Mon Oct 23 13:33 2017 NZDT
GPS: 24 45.643s 152 23.25822e
Run: 299.1nm (541.4km)
Avg: 5.6knts
24hr: 135.5nm

Bundaberg. Arrived safe and sound.

Sat Oct 21 8:35 2017 NZDT
GPS: 22 23S 156 20E
Run: 220.8nm (399.6km)
Avg: 9.2knts
24hr: 221.2nm
Weather: 10e, 2m seas, 70% hi cloud, 1010

all well on board

Fri Oct 20 8:38 2017 NZDT
GPS: 19 53S 158 28E
Run: 2.6nm (4.7km)
Weather: 15-20ese, 1011, 26C

On their way from Chesterfield. Under head sail at the moment but soon to get the main up and make haste.

Wed Oct 18 8:38 2017 NZDT
GPS: 19 54.9756s 158 26.90676e
Run: 2.3nm (4.2km)
Weather: 5ESE, 90%cc, 1008

reporting for the group. They will scatter on departure to all ports in Aus - Coffs, newcastle, brisbane, Bundaberg

Sat Oct 14 8:41 2017 NZDT
GPS: 19 53S 158 27E
Run: 75.3nm (136.3km)
Avg: 3.1knts
24hr: 75nm
Weather: E5, 1007

At Chesterfield with a few other boats.

Fri Oct 13 8:35 2017 NZDT
GPS: 19 30S 159 32E
Run: 223.5nm (404.5km)
Avg: 9.3knts
24hr: 223.7nm
Weather: 10-15E, 1.5m swell, 50%cc, 1009

Hard to hear so hope it is correct.

Thu Oct 12 8:37 2017 NZDT
GPS: 17 54S 162 30E
Run: 208nm (376.5km)
Avg: 8.7knts
24hr: 208.1nm
Weather: 20ESE, 2m seas and 1mswell, 20%cc, 1009, 100%cc

ETA 9am Monday. Slowed down for stronger winds last night but all go now.

Wed Oct 11 8:37 2017 NZDT
GPS: 16 33S 165 19E
Run: 142.9nm (258.6km)
Avg: 6.1knts
24hr: 145.7nm
Weather: 20-25SE, 30%cc, 1007,

Will have strong wind all day so will make good progress to Bundaberg

Tue Oct 10 9:05 2017 NZDT
GPS: 15 31.292s 167 10.940e
Run: 478.4nm (865.9km)

Leaving for Bundaberg. An 8 day passage.

Thu Jul 20 8:12 2017 NZST
GPS: 22 26S 166 48E
Weather: front has come 25g30

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