Thu Sep 27 23:22 2018 NZST
GPS: 33 03.599N 16 18.952W
Run: 567.2nm (1026.6km)
Weather: Sunny and warm, 15kn NE

Sabir is at Porto Santo, the little Island next to Madeira.

Greetings and big hugs into the beautiful south pacific!!!

Stefan & Ilja

Thu Sep 6 0:00 2018 NZST
GPS: 36 56.676N 25 08.862W
Run: 61.8nm (111.9km)

Santa Maria is just great!!!

Fri Aug 31 0:00 2018 NZST
GPS: 37 44.282N 25 39.868W
Run: 102.1nm (184.8km)

Big city, Marina is OK!

Tue Jul 3 23:07 2018 NZST
GPS: 38 43.840N 27 03.430W
Run: 2144.8nm (3882.1km)
Weather: Cloudy, northerlies 15kn, 21 Degrees

Ahoy from Praia da Victoria on Terceira in the Azores group. On our way to here we we had some days on Flores, in Horta on Faial and in Velas on Sao Jorge.

All is well on Sabir, but we changed our plans. At Bermuda we were still ready to sail back home to Germany, but the passage was not the best one in 5 years. Three fronts hit us and the second one was a bit nasty. 50kn and really big seas made it uncomfi....

Out there we asked us everyday why we are doing this. Somewhere we turned wrong, we went north instead of going west back into the pacific. However, we do not sail any mile further north, we will stay a while here on the beautiful Azores and we fly back home for some weeks, the first time after 5 years. End of August Sabir will sail with us south to Madeira and later back to the Canaries. Why should we sit in the Baltic Sea and freeze our butts off when we can sail around in good temps on the spanish islands... ;-)

Greetings to our Cruising friends all over the world!

Boat and crew are happy, live is good here!

Ilja & Stefan

Mon May 21 1:43 2018 NZST
GPS: 32 22.561N 64 40.611W
Run: 993.6nm (1798.4km)
Weather: Sunny, light winds from south east


Today we are leaving for the Azores! 1800nm to go!

Bermudas are great, friendly, save, clean and a bit expensive... All good on Sabir! Big hugs to our friend in NZ, OZ, Fiji and on the way!

Wed May 2 0:00 2018 NZST
GPS: 18 04.209N 63 05.639W
Run: 148.9nm (269.5km)
Weather: just sunny

We had 2 weeks in St. Maarten, one on the french and one the dutch side. Everywhere you still can see what Hurricane Irma has done there last year. Really sad! But people are nice and friendly! Next stop will be Bermudas!

Sun Apr 22 3:29 2018 NZST
GPS: 16 18.333N 61 47.935W
Run: 33.4nm (60.5km)
Weather: Sunny & windy

Bon jour from Guadeloupe!

We are sailing from island to island up north.

Next and last stop will be Saint Maarten before we jump another time over the Atlantic ocean to get back home.

Big hugs to our friends in NZ and OZ!

Ilja & Stefan

Wed Apr 18 0:00 2018 NZST
GPS: 15 52.046N 61 35.143W
Run: 21.4nm (38.7km)

Tue Apr 17 0:00 2018 NZST
GPS: 15 34.838N 61 27.945W
Run: 81.2nm (147km)
Avg: 3.4knts
24hr: 81.2nm

Mon Apr 16 0:00 2018 NZST
GPS: 14 26.258N 61 10.884W
Run: 99.1nm (179.4km)

Wed Apr 4 0:00 2018 NZST
GPS: 13 00.282N 61 14.542W
Run: 27nm (48.9km)

Mon Apr 2 0:00 2018 NZST
GPS: 12 37.840N 61 21.400W
Run: 4.5nm (8.1km)

Fri Mar 30 0:00 2018 NZDT
GPS: 12 35.625N 61 24.665W
Run: 10.8nm (19.5km)

Thu Mar 29 0:00 2018 NZDT
GPS: 12 27.369N 61 29.157W
Run: 37nm (67km)

Wed Mar 28 1:16 2018 NZDT
GPS: 11 59.730N 61 45.853W
Run: 4284.4nm (7754.8km)
Avg: 4.7knts
24hr: 112.6nm
Weather: NICE!

