Tue Oct 17 8:17 2017 NZDT
Run: 30.3nm (54.8km)
35 18.819S 174 7.302E
Weather: At Q at 11.30am. 16/10/17

Mon Oct 16 8:04 2017 NZDT
Run: 93.1nm (168.5km)
Avg: 9.2knts
24hr: 220.1nm
34 55S 174 21E

210 T 10kn SW

Sun Oct 15 21:55 2017 NZDT
Run: 173.8nm (314.6km)
Avg: 12.2knts
24hr: 292nm
33 45S 175 10E

210 T. 6kn. 7pm

Sun Oct 15 7:38 2017 NZDT
Run: 93.1nm (168.5km)
Avg: 4knts
24hr: 95.2nm
31 36S 176 43E
Weather: Baro 1021.55 Wind SW5 - 10

Motoring. Smelling the barn with only 253 mm to Opua but they have a little weather to deal with over the last couple of days.

Sat Oct 14 8:10 2017 NZDT
Run: 94.8nm (171.6km)
Avg: 2867.9knts
24hr: 68829.6nm
30 25S 177 28E
Weather: Zero knots

Heading 220T

Sat Oct 14 8:08 2017 NZDT
Run: 80.1nm (145km)
29 14S 178 16E
Weather: 10kts S

Heading 210T

Fri Oct 13 0:00 2017 NZDT
Run: 257.4nm (465.9km)
Avg: 5.4knts
24hr: 128.7nm
28 14S 178 56E
Weather: 10kts S

Heading 210T

Wed Oct 11 0:00 2017 NZDT
Run: 214.9nm (389km)
Avg: 9knts
24hr: 214.9nm
25 29S 178 15W
Weather: 8kts SE

Heading 220T

Tue Oct 10 0:00 2017 NZDT
Run: 115.7nm (209.4km)
Avg: 4.8knts
24hr: 115.7nm
22 47.3S 176 33.10W

Heading 210T

Mon Oct 9 0:00 2017 NZDT
Run: 33.5nm (60.6km)
21 21.2S 175 37.33W
Weather: 10kts E

Heading 210T

Thu Oct 5 19:21 2017 NZDT
Run: 1.6nm (2.9km)
21 07.539S 175 09.739W
Weather: SE 15. Cloud. 15%. Baro 1016

Anchored at Pangaimotu. Waiting crew coming tomorrow. Expect to head to NZ Monday 9th. Any comment on weather for the following 7 days would be appreciated.

Mon Sep 25 8:12 2017 NZDT
Run: 1.5nm (2.7km)
21 08.290S 175 11W
Weather: Cloud 90%. Baro 1020 Wind 5 variable

Sitting in the little boat harbour. Nuku'alofa.

Sat Sep 23 6:54 2017 NZST
Run: 63.2nm (114.4km)
21 7.622S 175 9.761W
Weather: Baro 1018. Wind Nil. Cloud 50% but light. Temp 19

Anchored off Big Mamas. Nuku'alofa.

Crew come 6/10. Head for Opua about 8/10

Thu Sep 21 4:59 2017 NZST
Run: 38.3nm (69.3km)
20 16.567S 174 48.290W
Weather: Wind 5 S. Cloud 5%

At Nomuka Iki Island. Heading to Nuku'alofa today. Still no response from Customs.

Wed Sep 20 7:19 2017 NZST
Run: 0.8nm (1.4km)
19 51.33S 174 25.231W
Weather: SSE 10-15. Cloud 10%

No response from Customs yet.

Heading to Nomuka today. Nuku'alofa tomorrow.

Mon Sep 18 7:33 2017 NZST
Run: 10.5nm (19km)
19 50.648S 174 24.96W
Weather: Winds 10 SE CLOUD 10%

Heading to Nuku'alofa

Waiting on an extension for 3 weeks beyond 4 months.

Tue Sep 12 10:40 2017 NZST
Run: 4.9nm (8.9km)
19 44.102S 174 18.193W
Weather: 70%cloud. Wind SSE 11.

Inside the reef at Foa. No whales yet today.

Sat Sep 9 16:17 2017 NZST
Run: 72.4nm (131km)
19 39.945S 174 17.44W
Weather: Wind NE 5. Clouds5% Bari 1015

Left Neiafu at 3.00am. No wind. Then slowly picked up to 10 N till 10.00 when it went S 10. Whales everywhere. Almost collided one. About 10m off the bow when he dived.

Now in Ha'ano. Whales coming right out of the water as we came in. Then one huge mother and calf sat within 50 metres of us at anchor for about 3 hours.

Caught one wahoo maybe 20kg. Freezer full.

Pete n Lou.

Fri Sep 8 6:56 2017 NZST
Run: 1.3nm (2.4km)
18 39.55S 173 58.917W
Weather: 80% cloud. Wind almost zero in Neiafu

Heading for Hanao tomorrow. 3.00am. Looks like a very gentle SSE??

Tue Sep 5 7:15 2017 NZST
Run: 1.1nm (2km)
18 40S 174 0W
Weather: 100% cloud

Waiting for northerly to head to Hapaias.

Fri Aug 18 6:20 2017 NZST
Run: 80.8nm (146.2km)
18 40S 173 59W
Weather: Settled. Has been windy and heavy rain

We soon head back down through the Ha'apai to nuku'aloka. Should leave Neiafu early September and be ready to leave nuku'aloka early October to head back to Opua.

Will need fuel at nuku'aloka but the fuel company will only bring the tanker if you want 1000 ltrs. We only need 600 ltrs.

If any other boats intend leaving nuku'aloka around 6 October and want fuel could you contact us. Email

Pete and Lou

I own the cal2-46 moored in Opua just off the cruising club called Elation it will be great to see another one in Opua . My nz contact is 021328588
Mon Jun 19 8:22 2017 NZST
Run: 55.9nm (101.2km)
19 47S 174 21W
Weather: 20-25 ese,50%cc

At Lifuka, Pangai

Hi, I am Joseph Musick currently crewing on the sailboat Navigator to Vavau. I would like to crew on a boat heading to Fiji. If you might want me as crew you can contact me at If not please help me spread the word.

Can you please email us what your conditions are like when you are midway today and as you reach Vava'U? Email is Have a safe trip! Much appreciated!
Thu Jun 15 9:50 2017 NZST
20 30S 174 45W
Weather: Wind 10 to 17 SE Cloud 15%

heading to Nomuka tomorrow. Currently at Kalefesia

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