Wed Oct 16 17:57 2019 NZDT
GPS: 24 45.6036S 152 23.268E
Run: 142.4nm (257.7km)

Automated update - Terestial

Tue Sep 3 10:00 2019 NZST
GPS: 19 48.476S 149 03.609E
Run: 22.5nm (40.7km)
Weather: Fabulous 1-2k clear sky, bluest blu, water like a mirror......

Tues 3 Sept

Stonehaven bay to Bait Reef. 20nm ETD 10.20 ETA 13.25

Bait is nearest of Great Barrier Reef with unique “Stepping Stones” 18 flat topped round coral pinnacles with vertical sides lined in a row. Each 15-25 meters which stop a Meter from the surface. They are covered in coral & fans, with lots of fish. Sadly the cyclone has put paid to a lot of the flat coral reef, but thankfully there is evidence of new growth. Well worth a visit in calm conditions.

Incredible day again water like a bath tub, turtles around boat. Deceived as so flat calm, made our bay through the wrong end on the “Steppingstone bommies” . We negotiated our way in a zig zag through the Crystal clear reef to pick up a mooring buoy, just as well sun in right direction as no room for error! Once on the mooring it was almost eerie has calm. Beaut day of paddleboard if, snorkeling and dingy exploring. Then over to Breeze for a yummie BBQ.

Next morning & I tied a couple of lines together so we could sit in the dingy with our breakfast of Muesli & tea out over the top of reef & gaze at the coral , yes, what a great idea!! Fed our resident ‘Trev’ the very large & fast GT - giant travellers and he was soon joined by an equally large, beautifully coloured Hump- head Maori Wrasse, major competition between the 2 for a little bit of bread we gave them......

I think the pictures taken by our friends on Breeze Dave Wyatt tell the whole story very well. Thanks again they are fantastic!

Mon Sep 2 11:07 2019 NZST
GPS: 20 05.950S 148 54.229E
Run: 11.3nm (20.5km)
Weather: Stunning lite winds - ahhhhhh

Mon 2Sept 19

Depart CID Hbr for Stonehaven Bay

Sun we had huge walk to the top of Whitsunday Peek, access from CID, it took 2 hours up. Well worth the effort when you see the view from the top. Simply spectacular 434 meter climb. Returned to the boat and enjoyed first well deserved beers the week!

Our friends from Hamilton Race week came out from Airlie on their Yacht Supertramp , it was like UBer Water delivery’s as they brought us a whole load of fresh fruit n veggies 🌽 🍅 fabulous. Had lovely drink & catch up with them for evening.

Mon Aug 26 10:00 2019 NZST
GPS: 20 15.500S 148 56.596E
Run: 6.1nm (11km)
Weather: Gorgeously sunny

Hamilton Isl to CID Harbour Island anchorage. ETD 10.30. ETA 11.30. Mon 26 Aug

Final load of washing and departed Hamilton Island for CID harbour anchorage in the Whitsundays. Ahhhhhh time to relax.Turtles and looking for the dugongs.

Stayed whole week in beautiful CID to recuperate from both have caught flu type colds. Ugh 🤧🤒😱

Fri Aug 16 5:00 2019 NZST
GPS: 20 20.747S 148 56.985E
Run: 54.8nm (99.2km)
Weather: Sunny ESE 10-15k

Scawfell Island to Hamilton Island 50nm ETD 0440 ETA 1200 (CE4). Frid 16 Aug

Weather ESE 10-15k

Early departure to get to Hamilton Island ready for Race week & to hopefully find some crew, otherwise Wal & I are gonna be working very hard!! Nice sailing around the islands of Brampton, Shaw, Linderman and Pentecost. Just beautiful. Saw more whales cruising around again. Once into Hamilton Island & after a small disagreement about the difference between ‘Charlie C’ and ‘Golf G’...... we found our berth. You can definitely feel the Race week excitement building, with a big Center stage set up at the end of our jetty, flags flying everywhere umbrellard tables and chairs and lots of yachties milling around. We headed over the the very impressive Hamilton Island Yacht club, all owned by the Oakley Family, and registered getting our usual bag of goodies, boat stickers, racing instructions and a big ‘Slab’ of beer - Wooo hoo let the games begin!!

Thu Aug 15 6:00 2019 NZST
GPS: 20 51.793S 149 35.516E
Run: 68.7nm (124.3km)
Weather: Scattered clouds ESE 15-20

Middle Percy ISL to Scawfell Island 67nm ETD 0540 ETA 1500 Thurs 15 Aug

Weather ESE 15-20 ESE 10-15

Best sail of last couple of days nice consistent 15 ESE. We headed to next Island Scawfell & Breeze headed West to Mackay to leave the boat for Hamilton Race week. We rounded the top corner of Scawfell to see 2 whales cruising around the bay. Another fab spot where we were able to pick up one of the 5 available mooring buoys so makes for a good nights sleep and easy departure in morning.

