Sat Oct 7 10:37 2017 NZDT
No position sent.

Currently in Riverside Drive Marina, Whangarei. Will depart for Marsden Cove Marina to complete check out procedures on Monday and depart NZ for French Polynesia on Tuesday morning.

Tue Nov 15 14:04 2016 NZDT
Run: 327.6nm (593km)

safe and sound in Opua. Have fun

Wed Nov 9 8:38 2016 NZDT
Speed: 4.5msknts
Run: 49.2nm (89.1km)
Weather: SSW7, 2.5m swell, 70%cc, 1018

Tue Nov 8 8:41 2016 NZDT
Speed: 3.9knts
Run: 141.3nm (255.8km)
Avg: 6knts
24hr: 143.3nm
Weather: SW20, 2.5m SW seas, 1015, 30%cc

eta Friday am

Mon Nov 7 9:01 2016 NZDT
Speed: 5knts
Run: 426.6nm (772.1km)
Avg: 5.9knts
24hr: 141.4nm
Weather: N10-12, 1m N swell, 20%cc, 1012

Fri Nov 4 8:37 2016 NZDT
Speed: 6mknts
Run: 9269.5nm (16777.8km)
Avg: 385.5knts
24hr: 9252.7nm
Weather: S3, SE0.5m, 50%cc to north and 5% to south, 1011, 5S

All ok on board. 800 to Opua

Thu Nov 3 8:34 2016 NZDT
Speed: 5knts
Run: 9566.9nm (17316.1km)
Avg: 401.4knts
24hr: 9633.9nm
Weather: E10, 1m seas, 20%cc, 1011

Wed Nov 2 8:44 2016 NZDT
Run: 72.1nm (130.5km)
Weather: 10NE, flat seas, 1010

Momi Bay and leaving today

Thu Sep 1 7:33 2016 NZST
Run: 79.4nm (143.7km)
Weather: 1012, light winds, 95%cc

Fri Aug 26 7:34 2016 NZST
Run: 49nm (88.7km)
Weather: blue sky, light 7E, 1015

moving 20m to Yadua today

Wed Aug 24 7:32 2016 NZST
Weather: 100%cc, 1012, ESE10

Anchored at which Namena is just south of Savusavu and I dont have the coords

Mon Aug 15 7:43 2016 NZST
Run: 61.5nm (111.3km)

arrived safely from Samoa

Fri Aug 12 8:09 2016 NZST
Speed: 5knts
Run: 145.2nm (262.8km)
Avg: 5.9knts
24hr: 142nm
Weather: 12-15se, 1015

have slowed down to arrive in the light at Savusavu

Thu Aug 11 7:37 2016 NZST
Speed: 232knts
Run: 679.5nm (1229.9km)
Avg: 14.2knts
24hr: 341.1nm
Weather: SSE17,95%cc

Very hard raio to hear as quite muffled so data may not be correct. Will arrive late Sat in savusavu

Tue Aug 9 7:49 2016 NZST
Speed: 6knts
Run: 51.5nm (93.2km)
Weather: SE13, 1-2m se swell, 30%cc, 1016

passage Apia to Savusavu

Thu Aug 4 7:39 2016 NZST
Run: 1110.6nm (2010.2km)
Avg: 6.6knts
24hr: 159nm
Weather: 1015, calm,

leaving Apia tomorrow for savusavu

Thu Jul 28 7:59 2016 NZST
Run: 129.4nm (234.2km)
Weather: ESE15, 20%cc, 1014, 1.5m swell

7.8 m from Apia. Thanks Astarte for relay

Wed Jul 20 7:37 2016 NZST
Run: 156.2nm (282.7km)
Weather: 100%cc, rain on and off, 1014

Under the trough in Pagppago. Looking at departing for Apia on Thursday

Thu Jul 14 7:38 2016 NZST
Speed: 4knts
Run: 144.3nm (261.2km)
Avg: 6knts
24hr: 144nm
Weather: 8-10S, 2m S swell, 20%cc, 1014

on passage to American Samoa

Wed Jul 13 7:35 2016 NZST
Speed: 7knts
Run: 74.4nm (134.7km)
Weather: SSW16, 1m swell

on passage Vavauu to American Samoa

Fri Jun 10 9:23 2016 NZST
Run: 187.4nm (339.2km)
Weather: 1015,0/c rain shws

Will be in Vavauu for a few more weeks and then head to the Samoas

Dave is on his way to Vavau, he left today so you should see him on board Tevake! Mary
Mon May 16 8:10 2016 NZST
Run: 194.2nm (351.5km)
Avg: 4knts
24hr: 95.9nm
Weather: o/c, drizzle, ne winds

arrived Tonga. Not great weather but otherwise good to be there.

Sat May 14 7:33 2016 NZST
Speed: 5.2knts
Run: 101.4nm (183.5km)
Avg: 4.2knts
24hr: 101.4nm
Weather: 17E, 1.5mNE, 1019 steady

Have a 1.5 neg current which must be annoying but they have an easy time before check in on Monday

Fri May 13 7:33 2016 NZST
Speed: 5knts
Run: 432.4nm (782.6km)
Avg: 4.5knts
24hr: 108.3nm
Weather: 13ene, 1.5m, 80%cc, 1020

240nm to Tongatapu and will check in monday morning. Not stopping at Minerva

Mon May 9 7:42 2016 NZST
Speed: 4knts
Run: 309.3nm (559.8km)
Weather: NNE15-18, 1020, solid o/c

on way to Tonga and looking to get back on line when wind picks up

Wed Nov 4 8:42 2015 NZDT
Speed: 6.5knts
Run: 144.9nm (262.3km)
Avg: 6.2knts
24hr: 148.4nm
Weather: NW 10-12

thanks Claudia for the relay

Tue Nov 3 9:17 2015 NZDT
Speed: 5.7knts
Run: 462.9nm (837.8km)
Avg: 4.8knts
24hr: 115.3nm
Weather: 10E, 50%cc, 1m swell

Fri Oct 30 8:58 2015 NZDT
Speed: 4.7knts

on passage to Opua

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