Wed Dec 19 11:12 2018 NZDT
Run: 18.6nm (33.7km)
Avg: 7.1knts
24hr: 171.2nm
33 34.3S 151 20.245E

Arrived Barrenjoey headland. Looking forward to catching up with family and friends.

Wed Dec 19 8:36 2018 NZDT
Speed: 7.3knts
Run: 68.5nm (124km)
Avg: 7.2knts
24hr: 174nm
33 29.380s 151 38.700e
Weather: 12 knots SE, 80% cloud cover, 1m waves from the E

We motored all night in almost no wind with just a flat 3 reef mainsail to calm the roll. Beautiful grey smooth ocean and a barely distinguishable horizon in the moonlight. Mesmerising phosphorescent patterns from the bow and stern wake. Initially we had some current against us but it?s turned to a little favorable as we close the coast more. Our frustration at seeing speeds in the 6?s is only an indication of how amazing our SOG has been for most of the trip.

This morning the forecast south easterly has strengthened enough for the motor to be turned off and we are now sailing beautifully in about 12 knots just forward of the beam and a nice organized sea.

ETA Barrenjoey headland about 9am.

Tue Dec 18 23:09 2018 NZDT
Speed: 6knts
Run: 127.2nm (230.2km)
Avg: 9.9knts
24hr: 237.6nm
32 57.990s 152 39.124e
Weather: 5 knots N, 70% cloud cover, 1.5m waves from the NE

This morning the good sailing continued but around midday the wind went a bit light and up the rear so we did some motor sailing. Motor has been on and off a bit this afternoon/evening as we use the remnants of the northerly breeze.

It?s been an amazing carpet ride on the east coast super highway, favourable current up to 4 knots at times. We continued heading due south as we passed seal rocks (20 miles out) to stay in the stream as long as possible. All good things come to an end tho, and a couple hours ago we decided it was time to turn right and head for Pittwater. The BOM current forecast images have been amazingly accurate and, as expected, shortly after turning onto a more Westerly course we crossed a distinct current line, into less blue water and the assistance ended. Oh well.

We finally caught a fish! Just a little skipjack but at least we broke the drought. The sugar scoop (and Lyn) was covered in blood by the time it finally succumbed to Lyns iki stick and stopped twitching.

All going well we should arrive Pittwater around mid morning.

Tue Dec 18 10:18 2018 NZDT
Speed: 9knts
Run: 122.5nm (221.7km)
Avg: 10.4knts
24hr: 250.2nm
31 17.168s 153 32.400e
Weather: 20 knots N, 30% cloud cover, rain squalls, 1.5m waves from the NE

Last night the wind gradually came around to the NE then NNE and we poled out the jib around sunset. A brief period of lighter wind from behind necessitated motor sailing for a couple of hours, but the wind came back and we?ve been grooving along with wind and waves from behind.

Early this morning the wind had gone far enough to the North that it was time to gybe, also to stay in the best current flow. At the moment we are going really well on port gybe, full working sails with poled out jib. The current is about 1.5 knots, not as good as it has been but we are positioning to get into a stronger stream later if the BOM forecast is correct.

We have had friendly dolphins visit 4 times so far, last time was sunset yesterday. This never gets old, we love to go up on the bow and watch them play.

Looking at the weather forecasts this morning we are probably not going to stop before Pittwater. A small front is coming through tonight but if we stop to avoid it we will end up with very little wind on Wednesday so not really worth it. Think it?s best to make miles while the sun shines (between rain squalls).

Mon Dec 17 22:33 2018 NZDT
Speed: 11knts
Run: 97.4nm (176.3km)
Avg: 10.3knts
24hr: 246.1nm
29 31.160s 153 42.130e
Weather: 20 knots NE, 20% cloud cover, 1.5m waves from the NE

A frustrating morning of motoring through rain, light headwinds and a confused lumpy sea gave way around midday to increasingly good weather and sailing conditions. We?ve been sailing really nicely all afternoon in a building ENE and as we?ve gotten further from the coast and into the favourable current we?ve been roaring along.

You?ve got to love the Australian east coast current, at least when heading south. Even this morning when we were motoring not very fast our SOG was close to 8 knots. Now with the good wind we are SOG between 10 and 12 knots, what a pleasure! The bom forecast images show up to 3 knots strength about 20 to 30 miles off, so that?s where we are at the moment.

Not sure on the stopping (or not) plan yet, will probably see where we get to by tomorrow morning and decide based on weather.

Mon Dec 17 13:03 2018 NZDT
Speed: 7knts
Run: 14.5nm (26.2km)
28 06.800s 153 36.050e
Weather: 10 knots SE, 100% cloud cover, 1.5m waves from the E

On our way south, ultimate destination Pittwater. Might do it in one or might stop for a night somewhere as a little front comes through. We initially had the forecast NE breeze but it?s now gone weird and from the SE. Think it?s just a rain squall.

Conditions not ideal with grey sky, rain and a confused sea caused by east swell and north east chop. The light wind is not helping.

Have been doing a bit of sailing but now motor sailing.

Sat Dec 15 0:03 2018 NZDT
Speed: 0knts
Run: 19nm (34.4km)
Avg: 6.4knts
24hr: 154.6nm
27 58.415s 153 25.460e
Weather: 15 knots NE, 60% cloud cover, 1.5m waves from the NE

Safely at the quarantine dock at Southport Yacht Club.

The bar crossing was no problem although we were surprised by the current still flowing out half hour after low. Thought the tide station was in the seaway but it?s obviously inside.

Fantastic! East coast weather has been changing fast all week. Now for a quick run home and that champers
Fri Dec 14 21:06 2018 NZDT
Speed: 8.5knts
Run: 109.4nm (198km)
Avg: 8.5knts
24hr: 204.3nm
27 48.567s 153 40.454e
Weather: 25 knots NE, 60% cloud cover, 1.5m waves from the NE

Decision made, we are stopping at the Gold Coast. In fact we are just 14 miles from the seaway. Should arrive at around low tide and seaway tower assures me the bar will be okay. Hope so, because we are crossing it in the dark! It?s been a day of good wind and good current. Had poled out jib for some time but mostly two sail reaching. Reefs have gone in and out and headsail furled and unfurled as the wind strength fluctuated.

This afternoon we dodged a few ships and saw dolphins for the first time in ages. Welcome to Australia, always a good omen we think.

Fri Dec 14 8:15 2018 NZDT
Speed: 8knts
Run: 201.6nm (364.9km)
Avg: 8.7knts
24hr: 209.9nm
26 48.150s 155 02.900e
Weather: 20 knots NNE, 90% cloud cover, 1m waves from the NNE

Yesterday afternoon the wind picked up at around 2pm and we started sailing slowly with gennaker and full main in about 10 knot northerly. Before sunset the wind had increased to about 14 knots and we furled the gennaker and went to the genoa. The wind has gradually increased all night and we?ve been making excellent speed with favorable current, tho in quite a northerly direction as we steered to be north of an anti cyclonic current eddy. We are now at our waypoint for the eddy and the current is excellent and should remain so as we close the coast further and hit the east coast current stream. The Southerly flow will help us turn our north into speed to destination.

It?s dismal news on the fishing front. Hooked something quite big yesterday morning on the purple rapala but it got off shortly after I began pulling it in. Then at sunset we got a hit on the pink squid lure, only to have a knot in the line undo itself, losing the tackle and lure! The captain is changing his mind again and stopping at the Gold Coast is once again on the table. The weather is now looking quite favorable for getting to Pittwater mid next week and confusing could put us in some quite rough 30+ north easterlies and big seas further down the line. All considered it makes sense to clear at GC and have a couple days rest there before continuing. Final decision will be made this morning after checking the updated weather forecast gribs.

Thu Dec 13 9:12 2018 NZDT
Speed: 7knts
Run: 56.4nm (102.1km)
Avg: 7.9knts
24hr: 189.3nm
26 02.250s 158 11.500e
Weather: 3 knots E, 30% cloud cover, 0.5m waves from the SE

An uneventful but restful night spent motoring in little wind and smooth seas. We expect this to continue for much of today before the forecast NE wind starts to build in the afternoon.

Continuing the sharky theme from last night, yesterday afternoon we also saw the fin of a large Oceanic White Tip shark following in our wake for a while. They have a distinctive dorsal fin with a white tip fading into the grey and a more rounded shape than most other sharks. It?s the first time we have ever seen one of these sharks, who have a terrible reputation for attacking humans. These are the sharks to fear the most if you ever have to abandon ship! Of all our crossings of this area of ocean this is the most fish action we?ve ever seen. Maybe it?s because it is later into the summer than previous trips?

Thu Dec 13 2:03 2018 NZDT
Speed: 7.3knts
Run: 122.6nm (221.9km)
Avg: 6.9knts
24hr: 166.2nm
25 32.700s 158 54.870e
Weather: 5 knots E, 10% cloud cover, 0.5m waves from the SE

The sails came down mid morning today and we motored for a few hours in little wind. In the afternoon we got a bit of a south easter and sailed nicely in a smooth sea and light but constant 8 knots with wind just forward of the beam.

Over the Capel bank we saw some vigorous fish action and changed course to investigate. It was a ball of tuna with about 6 sharks herding the fish. An amazing sight as we got really close and could see the sharks and fish clearly. I have never seen anything like it, one shark had it?s head out of the water like a dolphin! Despite motoring right through the boil a few times we only had one brief nibble on a lure, I think the tuna were trying to avoid the sharks and not interested in eating.

Sundowners on the side deck finished a beautiful day.

Tonight the wind has faded again and we have gone from motor sailing to sails down motoring, which we expect to continue until the wind hopefully fills in from the NE tomorrow afternoon. On the plus side we have hooked into some nice favorable current. Long term my calcs say there?s not much difference between closing the coast early for better current or direct shorter route, probably will decide based on the wind angle when it fills in.

