Irish Melody

Sun Dec 3 21:44 2017 NZDT
GPS: 26 47.761S 153 02.680E
Run: 237.2nm (429.3km)
Avg: 6.3knts
24hr: 151.1nm
Weather: Thunderstormy, humid, showers

Safely tied up at Q Dock, Rivergate Marina, Brisbane, waiting for quarantine clearance. Nice to be back in Brissie, got across Moreton Bay safe and sound, dodged that horrid storm!

Sat Dec 2 8:03 2017 NZDT
GPS: 25 44S 156 41E
Run: 221.6nm (401.1km)
Avg: 4.6knts
24hr: 111.4nm

All well on board. Via James at NZ Maritime Radio. Thanks. Ps this was last night.

Thu Nov 30 8:19 2017 NZDT
GPS: 24 34S 159 59E
Run: 204.8nm (370.7km)
Avg: 8.5knts
24hr: 204.8nm
Weather: 20ese, 24C, 1.5m, 1016, 40%cc

sunday am arrival now

Wed Nov 29 8:19 2017 NZDT
GPS: 24 14S 163 13E
Run: 112nm (202.7km)
Avg: 4.7knts
24hr: 111.6nm
Weather: 16E, 1-1.5m swell

Very nice conditions will continue. 85hrs, 510nm to Brisbane so Saturday arrival

Tue Nov 28 8:14 2017 NZDT
GPS: 23 09S 164 32E
Run: 135.7nm (245.6km)
Avg: 3.1knts
24hr: 74.6nm
Weather: 20e, 2m swell, 25C

same conditions for the next few days. friday it turns NE

Sun Nov 26 12:34 2017 NZDT
GPS: 22 16.617S 166 26.396E
Weather: overcast, 26 degrees

After a lovely few days R & R, we are planning to leave Noumea for Brisbane Monday morning 27 November. Rohani has joined the crew for this passage, while Sean has flown back to Tasmania. Depending on passage progress aim to be back in Brisbane by the weekend 2/3 December.

Mon Nov 20 8:17 2017 NZDT
GPS: 22 16.617s 166 26.396e
Run: 233.3nm (422.3km)
Avg: 3.2knts
24hr: 77.7nm
Weather: beautiful 23C day

16nm to P Moselle to check in today

Fri Nov 17 8:13 2017 NZDT
GPS: 21 12S 169 53E
Run: 103.9nm (188.1km)
Avg: 4.3knts
24hr: 104.1nm
Weather: 15SSW, 0.5m swell, 1008

200 to Noumea

Thu Nov 16 8:16 2017 NZDT
GPS: 20 37S 171 22E
Run: 154.8nm (280.2km)
Avg: 6.6knts
24hr: 157.3nm
Weather: E15, 0.5m swell, 1009, 20%cc

via Trigger for relay

Wed Nov 15 8:39 2017 NZDT
GPS: 19 35S 173 29E
Run: 153.5nm (277.8km)
Avg: 6.4knts
24hr: 153.2nm
Weather: 20-25 SE, 100%cc, 1010

all well

Tue Nov 14 8:36 2017 NZDT
GPS: 18 39S 175 37E
Run: 122nm (220.8km)
Avg: 6.8knts
24hr: 162.2nm
Weather: 15SE, 1010

via Trigger relay. AWOB

Mon Nov 13 14:33 2017 NZDT
GPS: 17 49.877'S 177 15.829'E
Run: 10.4nm (18.8km)
Avg: 170.2knts
24hr: 4084.4nm
Weather: 90% Cloud Cover, 6.5 kts SW seas flat

Motor sailing across Nadi Bay

Mon Nov 13 14:29 2017 NZDT
GPS: 17 44.04'S 177 23.02'E
Run: 3.7nm (6.7km)
Weather: 90% cloud cover, hot and humid 34 degrees

checked out of Vuda midday 13th November

Sat Nov 11 11:22 2017 NZDT
Weather: 100% Cloud cover wind 10-12 Kts N

Enjoying Musket Cove for another morning, before heading back to Vuda Marina, for departure to Noumea, New Caledonia on Monday 13th November.

Wed Nov 1 13:29 2017 NZDT
GPS: 17 40.8558s 177 23.1824e

Getting the boat ready for passage after her long stay in Vuda Marina's cyclone pit.

Thu Oct 19 20:24 2017 NZDT
GPS: 17 40.8558s 177 23.1824e

Enjoying Fiji for a while longer

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