend on Vivacious because the weather is totally crap, absolutely pissing down here. Yachts coming into Russell from the Coastal Classic. Looking forward to catching up. All very fine with my new lady, loves the yacht . Take care a safe passage home. Russ.
Sat Oct 10 9:49 2015 NZDT
Run: 2.9nm (5.2km)

Baie de Citron

Fri Oct 9 9:41 2015 NZDT

Baie De Citron for the night after some shopping in Noumea

Mon Oct 5 9:24 2015 NZDT
Run: 26.7nm (48.3km)

Sailed up to llot Maitre for a windsurf with a heap of kite boarders & other windsurfers

Very cool, make sure you post plenty of photos when you get near some WiFi. :-)
Sat Oct 3 9:38 2015 NZDT
Run: 45.3nm (82km)

Sailed up to Baie de Prony on main land New Cal, very nice place apart for the rain &wind today

Sun Sep 27 9:23 2015 NZDT
Run: 4.5nm (8.1km)

At Baie de Kuto with 20 other boats, some local but most from off shore

Fri Sep 25 18:24 2015 NZST
Run: 146.1nm (264.4km)
Avg: 4.7knts
24hr: 112.4nm

Sailed from Ouvea to Isle de Pins overnight with Sth westerlies which was fine until they built up to over 20 knots, great windsurf when we got to anchor.

Thu Sep 24 11:13 2015 NZST
Run: 29.3nm (53km)

Back at Ouvea before heading to the Sth lagoon & Noumea

Sat Sep 19 8:20 2015 NZST
Run: 29.1nm (52.7km)

Currently at Ile Beautemps-Beaupre, which is a little lagoon in the middle of nowhere and no internet. Saw a humpback whale last night and followed it in our dingy. It was flapping its fins around in the water - spectacular! We had 5 great days with our friends Kirsty and Geoff who we have just said goodbye to. All good in New Cal so far.

Very very cool!! Did you get very close to it?? Keen to see the pics. I bet you're glad of those extra French lessons Lanie. Trudy Hall is having lesson now also. Have fun and enjoy the sun.
Thu Sep 17 10:16 2015 NZST
Run: 42.9nm (77.6km)

Currently at Ouvea and enjoying the beautiful white beaches and clear Aqua water. Not in a rush to leave as the windsurfing is very good.

Hi, How is Laney's shoulder? Wow, Ouvea looks wonderful. Kiapa raced on both the regatta days. Coming 2nd in both races. We had only Kerry, Craig Hewlett ( of hewlett sugar in SA) , Irene and I on board. We planned to start last over the start line so as to avoid argie bargie with other boats. Then we sailed past all the boats to creep up to 2nd, I was the best racing I have done and having a small crew proved to be less stressful than running 6 or seven people. So now its back to chasing the surf and Kitesurfing again. What a tough life! The days are getting longer and the solar panels are loving it. The rum and orange is still the drink of the day and they dropped the price to A$3.50. The more we drink, the richer we get! We will also go to blue lagoon for a few weeks and then think of heading down to Minerva Reef, 40% of the way to NZ, and then for the final hop to Opua.
Sun Sep 6 15:06 2015 NZST
Run: 154.4nm (279.5km)
Avg: 6.9knts
24hr: 165.8nm

We made it at 1450hrs Sunday. A good trip with an equal amount of sailing and motoring. Early hours of this morning we hit a wave that was full of oil, which distributed itself all over the front of our boat and gennaker. A bit of clean up on passage with lots of hot soapy water. Not much fun up on the bow. Tx to that ship that pumped out its bilge. Oh well, good to be hear.

Arrgh, pouring oil over troubled water.
Sat Sep 5 16:45 2015 NZST
Run: 167.7nm (303.5km)
Avg: 7knts
24hr: 168.8nm

No wind and glassy seas, which allows you to see lots of flying fish, but no fish on the hook today. Course 240m Speed 6.5knots with 2-3knots of wind. Beautiful sunny still day - great for a launch.

Fri Sep 4 16:54 2015 NZST
Run: 179nm (324km)
Avg: 7.5knts
24hr: 179.2nm

Another fabulous sunny day, which started with enough wind 8-12 knots to put the gennaker up, but later the wind died and motoring.
Course 242 Speed 6.5knots. Dolphins kept us company for a wee while which was a treat. Both fit and healthy.

You are getting better weather than me. Now I know why I am out of NZ every winter. Am enjoying my new lovely lady. Hope all is well with you both. Russ

Great stuff you2 you must be over halfway now, enjoy the good weather. BTW they say we're in for another long hot summer. "The likelihood of El Niño conditions persisting or strengthening as we reach into summer is extremely high." (Quote)
Thu Sep 3 16:56 2015 NZST
Run: 178nm (322.2km)
Avg: 7.3knts
24hr: 176.2nm

Great day sailing with between 12-16knot SE winds. Course 250m Speed 7 knots. Sunny skies and smooth seas. We had a bonus fish, which Warwick claims is a black marlin. Yum, we can finally fill our freezer.