On Sunday night we crossed our track from 2014,

Sabir sailed around the world! Wooohoooo!

All is good here in Grenada, we had no problems on the way.

A stop over at Fernando de Noronha was not possible, 2.5m swell in the anchorage was to dangerous! From here we do some island hopping north and in May we cross the Atlantic another time to get back home... ETA in Germany is beginning of July.

Sun Feb 18 0:00 2018 NZDT
GPS: 16 02.959S 5 52.131W
Run: 1535.4nm (2779.1km)
Avg: 2.8knts
24hr: 66.6nm
Weather: cloudy - S/O 15

Ahoy! The passage from Lüderitz to St. Helena was a nice one, most of the time just with the Gennaker. The island is nice and the people are great! All good on Sabir!

Thu Jan 25 22:58 2018 NZDT
GPS: 26 38.332S 15 09.513E
Run: 538.7nm (975km)
Weather: Sunny - 35kn from S/E - warm

We are since Tuesday in Lüderitz. The passage from Cape Town to here had a bit of everything, 40kn at the start, no wind and fog at arrival. The town is nice and friendly, next days we do some land- cruising. It's very windy here, nearly every day the wind goes up to 30+kn!

All good on Sabir! Greetings to our friends in NZ and OZ!

Wed Jan 3 20:04 2018 NZDT
GPS: 33 54.473S 18 25.144E
Run: 549.8nm (995.1km)
Weather: Sunny & windy


We arrived in Cape Town on the 30th of December, just in time for NYE! The passage from Reunion to Richards Bay in November was not the best one. South of Madagaskar a chain plate broke out of the deck in up to 44kn wind and 3-4m waves. We were able to repair that behind Mada. Later on the engine showed oil in the coolant and we lost oil on another way, but we did it into RB. There we ordered a new Yanmar from Cape Town, we were 10 on the hard and changed the old Volvo including the Saildrive. We found good weather windows to sail along the coast. Christmas we spend with 15 other boats in East London. Nice party with a Braai! From there we sailed direct to Cape Town in a bit under 4 days. Now we have the f...king indian ocean behind us, we are back in the Atlantic! All is well on Sabir, Cape Town is nice and friendly. Next passage will be to Namibia in 2 weeks or so....

Fri Dec 22 0:00 2017 NZDT
GPS: 33 01.428S 27 53.937E
Run: 383.1nm (693.4km)
Weather: ok!

Christmas with 15 boats in East London!

The Buffalo Yacht Club is just nice and friendly!

Tue Nov 21 0:00 2017 NZDT
GPS: 28 47.685S 32 04.725E
Run: 1549.9nm (2805.3km)
Avg: 2.7knts
24hr: 63.9nm
Weather: Stormy, cold, not nice!

Arrived in Richards Bay with a broken engine.

Fri Oct 27 17:55 2017 NZDT
GPS: 20 56.368S 55 17.267E
Run: 161.5nm (292.3km)
Weather: Sunny and hot in the marina

Yesterday we arrived @ Le Port in Reunion.

The passage was a low win one. Most of the 130nm we motorsailed.

All good on Sabir, looking forward to find fresh baguettes!

Tue Oct 24 19:39 2017 NZDT
GPS: 20 00.665S 57 34.640E
Run: 11.6nm (21km)
Weather: cloudy - S/O 15

Sabir is ready to leave beautiful Mauritius tomorrow.

Next stop will be Reunion only 130 nm away. This will be our last island in the Indian before heading to Southafrica. The sailing in this ocean is a mess, but all the islands are worth to visit! Many greetings, good luck and fair winds to all our friends on the way south to beautiful NZ! Ilja & Stefan

Fri Oct 13 16:53 2017 NZDT
GPS: 20 09.614S 57 29.807E
Run: 386.3nm (699.2km)
Weather: Just sunny - 15kn southeast - Baro 1012

Yesterday we arrived on Mauritius! The three days out there we not to bad. Light winds and just a small swell all the 350nm. We are in the town marina for two night to get some fresh water....

