Sat May 18 8:01 2019 NZST
Run: 80.3nm (145.3km)
16 56.597s 177 22.067e

Made our way up to the Blue Lagoon with Rhum Coco and arrived on Friday. Went for a kite Friday afternoon which was breezy to say the least, then a couple of beers at the bar to watch the sunset.

Not as wind today as yet but things can change up here.

Wed May 8 16:12 2019 NZST
Run: 95.2nm (172.3km)
Avg: 9.9knts
24hr: 238nm
18 05.544s 177 11.551e
Weather: fine and cloudy with 22kn E winds, 3 meter swell

we can finally see land and heading toward the reef where it will be a lot calmer. We have 9 miles to the pass and a couple of hours motoring into Denarau. We are too late for check in, but have organised and 8.00am check in tomorrow. We will organise ourselves and have a quiet motion free night. Thanks for following us on our passage to Fiji - it?s been a great ride.

Ya hoo .welldone you two another one ticked off. Six more months of fun in the sun. πŸŒ΄πŸŒ΄πŸŒ΄πŸŒ΄πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Woohoo!! Well done you two. Now come out turn. See you in a couple of months

Nice work team Fusio! So jealous, wish we were there already too. Hope the wind continues blowing for you to get some great kiting in.
Wed May 8 6:36 2019 NZST
9.0. kn
Run: 134.1nm (242.7km)
Avg: 9.2knts
24hr: 221.2nm
19 28.162s 177 12.767e
Weather: fine and cloudy with 22kn E winds, 1 meter swell

Another great night of sailing and making good ground (sea) with more trade winds. Looking forward to seeing a bit of land for a change and not having to brace oneself. Can?t complain though, the wind has really turned it on for us this passage, it?s been fabulous. We will save on the diesel.

Tue May 7 16:03 2019 NZST
8.0. kn
Run: 84.5nm (152.9km)
Avg: 8.8knts
24hr: 211.2nm
21 24.422s 177 06.164e
Weather: fine and cloudy with 21kn E winds

What can I say, same old same old. Still sailing with 21kn E winds, big swells and cruising at similar speeds with stay sail and main sail. We will probably put a furl in the main tonight, but other than that, food is the most exciting thing at the moment. We hope to be in Denarau about 2200hrs tomorrow night. Looking forward to that.

Tue May 7 6:27 2019 NZST
8.0. kn
Run: 120.1nm (217.4km)
Avg: 8.4knts
24hr: 200.9nm
22 37.208s 176 56.445e
Weather: fine and cloudy with 25kn E winds, squally

Another full on night of trade wind sailing, but we?re getting used to all the noise and movement, so both of us sleeping well, but not needing any blankets - getting warmer. Still no sign of any boats nearby. Rhum Cocoa are well in front in these conditions, (beam on strong wind). Yesterday they were 20 miles ahead, but I?m sure they have made some ground over night.

Mon May 6 16:06 2019 NZST
8.0. kn
Run: 83.9nm (151.9km)
Avg: 8.8knts
24hr: 210.8nm
24 20.803s 176 43.961e
Weather: fine and cloudy with 22kn E winds

Another boisterous day of trade wind sailing (right on the beam) with up to 3 meter swells. We?ve had between 18-28kn of E wind with just our stay sail and a Reef in the main sail. It is meant to stay like this all night, so a bit of bouncing around, but we are making good headway.

Helloooooooo you 2 scallywags, sorry to hear the "boisterous" conditions have persisted :( . But hopefully it's getting warmer and you'll be sipping on a nice cold Fiji Bitter soon. xx
Mon May 6 6:33 2019 NZST
Run: 126.7nm (229.3km)
Avg: 8.7knts
24hr: 209nm
25 33.310s 176 36.193e
Weather: fine and cloudy with 19kn E winds

A good night of constant wind, approx 20kn ENE wind. Still no boats seen on the horizon and as it?s so black at night with no moon, we certainly would have seen a light if there was one. Looking forward to another day of pure sailing.