Wed Sep 2 16:41 2015 NZST
Run: 28.2nm (51km)
Avg: 3.4knts
24hr: 80.6nm

Departed Vuda Marina at 1300hrs, heading for New Caledonia Course 240m Speed 7.4 knots with 11 knots southerlie winds. Blue skies and beautiful conditions.

Nice sailing, Fiji looked great looking forward to more pics from NC. Should be there soon if you keep that speed up :-)
Wed Sep 2 8:17 2015 NZST
Weather: No wind and clear sky. Not ideal for a yacht on passage.

At Denarau and heading to Vuda Marina today to check out of Fiji and heading for New Caledonia.

Mon Aug 31 16:38 2015 NZST
Run: 38.2nm (69.1km)

Currently at Denarau, refuelling and stocking up for passage to New Caledonia, departing Wednesday 2nd Sept

Mon Aug 31 16:35 2015 NZST
No position sent.

Thu Aug 27 8:43 2015 NZST
Run: 25nm (45.3km)

Heading Musket to catch up with Paul & Helen from Sweet Disorder

Wed Aug 26 7:30 2015 NZST
Run: 11.7nm (21.2km)

A couple of nights at Blue Lagoon

Thu Aug 20 17:51 2015 NZST
Run: 69.5nm (125.8km)

Yasawa Is. Not a boat or person in site,fine weather light wind, what else can you ask for

hi guys- looks like you found a great spot- hope everything is going well Xxx
Sun Aug 2 9:56 2015 NZST
Run: 58.7nm (106.2km)

Currently at Muskat Cove after spending some time with friends in Denarau

Tue Jul 14 18:51 2015 NZST
Run: 58.5nm (105.9km)
Weather: 20-30 ENE

Left Muskat Cove a couple of days ago to meet a couple of friends up at Blue Lagoon.
Looking forward to spending a few days with them, hope the wind drops a little.

Thu Jun 25 7:44 2015 NZST
Run: 74.7nm (135.2km)

Left Nanau-I-Ra on Wednesday and spent a night at Sawene Bay, just south of Lautoka. We are now at Muskat Cove and intend to be in Denarau today to pick up friends for a few days.

Mon Jun 8 9:44 2015 NZST
Run: 78.3nm (141.7km)

We have been in Nanau-I-Thake for the past week, playing on the windsurfers. We intend to stay for another week. Having lots of fun.

It looks like a beautiful anchorage. A bit tricky to get into with those reefs? Hope you enjoy the windsurfing. Well done getting there safe & sound despite the few gear breakages.

Hi Guys,sounds a great spot.Dont have tooo muuuch fun,because you should stop sometime and think about us back in NZ,Cold -Wet-Misseraable Weather.apart from that,life is good CHEERS
Sat May 23 10:19 2015 NZST
Speed: 6nknts
Run: 4.2nm (7.6km)

After a long day to get cleared by customs 4.30 avo and lots of drama getting a cruising permit, we are now off to Namina Island for lots of beautiful diving and a perfect few days for it - Yay!

Wed May 20 9:52 2015 NZST
Run: 54.6nm (98.8km)
Avg: 3.4knts
24hr: 81.3nm

Arrived into Savusavu 20/5 0130hrs, where we hooked up to the quarantine mooring. The drive unit for the auto pilot (the one thing that wasnt replaced) clapped out, so we were hand steering into Savusavu. Its been an adventure with a few challenges, but we made it. Tx to all those that have followed our progress. As we move around the Islands, we will be updating our position from time to time. Tx David and Patricia for the weather updates - much appreciated.

hi Guys All adventures have a few ups and downs. Well done,now you can relax,enjoy and snorkel in WARM waters.

We have been reading your updates on your journey north. Good to hear you have arrived safely. Enjoy yourselves.

Soooo proud of you both!!! Crack a beer, rest and relax. Let us know if you need anything brought up in July. Love and hugs to you both xx


Tue May 19 17:45 2015 NZST
Run: 87.1nm (157.7km)
Avg: 8.2knts
24hr: 197.2nm

Lots of land to be seen and not far from Savusavu. Its been a mixed bag today, ranging from 12 - 30knots from South through to North East winds. Hard to know what sails to use really. Should arrive just after midnight. Looking forward to going to bed without lots of movement.

Tue May 19 7:09 2015 NZST
Run: 105.2nm (190.4km)
Avg: 7.6knts
24hr: 181.9nm

Another long night of 20-25 SE winds, right behind us - lots of rocking and rolling making it hard to sleep. Making ok distance tho travelling about 7.5 knots. Looking forward to the home run much later tonight, maybe early hours of the morning.