Wed Dec 12 8:21 2018 NZDT
Speed: 6.3knts
Run: 64.8nm (117.3km)
Avg: 7.2knts
24hr: 171.8nm
24 20.000s 160 20.600e
Weather: 8 knots E, 10% cloud cover, 0.5m waves from the SE

We sailed comfortably but slowly for much of the night, very peaceful as the full main and gennaker surged us gently along. Around 1:30 this morning the breeze had deteriorated to slapping sails, time for the donk. Gennaker furled and motor sailing with full main and jib. The sails are only just hanging in there from a slapping point of view in the small confused seas.

A decision looms as to whether we continue heading in the Gold Coast direction, which will get us into favorable east coast current or to cut the corner and head direct for Newcastle which will put us in unfavorable current but be a shorter distance. Might have to do some calcs to occupy my mind.

Bet you choose to take advantage of the northerly winds and avoid that nasty looking low coming south down qld coast. Definitely should get you home in time for the Christmas parties
Tue Dec 11 23:18 2018 NZDT
Speed: 6.0knts
Run: 76nm (137.6km)
Avg: 8knts
24hr: 191nm
23 42.700s 161 06.700e
Weather: 10 knots ESE, 20% cloud cover, 0.5m waves from the SE

The wind decreased through the day and we rigged and deployed the gennaker around 9:30. Have been sailing all day with full main and gennaker in winds between 10 and 13 knots. Seas are pretty calm, not flat smooth but a very small swell and waves. Been still making good progress but this evening we are slowing quite a bit.

Beautiful settled weather, sunny (starry) and warm and we are both well rested and in fine spirits.

Looking at the weather developments in the future we will probably not stop at Gold Coast and will continue on to Newcastle or even Pittwater, need to check with the authorities if that?s an option. Christmas party appointments must be kept!

Tue Dec 11 13:45 2018 NZDT
Speed: 8.3knts
Run: 135.4nm (245.1km)
Avg: 27.4knts
24hr: 656.5nm
23 09.075s 162 08.556e
Weather: 17 knots ESE, 20% cloud cover, 1m waves from the SE

Correction, previous position not updated.

A comfortable night, we both got some good sleep, especially Lyn who?s really good at sleeping soundly at sea.

The wind did drop slightly and move a touch more to the east, but not as much as forecast which is great for our speed this morning. The seas have been calming all night and this morning we are roaring along on a broad reach with full working sails.

Trying to position ourselves well for current, using the BOM forecast images I screen captured before we left and hopefully we are currently getting favorable current around the bottom of a clockwise eddy. Hard to tell for sure because the log impeller is a bit dirty and can?t trust the speed from it.

Tue Dec 11 8:48 2018 NZDT
Speed: 8.3knts
22 19.059s 164 03.874e
Weather: 17 knots ESE, 20% cloud cover, 1m waves from the SE

A comfortable night, we both got some good sleep, especially Lyn who?s really good at sleeping soundly at sea.

The wind did drop slightly and move a touch more to the east, but not as much as forecast which is great for our speed this morning. The seas have been calming all night and this morning we are roaring along on a broad reach with full working sails.

Trying to position ourselves well for current, using the BOM forecast images I screen captured before we left and hopefully we are currently getting favorable current around the bottom of a clockwise eddy. Hard to tell for sure because the log impeller is a bit dirty and can?t trust the speed from it.

Mon Dec 10 21:54 2018 NZDT
Speed: 8knts
22 19.059s 164 03.874e
Weather: 18 knots SE, 40% cloud cover, 1.5m waves from the SE

It?s been a good days sailing, making really good progress reaching in 18 to 20 knots south easterly. 2 reefs and full jib is cruisy but fast enough. The seas are small but quite confused so it?s not perfectly comfortable but we are both doing very well. Just had delicious stew for dinner and settling in for our first night.

The wind is forecast to back and lighten overnight which is one of the reasons we are heading north of the rhumb line, so we can have a closer reaching angle in the lighter winds. The other reason is that it?s a more comfortable angle in this stronger wind.

Mon Dec 10 21:54 2018 NZDT
Speed: 8knts
Run: 98.8nm (178.8km)
Avg: 8.7knts
24hr: 208nm
22 19.059s 164 03.874e
Weather: 18 knots SE, 40% cloud cover, 1.5m waves from the SE

It?s been a good days sailing, making really good progress reaching in 18 to 20 knots south easterly. 2 reefs and full jib is cruisy but fast enough. The seas are small but quite confused so it?s not perfectly comfortable but we are both doing very well. Just had delicious stew for dinner and settling in for our first night.

The wind is forecast to back and lighten overnight which is one of the reasons we are heading north of the rhumb line, so we can have a closer reaching angle in the lighter winds. The other reason is that it?s a more comfortable angle in this stronger wind.

Mon Dec 10 10:30 2018 NZDT
Speed: 8knts
21 57.080s 165 33.400e
Weather: 17 knots SE, 20% cloud cover, 1.5m waves from the SE

We?ve picked up the wind now and roaring along. Full working sails on a nice broad reaching angle. Seas have settled and nice conditions now, champagne sailing!

Mon Dec 10 10:30 2018 NZDT
Speed: 8knts
Run: 10.1nm (18.3km)
Avg: 7.5knts
24hr: 179.6nm
21 57.080s 165 33.400e
Weather: 17 knots SE, 20% cloud cover, 1.5m waves from the SE

We?ve picked up the wind now and roaring along. Full working sails on a nice broad reaching angle. Seas have settled and nice conditions now, champagne sailing!

Mon Dec 10 9:09 2018 NZDT
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 8.4nm (15.2km)
21 53.040s 165 41.800e
Weather: 0 knots SE, 20% cloud cover

On our way. Currently motoring in little wind and uncomfortable seas. Should pick up the breeze as we clear the coast.

Sun Dec 9 13:33 2018 NZDT
Speed: 0knts
Run: 91.7nm (166km)
21 46.600s 165 45.520e
Weather: 25 knots SE, 20% cloud cover

Planning to leave for Aus tomorrow morning once this South Easter dies down a bit. Destination is Gold Coast but we may well divert further South to Coffs or Newcastle depending on how the weather forecasts pan out.

Sun Oct 28 16:57 2018 NZDT
Speed: 6knts
Run: 52.3nm (94.7km)
Avg: 6.7knts
24hr: 159.9nm
22 16.725s 167 05.000e
Weather: 0 knots SW, 20% cloud cover

We?ve arrived at Havannah pass! The south Westerly met us earlier than expected at about 11am and also was stronger than expected, getting up to about 18 knots. As the waves got a bit big we stopped the engine and sailed hard on port tack for a while, resorting to hand steering to soften the wave motion. Was actually quite pleasant sailing upwind, not something we do very often if we can help it.

As we closed on the land the waves flattened out for really nice conditions although not making course. Then the wind died too and we are now motoring again.

If this wind stays like this the plan is to continue through to Noumea tonight and clear in tomorrow morning.

Sun Oct 28 9:06 2018 NZDT
Speed: 6knts
Run: 76.7nm (138.8km)
Avg: 6.9knts
24hr: 165.8nm
21 59.900s 167 50.500e
Weather: 0 knots NW, 0% cloud cover

The calm conditions continued last night and we?ve spent the night peacefully gliding through silky smooth waters (except for the sound of the motor of course). Enjoyed a stunning moonrise from a clear horizon and big globs of phosphorescence popping out of our wake.

One negative has been a fair amount of time with negative current of about 1 knot, which is making my conservative eta estimate look a bit less achievable. It will all depend on how strong and soon the forecast South Westerly breeze is, probably get to Havannah between 2 and 4 pm.

This morning Mare island was clearly visible about 20 miles away and we could also make out Lifou in the distance. We?ve been reminded of the ?securite, securite? french vhf radio broadcast, which New Cal cruisers will be very familiar with.

Nothing new on the fishing front except for one nibble this morning. We have now lost 3 high speed rapalas and only have one left. Might try a rubbery squiddy thing on the other line and see if we can bag a Mahi.

Sat Oct 27 22:00 2018 NZDT
Speed: 6knts
Run: 95.6nm (173km)
Avg: 6.8knts
24hr: 162.7nm
21 31.300s 168 55.200e
Weather: 0 knots SE, 10% cloud cover

You?ve got to love it when a plan comes together! Gemini seamount delivered a huge mackerel. We had given up on finding the shallow area (which is incorrect on the chart) and returned to course but shortly after the depth sounder started seeing 80 meter and we circled around until we eventually found the 40 m area. Almost immediately we started to get hits on the two lures, but neither stuck, one big one came off the hook close to the boat. On about our third circle back we finally got one. The biggest mackerel we?ve ever caught, about 1.5m long, there was a bit of pandemonium on the sugar scoop as Lyn tried to control it with her little fish towel as I held the line. Eventually the iki stick found its mark and after a lot of filleting work by Lyn we had fresh fish for lunch and a stocked freezer. We tried a few more passes and I?m sure we would have caught another but we are on a schedule to beat the South Westerly and had to leave. A little later we lost the successful lure, almost brand new. Oh well, fish 3 Jolifou 1.

Whilst all this was going on a 50m super yacht called Drumbeat happened to come past. They weren?t fishing and captain said he came a bit closer because he thought we might be in distress going round in circles as we were. Weird coincidence, the only other vessel we?ve seen apart from a Chinese fishing trawler in the distance.

Shortly after we left the mount the wind died to almost nothing and the day has been spent motoring on an oily calm sea. This is the next best thing to perfect sailing if you don?t mind the fuel bill. Perched on the bow with a drink in hand, headed directly into the setting sun and golden ocean, was one of those priceless moments you get out here.

