Tactical Directions

Tactical Directions

Sat May 20 5:21 2017 NZST
Run: 107.7nm (194.9km)
33 44S 174 56E
Weather: 20-25kts SW, 1mtr swell, 90 percent cloud.

Left Whangarei 1230hrs. now 0500hrs. Broad reaching 8-13kts. All good on board. Spent hour and a half fixing furler.

Thu May 18 3:06 2017 NZST
Run: 0.3nm (0.5km)
35 9.39074S 174 9.71809E

Getting ready to leave NZ in aprox 7hrs. TD fully laden.

Fri Nov 18 7:51 2016 NZDT
Run: 25nm (45.3km)
35 9.19968s 174 9.43404e

ARRIVED WEDNESDAY 16TH AT 1258. Good to be there before the Thursday blast! Have fun

Wed Nov 16 8:40 2016 NZDT
Run: 250.2nm (452.9km)
Avg: 9.2knts
24hr: 221.8nm
34 48S 174 04E
Weather: 2mNW swell, WNW18, 1005

38 to go. Ye haa.

Tue Nov 15 5:36 2016 NZDT
8.3 knts
Run: 180nm (325.8km)
Avg: 8.6knts
24hr: 205.2nm
31 11S 174 16E
Weather: 18kts N, swell 1.0 N, 10% cloud cover,Bar 1013

Motor sailing to maintain speed in northerly winds -direct downwind sailing which cats hate!! Speed needed to get in Wednesday. As soon as predicted westerly component comes into play at 10am today (Tues) we should take off. Current ETA 1300hrs 16th.

Mon Nov 14 8:33 2016 NZDT
Run: 20.2nm (36.6km)
Avg: 7.1knts
24hr: 170.1nm
28 35S 174 05E
Weather: 7E, 1SW,

395 to Opua so eta wednesday around 4pm

Mon Nov 14 5:42 2016 NZDT
7 knts
Run: 126.7nm (229.3km)
Avg: 6knts
24hr: 144.8nm
28 18S 174 00E
Weather: 8kts ENE, swell 0.5 SW, 10% cloud cover,Bar 1016

Motored for 24hrs yesterday (Sun). Light SE to E to ENE winds. 412nm to Opua. Must arrive Wednesday pm somehow!!! As soon as westerly component comes we should better the marks that Bob has given us for a Wednesday early evening arrival. Thats the theory anyway.

Sun Nov 13 8:42 2016 NZDT
Run: 145.3nm (263km)
Avg: 5.6knts
24hr: 134.4nm
26 28S 174 03E
Weather: S7, 1m S swell, 80%cc, 1014

523 to Opua. Have had 20hrs of motoring so looking for an improvement. I guess it is noisy!

Sat Nov 12 6:45 2016 NZDT
Run: 773.3nm (1399.7km)
Avg: 30.1knts
24hr: 723.6nm
24 22S 173 56E
Weather: 18kts NW, swell 0.5 NW, 25% cloud cover,Bar 1010

Motored for 14hrs yesterday (Fri) but at 0330 this morning NW change hit us. Now headed a little further south west. All good on board.

Fri Nov 11 5:06 2016 NZDT
Run: 695.3nm (1258.5km)
Avg: 34.2knts
24hr: 820.8nm
21 53S 174 12W
Weather: 11kts SE, swell 0.5 SE, 10% cloud cover,

Calm seas and beautiful night sail. Heading south. Last 12hr run 89nm. Alls well on board. Current time 0430hrs Nov 11th. 798nm to Opua.

Thu Nov 10 8:46 2016 NZDT
Run: 595.9nm (1078.6km)
Avg: 182.3knts
24hr: 4374.7nm
19 48S 175 16E
Weather: se16-18, 1014, 1.5M swell, 75%cc

Thu Nov 10 5:30 2016 NZDT
Run: 430nm (778.3km)
Avg: 9.6knts
24hr: 230.2nm
19 29S 175 35W
Weather: 18kts SE, swell 1.5 SE, 80% cloud cover,

Report as at 0430hrs 10th Nov. Very bumpy ride but covered 135nm in 16.5hrs. Avg 8.3. Alls well on board.

Tue Nov 8 8:40 2016 NZDT
Run: 525.8nm (951.7km)
Avg: 22knts
24hr: 528.8nm
13 17.22s 176 10.07w

Momi Bay and will likely leave tomorrow

Mon Nov 7 8:48 2016 NZDT
17 40.8558s 177 23.1824e
Weather: o/c, light south easterlies

good signal from Vuda marina

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