Katie M II

Katie M II

Sun Nov 6 9:06 2016 NZDT
Run: 324.7nm (587.7km)
Avg: 6.7knts
24hr: 160.3nm
Weather: Building NW winds - up to 20 kts mid morning - ahead of weather front

Arrived at the Q-dock in Opua at 9.00 AM NZ time on Sunday morning. The last few days have been perfect sailing in moderate SW and then W winds.
It has been a good trip - 8.8 days, 1215 nm, moving average 5.7 kts, used less than 20L of fuel. Not bad for a small boat with just 2 crew!

Welcome back to NZ. Sounds like you had a good passage.
Fri Nov 4 8:30 2016 NZDT
Speed: 5.7knts
Run: 82.9nm (150km)
Avg: 3.5knts
24hr: 83.2nm
Weather: SW10, 20%cc,

eta noon Sunday in Opua

Thu Nov 3 8:35 2016 NZDT
Speed: 4.5.knts
Run: 152.9nm (276.7km)
Avg: 6.4knts
24hr: 153.4nm
Weather: WSW, 4m seas

Had front from midnight to 6am and still have some residual leftovers but will clear this soon

Wed Nov 2 8:40 2016 NZDT
Speed: 6knts
Run: 161.3nm (292km)
Avg: 6.7knts
24hr: 159.7nm
Weather: 13N, 1.5m seas from NE, 1016

good radio signal from Martin this morning

Tue Nov 1 8:26 2016 NZDT
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 145.5nm (263.4km)
Avg: 6.2knts
24hr: 147.8nm
Weather: ese10, 2m seas, 20%cc, 1014

about half way

Mon Oct 31 8:48 2016 NZDT
Run: 158.1nm (286.2km)
Avg: 6.6knts
24hr: 157.5nm
Weather: 80%cc, 20wind

woke up to 4S and 205cc but now in a squall

Sun Oct 30 8:42 2016 NZDT
Speed: 7knts
Run: 282.2nm (510.8km)
Weather: 19ese, 90%cc, 1014

not heard at GHRadio and relay from Villamee.

Sat Oct 22 16:45 2016 NZDT
Run: 86.5nm (156.6km)
Avg: 1302.9knts
24hr: 31270.3nm

Currently back at Musket Cove - looking for a weather window back to NZ - ideally leaving in the next 7 - 15 days.

Sat Oct 22 16:39 2016 NZDT
Run: 106nm (191.9km)

Wed Sep 28 16:16 2016 NZDT
Run: 42.3nm (76.6km)

We are currently at Manta Ray Pass - moving up the Yasawas chain

Tue Sep 13 8:22 2016 NZST
Run: 86.6nm (156.7km)
Avg: 1172knts
24hr: 28128.7nm

Currently anchored at Musket Cove ready for the Regatta. It has been great to meet up with Doreen and Ian on Sea Bride

Tue Sep 13 8:18 2016 NZST
Run: 76.5nm (138.5km)

Fri Sep 9 20:28 2016 NZST
Run: 194.1nm (351.3km)
Avg: 3078.2knts
24hr: 73877.7nm

Have made it around the north and west side of Viti Levu to Vuda Point where we'll re-provision the boat before heading out to Musket Cove and the Yasawas

Fri Sep 9 20:24 2016 NZST
Run: 1335.1nm (2416.5km)
Avg: 150198.8knts
24hr: 3604770nm

Fri Sep 9 20:23 2016 NZST
Run: 1448nm (2620.9km)
Avg: 17.8knts
24hr: 426.8nm

Tue Sep 6 10:59 2016 NZST
Speed: 5.7knts
Run: 77.6nm (140.5km)

Have left Makogai and are now heading west on the north side of Viti Levu. Anchored last night at Naigani and plan on Verevere / Tobabasaga Bay tonight.

Mon Aug 15 16:42 2016 NZST
Run: 256.4nm (464.1km)
Avg: 4.5knts
24hr: 107.9nm
Weather: 15 kts ESE in open water

Arrived safely at Savusavu at daybreak this morning after a great trade wind passage from N. Minerva. Got boat cleared in by lunch time and will now have to get our land legs back!

Great news. X
Sat Aug 13 7:41 2016 NZST
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 150.6nm (272.6km)
Avg: 6.3knts
24hr: 150.3nm
Weather: 12E, swell 1.5-2, 25%cc

very happy with the great sailing conditions - but will need to slow down for a monday arrival

Fri Aug 12 7:38 2016 NZST
Speed: 5.2mknts
Run: 85.6nm (154.9km)
Avg: 3.6knts
24hr: 85.5nm
Weather: 2-5SSW, 1.5m SSW swell, 30%cc

will not get more wind until later today

Thu Aug 11 7:36 2016 NZST
Weather: 5SSE, 10%cc

will leave around 4pm for Savusavu

Wed Aug 10 7:36 2016 NZST
Run: 23.6nm (42.7km)
Weather: SSE13, 90%cc, patches in the w

Will wait until tomorrow or the next day. two benefits in this - they will arrive during the business week for check in and the weather will be clearer.

Tue Aug 9 7:39 2016 NZST
Run: 23.6nm (42.7km)
Weather: SSE 15-18, 100%cc, no rain o/n,

leaving tomorrow ! They have cabin fever.