110 miles to go to Havannah pass!

Sat Oct 27 7:54 2018 NZDT
Speed: 6.3knts
Run: 87.1nm (157.7km)
Avg: 7.3knts
24hr: 174.9nm
20 49.170s 170 11.900e
Weather: 5 knots SE, 10% cloud cover

Nice sailing continued for a while but just before 10pm we needed to start the motor which we expect to remain on for the remainder of the passage. Motor sailed for a few hours but by this morning we have dropped the main and pretty much propeller power only, just a bit of wind filling the jib and reducing the rocking.

Beautiful sunset, moonrise and sunrise framing a peaceful night. This morning the sky is clear and the sea quite nice and flat. We have altered course a little to pass over the Gemini volcanic seamount where we hope to see some good fishing action. Chart shows it rising up from a depth of 2000 meters to just 40 meters. Friends of ours have reportedly had great success there last year so hoping we can improve our woeful fishing score later today.

Fri Oct 26 19:57 2018 NZDT
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 140.4nm (254.1km)
Avg: 12.1knts
24hr: 290.5nm
20 04.650s 171 17.160e
Weather: 13 knots SE, 20% cloud cover

Another perfect day of sailing, chewing up the miles effortlessly under a mostly sunny sky. The wind has been gradually fading through the day as forecast, but there?s still enough at the moment to keep us trucking along at over 7. Tiny swell and small waves, all the right direction to help us on our way.

Have decided not to rig up the gennaker as we will only really need it for a few hours tonight and not so keen on having it up after dark. Anyway we are cruising sailors after all and the wind angle will be perfect for motor sailing when we need it.

Not good on the fishing front, another lure down, the last of our genuine rapalas and almost brand new?. Fish 2 Jolifou 0.

Tired of the music on the iPad, we?ve delved into our old CD collection and sundowns this evening are to the Eurythmics greatest hits. Sweet dreams are made of this.

Love reading your posts. Sad about the rapalas. Hope there is a fish just waiting to be caught. Have a great evening. Xxx to you both
Fri Oct 26 8:21 2018 NZDT
Speed: 8knts
Run: 94.5nm (171km)
Avg: 7.9knts
24hr: 189.8nm
18 26.000s 172 33.000e
Weather: 17 knots SE, 70% cloud cover

The perfect sailing conditions continued last night, steady moderate breeze at a great reaching angle, small seas from the weather quarter, full moon (albeit mostly behind a thin cloud layer).

When we pulled the lures in last night we discovered that one was missing. Probably the speed is a bit much for trolling at the moment. Oh well, fish 1 Jolifou 0, will try again today.

We are both pretty well rested and very happy to be having such a comfy time at the moment.

I think the gennaker may make an appearance later today as the wind is forecast to decrease through the day. The routing calcs have us arriving at Havannah passage at about 7pm, which should be around mid flooding tide. Flooding tide flows westward so favorable for us which is a big help through Havannah and Woodin passages approaching Noumea. If we can keep to that or better it by a couple hours it will be great. Also looks like there?s a chance of a little south wester wind on the nose on final approach and the earlier we get there the better chance of avoiding it, so will keep the hammer down a bit over the next couple days.

Thu Oct 25 20:24 2018 NZDT
Speed: 8knts
Run: 224.6nm (406.5km)
Avg: 17.3knts
24hr: 416.2nm
18 53.325s 173 54.611e
Weather: 18 knots SE, 30% cloud cover

Today has been champagne sailing, 18 knots wind broad reaching with full working sails. Small waves and some favorable current has helped too as we eat up the miles easily.

Some minor incidents with one of the Vang tackle ropes breaking twice and causing the screws holding the lug in the boom to work their way out. Not too hard to fix and no further damage resulting.

We are heading a bit North of the rhumb line so that we have a better angle when the wind moderates. Popping in at Vanuatu has been considered .

Full moon is rising as I type this and we are hoping for another beautiful night tonight.

Loving your blogs. Hope you are having smooth sailing and lots of fun!!! Xxxx. Silus was here for dinner and send a big woof woof!! Xxxx.
Thu Oct 25 7:27 2018 NZDT
Speed: 7.5knts
17 53.169s 177 10.070e
Weather: 18 knots SE, 30% cloud cover

Leaving Fiji we had fairly boisterous conditions about 23 knots and rough seas from the south east. Motion not too bad as we sailed a bit right of course with 2nd reef and not much jib. Surfing at over 10 and averaging maybe 7.5 or more.

Through the night the wind has gradually moderated and gone a touch more into the east and we have been progressively unfurling the jib and coming up to course, now have full jib and 2nd reef main. Seas have become more friendly too which is appreciated as we both had moments of queasiness last night and haven?t eaten much except a little cheese and nuts.

It was a beautiful night with full moon peeking through the clouds. Looks like good weather today as the sun rises with not much cloud.

Wed Oct 24 18:36 2018 NZDT
Speed: 6knts
Run: 8.1nm (14.7km)
17 53.169s 177 10.070e
Weather: 15 knots SE, 30% cloud cover

On our way to New Cal.

Mon Oct 22 9:39 2018 NZDT
Speed: 0knts
Run: 74.6nm (135km)
17 46.230s 177 11.317e
Weather: 0 knots SE, 90% cloud cover

Sitting at Musket waiting on a new regulator and hoping for a good window for New Cal on Thursday when it arrives.

Mon Aug 27 20:35 2018 NZST
Run: 177.1nm (320.6km)
Avg: 5.1knts
24hr: 122.5nm
17 19.429S 178 13.161E

Arrived Nananu-I- rau. This morning. Great passage, downwind and port gybe the whole way.

Sun Aug 26 9:54 2018 NZST
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 83.7nm (151.5km)
18 06.420s 179 13.150w
Weather: 17 knots SE, 90% cloud cover

Left Fulanga yesterday and sailed to Lakeba where we spent last night. Lost 2 lures but didn?t land a fish :( It?s a sketchy anchorage at Lakeba with no swing room and exposed to the wind. Place looks a bit ugly also. Promising surf break on the pass but blown out by the wind. So we left this am, didn?t even go ashore or do sevu sevu.

We?re now on our way to Denerau to pick up friends by way of Nananu-I-Ra, hoping for a few days of good kiting there. Eta is tomorrow morning.

Mon Aug 13 19:51 2018 NZST
Run: 212.5nm (384.6km)
Avg: 6.3knts
24hr: 151.6nm
19 08.845s 178 33.878w

Arrived at Fulanga pass earlier today at 2pm. Pretty awesome sail considering it?s normally dead upwind in the trades. Reaching the whole way in 10 to 17 knots, bit more south in it for some time last night but still sailing nicely and had gennaker up in the broader angles yesterday afternoon and this afternoon.

Humpback whales yesterday. Final approach was magic as we saw pilot whales and sailed along the outside of the Fulanga reef in the flat water lee of the island.

Entering the pass was a bit hectic as we made just 2 knots over ground against the 5 knots of ebbing lagoon water. We have been told this place is the most beautiful island in Fiji. So far we have to agree.

Sun Aug 12 10:12 2018 NZST
Speed: 7knts
Run: 77.2nm (139.7km)
18 21.830s 178 17.720e
Weather: 12kt SSW 0.5m swell from the SW 70% cloud cover

On our way to Fulanga.

Wed Jun 27 6:36 2018 NZST
Speed: 7knts
Run: 80.6nm (145.9km)
Avg: 7.7knts
24hr: 184.2nm
17 54.503s 177 13.331e
Weather: 20kt SE 1.5m swell from the SE 70% cloud cover

Just entered Navula pass! Bula Bula Fiji. Looking forward to catching up with all of our cruising friends here.

Bula welcome back! Have been following your passage,well done. See you out at Musket.
Tue Jun 26 20:06 2018 NZST
Speed: 7knts
Run: 94.1nm (170.3km)
Avg: 7.7knts
24hr: 184.4nm
19 03.700s 177 24.000e
Weather: 20kt SE 1.5m swell from the SE 70% cloud cover

Very excited to see Cape Washington on Kadavu island mid afternoon. Just 70 miles to Navula passage now! Barring disasters we should be checking in at Lautoka early tomorrow morning.

It?s been a good day of sailing, broad reaching in building breeze and gradually cashing in our easting to improve the wind angle. So far the plan is working nicely.

Beautiful almost full moon sky this evening as we barrel along. The seas have been surprisingly small, bit lumpy but nothing the JF can?t handle easily.

Tue Jun 26 7:51 2018 NZST
Speed: 7knts
Run: 145nm (262.5km)
Avg: 13.2knts
24hr: 316.4nm
20 23.500s 177 05.650e
Weather: 18kt SE 1.5m swell from the SE 40% cloud cover

The wind increased from the SE earlier than expected and it?s been a touch boisterous as we continue to head east of direct course in anticipation of bigger winds and seas on final approach. 2nd reef main and half furled jib, good speeds.

This morning we passed superyacht Encore headed south, seems Ike a strange time of year for heading for NZ, most will be going the other way.

Less than 24 hours to go! ?

Mon Jun 25 20:51 2018 NZST
Speed: 7knts
Run: 75nm (135.8km)
Avg: 6knts
24hr: 143.4nm
22 19.300s 176 12.700e
Weather: 12kt SE 1m swell from the SE 10% cloud cover

The wind filled in after lunch and we have been sailing nicely In 10 to 12kt SE winds the whole afternoon. The plan is to keep making a bit of east so we are approx directly south of destination when the wind is forecast to build from the SE, hopefully giving us a nice comfy final approach.