Tomorrow we will leave for Gande Baie, here they are expecting a group of boats in a rush... ;-)

Thu Oct 5 0:00 2017 NZDT
GPS: 19 40.723S 63 25.223E
Run: 2281nm (4128.6km)
Avg: 4.9knts
24hr: 117.6nm
Weather: Always sunshine on Rodrigues

Rodrigues is an great island! The passage from Cocos to here was bumpy with a bit of everything. The first 1000nm were hard, strong winds and big seas from different directions made living on the boat hard...

Anyway, this bloody long leg is behind us, Rodrigues and the locals are great! We love this little island!!! So sorry that we have not more time...

Fri Sep 15 13:32 2017 NZST
GPS: 12 05.447S 96 52.919E
Run: 606.5nm (1097.8km)
Avg: 5knts
24hr: 120.8nm
Weather: Just sunny - 15kn southeast - Baro 1012

We arrived yesterday safe and sound at Cocos Keeling!

This is a real paradise! Reminds us to the Tuamotus!

All is well on the blue boat!

Sun Sep 10 13:03 2017 NZST
GPS: 10 25.738S 105 40.121E
Run: 1797.2nm (3252.9km)
Avg: 3.3knts
24hr: 79.7nm
Weather: cloudy - S/O 15


Since last Tuesday we are on Christmas island. On the way from Darwin we stopped at Ashmore Reef for 2 nights! Really nice there, a marked channel brings you to the moorings!

We had a broken lower stay, now it's new!

We can recommend Edgar from in Perth and Drew from also in Perth!

Within 50 hours they made 2 new stays for us and delivered them to Christmas! All good again!

Today we leave for Cocos Keeling! In 4-5 days we should be there!

All the best to you guys,

Ilja & Stefan on Sabir

Sat Aug 19 0:00 2017 NZST
GPS: 11 09.357S 132 08.269E
Run: 124.8nm (225.9km)

Smith point overnight.

Tue Aug 15 16:38 2017 NZST
GPS: 12 26.916S 130 51.033E
Run: 2.1nm (3.8km)
Weather: Sunny & HOT HOT HOT

Finally we are at our last port in Australia: Darwin!! Wooohoooo!

Nice little marina, very friendly stuff. It was a really long way along the coast, happy to be back in civilisation! One week is planed here, next stop will be Christmas island!

Mon Aug 14 0:00 2017 NZST
GPS: 12 27.107S 130 49.211E
Run: 410.9nm (743.7km)
Avg: 3.4knts
24hr: 82.2nm
Weather: Sunny & HOT HOT HOT

At the fisheries jetty for hull inspection. Stayed overnight there, a diver checked the hull for marine pests. All for free, sadly he didn't scrubbed it....

Wed Aug 9 0:00 2017 NZST
GPS: 11 04.475S 136 43.676E
Run: 382.7nm (692.7km)
Avg: 4.9knts
24hr: 117.9nm

Overnight stop at two island bay. Beautiful spot!

Sat Aug 5 18:05 2017 NZST
GPS: 10 50.885S 142 21.760E
Run: 15.6nm (28.2km)
Avg: 409.9knts
24hr: 9838.2nm

Anchored in Seisia. We found some bread and fresh fruits. Tomorrow we will continue our way to Darwin!

All good on the blue boat!

Sat Aug 5 18:02 2017 NZST
GPS: 10 41.364S 142 31.546E
Run: 99nm (179.2km)
Avg: 2828.6knts
24hr: 67885.7nm

For one hour at Cape York. Was windy, a bit wet and the best of all: It's behind us!!! Now we go west!

Sat Aug 5 18:00 2017 NZST
GPS: 11 57.494S 143 12.276E
Run: 45.6nm (82.5km)

Cape grenville!