Tue Aug 13 6:00 2019 NZST
GPS: 21 39.090S 150 14.567E
Run: 55.2nm (99.9km)
Weather: Clear cold start 16deg

Island Head Creek to Percy Middle Island 47nm ETD 0630 ETA 1300 Tues 13 Aug

Weather SE10-15. Then SSW 15-25

Beautiful but cold start to the day with 16deg! Great motor sail from Island Head Creek out past various islands, water aqua blue. Started to make ‘Coconut’ the Udder Cow as our mascot to leave at the Percy Yacht club. Using an old coconut covered with part of the Cow onesie made some ears, eyes and tail. Sourcing the rest ie horns, legs nose etc from the beach. Arrived at the West side of the island and saw the great setup under the palm trees of the Percy Island Yacht club, otherwise know as the Percy Hilton, just fantastic. Full of old Sailing boat relics, sails, life rings, shoes, hats n shirts, & drift wood with boat names. Like a mini museum your drawn in to look at all the boat boards & we found a couple we knew - DownUnder Rally, Florence and Joliefou - even a Shenanagans!!. Sundowner snacks & drinks ensued after meeting other Boaties wondering around, then back to Team Breeze for dinner - yum!!

Next day saw us all heading for a marathon walk to check out the Treehouse & Homestead at the top of the island. Run by a sweet enthusiastic ageing lady and her dog Diamond. Bit of a hippie type environment where they are self sufficient with goats, chickens and lots of plant gardens. A few Botanical types were staying to help with planting and tree trimming. Lovely welcome with delicious yellow star fruit, freshly squeezed lemon juice and homemade fruit cake.

We eventually arrived backed too the boat in time for sundowners & a spot of new TV series The Fall. Phew.....

Great day 😎⛵️🏝

Percy Sunset
Percy Island Yacht Club
Little Udders - new addition to wall of fame!!
CPT Wal........???
Sunset ring....
Mon Aug 12 6:00 2019 NZST
GPS: 22 21.223S 150 39.239E
Run: 59.2nm (107.2km)
Weather: Cool morning clear sky NW-SW 10-15

Great Keppel to Island Head creek. 55nm ETD 0600 ETA 1500 Mon 12 Aug

Weather NW-SW 10-15/20 WSW15-20 Evening

Early start, not much wind and cold to begin,

18 deg, day warmed up and was beautiful. 22. Saw more whales and dolphins. Originally plan was to stop at Port Clinton but decided to continue North to Island head creek. Arrived in 1500 to find a shallow entrance but deep enough either side of sandbar where tide runs in & out. Neat spot, a fascinating & eerie thought that Crocs can wander into these estuaries. Great stop over place as very sheltered. Will probably stop here again on return. Can hear The laughing Kookaburra - the native tree Kingfisher birds in background. They sound like monkeys!

Sat Aug 10 6:00 2019 NZST
GPS: 23 10.081S 150 56.492E
Run: 28.6nm (51.8km)
Weather: Chilly morning WSW10-15 SW20-25

Cape Capricorn to Great Keppel Island 28nm ETD 0615. ETA 1030. Sat 6 Aug (photos soon)

Weather WSW 10-15, WNW then SW20- 25

Early start to head off to Gt Keppel Island. Good sail, bit of a chilli start. Arrived at a lovely Northern Bay at 10h30 found our Friends from Silver Light in bay. They immediately came over & to welcome us in then off ashore after a catch up to explore a little sailors shack on the beach with fire pit, BBQ, chairs table, water catchment & all little thoughtful things. A great long walk along the whole bay of beach followed, even found 2 peacocks in the bushes. Dinner & lots of banta aboard Udders with Breeze also. Fun night. Next day exploring and then another fun evening ashore with a fire at the sailors shack. Ukes & Daves Guitar made for a good sing along. Bit wet getting back to boat with a swell filling the dingys......

