Sun Dec 10 14:08 2017 NZDT
Run: 287.2nm (519.8km)
Avg: 5619.1knts
24hr: 134859.1nm
Weather: NNE 8k

End of day 9 passing above Northen Cooks.
NNE8k managing 4.9-5k despite light breeze.
Hot sunny
Long way to go yet

Sun Dec 10 14:05 2017 NZDT
Run: 448.3nm (811.4km)
Avg: 3.8knts
24hr: 90.7nm
Weather: 80% cl NE 15k

End week 1 out marq.
Week run 962nm
Thanks Sue n Brian 4 message
Congratulations Renee Hons 2018

Tue Dec 5 15:25 2017 NZDT
Speed: 6knts
Run: 479.3nm (867.5km)
Avg: 6.7knts
24hr: 160.2nm
Weather: Ene

Had to slow down, reduce sail. big following sea was uncomfortable. Better now tho.

Check Sth n West of us 25nm Karoraina Island.

Explains the birds.

4700m deep here

266T 6k ENE

1738 to go

Elaborate on the birds please Gene re Kanoira Island. Should see you by Xmas do you think Hon?
Sat Dec 2 15:37 2017 NZDT
Run: 186.6nm (337.7km)
Weather: 2m seas, 10% cloud

Underway 24hrs @ 11 11 utc 2pm local 1 dec.
266T 6k, E18 2m seas 10% cloud
distance to next way point off Samoa 2155
Daily run 156

Good luck guys and safe sailing. PS. Aust beat England 6-0 in League Worl Cup. Aust also won women’s League World Cup against NZ. Aust 4 for 209 day 1 Ashes.
Fri Nov 24 0:00 2017 NZDT
Run: 345.3nm (625km)
Avg: 7.2knts
24hr: 172.7nm

Anchor down!
27days 4hrs 50mins
Interesting scenery
Small village
Checking in and resting!

Well done, how good is it to have the anchor down. Enjoy the baguettes! !
Wed Nov 22 0:00 2017 NZDT
Run: 158.3nm (286.5km)
Avg: 6.6knts
24hr: 158.3nm

Wed Nov 22 0:00 2017 NZDT
Weather: Wind eased overnight

299nm to go but wind eased overnight. Progress a tad slow but as it is only Wednesday morning we should make Friday eta.

Tue Nov 21 0:00 2017 NZDT
Run: 534.5nm (967.4km)
Avg: 7.4knts
24hr: 178.2nm
Weather: wind died at sunset veered NE before midnight. wind returned by breakfast

Last 4 days 166, 166, 161
wind died at sunset, veered NE before midnight gybed, last 24hr 136nm
Wind return breakfast.
Looking forward to getting to Nuku for wifi & emails, fresh fruit & veg and a still bed to sleep in!

Sat Nov 18 0:00 2017 NZDT
Run: 744.3nm (1347.2km)
Avg: 11.9knts
24hr: 285.4nm
Weather: 1.5-2m swell 10% cloud

End Week 3 total 1100nm av 157/day.
Pos at 1900 18.11.17 5d54.3S 125d15.5W
COG 255T SOG 8.6k E 22/22k 1.5-2m swell 10% cloud
900 to Nuku
Daily run 166
Sailing wind on wing
Reef hail & main
Bacon n egg blast chased eggs round pan

Difficult to sleep, good speed but rolling, noisy in follow sea.

Seas really testing
Some good 2.5m and why is it always has to be a rogue one closer to 3m! Just when think need to take another reef they soften off again.

Wed Nov 15 9:24 2017 NZDT
Speed: 7.7knts
Run: 348.3nm (630.4km)
Avg: 4.3knts
24hr: 102.7nm
Weather: wind SE 12-15, swelll 1m 10% cloud

1900 UTC 15th Nov,AWOB - All Well On Board
1547 to go
Dreaming of Steak!

Sun Nov 12 0:00 2017 NZDT
Run: 470.5nm (851.6km)
Avg: 15.5knts
24hr: 372.3nm
Weather: Wind SE 12k sun 10%cl

At the end of 15days COG 251 T SOG 7.3k Wind SE 12k
Past halfway 1850nm
AWOB All Well On Board
Not much sunscreen used this trip. It's cool out here.

Interesting fact : after 2 weeks OOTB 1860nm Moonlight 1800nm but on week 3 OOTB did 1500nm! Not sure Moonlight can match that!

Happy birthday Bill. Hey gene. Hope you are both well following you. Looking good.

Mate following your progress. Great going but a little slower than OOTB. Safe sailing and looking fwd to seeing you guys in Sydney.
Fri Nov 10 17:39 2017 NZDT
Run: 140.6nm (254.5km)
Avg: 8knts
24hr: 191nm
Weather: Long lazy swells, light SSE breeze, clouding over again.

Happy 17th bday Hazel. Happy 71st bday Bill.

Long lazy swells, light SSE breeze, spinnaker flying. Clouding over again...sigh.

