Raw Cotton

Raw Cotton

Thu Jun 13 16:09 2019 NZST
Run: 730.9nm (1322.9km)
Avg: 4.1knts
24hr: 99.5nm
17 40’54”S 177 23”12”E
Weather: Sunny 26 C 18 Knts SE winds

Arrived Monday arvo after reasonble but lumpy trip from New Cal Heading out to islands tomorrow after shopping in Lautoka Fiji ( Indian style) Lovely peoples here and great weather ALL GOOD 👍😃

I saw you sail past us, my partner, kids and and me were kayaking out the front of Malolo Island Resort. Beautiful boat! I hope you enjoy your journey.
Thu Jun 6 7:54 2019 NZST
Run: 68.7nm (124.3km)
22 38S 167 26E
Weather: Cloudy but pleasant

Leaving isle de pins today for Fiji hopefully a Rhumb Linre shot and arr Sunday Monday next week

Sat Jun 1 12:02 2019 NZST
22 16S 166 26E
Weather: Overcast and humid

Preparing to throw lines at Port Moselle and spend a day or two in grand lagoon before heading to Fiji via isle de Pins

Thu May 30 15:43 2019 NZST
Run: 69.1nm (125.1km)
Avg: 8.8knts
24hr: 211.3nm
22 16S 166 26E
Weather: Hot and beautiful

Hi all

Apologies as no post till now but to hard to get internet enroute

We have arrive a few days ago into Noumea one of my favourite spots as abase in Nouvelle Calédonie

We had a marvellous 6 day champagne sail arriving at Isle de Pins first for a look at our Raymarine depth gauge as was playing up. We had a great crew and are now relaxing after washing to great yacht down and enjoying locals hospitality. Follow us too on FB

Love to all

Thu May 30 7:52 2019 NZST
Run: 963.5nm (1743.9km)
Avg: 4.5knts
24hr: 108.8nm
22 39S 167 26E
Weather: Cloudy but pleasant

Preparing to leave Isle de Pins New Cal for Fiji after a rest waiting for weather break. Expect to arrive late Sunday or Monday next week

Tue May 21 11:17 2019 NZST
35 19S 174 7E
Weather: Beautiful but no wind

Checked out and will motor until we get wind and plans changed for now as may drop into Noumea NC before getting the right winds for Fiji

Good to know Raw Cotton is on her way. Best wishes for a great sail. Mark and Liz
Fri May 17 15:06 2019 NZST
Run: 1.2nm (2.2km)
35 19S 174 7E
Weather: Still lovely with cooler nights but haven't needed a fire yet :-)

Still getting boat ready

One crew member decided to jump ship and we have an old hand from Kimberley Rose coming on Sunday so hope to throw the lines Mon/Tues

Tue May 7 13:07 2019 NZST
Run: 558.6nm (1011.1km)
35 18S 174 7E
Weather: very pleasant in Opua

Getting ready to depart Opua next week on a rising moon

Paul , hows the departure plans going Paul , your still in Opua according to the update . Dohnty

Great to hear from you, Paul. I'll be following your travels, with interest and enthusiasm.

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