Mon Nov 20 22:31 2017 NZDT
GPS: 32 55.326S 151 45.737E
Run: 48.4nm (87.6km)

We are now in Newcastle, we arrived Sunday the 19 of November in the afternoon. We had a nice last day with NE winds apr 20 knots. We will stay here some days before we continue south.

Sun Nov 19 7:51 2017 NZDT
4 knots
GPS: 32 35.483S 152 29.722E
Run: 149.5nm (270.6km)
Avg: 6.7knts
24hr: 161.6nm
Weather: 14 knots NE, 50% cc, 1 m waves, 1 m swell

Sailing slowly along the Australian coast. Not much wind, sailing wing-wing, rolling from side to side. Will come to Newcastle Sunday afternoon.

Sat Nov 18 9:39 2017 NZDT
6 knots
GPS: 31 01.677S 154 15.307E
Run: 166.8nm (301.9km)
Avg: 6.4knts
24hr: 154.6nm
Weather: 20 knots E, 90% cc, 2 m waves, 1 m swell

Nice sailing yesterday, then the wind turned to east and increased. Waves from one direction and swell from another. Not so comfortable any more! A bit rain. 172 nm to Newcastle.

Fri Nov 17 7:45 2017 NZDT
5 knots for engine
GPS: 29 12.335S 156 05.079E
Run: 163nm (295km)
Avg: 6.8knts
24hr: 163.3nm
Weather: 8 knts SE, 30% cc, small waves, 1 m swell

Yesterday was as nice as the day before. No waves, light wind, good sail (but no wind during the night). The forecast looks good, so we decided to head for Newcastle instead. 317 nm to go.

Thu Nov 16 7:48 2017 NZDT
6 knots for engine
GPS: 27 29.259S 157 55.232E
Run: 146.7nm (265.5km)
Avg: 6.1knts
24hr: 146.7nm
Weather: 6 knts SE, 10% cc, no waves, no swell

Not so much wind yesterday, but we could sail as there was no waves. Fantastic sunny weather. A fine sun set, but some distant clouds, maybe rain later. 300 nm to Coffs Harbour.

Wed Nov 15 7:48 2017 NZDT
6 knots for engine
GPS: 26 17.464S 159 53.224E
Run: 169.8nm (307.3km)
Avg: 7.1knts
24hr: 169.4nm
Weather: 10 knts SE, 20% cc, 0.5 m waves, 1 m swell

We had a nice sail yesterday in flat water, the wind dropped more and more and the engine came on at 23.00 yesterday evening. The wind is picking up, will be sailing soon. Half way to Coffs Harbour, 427 to go.

Tue Nov 14 7:45 2017 NZDT
6-7 knots
GPS: 24 55.370S 162 09.006E
Run: 185.5nm (335.8km)
Avg: 7.8knts
24hr: 187.1nm
Weather: 15 knts SE, 20% cc, 1 m waves

Good sailing in almost flat water. 575 nm to Coffs harbour.

Mon Nov 13 7:57 2017 NZDT
6-7 knots
GPS: 23 24.061S 164 34.371E
Run: 142.1nm (257.2km)
Weather: 17 knts SE, 20% cc,

We left Noumea, New Caledonia yesterday and are now 124 nm on or way to Coffs Harbour. 736 to go. Nasty waves yesterday, better now. Wind OK except for some hours this night. All well.

Thu Nov 2 9:03 2017 NZDT
GPS: 22 16.602S 166 26.403E
Run: 329.3nm (596km)

In Noumea, preparing for sailing to Australia

Tue Aug 22 6:33 2017 NZST
6-7 knots
GPS: 17 52.617S 168 23.210E
Run: 152.5nm (276km)
Avg: 6.4knts
24hr: 154.1nm
Weather: 15-20 knts SE, 20% cc,

We are just south of Port Vila, will be there at 09.00 (NZ time). Had a good sailing yesterday, we got the S wind in the morning and SE at 12.00.

Mon Aug 21 6:48 2017 NZST
3-5 knots
GPS: 17 25.717S 170 39.205E
Run: 106.3nm (192.4km)
Avg: 4.4knts
24hr: 105.4nm
Weather: 10-15 knts SW, 100% cc,

Yesterday we had W wind turning to SW. Tacking the whole day. Waiting for the S wind to come! All well.

Sun Aug 20 6:36 2017 NZST
3-5 knots
GPS: 18 01.575S 172 08.453E
Run: 130.7nm (236.6km)
Avg: 5.5knts
24hr: 131.5nm
Weather: 5-10 knts W, 90% cc,

Motoring yesterday from 11 am to 04 am today. No wind - no seas. When the wind returned it was from the west - as predicted. The waves are back. Lots of Chinese fishing vessels.