2257 to go a end of 12th day

Happy birthday dad - just worked this out. Sitting with uncle mark talking about where you might be. Love you heaps. What a cool app xxx

Happy 71st Birthday Bill. Hopefully Gene baked you a yummy cake, more than Brett did for your birthday passage on Pacific Passage no 1..... Still in Noumea; weather has been nasty to NZ. Teresa & Brett
Fri Nov 10 0:00 2017 NZDT
Run: 237.4nm (429.7km)
Avg: 9.9knts
24hr: 237.4nm
Weather: Breeze died down

1900 UTC
Thanks for all the bday wishes. Bill got peppermint chocolate & red wine.
Thanks Mark for weather update we look forward to a good run next week. Hope we make sweet spot. LOL

Slow night, breeze died down, not much this morning either.
Back to doing 7k

Thu Nov 9 0:00 2017 NZDT
Run: 467.6nm (846.4km)
Avg: 6.5knts
24hr: 155.9nm
Weather: Bright stars , clouds gone, clear skies.

11th nite out finally clouds gone. You should see the stars, sky absolutely clear. Very bright stars shining path on sea. Stunning. Will Cross equator tomorrow!

Mon Nov 6 0:00 2017 NZDT
Run: 484.2nm (876.4km)
Avg: 13.5knts
24hr: 323nm
Weather: Wind SSE 15k, 1-1.5m seas 70% cloud, finally some sun.

1900 UTC 6th Nov 2017
COG 250 T
wind SSE 15k
1-1.5m seas
70% cloud, finally some sun.
AWOB (All Well On Board)
Day run 155. Current with us now for 2 days instead of against.
2745 nm nuku hiva
FYI crochet going well.

Happy happy birthday Tangles and hope you have something on board to celebrate with. Stay well and safe. Love to you both xxxxxx

So glad to know you are going well. Back in PC. Las Perlas by weekend to wait on weather, Lots of love SnB
Sat Nov 4 12:01 2017 NZDT
Speed: 5.8knts
Run: 11nm (19.9km)
Weather: S20-22, 1.5m swell


Fri Nov 3 0:00 2017 NZDT
Run: 689.8nm (1248.5km)
Avg: 6.3knts
24hr: 152.3nm
Weather: Wind S 18k 1m seas 100% cl last 4 days

UTC 1900 3/11/17 4deg 09.61 N 88 D 38.89 W
COG 251 T SOG 5.6k
Wind S 18k 1m seas 100% cl last 4 days
3176nm Nuku Hiva

Sun Oct 29 11:18 2017 NZDT
Speed: 6knts
Run: 31.8nm (57.6km)
Weather: Wind 8k SE fading COG 187 T SOG 6k

All well onboard. 2137 UTC 1537 Saturday 28th Oct Panama time

Great to hear you were able to catch up with friends in Panama before heading out. Have a great trip to NZ and we'll see you there. We are in Noumea at mo and will be heading with the next good weather window. Fair winds & following seas, Brett & Teresa
Sun Oct 22 5:33 2017 NZDT
Run: 38.6nm (69.9km)
Weather: 10 knots northerly, sunny and cloudy looks like another lot of thunder heads brewing up for a storm this afternoon, hot 30 degrees

Anchored behind the Protection of Amador Causeway. Moonlight had green fur on water line from Shelter Bay marina and many fish yesterday eating it all way. Boobies would dive down with a great splash right beside us after the fish. Big noise. Lots of fun. They dive quite deep. A few fishing pelicans too. I love the way they hit the water in a steep dive and bob up very quickly cos of their fat body. There is a new dingy dock now at Isla Perico for getting ashore. Huge improvement from last year when we tried to stay dry getting ashore after tieing the dingy to a rickety collection of floating polystyrene platforms, half sunken dinghies, and a few drums cobbled together. It was a miracle if you kept your balance and your feet dry. The anchorage area is called Las Brisas (breezes). There are a lot of local boats, yachts, fishing boats, big posh charter boats and work boats in the area. There is a bus service or you can take a taxi to the city via the Causeway.

Sounds lovely Gene and great with the birds etc and so interesting ! !

Welcome into the Pacific. Good to hear a new dink dock, that last one was an absolute death trap! 30c sounds nice, its Labour Weekend here and 30knot northerlies foecast tonight. We are out cruising, somewhere with cell signal to tuck up till weather improves next week. Had dinner with Listowel Lady the other night. Think Graeme still here waiting for window to Newcastle (bugger that )
Thu Oct 12 16:36 2017 NZDT
Run: 27.7nm (50.1km)
Weather: Steamy night. There was a storm at sunset.

We are at The Flats. We are the only boat here at the moment. It is ten thirty p.m. Wednesday. The Measurer is coming tomorrow to measure and inspect Moonlight. We arrived in the dark. We have been here a few times before, twice with OOTB once to be measured and once to start the process of going through the Canal. Bill did two in Blue Dream as well. Therefore we were familiar with the lay of the land as it where, so coming in with many ships everywhere was not a problem.

Thu Oct 12 3:17 2017 NZDT
Run: 0.1nm (0.2km)
Weather: Stinking hot, blue skies, tiny zephyrs of breeze.

Going to The Flats this afternoon, to be measured tomorrow.

Fri Sep 29 21:58 2017 NZDT

Moonlight is just behind the little island you can see. It is a small but very sheltered marina. You can see the marina complex and the dirt road to the little village of Cacique.

Fri Sep 29 21:44 2017 NZDT

Moonlight is sitting at Panamarina at Panama On the Caribbean side waiting for us to arrive, Transit the canal and sail her across the Pacific. Sue and Brian on Sea Rose are right near by, as are George and Rebecca on C-Level and Corrine and Gerwald on Bellatrix are expected any time soon.

Just discovered I can send you a message and all the other info Gene. Good sailing and will talk again soon xx

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