Sun Jun 24 8:45 2018 NZST
Speed: 6.4knts
Run: 153.3nm (277.5km)
Avg: 6.4knts
24hr: 153nm
Weather: overcast with a little rain

fantastic nights motor sail. Wind picking up today. Fingers crossed enough to shut the engine off today. Monitor autopilot doing a great job in light winds. Just got up to 10knots of real wind. Beautiful rainbows. Rocky 2-3 meter swell last night but calmer today. With the wind it?s more comfortable. Much love Kozmo crew.

Sat Jun 23 8:42 2018 NZST
Speed: 5.8knts
Run: 98.2nm (177.7km)
Avg: 6.3knts
24hr: 150.3nm
Weather: overcast, light changing breeze

cold night at the helm, clear starry sky?s made it worth it. Kids slept well and are enjoying the ride. AWOB. beautiful world out here. No dolphins yet.

Hi guys! Your berth is delightfully empty! So jealous :) have an awesome trip and we'll catch up at Xmas, if you decide to come back that is!
Fri Jun 22 17:01 2018 NZST
Run: 13.5nm (24.4km)
Weather: Stunning clear evening. Sun setting.

Over my leaving nerves. Working on all the autopilots now getting the wind vane going. Exciting times. Kids are great. Better sailors than me. Fantastic send off. Last message from mobile range. Onto iridium now.
Cleared Tauranga 2pm thanks every one you full me with such love. Kozmo crew out.

Wed Jun 20 20:33 2018 NZST
Weather: Low coming through. Windy at the mo. 15 knots.

Customs booked. Let?s see if this window stays open. 2pmish departure from bridge marina on Friday. ??????
All ship shape and ready to go!

Mon Jun 18 13:27 2018 NZST
Speed: 0knts
Weather: clear

looking forward to a Friday the 22nd departure. Fingers crossed

Safe journey
Sat Jun 9 18:54 2018 NZST
Speed: 0knts
Weather: clear

seeing if I can make the position pic work. Sending this one from the iridium. Identical copy and paste.

Sat Jun 9 18:48 2018 NZST
Speed: 0knts
Run: 7227.8nm (13082.3km)
Avg: 138.3knts
24hr: 3319.9nm
Weather: clear

seeing if I can make the position pic work. Sending from gmail

Sat Jun 9 18:36 2018 NZST
Speed: 0knts
Weather: clear and cold

sending this from the newly installed iridium external aerial. Weather window on Wednesday this week has possibilities. Getting excited.

Thu Jun 7 14:33 2018 NZST
Speed: 0knts
Run: 7227.8nm (13082.3km)
Avg: 100.7knts
24hr: 2417.7nm
Weather: beautiful sunny day no wind

all jobs just about ticked off. Water maker parts arrive tomorrow. Possible takeoff end of next week. Here we come Fiji!

Mon Jun 4 14:48 2018 NZST
Speed: 0knts
Run: 0.4nm (0.7km)
Weather: overcast

sending this from my iridium go. GPS from furno

Fri Jun 1 16:04 2018 NZST
Run: 0.1nm (0.2km)

Watching the boys play with electrical stuff.

Wed May 30 23:09 2018 NZST
Run: 0.4nm (0.7km)

Practicing sailing at the dock

Wed May 30 23:09 2018 NZST
Weather: Clear sky?s no wind.

Practicing sailing at the dock

Mon May 28 23:10 2018 NZST
Weather: Clear and cold at the dock

Working now?

Fri May 25 22:28 2018 NZST

Automated update from App.

Fri May 25 18:33 2018 NZST

Figuring this thing out for my iridium go.

Fri May 25 18:29 2018 NZST
Run: 0.1nm (0.2km)

Getting jobs done. Ready for Fiji.

Hopefully see you before you go, maybe help you with your lines xx

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