Sat Aug 19 6:45 2017 NZST
3 knots
GPS: 17 55.666S 174 07.540E
Run: 117.6nm (212.9km)
Avg: 4.9knts
24hr: 116.9nm
Weather: 5-10 knts E-NE, 90% cc,

We are drifting towards Port Vila! The wind is in the process of shifting to N. Engine will come on soon. Have a booby (brun sula) as guest and got a small bonito yesterday. All well.

Fri Aug 18 6:36 2017 NZST
5 knots
GPS: 17 58.296S 175 54.841E
Run: 165.1nm (298.8km)
Weather: 12-15 knts SE, 70% cc,

On our way from Vuda Marina, Fiji to Port Vila, Vanuatu. Left Fiji (the reef) at 15.40. Then 20 knots, 2.5 m swell. Now the swell lower, 2 m.

Wed Jun 7 9:41 2017 NZST
GPS: 18 07.415S 178 25.311E
Run: 34.1nm (61.7km)

We arrived in Suva Monday at 13.00 and are anchored at the Royal Suva Yacht Club. All is well (and wet) on board.

Thank you Patricia and David for the information on the radio. It feels good to hear your professional voices in the morning when we are out there on our own!

Mon Jun 5 6:45 2017 NZST
GPS: 18 34.097S 178 38.802E
Run: 142.3nm (257.6km)
Avg: 6.1knts
24hr: 146.9nm
Weather: 10-12 knts SE, 100% cc,

Good sailing through the night and still sailing even if the wind has dropped. Could see the lights in Suva before the daylight. Got a 1.3 m, 12 kg mahi-mahi yesterday! 30 nm to anchoring in Suva, will be there at lunch time.

Sun Jun 4 7:30 2017 NZST
GPS: 20 35.224S 178 12.816E
Run: 298.7nm (540.6km)
Avg: 12.1knts
24hr: 290.2nm
Weather: 5 knts S, 90% cc, 1009 baro

Motor during the night, no wind. Still under engine. A swell picked up during the last hours, no waves. 150 nm to Suva.

Sat Jun 3 6:48 2017 NZST
5 knots
GPS: 22 21.957S 177 33.242W
Run: 353.2nm (639.3km)
Avg: 14.7knts
24hr: 352.5nm
Weather: 10 knts S, 90% cc, 1010 baro

The front came 14.00 yesterday and the wind shifted to NW, W and now S. Had 15-20 knots, the most was 25. The waves picked up, now 1,5 mtr with a choppy top. All well on board!

Fri Jun 2 6:45 2017 NZST
6 knots
GPS: 24 06.105S 177 12.833E
Run: 131nm (237.1km)
Avg: 5.5knts
24hr: 132.1nm
Weather: 15knts NE, 80% cc, 1012 baro

Sailing in good wind since last evening. Up to 20 knots during the night. Now 12-15 knots. Swell less than one meter, small choppy waves on top. 380 nm to Suva.

Thu Jun 1 6:57 2017 NZST
GPS: 25 59.757S 177 08.081E
Run: 111.1nm (201.1km)
Avg: 4.6knts
24hr: 111.1nm
Weather: 4 knts S, 25% cc, 1017 baro

Have been sailing slowly last day and night. Flat sea, less than 0,5 m swell. Not fast progress, but sailing in the right direction!

Wed May 31 6:57 2017 NZST
GPS: 27 33.796S 176 44.142E
Run: 151nm (273.3km)
Avg: 6.2knts
24hr: 148.8nm
Weather: 3knts NE, 90% cc, 1018 baro

No wind, no sailing. Engine on. Long swell, 0,5 m. 580 nm to Suva on Fiji.

Tue May 30 6:36 2017 NZST
GPS: 29 41.839S 176 12.358E
Run: 152.1nm (275.3km)
Avg: 6.4knts
24hr: 153.7nm
Weather: 1knt, 50% cc, 1020 baro

No wind. Motoring. Sea flat, swell less than one meter.

Mon May 29 6:51 2017 NZST
GPS: 31 50.837S 175 39.615E
Run: 176.7nm (319.8km)
Avg: 7.4knts
24hr: 177.8nm
Weather: 15knots SW, 70% cc, 1019 baro

Good sailing, wind 10-15 knots from a SW direction. Flat water during the night, now building up, but not much. Good progress.