Mon Aug 8 7:31 2016 NZST
Weather: 90%cc, 13SSE

still in N Minerva waiting for the front to pass. they are on the bottom edge of it

Love this tracker! Hope all is well. Love to all. Rachel and Rich xx
Sat Aug 6 7:32 2016 NZST
Weather: S15-20, 100%cc, rain

a bit rolly in N Minerva at net time due high tide. They are under the front.

Fri Aug 5 7:32 2016 NZST
Run: 23.6nm (42.7km)
Weather: 7-9NW, warm, 10%cc

anchored in a good spot in N Minerva

Thu Aug 4 7:24 2016 NZST
Weather: light NNE 5, 80%cc,

incredible visibility snorkeling. Sight of a white tip!

Wed Aug 3 7:31 2016 NZST
Run: 50.9nm (92.1km)
Weather: SE6, 79%cc,

a little rocky in S Minerva but a good long sleep was had

Tue Aug 2 7:34 2016 NZST
Speed: 7.4knts
Run: 159.9nm (289.4km)
Avg: 6.7knts
24hr: 159.7nm
Weather: Sw13, 1m SW swell, 30%cc, squally earlier on

making a b line for S Minerva to get there before dark. Will stay there and move to N Minerva on Thursday and wait out a front before carrying on to Savusavu

Mon Aug 1 7:32 2016 NZST
Speed: 7.2mknts
Run: 295.3nm (534.5km)
Avg: 6.2knts
24hr: 148.7nm
Weather: 5NE, swung SE yesterday, 50%cc, 1m S swell

Great signal from Martin this morning on the GHRadio net. They will be stopping at n Minerva

Sat Jul 30 7:53 2016 NZST
Speed: 5.8knts
Run: 166.9nm (302.1km)
Avg: 6.9knts
24hr: 164.6nm
Weather: WSW17

good direction wind for the last 24hr.

Fri Jul 29 7:32 2016 NZST
Speed: 6.1knts
Run: 143.5nm (259.7km)
Avg: 6knts
24hr: 144.1nm
Weather: N19

via Field Tripp relay - thanks. They hove- to last night when the worst of the front hit but making progress now.

Looking good.
Thu Jul 28 7:38 2016 NZST
Speed: 5.1knts
Run: 73nm (132.1km)
Weather: NW19

They are off! left yesterday. Will get sw winds tomorrow

Mon Nov 3 8:20 2014 NZDT
Run: 214.6nm (388.4km)
Avg: 4.5knts
24hr: 107.9nm

In Opua

Sat Nov 1 8:37 2014 NZDT
Speed: 5.6msknts
Run: 128.8nm (233.1km)
Avg: 5.4knts
24hr: 129.4nm
Weather: S 2-3, long S swell of 1.5m, 15%cc,

eta Sun evening

Fri Oct 31 8:43 2014 NZDT
Speed: 5.0msknts
Run: 122.9nm (222.4km)
Avg: 5.1knts
24hr: 122.4nm
Weather: light squall, glassy seas no real wind

Destination changed to Opua as fuel and wx situation make this a better option. 300miles to Cape Brett so good timing

Thu Oct 30 8:38 2014 NZDT
Speed: 4.6knts
Run: 147.3nm (266.6km)
Avg: 6.1knts
24hr: 147.4nm
Weather: 8ese

got front at 2qm last night. Alls well.

Wed Oct 29 8:39 2014 NZDT
Speed: 6knts
Run: 402.4nm (728.3km)
Weather: 13WNW, 30%cc,

eta Nov 2 so JUST before the front the next day

Mon Oct 20 8:23 2014 NZDT
Run: 46.1nm (83.4km)
Weather: SE10, 95%cc 1016

Fri Oct 17 8:41 2014 NZDT
Speed: 5.9knts
Run: 140.7nm (254.7km)
Avg: 5.9knts
24hr: 140.9nm
Weather: E12, 0.5m east swell, 20%cc, 1016

hdg to Havannah Pass

Thu Oct 16 8:43 2014 NZDT
Speed: 5.5knts
Run: 184.8nm (334.5km)
Weather: ESE10-15 1m swell 70%cc

Fri Oct 3 8:37 2014 NZDT
Speed: 6.8knts
Run: 146.4nm (265km)
Weather: 90%cc 13-16e, 1.5m swell

will arrive PV in a few hours

Tue Sep 30 8:56 2014 NZDT
Speed: 6.5knts
Weather: 12S 10%cc

Tanna to Erromango

Tue Sep 30 8:52 2014 NZDT
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 57.6nm (104.3km)
Weather: 12S 10%cc

Tanna to Erromango

Fri Sep 19 7:35 2014 NZST
Run: 122.7nm (222.1km)
Avg: 5.1knts
24hr: 122.4nm
Weather: NE6, clear 30% skies

waiting to enter anchorage at Aneityum

Thu Sep 18 7:31 2014 NZST
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 247.8nm (448.5km)
Avg: 5.3knts
24hr: 128nm
Weather: ene16, 20%cl

Wed Sep 17 7:32 2014 NZST
Speed: 5.6knts
Weather: e16, 80%

Tue Sep 16 9:02 2014 NZST
Speed: 5knts
Weather: 10%cl, 14 kts from the ESE, 1011

on passage, We left Vuda Point at 1330 hrs on Mon 15 Sept and plan to be into Aneityum at first light on Friday.

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