Tue Aug 22 2:36 2017 NZST
Weather: post tropical storm

Well, we are in Bonaire. It's been so long since we made a passage of more than one day. This one was from Martinique, about 470 n.m. We did it in 71 hours, almost all under sail. This boat is quicker than Alegria. And, generally, easier to sail and more comfortable. We had two days of dead down wind in light conditions, so played with learning to use the whisker pole. Unfortunately, it's a Forespar line-adjustable, and collapsed to it's shortest length. A bit of subsequent research discloses that Forespar doesn't recommend it for long downwind passages, and anyway, it's only recommended for boats to 46'. I guess our rig company missed that too. But Forespar is sending me the parts at no charge, I'll learn how to disassemble and repair. Some things don't change . . .
We both like Bonaire. It's heritage is Dutch, that is the primary language, along with a local creole and of course english. Good local supermarket, not too expensive, everything labeled in Dutch. Fresh fruit and some vegies come up on a picturesque boat, from Venezuela. It's lived up to its reputation as a great place to snorkel and scuba, there's hundreds of marked sites. The hurricanes are going by to the north of us, as we'd hoped. And there's a shipping service for stuff from the US, we're hoping that will work out well for us. We also have a replacement watermaker membrane on the way, (see ?some things don?t change?, above), as a warrantee/customer service freebie from Spectra. Planning to linger for a few more weeks here, then on to Curacao, perhaps for a haulout.

Sat Mar 11 13:54 2017 NZDT
Run: 381.1nm (689.8km)
Weather: winds 15-25 kts from the east, rain squalls

on the anchor, in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. Quite a ways down into the southeast Caribbean. Finally got away from the Virgin Islands, after watermaker problems, fuel injection problems and mosquito-borne illness problems. But all better now. Had great sails down, Virgin Gorda to Dominica. Got there in time for =E2=80=9CYachtie Appreciation Week=E2=80=9D, free moorings and parties! 365 rivers on Dominica, most with waterfalls. And a volcano, currently not too active. Joined there by Steve and Ronnie Finn, they sailed with us for a couple weeks. On to Marinique. Very cool, French wine! And caught Carnival there, pretty wild. Thousands of people, in the streets, very peaceful. And now St. Lucia. All good!

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