Lite entertainment in the sailors shack!
Another gorgeous sunset......
The sailors beach shack..
Stunning sand formations
Island buoy Xmas Tree...
Keppel island
Fri Aug 9 7:00 2019 NZST
GPS: 23 29.105S 151 13.911E
Run: 79.6nm (144.1km)
Weather: Beaut Morning SSE 10-15k

Lady Musgrave for Cape Capricorn. 70nm ETD 0700 ETA 1700 (Lack of internet so photos later catching up chart)

A little tussle with a bommie trying to untangle our anchor this morning, but eventually drove boat around it and finally got free. Great day Sailing in SSE wind 10 -15k. Arrived at Cape Capricorn- and anchored in 3 meters under the Lighthouse, originally built in 1875 on Northern tip of Curtis island being close to the Tropic of Capricorn. Beautiful scenery!

Tue Aug 6 14:00 2019 NZST
GPS: 23 53.544S 152 24.510E
Run: 89.5nm (162km)
Weather: ESE 10-15k sunny

Departed Platypus Bay for Bundaberg 46nm @ 8am approx eta 15h00 saw more whales & a morning turtle. Arrived at marina in Bundy to a warm welcome by Brett the Manager again. Got the bikes out and rode round to Burnet Head supermarkets to stock up.

Tues 6 Aug Left Bundy to Lady Musgrove 56nm ETD 0600 ETA for afternoon cocktails at 14.30!. Great sail across to the island reef. With a good sail in SE wind then a bit of motor sailing. Arrived at very narrow, man made scary looking entrance which is very deceiving as you can see other yachts anchored just on the other side of the reef. Entrance was marked by Port n Starboard marks and is well used by day trippers on the Musgrave Experience Boat which seems to arrive once a day. There is even a small campsite at the far end amongst the trees, & needs to be booked in advance so not many people.

We headed ashore for a walk round this “Coral Cay” island then rendezvoused with Breeze for a lovely sunset. Had a day aboard hiding out from rain storm that lasted the whole next day. Drinks aboard Udders so we had Best deal not going anywhere!

Thurs 8 clear sky and lovely day so borrowed a glass bottom Kayak for some great dry snorkeling! During Nov -Jan Green & Loggerhead Turtles come into lay eggs. So may check out on return trip.

Lady Musgrave Island
Sat Aug 3 13:00 2019 NZST
GPS: 24 57.755S 153 12.612E
Run: 31.7nm (57.4km)
Weather: Sunny few cloud SSE15-20 reducing to 10k

3 /4 Aug 19 Kingfisher round Moon Point to Platypus Bay 30nm absolutely gorgeous spot, unlike any others quite beautiful, untouched at the back of Frazer Island. Whales all around the horizon. Dolphins and turtles also!! So lovely here we decide to stay put another night and did a dingy ride to the creek opening where we had a walk around. Unbeknown to us we were being watched, whilst removing some old rope, string and fishing line tangled up on branches on the beach a dingo appeared! Looked quite healthy and cuddly I might add. What smart looking animals. Managed to get some great shots he was quite keen to check out our dingy! Some,4WD’s on big trip down the beach also stopped to say Hi.

Joined Breeze team Kate, Dave & son Hugo from Hobart on beach for sundowners with Tigre Glen and Gypsie Alex. Plan to head to Buddy tomorrow.2

Fri Aug 2 9:00 2019 NZST
GPS: 25 23.401S 153 01.456E
Run: 16.9nm (30.6km)
Weather: Couple of scattered clouds chilli start 18deg beaut!!

Garrys to Kingfisher Resort

Departed Garry’s at more sensible time of 9am to navigate through the Sheridan Straights on the max high as very shallow - 0.9 in places but we made it easy with our 2.4 draft!! Lots of place to explore around here when we come back again. Dropped anchor for an hour to jump in Dingy and explore 2 ship wrecks up in the mangroves at Sth White Cliffs, the Palmer and Ceratodus. Great fun excursion up the river & close up view. See video! We arrived at Kingfisher and went ashore to fill up with outboard fuel and have a little walk around. Back to the boat for sundowners and dinner. Great day.


Ceratobus wreck
Wreck of the Palmer
Thu Aug 1 22:15 2019 NZST
GPS: 25 37.790S 152 58.427E
Run: 24nm (43.4km)
Weather: Clear sky?s chilli 16ndeg to start day

Departed Double Bay 0645  to Wide Bay Bar entrance 8 nm  arriving at 0800 we then carefully picked our way through the “Mad Mile” to the safe passage past Inskip point where the car ferry’s ship 4wD vehicles to and from Fraser Island to Pelican reef.  We continued on for 18nm up through to the Sandy Straights and on to return to Garry’s Anchorage a favourite from last trip, for the night.  We had stopped in here on the way down in October18.  On arrival a quick bush walk then retreated back to the boat as looked like sandflies were arriving.  Total of 26NM to Garry’s Anchorage.