Wed Aug 2 0:00 2017 NZST
GPS: 12 35.304S 143 24.344E
Run: 65.9nm (119.3km)
Avg: 2.7knts
24hr: 65.9nm

Portland road. Also a good anchorage!

Tue Aug 1 0:00 2017 NZST
GPS: 13 29.487S 143 43.325E
Run: 58.5nm (105.9km)

One night on Morris island! Great anchorage!

Mon Jul 31 0:00 2017 NZST
GPS: 14 10.731S 144 13.799E
Run: 42.2nm (76.4km)

Owen channel also for one night only.

Sun Jul 30 0:00 2017 NZST
GPS: 14 25.794S 144 48.265E
Run: 46.1nm (83.4km)

Bewick island for one night.

Fri Jul 28 0:00 2017 NZST
GPS: 14 39.635S 145 27.074E
Run: 119.2nm (215.8km)
Avg: 8.8knts
24hr: 211.6nm

Lizard island is just great! We climbed up to Cooks lookout and snorkeled the reef!

Thu Jul 27 10:28 2017 NZST
GPS: 16 22.900S 145 33.823E
Run: 39.8nm (72km)
Weather: 131% clouds - 5-30kn from s to e - rain, clouds, few sun - baro 1017

Overnight stop at Low Islets. Next island will be Lizard tomorrow...

All well, but many sharks around the boat!

Mon Jul 24 14:06 2017 NZST
GPS: 16 55.074S 145 46.923E
Run: 52.4nm (94.8km)
Weather: Sunny & windy

We are for 3 days at Marlin Marina in Cairns. Cleaning the boat and us, oil is changed, Sabir is full with food and drinks for the way to Darwin. Leaving tomorrow for Lizard Island. 150nm to go over night.

All well in town and on Sabir!

Fri Jul 21 8:40 2017 NZST
GPS: 17 36.143S 146 07.322E
Run: 22.9nm (41.4km)
Weather: still dark

Just anchored for the night. No crocs so far!

Wed Jul 19 11:08 2017 NZST
GPS: 17 56.038S 146 08.081E
Run: 94.2nm (170.5km)
Weather: sunny - 5kn from s - Baro 1017

Anchored at Dunk Island. We saw more Whales on the way.

All well on Sabir!

Sun Jul 16 10:40 2017 NZST
GPS: 19 06.726S 146 51.490E
Run: 145nm (262.5km)
Weather: Sunny - 10kn from se - Baro 1018

Anchored since Friday afternoon at Magnetic Island.

The way from Airlie was nice in day trips. We saw more Whales, Mantarays, Dugongs... Yesterday we found some Koalas and Rock- Wallabies on this beautiful island! All well on board, tomorrow we keep on moving north...

Fri Jul 7 9:47 2017 NZST
GPS: 20 15.642S 148 43.415E
Run: 66.2nm (119.8km)

Hello from Airlie Beach!

After we left Mackay we sailed to the Whitsunday Islands. At Brampton Island, Shaw Island and Whitsunday Island we anchored.The highlight in three days with light winds and Gennaker sailing were a group of humpback whales. Now some civilisation in this nice and touristy town. Sunday we move further north...

100% sunny - 26 degrees - no wind

Fri Jun 23 8:19 2017 NZST
GPS: 21 06S 149 13E
Run: 52.3nm (94.7km)

Save and sound in Mackay!

Was an interesting passage, a bit of everything! Tuesday was a big one, 4m waves with 30+ from the south. We never had so much water on deck before... Bundaberg was not possible for us, so we changed the plan.

Today we check in and then: Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Thanks for posting our positions, you guys are doing a great job there in NZ!

