Wed Oct 16 8:53 2019 NZDT
GPS: 17 41.61981S 168 15.94289E
Run: 18.9nm (34.2km)

Back to Mele Bay.

Good holding, steep anchorage at 30ft, 100ft chain hanging now in 75ft of water.

Sunny, 15knt S/SE .

Tue Oct 15 8:48 2019 NZDT
GPS: 17 25.51292S 168 19.42189E
Run: 58.3nm (105.5km)

Undine Bay, Gunnar. Very rolly anchorage !

Anchored in 34ft, rocky difficult one: had to dive to liberate the anchor.

Sun Oct 13 8:30 2019 NZDT
GPS: 16 35.74027S 168 9.74073E
Run: 28.3nm (51.2km)

Fri Oct 11 8:38 2019 NZDT
GPS: 16 15.52168S 167 55.17494E
Run: 16.4nm (29.7km)

Craig Cove, second visit this year.

Anchoring in 22ft black sand good holding.Nice snorkeling along shore.

Kava with Francis Family.

Thu Oct 10 20:39 2019 NZDT
GPS: 16 7.51631S 168 7.44099E
Run: 113nm (204.5km)

Tue Sep 10 8:42 2019 NZST
GPS: 17 44.97392S 168 18.77529E
Run: 171.7nm (310.8km)

Back to Port Vila

Mon Sep 2 14:43 2019 NZST
GPS: 15 31.29167S 167 9.98138E
Run: 99.5nm (180.1km)

Back to Santo since Sunday morning.

Gaua to Luganville in 16 hours, 15/18knts East with a little bit of North for the major part, gradually dying to 10 and less early Sunday,

Tue Aug 27 7:33 2019 NZST
GPS: 14 8.17571S 167 34.35693E
Run: 863.6nm (1563.1km)
Weather: Sunny with 50%cloud cover in the morning

Anchored at Gaua alias Santa Maria, Banks since yesterday afternoon after 13 hours of 12/15knts close reach sail, Sunny, from Hog harbor, Santo. Well sheltered anchorage surrounded by reefs, reminiscent of French Polynesia!

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