Around sunset we saw our first vessel since leaving the Australian shipping lanes, a 24 meter fishing vessel (Solander 5) which is currently about 5 miles from us. Tried to call them on the VHF for a chat but no response. When they subsequently changed course and speed towards us and temporarily disappeared from the AIS display our minds had a bit of a moment, fearing they may be illegal fishing (or drugs) and trying to intercept us! Probably just on their way back to Suva.

Mon Jun 25 8:18 2018 NZST
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 80.1nm (145km)
Avg: 7.2knts
24hr: 171.6nm
22 06.800s 175 03.630e
Weather: 4kt E 1m swell from the SE 5% cloud cover

We continued to motor through last night into a slightly bobbly sea caused by a 7 knot easterly with the odd small rain squall. We both had excellent sleep and are nice and well rested this morning.

The wind and sea is calmer again now, glorious weather. We are ahead of our schedule for Wednesday morning arrival so will start sailing slowly as soon as some wind develops. According to models that may happen around midday.

Sun Jun 24 21:06 2018 NZST
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 84.9nm (153.7km)
Avg: 7.4knts
24hr: 177.2nm
22 51.580s 174 06.070e
Weather: 7kt NE 0.5m swell from the SE 30% cloud cover

We?ve been motoring all day, all sails down in little wind from variable direction. Always expected this based on the weather models and it?s a good time to relax and sleep as the motor provides white noise, sea is pretty flat and there is nothing that can go wrong sails and wind-wise.

We wrote down our lists of goals for the season, mostly action sports things like ?Get barreled more? and ?Kiting back roll?.

One of my goals is to work on my core strength and I was inspired to do my Hamish Wilcox core and stretch exercise session this afternoon. Cheers Hamish if you?re reading this.

Barring any mishaps if all goes to plan we should arrive at Navula passage early Wednesday morning. :)

Sun Jun 24 9:36 2018 NZST
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 77.8nm (140.8km)
Avg: 6.4knts
24hr: 152.4nm
23 39.754s 173 05.313e
Weather: 4kt SE 0.5m swell from the SE 10% cloud cover

Sails start flopping, start engine. Splutter, splutter, oh dear it?s that dry exhaust sound again. Stop engine. Go through the now familiar priming procedure. Start engine, looks good, relax. Half an hour later, splutter splutter ?shoot?. Wake Lyn so she can steer whilst we bob about rather than stressing the autopilot.

Speedseal off, check impeller, looks good. Prime again, try again, watch as the water level in the strainer gradually reduces until air begins to get sucked into the pump. Try again a couple times, same result (what a fool does). Remove inlet pipe from strainer, water coming in but slowly, poke wire through seacock. Prime, try, same. BUT large oyster sucked into strainer, must have been the cause. Prime, try, better but still sucking air after a while. Re-locate strainer downward below sea level, fixed!! Sometimes I think that when things are going too well something bad is bound to happen sooner or later. Hopefully we have now paid that due and the motor will behave because we are looking at about a day and a half of little wind and mostly motoring. Time to catch up on some sleep.

Sat Jun 23 21:21 2018 NZST
Speed: 5knts
Run: 80.3nm (145.3km)
Avg: 6.3knts
24hr: 152.3nm
24 23.300s 172 08.850e
Weather: 8kt SE 1m swell from the SE 20% cloud cover

On this day we remember my Dad, David Savage. This time last year we were in mourning 4 days into our passage. Maybe Dad has pulled some strings for this passage to make it so good? He certainly would have appreciated the beautiful day we?ve had.

Through the day the wind has gradually backed as its strength has eased. We have managed to keep sailing quite well so far, aided greatly by a consistent wind direction at 90 degrees and a super calm sea. Progress has been slower but who cares when it?s this nice.

It was a stunning sunset and this evening is beautiful with a moonlit calm sea. No doubt the calm will need to be broken soon as we start the engine.

Sat Jun 23 8:42 2018 NZST
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 62.8nm (113.7km)
Avg: 7.2knts
24hr: 173.2nm
25 05.850s 171 08.000e
Weather: 22kt SSW 1m swell from the S 20% cloud cover

A relaxing night two sail broad reaching in wind varying between about 10 to 13 knots. Small course adjustments to come up a bit in the lulls and down in the gust. The seas are nice and friendly but we have a little bit of contrary current. The weather is lovely, blue skies and Simpson clouds.

Headed a bit more east than desired as we lose too much speed any squarer to the wind. Plan at the moment is to be about due south of Lautoka when we are about 100 miles out, this us when some of the models predict possible strong SE winds and will be nice to have an easy angle.

All models indicate we will lose the wind later today and may have to motor for two days thereafter. Will try to keep sailing as long as possible today to save as much fuel dollars as we can.

Sat Jun 23 0:00 2018 NZST
Speed: ) most of the day we had full jib poled out with 2nd reef mainsail. we could easily have had full mai but the boat was well balanced and fast enough lie this, with little stress on the gear.knts
Run: 114.3nm (206.9km)
Avg: 7.6knts
24hr: 183.5nm
25 27.180s 170 12.520e
Weather: 15kt SSW 1.5m swell from the SW 20% cloud cover

Another day of perfect conditions but without rain squall Later in the day the wind had just a touch more south in it and we too the pole down, changing to the current situation of 2 sail reaching in 15 knots. Easy miles and very comfortable on the Jolifou.

I can?t help but think about our friends Dal and Dave who left at a similar time to us in Dal?s Santa Cruz 52 ?Cruz Control?. That boat was made for these conditions and they must be absolutely loving it at the moment. They don?t have satellite comms and we have tried to contact on an hf radio sched but no joy so far. Will be interesting to see how far ahead they arrive.

Fri Jun 22 9:03 2018 NZST
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 74.6nm (135km)
Avg: 7.4knts
24hr: 177.3nm
26 35.300s 168 52.2e
Weather: 17kt SW 1.5m swell from the SSW 20% cloud cover

Last night continued to be excellent sailing conditions as we cruised along at a comfortable speed surging on the following seas. Occasional need to change the heading on the autopilot up and down a few degrees on the gusts and lulls. The squalls were less severe and with the easy seas the autopilot could handle them fine with a little manual fine tuning.

We both got good sleep and we are a very happy boat at the moment, thoroughly enjoying this middle of the trip time, when you?ve become comfortable with the boat, settled into a nice routine and the destination is still too far to bother with anticipation.

Weather has been generally fine apart from the odd brief rain squall, but it is still cold despite our more northerly position.

Thu Jun 21 22:57 2018 NZST
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 93.3nm (168.9km)
Avg: 7.7knts
24hr: 184.3nm
27 05.800s 167 48.200e
Weather: 17kt SW 1.5m swell from the SSW 20% cloud cover

Today has been awesome sailing, downwind in 15 to 18 knots, poled out 1/4 furled jib and 2nd reef mainsail. Seas following and quite organized. The reason for the conservative sail plan is mostly the rain squalls, which have not been too heavy but probably gusting about 30 at most and with quite big windshifts. I?ve been hand steering through the 3 squalls of today to react quickly and ensure we stay at the right wind angle and no broaching and flappy sails.

Lyn had a good yoga session without me in the way and I put a wear cover on the top of the staysail halyard as it has been chafing at the sheave.

So far tonight there have been no squalls and it?s idyllic conditions at the moment. Long may it last.

Latest models are looking good for a nice remainder of the passage, albeit light wind motoring in store for the weekend. Not pushing as hard east now as we expect to be able and wanting to do that in the lighter winds ahead.

Thu Jun 21 10:48 2018 NZST
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 89.3nm (161.6km)
Avg: 7.3knts
24hr: 174.2nm
27 38.300s 166 24.700e
Weather: 17kt SW 1.5m swell from the SSW 20% cloud cover

Last night was a difficult one with rain squalls messing us about. The kind of night where if you had plenty of fuel you would just take the sails down and motor. Speaking of which when we did start the motor in the calm after one squall, we again had the dry exhaust problem. Only fixed by bleeding at the water pump cover (speed seal makes this a lot easier), which requires removing the steps in a rolling boat. Was not conducive to sleep for the off watch, a bit of an emotional time for the captain too. I think it?s time that lowering the strainer gets to the top of THE LIST.

Again the second half of the night/early hours of morning was much better. On the plus side for the squalls we rode one out this morning after sunrise and were treated to the most amazing double rainbow which literally overtook us with its arch.

Lyn had a great watch enjoying watching shooting stars in a clear sky: ?I had this fantasy of lying on the foredeck and nature putting on a fireworks display of stars falling out of the sky?. Maybe we?ve been at sea too long already?

Wed Jun 20 22:30 2018 NZST
Speed: 6knts
Run: 90.9nm (164.5km)
Avg: 7.5knts
24hr: 179.6nm
27 52.300s 164 58.500e
Weather: 15kt SW 1.5m swell from the SSW 30% cloud cover

Today was a good day of sailing, especially this morning where we were broad reaching with full main and jib, calm seas and favorable current. Conditions were so good we even did a yoga session, albeit no balancing positions.

This afternoon and early evening the wind has swung to the SW and we are now sailing in about 18 knots with poled out half furled jib and 1st reef in the main. Quite comfortable but the current now seems against us and progress is slower. Had to deal with a couple of pesky rain squalls.

I had a very amusing text chat via iridium with Warwick of Fusio. It?s amazing that technology lets us do this from the middle of the ocean to him on an island in the Lau group. Looking forward to catching up with them soon.

Wed Jun 20 10:21 2018 NZST
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 86.6nm (156.7km)
Avg: 8.4knts
24hr: 202.8nm
28 06.574s 163 30.639e
Weather: 15kt SSW 1m swell from the SSW 30% cloud cover

Last night the good wind continued, about 15 knots from the SSW. We sailed nicely all night, broad reaching with 2nd reef and full jib. More of the same this morning, long may it last! We are now trying to make as much easting as possible as insurance against possible future ESE winds. Looks like we will pass quite close to Norfolk Island.

