Sat May 2 21:28 2020 NZST
GPS: 36 49.22929S 174 45.83879E
Run: 110.1nm (199.3km)

Well......we had planned to go north to Fiji, Vanuatu, May 2020 but as much of the world we are .....not the borders are closed. reach us, we are on board Mahi and located in lockdown at Guantanamo Bayswater Marina Cell Block F..... where we will stay until our release date...... unknown.... soon we hope. :)

New Zealand may soon allow freedom to roam in country with amazing NZ to sail and explore! Uhhhhh..... I got rid of most winter clothes as we were supposed to be in warm weather north! It’s going to be chilly!

All good. :)

Mahi - Phew! High winds have passed...we hope! 29/05/2019

3rd day in toward Tonga. Yay! 1st 24hrs left on top front of low thus expected not pleasant start to get north as quick as possible to be past most of next low pressure which will likely be nasty. Was unpleasant 3+ M swells confused seas and low 30s wind, saw 47 in squall, boat was very wet even us inside clears due to confused waves thru day and night. 4 boats headed back to Opua with various issues they couldn't resolve in these conditions. 2nd day eased....phew! :). Mahi did awesome and we Read more...

are good. Day 2 to 3... easing seas, better food options, but need to motor to keep speed in these 4 knot winds. Animals thus far..... Already picked up a passenger....worm....yuck! Cereal in that container quickly abandoned ship! :) We were going to start an aquarium on board with all the sea water during 1st day but Russ told animal collections. :)

Mahi - Day 5 01/06/2019

Day 5...past couple of days 20+ winds which was great but very confused seas made it bashing conditions to windward, unpleasant with very little sleep and many sail mods. Squalls. Great day today! Drying the boat and us out. :). Better weather = great hot breky! Mahi and crew are doing great!

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