Thu Jun 22 7:33 2017 NZST
GPS: 21 29S 149 55E
Run: 180.7nm (327.1km)
Avg: 7.5knts
24hr: 180.4nm
Weather: SE15-20, 1016

Only 80nm to Mackay so will arrive this evening. Happy landfall

Wed Jun 21 7:30 2017 NZST
GPS: 22 36S 152 28E
Run: 143.5nm (259.7km)
Avg: 6knts
24hr: 144.3nm
Weather: S20 down from yesterday, 1018

ETA thursday afternoon

Tue Jun 20 7:38 2017 NZST
GPS: 23 30S 154 30E
Run: 764.4nm (1383.6km)
Avg: 4.6knts
24hr: 110.3nm
Weather: 20%cc, wind now on lower end of SW20-30

On passage Noumea to Mackay. Originally this was Bundaberg but wind direction caused a change. The wind direction will ease after tomorrow to S then SE. ETA Thursday as 320nm to go.

Tue Jun 13 9:17 2017 NZST
GPS: 22 16S 166 26E
Run: 1.3nm (2.4km)


Yesterday we checked out here in Noumea/ NC, leaving today to Bundaberg in Australia. We hope our Radio is OK and we can talk to you on the passage!

Wed May 10 8:38 2017 NZST
GPS: 22 15.34940S 166 27.03146E
Run: 1.3nm (2.4km)

All is good in Noumea! They closed the Harbour on Monday afternoon and pulled up the black flag. Diver brought long lines to the Cyclone chains, and we brought out some more ropes. Sabir was looking like caught in a "spidernet"! At the end Donna was far away, some stronger gust came down, some rain, but nothing bad! We had luck!

Now sunshine is back and we move out to the islands!

Good luck to our friend in NZ for the passage!

Mon May 8 12:48 2017 NZST
GPS: 22 16S 166 26E
Run: 1.6nm (2.9km)

We are in Marina Port Moselle and we're waiting for Donna!

Actually the "Red Warning" is up, maybe this afternoon they change to black.

100% cloud, 1012 baro, 26degrees, 75% humidity 25-30kn ese

All well on Sabir so far.

Tue Apr 25 20:50 2017 NZST
GPS: 22 17S 166 25E
Run: 1013.4nm (1834.3km)
Avg: 4.1knts
24hr: 97.4nm

Sabir is safe and sound in New Cal! Weather on the way was ok, except Friday. This little bloody low destroyed the day, but at the end the steering was ok again and the autopilot worked for the rest of the trip. 3.5m wave and only 5-7sec period are definitely not comfortable!

Greetings from Noumea,

Ilja & Stefan

Sat Apr 15 11:01 2017 NZST
GPS: 35 19S 174 07E
Run: 1.2nm (2.2km)

Sabir is ready to leave New Zealand for Noumea in New Cal!

We just checked out! This leg will be the first one on our way back to Germany!

Greetings from Opua,

Ilja & Stefan

Tue Jan 17 9:39 2017 NZDT
GPS: 35 18S 174 07E
Run: 1303.9nm (2360.1km)

Yesterday we arrived back in the Bay of Islands - NZ!

9 days from Sydney to Opua with a bit of everything!

We are happy and a bit proud to be back...

All good with the crew and the boat!

Thu Dec 15 11:16 2016 NZDT
GPS: 33 52S 151 13E
Run: 430.3nm (778.8km)

Happy in Sydney! All is more than good on Sabir!

Weather: rain!

Sat Dec 3 17:36 2016 NZDT
GPS: 27 56S 153 25E
Run: 30.2nm (54.7km)

Sailed yesterday down to Southport and we are anchored in Bumsbay. Now waiting for weather to sail further south!

All well on bord, the swimming is refreshing! Water 19degrees, air 29, thunderstorm is coming...

Thu Dec 1 20:17 2016 NZDT
GPS: 27 30S 153 21E
Run: 32.4nm (58.6km)


Actually we are in our first east coast thunderstorm @ anchor here at peel island in southern Moreton Bay. It's not too bad....

In the second try we left Scarborough Marina today, the overheating problem is eliminated. A clean oil cooler and a new water strainer and all is well. Never before we had so much water coming out of the exhauster...! ;-)

Tomorrow down to Southport!