Wed Jun 20 0:06 2018 NZST
Speed: 8knts
Run: 102.1nm (184.8km)
Avg: 7.7knts
24hr: 184.2nm
28 23.970s 162 07.580e
Weather: 15kt S 1m swell from the SW 10% cloud cover

Much of today has been spent motoring. We had a brief sail around 12 then the wind dropped and was square behind. Late afternoon the wind filled in quite nicely from the south and we?ve been sailing since then, dodging rain squalls early evening, not much in them, bit of a gust in front but then they bugger up the wind for a while.

Around 7 the rain squalls disappeared and since then we have been sailing really nicely in about 15 knots from the south, flat seas and favorable current.

The forecast is still looking good for the rest of the trip, holding thumbs it plays out.

Tue Jun 19 10:48 2018 NZST
Speed: 6.8knts
Run: 91.3nm (165.3km)
Avg: 7.8knts
24hr: 187.3nm
29 03.683s 160 37.266e
Weather: 10kt SW 1m swell from the SW 10% cloud cover

Last night was a mixed bag of little rain squalls, gusts and lulls, generally a bit lighter varying from about 10 to 25 knots.

During one of the lulls we decided to motor as battery needed charge anyway. That dreaded dry sound came out of the exhaust and spent a frustrating half an hour checking impeller, pouring water in the strainer etc. to prime the raw water pump. All good now and we ended up motoring a fair bit last night.

This morning the wind is light and from behind so we are motoring again. Nice and comfy tho.

Weather forecasts at the moment look like we will have lighter winds for the rest of the trip so the staysail has been packed in its deck bag and we will hoist the big sails when the wind fills in.

Mon Jun 18 23:06 2018 NZST
Speed: 7.5?knts
Run: 98.8nm (178.8km)
Avg: 8knts
24hr: 191.2nm
29 45.750s 159 20.205e
Weather: 18kt W 1m swell from the W 40% cloud cover rain squalls

The wind and seas built again and we lost the favorable current as we got more north. The early evening was spent trying to dodge Elizabeth reef as a rain squall of about 40 knots shifted the wind direction by 30 degrees to the SW. Originally planning on passing to the south of the reef, we opted to change to the north. It was a stressful time as we feared we might get another squall from the west putting the reef in a Lee shore position. Wasn?t a problem in the end.

Now the rain squalls are again causing a bit of unrest as we are forced to frequently change sail size and course.

Mon Jun 18 10:42 2018 NZST
Speed: 8knts
Run: 118.1nm (213.8km)
Avg: 8.7knts
24hr: 210nm
30 23.357s 157 51.124e
Weather: 18kt W 0.5m swell from the W 10% cloud cover.

The first half of the night was hard with rain squalls (no lightning fortunately) necessitating frequent furling and unfurling of the jib as we were knocked about by the lumpy sea. I?ve never before experienced so much crashing about of stuff down below as despite our best efforts to secure, the violent rolling from side to side played havoc. This made sleep difficult.

Later on the squalls ended and the seas and wind became a bit more consistent and we both had some good sleep.

This morning there is a miraculous transformation with much smaller and regular waves, the wind is a touch lighter and we are getting wonderful assistance from the current as hoped. Full jib poled out, full staysail to leeward, still no mainsail. No more rocking, happy days :)

Sun Jun 17 21:12 2018 NZST
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 101.9nm (184.4km)
Avg: 8.6knts
24hr: 205.5nm
31 17.032s 156 09.398e
Weather: 25kt WSW 2.5m swell from the W 30% cloud cover.

Has been a windy and wild day but good progress in the right direction with the 25 to 30 knot Westerlies. Sea state a bit confused as wind has switched from WNW to WSW. Jolifou going well with no main, staysail and poled out heavily reefed jib, but it is a rocky ride.

Still we are in good spirits, eating well and getting some sleep.

Have heard our friend Dal of Cruz Control trying to get us on the VHF, but he does not seem to hear our reply. He must be somewhere relatively neat but can?t see him.

Sun Jun 17 9:18 2018 NZST
Speed: 8.5knts
Run: 84.9nm (153.7km)
Avg: 9knts
24hr: 215.6nm
31 51.290s 154 33.667e
Weather: 25kt WNW 1.5m swell from the W 15% cloud cover.

Around 11:30 pm AEST last night the wind came back and has built to a solid 25 knots from the NNW. We?ve been sailing rapidly all night with staysail to leeward and poled out jib to windward (now half furled), mainsail down. Loving this configuration for strong downwind, if the jib backs the staysail keeps the speed for the autopilot to be able to turn the boat and recover.

We have been getting some current assistance in a northerly eddy of the east coast current and we have now hit a strong maybe 3 knots ESE flow of the main coastal current bending out. This is making it hard to follow our preferred routing of making some north to ensure we are over a low developing in a couple days. However with good speed through the water the current is giving us excellent SOG towards Lord Howe, seeing lots of 10s.

In the pitch black after the sliver of moon set there was a really special show of phosphorescent dolphins lighting up the water.

Sat Jun 16 23:51 2018 NZST
Speed: 7.0knts
Run: 94.4nm (170.9km)
Avg: 8.4knts
24hr: 201.4nm
32 21.500s 153 14.350e
Weather: 5kt W 0.5m swell from the W 15% cloud cover.

After a perfect day of sailing in strong WNW wind and small following seas the wind dropped at 5:30 and we are now motoring. Bit frustrating as the weather models never showed this and not great to be burning the fuel reserves so early in the trip.

On the plus side it was a great day, highlight was a pod of hundreds of dolphins paying us a visit.

Sat Jun 16 12:36 2018 NZST
Speed: 7.5knts
32 55.199s 151 45.675e
Weather: 20kt NW 0.5m swell from the W 0% cloud cover.

Just left Newcastle harbour. Perfect sailing at the moment as we reach along the Stockton coast in 20 knots NW, 3 reefs and half furled jib.

Sat Jun 16 9:46 2018 NZST
No position sent.

Anyone wants to get hold of us via satellite

Phone/SMS please SMS only unless emergency +881623485582

Email - small text mails only, no attachments please.

Sat Jun 16 9:39 2018 NZST
Speed: 0knts
Run: 3nm (5.4km)
32 55.199s 151 45.675e
Weather: 15kt WNW 1.5m swell from the W 0% cloud cover.

Testing from the marina in Newcastle. We are planning on leaving at 9am today.

Fri Dec 8 10:38 2017 NZDT
Run: 83.9nm (151.9km)
Avg: 6.9knts
24hr: 164.6nm
32 54.7S 151 48.7eE
Weather: SW 15kt, 1m swell from SE, 80% cloud cover

Arriving Newcastle now! Joe has a working berth for us, excellent. Was a bit of a slow night of downwind sailing then nasty little SW came through and we've been motoring for the past 3 hours.

Looking forward to re-aquainting with old friends Joe and Belinda and new friends Hamish and Ulrika, we are sailing with Joe and Hamish on Joes Farr 40 in the regatta this weekend.

Thu Dec 7 22:24 2017 NZDT
Run: 69.7nm (126.2km)
Avg: 8.3knts
24hr: 200.1nm
32 08.4S 152 55.35E
Weather: 12kts NE, 1.5m swell from NE, 20% cloud cover

The forecast NE wind came but less than expected so far. This and a decrease in the favourable current is slowing our progress a bit.

Dolphin show again this afternoon, very beautiful!

Pleasant weather so far for our last night at sea this season. Will soon be gybing for our final approach to Newcastle. 73 miles to go.

Been following your journey and happy you are nearly at Newcastle!!! Enjoy a good rest there before heading down to Sydney!!!! XxxxπŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸ»πŸΊπŸΈπŸ•πŸ•πŸ•
Thu Dec 7 14:02 2017 NZDT
Run: 128.3nm (232.2km)
Avg: 8.1knts
24hr: 193.9nm
31 10.5S 153 16.0E
Weather: 0kts, 1.5m swell from NE, 0% cloud cover.

Around 11 last night the good northeasterly began to fade and back to the N and W. We motor sailed for about 5 hours in quite sloppy conditions. The expected Westerly came through but only light and we sailed with full working sails in a now smooth sea apart from the swell, quite pleasant especially as the 2 knots current assistance meant we could afford to be slow through the water.

About an hour ago the wind died completely, as expected, and we are now motoring on a glassy sea, awaiting this afternoons forecast northerlies.

Wed Dec 6 22:09 2017 NZDT
Run: 98nm (177.4km)
Avg: 8.2knts
24hr: 195.9nm
29 21.4S 153 41.9E
Weather: 15kt NE, 10% cloud, swell 2m NE

A lot of motoring this morning as expected, not too unpleasant in sunny sky with quite big swell but motion not too bad.

Around 2:30 the NE wind came up enough to start sailing and it's been a very pleasant afternoon of sailing. Dolphins came to entertain us as we had a sundowner, very beautiful.

Weird little low is supposed to bubble off the coast tonight causing the wind to back all the way around to the SW eventually but not for very long. We will probably close with the coast a bit for better sea conditions when this happens.

Wed Dec 6 10:09 2017 NZDT
Run: 2.3nm (4.2km)
27 57.300S 153 27.300E
Weather: 5kt Westerly, clear sky sunny. Swell 1.5m from ENE.

Just exited Gold Coast seaway enroute to Newcastle. Forecast is not wonderful but we need to get South before the southerlies come through on the weekend or we may not get back by the 15th, our deadline because our daughter Shonagh is arriving. It means we expect to burn a bit of diesel, but hopefully we get some windows of good northerlies in between.

