Tue Jan 8 0:00 2019 NZDT
Run: 12.1nm (21.9km)
33 38.578S 151 14.224E
Weather: Hot hot hot

After having a great Xmas aboard Endorphin, watching the start of the Sydney Hobart Race, visiting friends who live around various pats of Sydney for dinners & BBQs. Riding our little fold up bikes - just about everywhere - even over the Sydney Harbour Brisge a couple of times. We have been very busy exploring. We then had a very entertaining NYE under the Sydney harbour bridge, with various friends aboard. The afternoon evening started with a rain and wind storm, thunder & lightening, then cleared up for the first fireworks at 9pm then the grand finale, very impressive indeed. After saying goodbye to everyone we headed off out of Syd harbour and back up the coast towards Pittwater & Broken Bay, & then continues on for a further 2 hours up the Hawkesbury River to the Marina Akuna. Just beautiful. Its a huge National Park and very narrow. We sailed right up to the end, tacking every couple of minutes. The cicadas & crickets were louder than the boat engine. Beautiful spot where we have left the boat whilst we head back to NZ for a couple of weeks.

Akuna Marina Hawkesbury River
NY Sydney Style...
Udders in the groove....

Udderlife - Minerva Reef

<p>Sunday 28 May 2017</p>

<p>Udderlife happily enjoying the benefits of North Minerva with ample Crayfish, whilst I relax in the Ha&#39;apai Beach Resort eating delicious fresh fish sipping cocktails and wait!!</p>


<p><b style="color: rgb(102, 102, 102); font-family: Roboto, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; white-space: nowrap; -webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;">23 37.063 S&nbsp;&nbsp;178 55.099 Read more...


Zimba enjoying
North Minerva Reef
Celia Relaxing, waiting at Ha'apai Beach Resort