Sun May 28 7:00 2017 NZST
GPS: 34 20.385S 174 58.747E
Run: 107.5nm (194.6km)
Weather: 10 knts WSW, 50% cc, 1014 baro

Started from Marsden Cove yesterday afternoon. Could sail after 5 hours by engine. Since then sailing on nicely with a 6 knots speed.

Fri May 19 19:22 2017 NZST
GPS: 35 50.284S 174 28.066E
Run: 11.2nm (20.3km)

Marsden Cove Marina, waiting for good weather to sail to Fiji

Thu Dec 8 14:02 2016 NZDT
GPS: 35 43.433S 174 19.618E
Run: 30.6nm (55.4km)

In Whangarei

Fri Nov 25 9:03 2016 NZDT
GPS: 35 18.833S 174 07.365E
Run: 138.1nm (250km)
Avg: 5.2knts
24hr: 125.5nm
Weather: 12 knts N, 100% cc, 1008 baro

Arrived in Opua 06.30 on the 25 Nov. Good sailing the last 12 hours, increasing northerly wind and rain. Good to be in Opua after a nice sail from Tonga. Thank you Gulf Harbour Radio for your support!

Thu Nov 24 6:39 2016 NZDT
GPS: 33 23.249S 174 46.091E
Run: 139nm (251.6km)
Avg: 5.8knts
24hr: 140.2nm
Weather: 4 knts SW, 100% cc, 1017 baro

No wind yesterday, motor on the whole day. Same start this day. Flat sea. Current against us. 120 to Upoa.

Wed Nov 23 6:51 2016 NZDT
GPS: 31 26.686S 175 23.093E
Run: 170.8nm (309.1km)
Avg: 7.2knts
24hr: 171.9nm
Weather: 5 knts E, 60% cc, 1021 baro

Good wind yesterday, but now the wind has gone, engine on. 0.5 swell, small waves. 241 to Opua.

Tue Nov 22 7:00 2016 NZDT
GPS: 29 07.251S 176 21.395E
Run: 174.1nm (315.1km)
Avg: 7.2knts
24hr: 173.4nm
Weather: 15knots SE, 70% cc, 1020 baro

Good sailing, wind 12-18 knots from a SE direction. Swell is building up again. Still 3 sails, making good progress.

Mon Nov 21 6:54 2016 NZDT
GPS: 27 01.778S 177 56.889E
Run: 163nm (295km)
Avg: 6.8knts
24hr: 162.3nm
Weather: 12knts SE, 90% cc, 1018 baro

Night sailing good, during the day the wind is uneven in strength. Almost no swell but some small choppy seas. Sailing with genua, cutter and main at 6 knots.

Sun Nov 20 6:48 2016 NZDT
GPS: 24 59.739S 179 16.588E
Run: 147.6nm (267.2km)
Weather: 15knts E, 80% cc, 1016 baro

Left N Minerva yesterday morning. Good sailing, choppy seas of now 1.5 m.

Mon Nov 14 11:21 2016 NZDT
GPS: 23 39.324S 178 53.907W
Run: 2.6nm (4.7km)
Weather: 9knts E, 30% cc, 1013 baro

Still anchored at North Minerva, but now in the SE corner. Will have a walk on the reef later today.

Fri Nov 11 7:00 2016 NZDT
GPS: 23 37.125S 178 54.371W
Run: 158.9nm (287.6km)
Avg: 6.6knts
24hr: 157.9nm
Weather: 9knts E, 0.5 m sea, 100% cc, 1011 baro

Anchored at Minerva. Good winds yesterday, lighter winds during the night.

Thu Nov 10 6:51 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 59.454S 177 08.760W
Run: 140.8nm (254.8km)
Avg: 6.2knts
24hr: 150nm
Weather: 15knts SE, 1.5 m sea, 20% cc, 1011 baro

Variable winds during the night, now good winds again. Confused seas even if it is a bit better now. 140 nm to Minerva.

Wed Nov 9 8:19 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 07.555S 175 09.777W

Today we start from Nukualofa, Tonga (Big Mamas Yacht Club) and first stop will probably be at North Minerva.

Fri Nov 4 17:29 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 07.535S 175 09.771W
Run: 9291.1nm (16816.9km)
Avg: 66762.4knts
24hr: 1602297.5nm

Still testing!

Fri Nov 4 17:21 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 07.506S 175 09761W
Run: 9291.2nm (16817.1km)
Avg: 126.9knts
24hr: 3045nm

Tue Nov 1 16:07 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 07.495S 175 09.758W

Mon Oct 31 14:27 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 07.506s 175 09.761w
Weather: Today it is raining. 1009 on the bar. No wind so far

At anchor, but we will leave Nukualofa, Tonga in the coming week(s) for Opua.

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