Fri Dec 1 4:57 2017 NZDT
Speed: 0knts
Run: 53.5nm (96.8km)
Avg: 6.4knts
24hr: 153.8nm
27 58.405s 153 25.448e
Weather: 10kt E 1.5m swell from the E 50% cloud cover.

Safely at the clearance dock, Southport marina. Dolphin show at sunset capped off a fantastic passage, doing the bow riding thing, back jumps, spin jumps, synchronized jumps! Slowed a bit for bar crossing after low tide, no breaking waves but some very steep ones, relieved to get in.

Thu Nov 30 20:36 2017 NZDT
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 116.4nm (210.7km)
Avg: 9.2knts
24hr: 220.8nm
27 18.500s 153 52.300e
Weather: 15kt E 1.5m swell from the E 50% cloud cover.

A beautiful day of sailing to complete probably our most pleasant passage ever. We have had about a 2 knot push of current all day and, just for a change we took the pole down and have used our westing to give us a nice broad reaching angle. Saw our first ships in the Australian shipping channel this afternoon.

Just 45 miles to go now. We will probably arrive early hours of Friday morning and take on the Seaway entrance in the dark, hopefully with some moon assistance (swell is not too big).

Last meal tonight will be fillet steak with cake for dessert, yum!

Just loved reading all your news, and felt as if I was on the JoliFou with you!!!! Hope you have a good rest before heading off again back to Sydney!! Xxxxx
Thu Nov 30 7:57 2017 NZDT
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 69.6nm (126km)
Avg: 7.6knts
24hr: 182.5nm
26 07.000s 155 12.200e
Weather: 15kt ENE 1.5m swell from the SE 50% cloud cover.

A slower night of lighter winds and contrary current which is not really a problem as we are resigned to Friday morning arrival anyway.

This morning we are finally starting to find the favorable SW setting branch of the Australian east coast current that we have been seeking. One wonders if the distance lost to get here was worth it, especially as we will probably end up slowing down to arrive in morning daylight hours.

All happy aboard, we are now well into the swing of passage routine, almost regret it is coming to an end.

145 nm to go.

Wed Nov 29 22:48 2017 NZDT
Speed: 6knts
Run: 101.7nm (184.1km)
Avg: 7.1knts
24hr: 169.5nm
25 41.800s 156 13.200e
Weather: 10kt ENE 1m swell from the SE 100% cloud cover.

Lighter wind today, varying between about 8 and 14 knots. This combined with unfavorable current is setting back our eta a bit. Also a bit grey with a little rain. Not the best weather for our 20th wedding anniversary, but it did rain on our wedding day, so maybe appropriate. Love you madly Lyn! 200 nm to go, so we probably will arrive at Gold Coast seaway late tomorrow night or early hours of Friday. Decided to motor this afternoon for a while when a rain cloud took away the wind, exhaust sounded dry and no water coming through. This happened before, ironically last year about a day from Australia. Impeller was okay but changed anyway, still not working. After about an hour of checking everything, tightening hose clamps and priming it eventually started working.

By the way, not the best of days for our 20th anniversary:)

Wed Nov 29 8:24 2017 NZDT
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 94.2nm (170.5km)
Avg: 8knts
24hr: 191.6nm
25 20.100s 157 48.000e
Weather: 12kt ENE 1m swell from the SE 50% cloud cover.

Another mellow night with plenty of sleep. Full main and poled jib the whole night. The weather has been so consistent and settled that we broke our usual habit of reef at night. The wind has been a bit lighter in general and the current has become less favorable. Hoping this will improve as we get closer to Australia.

Tue Nov 28 20:36 2017 NZDT
Speed: )knts
Run: 80.3nm (145.3km)
Avg: 8knts
24hr: 191.8nm
24 55.700s 159 14.200e
Weather: 14kt ENE 1m swell from the SE 5% cloud cover.

Repaired the mainsail. On closer inspection it wasn't bad at all, more of a stitch in time repair. Used some Kevlar sticky back patches and nice and strong now.

Wind was a bit lighter today especially around midday. Briefly gybed to stbd to avoid a cloud bank. Also quite keen to be a bit west of rhumb line for hopefully good current.

Otherwise another nice quiet day of champagne sailing. Highlight was delicious fairy cakes by Lyn for afternoon tea, yum! Have been communicating with Impi and Blue Bie by iridium SMS. Bloody cats are faster than us, especially Impi who are using their spinnaker and are now about 80 miles ahead of us:)

Tue Nov 28 10:33 2017 NZDT
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 108.2nm (195.8km)
Avg: 8.1knts
24hr: 194.5nm
24 36.500s 160 28.000e
Weather: 15kt ENE 1m swell from the SE 30% cloud cover.

Another glamour night of mellow sailing down wind, waves and current. At sunset yesterday we noticed what may be a small wear hole in the main at top spreaders so put in a reef to change the chafing point. Will investigate properly this morning and repair, but until then no full mainsail.

If we can keep a 7.5 knot average we can arrive at Gold Coast seaway late daylight hours Thursday. Usually this would be a big ask but we are hoping to pick up good favourable current from a slightly more northern approach so shooting for that at the moment.

Mon Nov 27 21:12 2017 NZDT
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 112.9nm (204.3km)
Avg: 8.8knts
24hr: 210nm
24 08.300s 162 06.400e
Weather: 15kt ENE 1m swell from the SE 50% cloud cover.

Fantastic day of sailing. Poled out jib, full main, perfect angle straight towards Gold Coast with small swell and waves up the chuff. Also favorable current about 1.5 knots.

Forecast is looking like we may continue to get similar conditions most of the way, which will be a pleasure. Almost worth the disappointment of missing out on the Chesterfields. Needless to say we are both happy and well rested.

It is very exciting to be able to track you on your way home!!!! Hope you have fantastic weather!! Xxxxx. Woof woof from Silus who is snuggled up in bed with me already!!! β›΅οΈπŸ˜
Mon Nov 27 8:18 2017 NZDT
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 93.2nm (168.7km)
Avg: 7.7knts
24hr: 184.1nm
23 18.200s 163 38.400e
Weather: 17kt ENE 1m swell from the SE 50% cloud cover.

Couple reefs in the main for the night and furled a little bit of jib later. Seas got a little rougher. Sailing nicely but a bit noisy down below so we're both struggling to get a good sleep. Lots of dozing tho.

Have been coming up further south as the wind slowly backed to the ENE as forecast. At first light we poled the jib out and now toddling along comfortably with full poled Jib and 2 reefed main.

Have had a couple SMS chats with Impi who are about 20 miles ahead of us and on a more southern track.

Sun Nov 26 20:09 2017 NZDT
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 75.7nm (137km)
Avg: 8knts
24hr: 192.3nm
22 36.600s 164 53.739e
Weather: 17kt ESE 1m swell from the SE 10% cloud cover.

Had the motor on for longer than expected as it took a few hours before we cleared the effects of the island and started sailing in the ESE wind. Worth the wait tho as we have spent the afternoon sailing in perfect conditions. Broad reaching with full working sails and mellow sea conditions. Champagne sailing at the moment, wind increasing a little. We will probably put 1 reef in the main for hopefully a comfortable night.

Just love reading your news! You are having such a great time on the JoliFou! Silus snuggled in with me for the night! A very happy Chappy !!! Xxxxxx
Sun Nov 26 10:42 2017 NZDT
Speed: 6.3knts
Run: 69.6nm (126km)
22 02.922s 165 54.755e
Weather: 5kt S 1m swell from the S 80% cloud cover.

Just exited st Vincent's pass. Wind is surprising at the moment. Motor sailing in light Southerly. We expect to pick up good easterlies soon as we get away from the land.

Wed Oct 18 20:48 2017 NZDT
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 104.1nm (188.4km)
Avg: 8.7knts
24hr: 209.1nm
22 24.037s 166 55.944e
Weather: 20kt SE 2m swell from the SE 30% cloud cover.

Bonnie Anse light on the bow! Entered Havannah channel at 17:30 nc time. Was a rough day with big seas from the side playing havoc with the auto pilot.

Very pleased to be here, we are going to pull into Prony bay for a bit of a rest before continuing to Noumea.

Hi. Guys. You have done so well. We saw you off Havannah late yesterday and knew it would have been a rough and powerful trip. We can see you on your way up to Noumea. We are at Maitre, Shenanigans is in sport do Sud and I think fusio is still at Signal I. Look forward to catching up. Pip

Hi my wonderful adventurous kids Your daily write ups are amazing!!! Some of them sound a bit hectic!! Hope the seas have calmed down and you are still on track for your safe haven at Noumea!!!! Missing you both so much!! Lots of love and stay safe and look after yourselves out there in the wild seas!!!! Lots of love and πŸ€— hugs. Mom
Wed Oct 18 8:51 2017 NZDT
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 188.6nm (341.4km)
Avg: 8knts
24hr: 192.6nm
22 11.777s 168 32.674e
Weather: 25kt SE 2m swell from the SE 50% cloud cover.

Yesterday was pretty good sailing. Poled out jib for a while and reefed progressively as the wind built. Last night was frustrating as the building awkward sea state knocked us about throwing the auto pilot off course. Struggled to find the right sail plan balance to fix this and have lost time on our goal for the Havannah tide gate but still hoping to get there soon enough to get at least some tidal assistance or slack tide.

Bit of drama on the high seas in the early hours of this morning, thankfully not involving Jolifou. Lyn noticed a 180 meter cargo ship "Kea Trader" on AIS located at the Durand reef 20 miles from us. It's status on AIS was "aground"! We were later relieved to see a salvage vessel standing by and assisting as we weren't sure what we would have been able to do to help. I had a chat with the salvage vessel and he said they had been unsuccessful in their first attempt to refloat it and were waiting on the weather to improve to try again. Good luck to them, the conditions at the moment are pretty rough with a 25 knot SE and quite big seas.