At Garry’s, warnings or Crocs, Dingos and sandflies!!
Any Ftatheads Wal?
Dinner time for The Ospreys!
Wed Jul 31 17:00 2019 NZST
GPS: 25 56.432S 153 08.803E
Run: 42.8nm (77.5km)
Avg: 5.1knts
24hr: 122nm
Weather: Beautiful day, a little chilli with some cloud cover

Mooloolaba too Double Island point was 50 NM. Left at 7ish lovely sail. Not going to make the Wide Bay Bar so dropped anchor in Double Island. Lots of Whales today with breeches, tail flaps etc

Look no hands?
Approach Double Island Bay
Lots more tail flapping
Double Island Bay
Bit of Tail Flapping....
Wed Jul 31 8:35 2019 NZST
GPS: 26 33.577S 153 07.414E
Run: 94.1nm (170.3km)
Weather: Sunny, 16deg brrrrr bit chilli this morning, 18k 20k wind

Wow amazing trip from Gold Coat to Mooloolaba, whales, whales & more Fabulous! Lovely place. Now ust departed at 7am in a chilli 16 deg brrrr sunny sky so will warm up soon! Had a nice couple of days and fab Massages! Caught up with Cran & Ann last night for dinner aboard UL. Always great to see them. On way to Double Island Bay and going to get over the notorious Wide Bay Bar either later today in dark or we will have to wait it out at Double bay until the morning High Tide to go up the inside through the Sandy Starights. Check out the picture- hence we are wary to go over in dark.....!

Marina lucky Cow!
Mooloolaba beach
At HMS Brisbane ship monument for wreck.
Bush turkey ........
Leaving Mooloolaba Bar
Our Track
Wide bay bar entrance details....
Mooloolaba Marina
Sat Jul 27 9:20 2019 NZST
GPS: 27 53.743S 153 25.223E
Run: 667.2nm (1207.6km)
Weather: Beautiful sunny clear sky 24deg no wind

So here we go again, nice welcome back on Udders😘, we have left Hope Harbour Marina to a gorgeous anchorage spot at Currigee, South Stradbroke. For great first night sundowners.🥂 Lovely and warm at 24 deg. We are to depart the Gold Coast Seaway on Sunday at 3am to sail the 85nm north round Morton Island and on to Mooloolaba eta 16h00 for a couple of nights. Yayyyy let the fun begin again!

Sun Feb 24 10:40 2019 NZDT
GPS: 37 05.024S 149 54.019E
Run: 361.8nm (654.9km)
Avg: 7.8knts
24hr: 186.1nm
Weather: Sunny, Rain - all types but warmer!!


Had a great sail from Tasmania and the Mighty Bass turned out to be prity calm making an enjoyable 2 nights 3 days at sea. We arrived into The port of Eden on the SE corner of AUS on 24 Feb. Eden a neat little town sadly was the first big onshore whaling Station in Twofold Bay, where the Orka/Killer Whale Old Tom would help the whalers by towing the boat to where other whales were bailed up by other Orka. Sad but amazing story at the museum, so worth the trip.

Next stop 11 Hour trip to Batemans Bay. Where we decided to leave Udders on a mooring by Snapper Island and hired a car with Lettin Go & Blue Summit to go to Canberra to explore for the day & night. Canberra War Museum was well worth the visit. Very interesting and they had a ceremony at closing that we were able to see. The Art Gallery, & Parliaments House. Fun Lunch spot at Grease Monkey- well done Hannah.

Fri Feb 22 12:00 2019 NZDT
GPS: 42 10.355S 148 18.414E
Run: 140.8nm (254.8km)
Weather: Beautiful morning 10% cloud no wind in Wineglass Bay ?

Had a wonderful time in Wineglass bay, as pritty as they say white sandy beach, Aqua Blue water..... went for a walk to top to the hill to Summit lookout. About a 3hr round trip with a long walk along the beach. We had drinks on Udders and Gonyonder team joined us also! It’s now 9.30am and we are preparing for the big Crossing on the Might Bass Straight to head straight to Eden. We expect about 48hours 2 nights at sea and we should be there. Forecast is for SE then SW so should be. Reasonable run, but wind getting up to 30k sometime Saturday.... next post .... back in Mainland Australia!!