Mon May 18 17:16 2015 NZST
Run: 79.7nm (144.3km)
Avg: 8.1knts
24hr: 195.2nm

A slow start for the morning 10-15knSSW, but the afternoon has been better sailing 18-25knSW. Still reasonable swells, which makes everything a bit harder, but we are now getting closer and should see some outer Islands in the morning.

Mon May 18 7:28 2015 NZST
Run: 74.4nm (134.7km)
Avg: 5.5knts
24hr: 131.5nm

Rough night with big swells 17-25kn SSE winds. Not much sleep. Only a couple of days to go.

Rock n Roll with no music.Hope the swell dies down ,but doing good distance,wont be long when you can dance with music in the calm of Fiji.Keep safe and enjoy. R n R
Sun May 17 17:53 2015 NZST
Run: 96.3nm (174.3km)
Avg: 8.2knts
24hr: 197nm

What a trip! Winds between 20-25 SSE and averaging 8 knots. The swell is about 4 meters and we are doing alot of rock and rolling. First time of not doing a proper meal tonight, just rice and casserole out of a tin (not bad actually). We have been hand stearing all day, quite fun surfing the waves. 15.8 knots at once stage.

Sun May 17 6:09 2015 NZST

We are leaving North Minerva today. The winds are a brisk 15 - 22kn Southerly - Perfect for heading to Fiji, behind us all the way. We have enjoyed the snorkeling - saw a big turtle yesterday in the entrance way, swimming towards us - amazing! Another three days of travel should be fun.

Fri May 15 16:38 2015 NZST
Run: 23.9nm (43.3km)

Arrived at North Minerva 1630hrs after spending a nice time at South Minerva. Walked around some of the reef this morning with people from 2 other boats. Not much wind at present 6kn Easterlies (got it right this time - "sorry David & Patricia" yesterday I said W winds and should have said East winds). Anyway, what matters is that we caught a nice big yellow fin tuna for dinner. Yum!

Yahhooo you Two!! Very comforting to read these great updates. We have done our last Island stop and now heading home on the cruise. The Captain has informed us we're in for 6metre swells and some uncomfortable cruising. Hug is really excited and I'm going to swallow a hundred pills :-) Talk to you when we get back. Stay safe and sail well. |Love and hugs xx
Thu May 14 17:02 2015 NZST
Run: 30.3nm (54.8km)
Avg: 2.9knts
24hr: 69.9nm

Got to South Minerva late morning and spent a beautiful sunny day here. 9 knots SE winds here. We had our first snorkel in a long time and it was lovely. Looking forward to a full nights sleep.

Thu May 14 6:38 2015 NZST
Run: 101.5nm (183.7km)
Avg: 7.5knts
24hr: 180.7nm

A nice gentle easterly sail between 5-8knots, with winds between 8-12 knots. Only a couple of hours before we reach South Minerva, which we will go into as we went into North Minerva last year. Another gorgeous sunny day. It is definitely warming up - the clothes are getting lighter and lighter.

Wed May 13 17:09 2015 NZST
Run: 82.1nm (148.6km)
Avg: 7.8knts
24hr: 187.4nm

Another fabulous sunny day with a lovely gennaker run all day travelling 6-8knots with about 8-14knots of westerly wind. Just started motoring now, as the wind has dropped and we need to power up. Both well and relaxed.

Wed May 13 6:38 2015 NZST
Run: 112.5nm (203.6km)
Avg: 7.9knts
24hr: 189.5nm

Fantastic night of sailing. Between 8-15 knots of wind, westerlies and averaging about 7 knots. Nice conditions. No one around us last night. Still on track for reaching Minerva Thursday - YAY!

Tue May 12 16:23 2015 NZST
Run: 69.3nm (125.4km)
Avg: 7.4knts
24hr: 177.6nm

At about midday the westerly wind kicked in about 7-12knots and we started with Main, Gennoa and stay sail, then saw a boat in the distance, so put up the Gennaker and really covered some ground going 5 - 8 knots. We caught up to Warratah Lass and had a chat. We both took photos of each others boats. We will catch up in Minerva. It is nice not to be motoring for a change. We are both well, enjoying the sailing.

Tue May 12 7:01 2015 NZST
Run: 105.8nm (191.5km)
Avg: 7.4knts
24hr: 178.2nm

A calm night, little wind 5-7knot westerlies and lots of motoring - 6.5knots. Hoping for stronger westerlies today. Both of us are well and getting enough sleep. We still are very lonely out here though - no one on the horizon. Hope to arrive at Minerva Reef about Thursday.