We were initially confused by that too. It was still dark, early in the morning and we could see all these lights scurrying up and down the horizon plus the ships lights and bearing.
Tue Oct 17 9:21 2017 NZDT
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 194.2nm (351.5km)
Avg: 7.8knts
24hr: 186.1nm
21 57.434s 171 28.700e
Weather: 15kt SE 1m swell from the SE 50% cloud cover.

Spent a bit of fuel motor sailing yesterday, trying to keep on a schedule that would get us to Havannah channel on an incoming tide as our info is it can be really rough with 4 knots outgoing tide against wind. Also obviously would like the tide assistance going our way through there and Woodin channel too. If we can keep good speeds we hope to get there by 4pm Wednesday. This could well be a bridge too far, but we will see what we can do in the increasing SE breeze over the next couple days.

We have also been trying to get some southing in, in anticipation of the building breeze to try to have an easier angle when it gets to the 25 knots forecast.

Had a bit of frustration trying to set the loose luff furling gennaker. After going to the effort of rigging it up we started hoisting but half way up the 2:1 halyard twisted around itself and got stuck, wouldn't move up or down. I had to go up the mast to get it down.

Breeze filled in later in the day and we've been sailing nicely on a broad reach ever since.

Caught a little Bonito at dusk, a very red bloody fish. We would have thrown it back but it was too far gone so we will have to see what it tastes like.

Mon Oct 16 8:18 2017 NZDT
Speed: 6.0knts
Run: 174.8nm (316.4km)
Avg: 7knts
24hr: 168.5nm
20 47.500s 174 13.450e
Weather: 10kt ESE 1m swell from the SE 50% cloud cover.

Yesterday morning the wind did fill in again and we spent the day running quite square with poled out jib in 12 to 16 knots wind from about the east.

The sea state became quite boisterous but Jolifou was handling it quite comfortably. The exception was one time when the autopilot lost control in a broach which resulted in headsail backed and us in a hove to position, had to start the motor to get going again rather than dropping sails etc. After that we put a reef in.

Last night the wind went light and we motor sailed for 4 hours but we are now sailing again, reaching with full sails. We are both getting plenty of sleep in these benign conditions, really comfortable passage so far :)

Sun Oct 15 7:24 2017 NZDT
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 153.9nm (278.6km)
Avg: 7.3knts
24hr: 175.5nm
19 24.099s 176 28.417e
Weather: 10kt E 1m swell from the SE 30% cloud cover.

Pleasant sailing broad reaching and running in 15 knot ESE breeze. Sea conditions pretty good.

Took the scenic route through Benga lagoon. Full sails until late yesterday when put 1 reef in the main. This morning it's a bit lighter down to 10 knots and behind us so have just turned the motor on. Hopefully wind will increase a bit later.

Sat Oct 14 10:21 2017 NZDT
Speed: 6knts
Run: 52.4nm (94.8km)
18 07.945s 178 24.390e
Weather: 15knts SE 1m swell from the S 40% cloud cover.

Leaving Suva on the way to New Caledonia.

Sun Oct 8 8:47 2017 NZDT
Run: 86.1nm (155.8km)
18 53.300S 178 27.900E
Weather: 15 knots east southeast, mostly sunny.

Kadavu island at the beautiful village of Nabouwalu. Yesterday Isaac kindly showed us the Split Rock dive site out at Alacrity Rocks. Stunning dive, beautiful visibility, pretty coral , variety of fish and so many amazing swim throughs.

Fantastic pics!!! Keep on having so much fun! 😍🌈❀️
Tue Oct 3 12:21 2017 NZDT
Speed: 0knts
Run: 182.5nm (330.3km)
19 09.585s 179 45.067e
Weather: 15knts SE 1m swell from the S 40% cloud cover.

After a long time in the Musket cove area enjoying surfing, kiting, friends and regatta week we decided we would like to see another side of Fiji before we leave. We took a likely weather window to go around the south coast of Viti Levu and head for the southern Lau.

With flat calm to be followed by Southerly wind we hoped to get as far as Fulanga. As it turned out the wind went southeast and stronger earlier than expected and we changed plans and pulled into Matuku.

What a wonderful island this is, grand and lush with the most beautiful friendly and generous locals and no tourism at all. We have been gifted fruit and veg and fish and attended the beautiful Sunday church services with sumptuous lunch and afternoon tea.

The island is known for its surf breaks and I have tried surfing the past 3 mornings but so far the swell has been a bit small. Hoping for bigger swell tomorrow.

We've also been for a nice scuba dive, but hopefully will get to the better spot later.

Plan at the moment is to spend a few more days here then head for Kadavu on the weekend.

Hi guys - Kandavu is another great place to visit. Great to see you're still living the dream.
Wed Jul 5 9:49 2017 NZST
Run: 12.6nm (22.8km)
17 46.36953S 177 22.92179E

We have left JoliFou at Port Denerau for a week whilst we have returned to Sydney for Dads memorial. Thanks soo much to Carolyn Port for persistently pestering and sweet talking the marina staff to get us a berth! Also thanks to Mere and Ali for being so helpful, getting us in a bit early to allow us time to complete formalities and get to the flight on time.

Bruce/Lyn - so sorry to read of your loss. Thinking of you both. Pete & Donna
Sat Jul 1 12:03 2017 NZST
Speed: 0knts
Run: 32.7nm (59.2km)
Avg: 5.4knts
24hr: 128.7nm
17 36.000s 177 26.580e
Weather: 3knts W 0m swell from the SE 5% cloud cover.

We have arrived at Lautoka, surprised to discover that we need to wait for the biosecurity guy as he is clearing boats at Vuda point marina. The marina web site says you can't clear there on a weekend? Oh well.

Came in past Cloud Break and between Tavarua and Namotu, stunningly beautiful. The waves were average and, as I feared, there were about 30 surfers in the water.

Hoping to reunion with our friends at Musket this afternoon/evening.

Allow about Fj $700 for week end clearance , been following you onYIT, great effort to straight line it from east coast Australia, Regards Doug Sandra, SV Freycinet II (Melbourne) , boat is berthed at Vuda ,we are back July12th, catch you down the track, our condolences on your Dads passing

Doug, thanks very much for this information and your kind comments. Your information was spot on although unfortunately we have only just managed to get online to see it :) will keep an eye out for you around Fiji.
Sat Jul 1 5:57 2017 NZST
Speed: 6knts
Run: 79nm (143km)
Avg: 7.1knts
24hr: 171.6nm
18 00.500s 177 11.600e
Weather: 15knts ESE 1.5m swell from the SE 10% cloud cover.

Bula Fiji! 4 miles from Navula pass. After a pretty rough night with little sleep the last couple hours have been a pleasure as the seas flattened and wind has moderated as we near the island.

As if not wanting to give herself up too easily, Fiji threw us rough seas and contrary current on final approach. Fortunately the strong wind blast reaching was also giving Jolifou plenty of speed through the water, surfing at 9 plus.

Very happy to finally be here after our longest trip to date, just under 11 days.

Fri Jun 30 18:54 2017 NZST
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 68.3nm (123.6km)
Avg: 7knts
24hr: 167.3nm
19 09.100s 177 09.980e
Weather: 25knts SE 1.5m swell from the SE 10% cloud cover.

Land ahoy!! Just before sunset we spotted Kadavu island from about 50 miles away.

It's been a mixed bag today, the wind has been stronger than forecast, varying between 20 and 30 knots. Sailing with 3rd reef and staysail, at one point we dropped the main completely snd toddled along with just staysail. Initially it had more east in it than expected. It now has lifted a bit which is great. Seas have been rough but at the moment we are cashing in our hard-earned easting with the reward of a nicer angle on wind and waves.

Highlight of the day was a couple of pilot whales who played around us for a while this morning. Such beautiful creatures!

Fri Jun 30 9:06 2017 NZST
Speed: 7knts
Run: 189.4nm (342.8km)
Avg: 7.6knts
24hr: 182.2nm
20 06.600s 176 54.560e
Weather: 20knts SSE 1.5m swell from the SSE 20% cloud cover.

Dad is being cremated this morning at 8:30 AEST, we will think of him, shed some tears and send love to our grieving family.

Yesterday was a day of reaching with full sails in a varying SSE 15 knots wind, good sailing. Around sunset a big rain squall caught us a little on the back foot as we struggled to drop the main downwind. By sundowners everything was under control with 3rd reef and half furled genoa for the generally increasing wind and narrower wind angle.

The night was spent dodging a few squalls and adjusting jib size. Fortunately the wind angle was still quite good and we made good progress in the roughening seas.

This morning the wind is up to a solid 20 knots at 125 TWD, we have gone to the staysail and 3rd reef, very comfortable considering the rough seas. Hope it remains so as it's forecast to strengthen and move around more to the east.

Still on track for the reef pass early tomorrow morning.

Thu Jun 29 8:09 2017 NZST
Speed: 7knts
Run: 166.8nm (301.9km)
Avg: 7knts
24hr: 168.9nm
22 16.800s 175 06.900e
Weather: 15knts SSE 1.5m swell from the SSE 20% cloud cover.

What a wonderful 24 hours of sailing we've had! Sunny (starry) skies, quite settled seas and 12 to 15 knots SSE. Yesterday mid morning we packed the gennaker away and moused the halyard, not expecting to use it again as the wind should only back a bit from here on.

We sailed with full main and genoa for most of the day, decent speed and optimal course still making a little easting just in case.