Mon Feb 18 20:23 2019 NZDT
GPS: 44 10.977S 147 51.455E
Run: 60.1nm (108.8km)
Weather: Windy SW25-38 in gusts Sunny

Mickeys South Bruny Island to Safety Cove Port Arthur started out parallel with Christchurch, travelled 57 NM windy sail downwind, 25 - 35k with big gusts upto 40k managed a 12.5k shove down a wave woo hoo , nice to be in this lovely bay, suns. Out wine in hand! Big day again tomorrow🤔⛵️

Sun Feb 17 18:24 2019 NZDT
GPS: 43 28.182S 147 10.142E
Run: 45.1nm (81.6km)
Weather: Warm & sunny 10SE 30% cloud lovely

What a fantastic place little/big Tasmania is. Weather has been just gorgeous and sunny. We sailed out of Hobart down the Derwent River passing 3 visiting cruise ships including the New Queen Elizabeth. We headed out to join Letting Go & Blue Summit our cruising buddies to head back up the coast to Eden in Aus over Bass Straight. Had great fun at the Bruny Island Beer & Cheese factory a 5 min stroll from our anchorage in the Great Bay.... met a few locals... including a rather large but friendly seal. Then today we went to the Southern most point for a 3 hour rounds trip walk upto the lighthouse. Beaut day again fabulous views even dodged a Poisonous Black Tiger Snake - must have been over a meter long! We had wine and cheese to celebrate at the top........ as you would!! Now heading into Tinpot Bay for the night before rounding the bottom early tomorrow morning. Now for cocktails aboard Blue Summit....🍷🎶⛵️

Fri Feb 15 11:34 2019 NZDT
GPS: 42 49.521S 147 18.770E
Run: 669.2nm (1211.3km)
Weather: Overcast but warm

Just leaving Prince of Wales Marina - Hobart, with Letting Go & Blue Summit.

So here we are in Hobart, Tasmania!! What a great place. The Wooden Boat Festival seemed to be a huge success with loads of boats, tall ships, skiffs and kayaks..... all wood! Fun time and the weather was beautiful and warm. We visited the Royal Tasmania Botanical Gardens for a picnic, and found out just how bad the fires were here with the destruction of so many plants & animals. Very sad indeed. Drove the 2 hour trip to Port Arthur Historical Prison. Well worth the visit with a boat ride out to some of the penal islands and then a walking tour. Also decided to get really cold and drove up to the summit of Mt Wellington, which on average is 10 Deg cooler than town. It was a chilly morning anyway and by the time we got out the car it was 5Deg and blowing a gale...Brrrrrrr had to stop for a hot chocolate in little cafe half way down. Great time with other boats friends here. We are are preparing to set off, and going down the coast a little to visit Bruny Island and the Cheese & Wine Factory..... Upto Wine Glass Bay, then back up to check out the Bass Straight...ugh.....Pictures of that in next few days....

James Craig - Wooden Boat Festival - Hobart
HMB Endeavour
Port of Hobart Wooden Boat Festival
Port of Hobart
Port of Hobart
Port Arthur Historical Site - Prison Church
Port Arthur Prison Hobart
Mt Wellington Summit 1275m 5 degrees Brrrrr
Tue Jan 8 0:00 2019 NZDT
GPS: 33 38.578S 151 14.224E
Run: 12.1nm (21.9km)
Weather: Hot hot hot

After having a great Xmas aboard Endorphin, watching the start of the Sydney Hobart Race, visiting friends who live around various pats of Sydney for dinners & BBQs. Riding our little fold up bikes - just about everywhere - even over the Sydney Harbour Brisge a couple of times. We have been very busy exploring. We then had a very entertaining NYE under the Sydney harbour bridge, with various friends aboard. The afternoon evening started with a rain and wind storm, thunder & lightening, then cleared up for the first fireworks at 9pm then the grand finale, very impressive indeed. After saying goodbye to everyone we headed off out of Syd harbour and back up the coast towards Pittwater & Broken Bay, & then continues on for a further 2 hours up the Hawkesbury River to the Marina Akuna. Just beautiful. Its a huge National Park and very narrow. We sailed right up to the end, tacking every couple of minutes. The cicadas & crickets were louder than the boat engine. Beautiful spot where we have left the boat whilst we head back to NZ for a couple of weeks.

Akuna Marina Hawkesbury River
NY Sydney Style...
Udders in the groove....

Udderlife - Minerva Reef

<p>Sunday 28 May 2017</p>

<p>Udderlife happily enjoying the benefits of North Minerva with ample Crayfish, whilst I relax in the Ha&#39;apai Beach Resort eating delicious fresh fish sipping cocktails and wait!!</p>


<p><b style="color: rgb(102, 102, 102); font-family: Roboto, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; white-space: nowrap; -webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;">23 37.063 S&nbsp;&nbsp;178 55.099 Read more...


Zimba enjoying
North Minerva Reef
Celia Relaxing, waiting at Ha'apai Beach Resort
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