Tue Nov 22 12:05 2016 NZDT
GPS: 27 04S 153 09E
Run: 167.1nm (302.5km)

We are in Moreton Bay. Sailed around the north of Fraser Island down the coast. We tried to get into the Sandy Strait but to much wind on the nose and an overheating engine makes us so slow that the tide changed and we turned around. Every day we learn something new....

All well on Sabir, looking forward to Sydney!

Wed Nov 2 5:38 2016 NZDT
GPS: 24 45S 152 23E
Run: 906.4nm (1640.6km)
Avg: 4.8knts
24hr: 116.1nm

Sabir is save and sound in Bundaberg! Was a great one! Downwind all the way! To our friends in NZ: We had a swim today in 25 degrees water, air is 29! Whales in the entrance, Kangaroos on the way to the supermarket!

Life is not toooooo bad! CU soon!

Tue Oct 25 10:17 2016 NZDT
GPS: 22 16S 166 26E
Run: 9.7nm (17.6km)

We are ready to go west! Leaving Noumea today for Bundaberg. Weather looks good.

Cu Down under!

Thu Oct 20 12:27 2016 NZDT
GPS: 22 17S 166 17E
Run: 8.5nm (15.4km)

We are at Signal Island. Caught a 90cm Wahoo on the way from Noumea. Had a great bbq with great people.

Waiting for weather to go to Bundaberg.

Wind SE 20 2% clouds 1015 baro

Fri Oct 7 15:34 2016 NZDT
GPS: 22 17S 166 25E
Run: 246.7nm (446.5km)
Avg: 3.1knts
24hr: 75nm

We are anchored in front of Port Moselle - Noumea - New Caledonia. Four of the five and a half days were great sailing with less than a meter of wave. The last 36 hours the engine helped. All well on bord, the cheese, baguette and wine are delicious!!!!

Wind today se 20, 20% cloud, 25 degrees, 1017 baro

Tue Oct 4 8:36 2016 NZDT
GPS: 21 0S 170 0E
Run: 533.7nm (966km)
Avg: 5.6knts
24hr: 133.7nm
Weather: 20%cc, 10E

On their passage from Vuda to New Cal

Fri Sep 30 8:49 2016 NZDT
GPS: 17 40S 177 23E
Run: 33.4nm (60.5km)

Our "Fiji time" is over. We check out today in Vuda Marina for New Cal.

Talk to you on the radio.

Mon Aug 22 14:35 2016 NZST
GPS: 17 16S 177 06E
Run: 31.5nm (57km)

Anchored in front of Octopus Resort. Finally the sun is back over Fiji. Life is good!

Mon Aug 15 7:54 2016 NZST
GPS: 17 38S 177 23E
Run: 141nm (255.2km)

Bula! We sailed from Savusavu to Makongai in a windy and fast trip. From there into the reefs and around the north side of Viti Levu. Stoped over in Nanuna-I-Thake, Toba-Naloma and Saweni Bay. Today we will go over to Musket Cove. For this trip around Viti Levu the Navionics Charts are 100% correct. All is well on bord.

Sun Jul 31 8:39 2016 NZST
GPS: 16 46S 179 19E
Run: 465nm (841.7km)

Arrived in Savusavu 19 th of July after 4 days passage from Vavau. All well on board.

Mon Jun 27 14:01 2016 NZST
GPS: 19 47.995S 174 21.401W
Run: 3.8nm (6.9km)

We are anchored in Pangai/ Lifuka after visiting Nomouka, Ha'afeva, Uoleva. The group is just beautiful. Caught a yellowfin tuna, delicious! All very good on bord!

Wed Jun 22 8:00 2016 NZST
GPS: 19 45s 174 20w
Run: 108.3nm (196km)
Avg: 2.9knts
24hr: 70.5nm
Weather: 20-25kts, 1015,

Mon Jun 20 19:08 2016 NZST
GPS: 21 07S 175 09W

We had a great time at "Big Mamas yacht Club"! Tomorrow we will sail to the Ha'apai group. All good on bord!

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