Sun Oct 28 13:13 2018 NZDT
9 22.035N 79 57.049W

Arrived back in Panama on 10/23. We were surveyed for insurance and put back in the water on 10/26. We are now putting things back together and will probably start waiting for a weather window to head North in a week or two. Good friends from Rutea are here and we have been enjoying reminiscing about all our times together in the Pacific. We are going to help them bring their boat through the Panama Canal on 11/1.

Going back in at Shelter Bay
Mon Oct 8 2:22 2018 NZDT
Run: 1016.3nm (1839.5km)
9 22.035N 79 57.049W

We are in Newburyport and Shango has been in Panama for hurricane season. We return to Panama on October 23 to get Shango ready for a sail to the Bahamas where we plan to spend the winter.

Wed Jan 24 18:00 2018 NZDT
Run: 1103.4nm (1997.2km)
23 30.81N 75 45.059W

Back in Georgetown after Xmas/New Years at home with family and friends.Great time but a bit cold and snowy. We moved out of our hurricane hole to an anchorage in the harbor. Shango survived the separation except for a misbehaving watermaker. Might need to order a part which is not aboard. Strong front supposed to come through tonight producing some wind, steady 25-35, for the next 3-4 days. We have a good anchorage with plenty of chain out. Good time for boat projects.

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