Mon Oct 8 2:22 2018 NZDT
Run: 1016.3nm (1839.5km)
9 22.035N 79 57.049W

We are in Newburyport and Shango has been in Panama for hurricane season. We return to Panama on October 23 to get Shango ready for a sail to the Bahamas where we plan to spend the winter.

Wed Jan 24 18:00 2018 NZDT
Run: 1103.4nm (1997.2km)
23 30.81N 75 45.059W

Back in Georgetown after Xmas/New Years at home with family and friends.Great time but a bit cold and snowy. We moved out of our hurricane hole to an anchorage in the harbor. Shango survived the separation except for a misbehaving watermaker. Might need to order a part which is not aboard. Strong front supposed to come through tonight producing some wind, steady 25-35, for the next 3-4 days. We have a good anchorage with plenty of chain out. Good time for boat projects.

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