Going great guns out there. We know it's not a race but are you beating Rum Coco...😜 Big loves xx

Hang onto those trade winds! Over halfway we see, so hope the night watches are warmer
Sun May 5 16:00 2019 NZST
Run: 82.6nm (149.5km)
Avg: 8.8knts
24hr: 210.9nm
27 21.476s 176 14.056e
Weather: fine with 20kn E winds

A good sailing day with lots of E wind, at the moment 20kn. We still are sailing with the Stay sail rather than Genoa and intend to Reef the main again tonight. Forgot to mention we saw a whale yesterday, which appeared to be heading south. We still haven?t seen another cruising boat yet, so maybe tonight. Fingers crossed for a steady night of sailing. We are about Half way to Fiji. Still chilly at night, but that should change in the next few days. Bring on the warmth.

Don’t go too fast! Happy sailing. Philip and Helena
Sun May 5 6:36 2019 NZST
Run: 115.2nm (208.5km)
Avg: 7.9knts
24hr: 190nm
28 29.547s 175 48.664e
Weather: squally with lots of cloud and occasional rain.

We weren?t expecting last nights weather with lots of squalls and changeable winds up to 30kn. We reefed the main and changed the position of our stay sail a few times. Not the best night sleep, but I?m sure we will make up for it today in between squalls.

Wow... that's sounds a bit 😝 we couldn't see you were in for that weather either. Stay safe and dry. Big loves xx
Sat May 4 16:03 2019 NZST
Run: 83.3nm (150.8km)
Avg: 9knts
24hr: 216.1nm
30 07.533s 175 25.736e
Weather: Fine

A great day of sailing with the trade winds doing their job with nice 19kn E winds. We haven?t seen any boats out here, just Swallows trying to land on our solar panels, playing Russian Roulette with our wind generator. Looking forward to another good night of sailing.

Sat May 4 6:48 2019 NZST
Run: 115.5nm (209.1km)
Avg: 7.8knts
24hr: 187.9nm
31 18.403s 175 08.976e
Weather: Fine

We motored until 0100hrs and then the wind kicked in and now we are sailing, hopefully for the rest of our passage. A gentle 11kn E breeze means nice side on sailing. This is a what it?s all about - cruising. (And it is slowly warming up) .

Fri May 3 16:03 2019 NZST
Run: 61.6nm (111.5km)
Avg: 7.7knts
24hr: 186nm
32 57.406s 174 50.262e
Weather: Fine

A day of motoring due to a lack of wind. Looking forward to some Light SE winds to kick in tonight snd slowly build over the next few days. The seas are slowly settling down, so hopefully that is also the pattern for the next few days.

Fri May 3 8:06 2019 NZST
Run: 139.2nm (252km)
Avg: 7.2knts
24hr: 173.1nm
33 49.556s 174 36.052e
Weather: Fine, but cloudy 11kn S winds

We sailed all through the night just with the main sail, travelling about 6.8kn average with 15kn S winds. Have just started motoring through lack of wind and expect it will be like this for the majority if the day. No cruising boats in sight, but a couple of ships passed by during the night. Nice to see Albatross circling our boat once again.

Thu May 2 12:48 2019 NZST
Run: 77.8nm (140.8km)
35 50.283s 174 30.659e
Weather: Fine 18kn S winds

We are leaving Marsden Cove Marina and heading for Fiji. The weather looks good with 18kn southerly winds. Hopefully not too much swell. We will be travelling with SV Rhum Cocoa. Relieved that we are on the high seas and heading for some warmth. Have a great winter. Xx

Thinking of you as you head to Bula-land, dear friends. Take good care of each other. xx

Have a great trip ewe two - look forward to hear your stories and travels and maybe catch up later in the year Stu

Safe travels. Heading to Boatworks tomorrow. See you in Vanuatu.

I was just thinking of you guys yesterday and wondering when you’d be off again. Safe passage. Ade & Steve (Seaforth/Site Office)

Yeehaaa.... I feel a song coming on...🎢 sailing away, sailing away🎢 lol. Big loves xx

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