Last night the wind backed a bit more than expected and we put in 2 reef and adjusted genoa size a bit over the night as the strength varied. This morning the wind angle has moved a little more aft making things more comfortable.

The game at the moment is to try to arrive at Navula pass at first light Saturday. Not worried about going through in the dark but it's always beautiful to arrive early morning and enjoy the beauty of the reef. Maybe we will come in past my favourite surf breaks "Cloud Break" and "Restaurants". I know this area well from numerous surfing holidays to Namotu. Lyn says it would be illegal to hop off for a quick wave but I think I might be MOB with a surfboard thrown to me for my rescue:) This plan will mean we need to maintain average speed of about 6.2 knots, probably have to put on the brakes a bit at some stage.

Wed Jun 28 8:27 2017 NZST
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 160.9nm (291.2km)
Avg: 6.8knts
24hr: 163.3nm
23 53.300s 173 09.550e
Weather: 15knts SSE 1.5m swell from the SSE 30% cloud cover.

Well done ETNZ! Sounds like it was a really comprehensive victory, a credit to the strength of NZ sailing, but also technology, design and engineering. We're going to have to deal with some very proud Kiwi mates in Fiji, lucky you are such a humble bunch :) Yesterday was a mellow sail with gennaker and full main in a light SSW breeze. Constant bands of lighter and stronger between about 8 and 11 knots has us frequently doing the "up a bit", "down a bit" autopilot adjustment to keep powered and prevent the dreaded slop of the sails. At times we were headed on a good course for Tonga, but don't mind this too much as I think we have time to kill to avoid night arrival. Also the wind is forecast to progressively strengthen and back on approach to Fiji so easting in the bank is good.

Around sunset the wind became increasingly flaky so we reverted to motoring for the night. This morning the wind is up and backed a bit more so sailing nicely with gennaker and 2nd reef main.

Tue Jun 27 8:48 2017 NZST
Speed: 5.5knts
Run: 173.4nm (313.9km)
Avg: 7.6knts
24hr: 182.1nm
25 08.900s 171 00.500e
Weather: 10knts SSW 1.5m swell from the S 20% cloud cover.

Motor-sailed most of yesterday with full sails. Late in the day there was too little wind to fill the gennaker so we took all sails down and motored through the night. Fortunately the sea conditions are great with a long following swell. On the down side, we are getting negative current set at the moment about 0.5 knots.

This morning we have turned motor off and able to sail slowly with gennaker and full main. Hoping the wind strength improves soon as getting worried about fuel running out, forecast indicates that at least tomorrow it will pick up.

On comms front we are annoyed to realize that iridium texts sent to us don't seem to be getting through anymore, since a couple days ago. Outgoing seems fine. I have no idea why this should happen, my only guess at this stage is there is some obscure limit in our airtime contract that I'm unaware of. We have the unlimited data plan so it should not be a problem.

Mon Jun 26 9:57 2017 NZST
Speed: 6knts
Run: 213.6nm (386.6km)
Avg: 8.5knts
24hr: 203.8nm
26 31.050s 168 40.400e
Weather: 8knts SSW 1m swell from the SW 10% cloud cover.

Yesterday's SSW wind at about 8 knots was just too little and too much from behind to make any progress. We spent the whole day and last night motoring with just 3rd reef main strapped in the middle for stability.

Apart from that, it was a beautiful and restful time. Sunny skies, starry night and nothing to do but lie around, read a book and occasionally scan the horizon.

This morning the wind is still light but has at least moved to a more Southerly direction giving us a bit of angle. We have full gennaker and main and making a lot of east at slow speeds. On the plus side we seem to have found some favorable currents. We have decided that trying to keep the speed up and long use of the motor in order to arrive Friday and avoid weekend checkin rates is just not worth it. It's about Au$ 200 extra for the weekend checkin and it costs us about $150 a day in diesel to use the motor. If we go really slowly we might even manage to arrive on Monday. Policy from now on is to only motor when sailing is uncomfortable.

Sun Jun 25 8:48 2017 NZST
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 179.6nm (325.1km)
Avg: 7.7knts
24hr: 185.8nm
27 48.500s 165 31.000e
Weather: 15knts S 2m swell from the SW 20% cloud cover.

Yesterday turned into a beautiful days sailing as the expected Westerly filled in and strengthened to about 17 knots. We deployed the loose luff gennaker for the first time in over a year and with all our biggest sails up were surging on a following swell and smooth seas. Sunny skies and blue ocean. Had to give up some easting at first but with gennaker poled to leeward and wind backing a little towards the NW we were on optimal course making a bit of East on Fiji rhumb line. Early evening increase in strength had us doing a deck-light drop of pole and gennaker furl as we changed to full genoa with little speed loss. Held this configuration probably averaging 7.5s through the night.

This morning we have just had rain squalls which have moved the wind to the South again and currently motor sailing as it sorts itself out.

Sat Jun 24 9:36 2017 NZST
Speed: 6.8knts
Run: 140.1nm (253.6km)
Avg: 8knts
24hr: 191nm
29 05.500s 162 56.800e
Weather: 10knts SSW 2m swell from the S 20% cloud cover.

Late yesterday afternoon the wind lightened further and we motored all night with just 3rd reef for stability. Heading a little East of the rhumb line to allow for possible easterly trades later, but all predictwind models show favorable direction at this stage, albeit in the light side. I think we will be burning some diesel dollars to try to get there asap and try to make Friday checkin. Swell is coming round behind us further so sea state is good and comfortable, lending itself to catching up on plenty of sleep. Had our first proper hot meal last night, delicious lamb curry which Lyn pre-cooked in Newcastle. Life is good apart from the sadness of Dad.

Fri Jun 23 16:00 2017 NZST
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 56.4nm (102.1km)
Avg: 7.5knts
24hr: 180.5nm
29 59.350s 160 51.500e
Weather: 12knts SSW 3m swell from the SE 50% cloud cover.

Tragic news this morning, my dad David passed away last night. With westerlies forecast we elected to continue to Fiji rather than turn back. We will fly home for memorial.

Almost as if out of respect the weather calmed and most of the day has been moderate reaching in settled seas. Now the wind has gone more west and swell increased for a messy sea state. We are motor sailing wanting to get there asap.

Fri Jun 23 8:30 2017 NZST
Speed: 7.0knts
Run: 72.2nm (130.7km)
Avg: 7.6knts
24hr: 182.4nm
30 18.600s 159 59.400e
Weather: 15knts S 2m swell from the SE 50% cloud cover.

Wind lightened through the night necessitating dropping the staysail and unfurling of full headsail, with 1 reef other main. Up and down in strength making for frequent course and sail adjustments.

Thu Jun 22 23:00 2017 NZST
Speed: 8.0knts
Run: 123.8nm (224.1km)
Avg: 9.2knts
24hr: 221.7nm
30 47.400s 158 54.800e
Weather: 20knts S 2m swell from the SSE 10% cloud cover.

Roaring along under a moonless starry sky. 2nd reef and staysail at about 110 TWA. Picked up some great favorable current east of Lord Howe which helped progress a lot too.

Life is good on the Jolifou as we are finding our sea legs and settling into passage rhythm.

Thu Jun 22 9:36 2017 NZST
Speed: 7.5knts
Run: 180.3nm (326.3km)
Avg: 1202knts
24hr: 28848nm
31 44.188s 157 08.100e
Weather: 25knts S 2m swell from the ESE 30% cloud cover.

position wrong on previous post. Uncomfortable tight reaching into easterly swell yesterday, down to staysail and 3rd reef. Was very rough late yesterday afternoon as the Southerly increased to about 30 knots and still getting swell from the east. We elected to turn downwind a bit onto the rhumb line and give up some easting for comfort and it was much better. Had a good night and I am feeling 100% now, Lyn still a bit seasick but not too bad.

This morning it is still blowing 25 from the south but quite good going on this new angle, hitting the odd 8 knot surf and probably averaging about 7.5 Weather routing should allow us to get more east easily on Friday and Saturday as the wind lightens and goes around to the West. Swell is also becoming more Southerly now which is helping.

Thu Jun 22 9:27 2017 NZST
Speed: 7.5knts
32 46.834s 154 18.500e
Weather: 25knts S 2m swell from the ESE 30% cloud cover.

Uncomfortable tight reaching into easterly swell yesterday, down to staysail and 3rd reef. Was very rough late yesterday afternoon as the Southerly increased to about 30 knots and still getting swell from the east. We elected to turn downwind a bit onto the rhumb line and give up some easting for comfort and it was much better. Had a good night and I am feeling 100% now, Lyn still a bit seasick but not too bad.

This morning it is still blowing 25 from the south but quite good going on this new angle, hitting the odd 8 knot surf and probably averaging about 7.5 Weather routing should allow us to get more east easily on Friday and Saturday as the wind lightens and goes around to the West. Swell is also becoming more Southerly now which is helping.

Wed Jun 21 10:48 2017 NZST
Speed: 7knts
Run: 148.2nm (268.2km)
Avg: 5.6knts
24hr: 134.2nm
32 46.834s 154 18.500e
Weather: 20knts SSW 2m swell from the E 90% cloud cover.

Good wind moderate Ssw stronger this morning. Reaching at about 100 TWA. 2reefs in main, full headsail last night, changed this morning to staysail. Messy seas with east swell making it a bit rough. Both feeling a bit sick still finding our sea legs.

Tue Jun 20 8:18 2017 NZST
Speed: 0knts
Run: 55.7nm (100.8km)
32 55.185s 151 45.683e
Weather: 15knts SSW 2m swell from the E 20% cloud cover.

Testing position update. Planning on leaving today from Newcastle headed for Fiji. 0 mile day.

Sat May 6 11:40 2017 NZST
33 37.37S 151 17.32E

Pittwater boat work Saturday

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