Mon May 11 16:46 2015 NZST
Run: 76.3nm (138.1km)
Avg: 7.9knts
24hr: 189.8nm

Another day of motoring at 6 knots with 3-7knots of wind. Smooth seas and lots of sun. We had a visit from 5 Swallows this morning who flew into our centre cockpit, with one of them positioning himself on the steering wheel next to Warwick, then falling off each time the wheel turned automatically - very humorous! No one else in site, so another lonely night on the ocean.

Mon May 11 7:07 2015 NZST
Run: 105.1nm (190.2km)
Avg: 7.1knts
24hr: 171nm

A long night of motoring and no wind - between 3 - 7 knots variable and very smooth seas. Good sleep as the motor drowns out all the other sounds. Both of us fit and well and pretty relaxed. Its not getting any warmer yet tho, but we have seen flying fish and the water is getting bluer.

Sun May 10 16:22 2015 NZST
Run: 52.6nm (95.2km)
Avg: 6.2knts
24hr: 148.5nm

Another day of light wind and very slow sailing, but we are going forward which is the main thing. Averaging about 5.5 kn. Both of us are well and enjoying the cruisy pace

Hi Guys Happy to see ( No pun intended) you going well - get plenty of rest and safe travels Stu and Lel

Sounds nice I hope the temperature is getting warmer for you...it's getting cooler here :-)
Sun May 10 7:52 2015 NZST
Run: 96.5nm (174.7km)
Avg: 7.1knts
24hr: 170.1nm

A good gentle sailing night between 9 - 20knots with SE winds. About a 1 meter swell. Its good not to be motoring but still making reasonable distance. A few boats were around us last night, but we are by ourselves now. Both of us survived the first night and are not too tired. All Good!

Sat May 9 18:15 2015 NZST
Run: 57.3nm (103.7km)
Avg: 7knts
24hr: 167.7nm

A beautiful day to start off with, but alot of motor sailing. The breeze has now freshened to 10-12 knots SE and we are having a nice gentle sail. Warwick is ready to start his first shift 7 - 10pm and I will try to grab a couple of ZZZZ's. All in all, not a bad first day.

Sat May 9 10:03 2015 NZST
Speed: 5.75knts
Run: 3.6nm (6.5km)

Leaving Opua at 0945 hrs. No wind to speak of, but a beautiful day nonetheless. Looking forward to a safe passage. Crossing our fingers for a little bit of wind. Bon Voyage and everyone at home take care. xxx

Mon May 4 20:06 2015 NZST
Run: 10.6nm (19.2km)

At the Bay of Islands sorting out the odd equipment failure and other odds and ends. Waiting for a good weather pattern to leave NZ, hopefully end of the week (cross fingers).

Hi Guys. I found you.Had voice chord filler injection yesterday.Complete voice rest for next 49 hours then restricted for next week.Weather looking good for- sling shot start- end of week.Hope you are all ready to go and Looking forward to following you in travels across the ocean.Enjoy R n R
Fri May 1 8:10 2015 NZST
Run: 28.6nm (51.8km)

We decided to shelter at Whangamumu for the night as the wind would have been on our nose 25-30 west/sw going into the Bay. No point smashing ourselves just yet. Had a nice walk instead. Heading off today to Opua, but may need to motor as not alot of wind.

Hi guys,What a great spot for a stop over and lovely walk.Looks like arriving in Opua at the right time.Are you planning to catch a ride on this high or wait till the next one.Safe Passage.Enjoy.R n R
Wed Apr 29 14:29 2015 NZST
Run: 58.3nm (105.5km)

After a windy ride up the coast, we arrived at Tutakaka today and intend to possibly arrive at the Bay of Islands Thursday.

Didn't think you would waste much time to head north. Looks like a good weather window appearing for you. Keep safe and enjoy.
Fri Apr 24 18:18 2015 NZST
Run: 14.1nm (25.5km)

We are on the move, anchored at Bon Accord Harbour for the night. Wont be back at Gulf Harbour for another 6 months. Yay!

Hi Guys allthe best and keep Safe.Must be cold in Bon Accord.looks like big high comming in 3 days.ENJOY. Bon voyage. Looking forward to following your trip.cheers RnR1

How's your day gone? A couple of days and you should be on your way. All is good with us. Take care.

Good to hear from you. We will be watching out for you too. When are you heading north?
Fri Apr 17 19:37 2015 NZST

in the marina testing yit. looking forward to heading north - fiji bound approx 1st of May all going well with weather

Hi Guys Safe travels north - looking forward to tracking you progress over the next few months Take care Stu & Lesley

Cool. Not long to go and we will be watching you guys on your new boat. Take care and keep in touch.
Mon Apr 13 14:27 2015 NZST

You can leave a comment you know! Much more I interesting to read than just your position. I am sure the dock is warmer than where we are! Please put some more info on your YIT page. Thanks Patricia

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