Mon Nov 3 0:53 2014 NZDT
GPS: 35 50.2S 174 28.1E
Run: 69.1nm (125.1km)
Avg: 4.2knts
24hr: 99.6nm

Tied up at the Q dock in Marsden Cove.

Sun Nov 2 8:14 2014 NZDT
GPS: 34 55.2S 173 58.8E
Run: 145.2nm (262.8km)
Avg: 6.1knts
24hr: 146.9nm
Weather: 95% clc, 8-10kt NW, calm sea

Just off the Cavalli's, finally sailing again after burning all our diesel except for a bit to get into Marsden Cove Marina. 75nm to go, ETA 02:00 tomorrow morning. All well.

Sat Nov 1 8:30 2014 NZDT
GPS: 33 45S 171 52E
Run: 144.4nm (261.4km)
Avg: 6knts
24hr: 144.5nm
Weather: 5 WSW

motored all night. No autopilot

Fri Oct 31 8:31 2014 NZDT
GPS: 32 36S 169 47E
Run: 148.9nm (269.5km)
Avg: 6.2knts
24hr: 149.2nm
Weather: 7 WSW, uncomfortable seas

wont get much wind for a couple of days

Thu Oct 30 8:35 2014 NZDT
GPS: 31 22S 167 42E
Run: 136.4nm (246.9km)
Avg: 5.7knts
24hr: 137nm
Weather: 10SW, 2.5m swell 10%cc

got front yesterday afternoon and have made good progress in last 24h

Wed Oct 29 8:40 2014 NZDT
GPS: 30 13S 165 50E
Run: 132.8nm (240.4km)
Avg: 5.7knts
24hr: 136nm
Weather: 10NNW 10%cc, 2m seas

will get slight front midnight tonght

Tue Oct 28 9:15 2014 NZDT
GPS: 28 18.1S 165 39.5E
Run: 91.8nm (166.2km)
Avg: 5.8knts
24hr: 139.6nm
Weather: 10% clc, 10-12kt NW, 1m sea

Sailing again since midnight, 180 true at 5kt, waiting for the front

Mon Oct 27 17:28 2014 NZDT
GPS: 26 58.5S 165 44.7E
Run: 199.1nm (360.4km)
Avg: 6.6knts
24hr: 158.8nm
Weather: 0% clc

Still Glassy sea, motoring since 0300 with 5.5kt 180True, used the day for preparing food and a shower

Sun Oct 26 11:23 2014 NZDT
GPS: 24 05.7S 165 44.3E
Run: 131.5nm (238km)
Avg: 4.9knts
24hr: 117.3nm
Weather: 10kts SSE, 10% clc, 1.5m sea

Still going upwind, uncomfortable but all good

Sat Oct 25 8:28 2014 NZDT
GPS: 22 18.0S 166 25.5E
Run: 1.9nm (3.4km)
Weather: 10% clc

Just left Noumea for NZ. Motoring in no wind at the moment.

Fri Oct 24 8:33 2014 NZDT
GPS: 22 16.617s 166 26.396e
Run: 69.1nm (125.1km)

leaving New Cal tomorrow

Fri Sep 26 16:17 2014 NZST
GPS: 22 39.5S 167 26.4E
Run: 25.9nm (46.9km)
Weather: 5kt NE, 90% clc, showers

Motored the whole way to the Isle de Pins today. Anchored in Baie Kuto.

Wed Sep 17 8:16 2014 NZST
GPS: 22 17S 167 26E
Run: 191.2nm (346.1km)
Avg: 7.7knts
24hr: 185.4nm
Weather: NNE15, 100%

20nm from Havannah Pass

Tue Sep 16 7:31 2014 NZST
GPS: 21 05S 170 07E
Run: 154nm (278.7km)
Avg: 6.5knts
24hr: 157.1nm
Weather: 16-18E

arr tomorrow

Mon Sep 15 7:59 2014 NZST
GPS: 21 24S 172 29E
Run: 306.8nm (555.3km)
Avg: 6.4knts
24hr: 154nm
Weather: 15-20 ESE 100%cloud

passage to New Cal

Sat Sep 13 8:10 2014 NZST
GPS: 18 52S 176 22E
Run: 106.2nm (192.2km)
Avg: 5.6knts
24hr: 133.3nm
Weather: 10-15se, 75%, 1012

passsage to New cal

Fri Sep 12 13:03 2014 NZST
GPS: 17 39.4S 177 21.8E
Run: 14.1nm (25.5km)
Weather: 5kt NW, 90% high clc

Just cleared out of Lautoka. We are on our way to New Caledonia.

Thu Sep 4 7:21 2014 NZST
GPS: 17 46.3S 177 11.2E
Run: 62.4nm (112.9km)
Weather: 2kt E, 5%clc

Still in Musket Cove, waiting for weather to go west. Joining the regatta fun while we are here.

Fri Aug 29 12:15 2014 NZST
GPS: 18 18.6S 177 56.9E
Run: 33.9nm (61.4km)
Weather: 20-25kt E-ENE, 25%clc

On our way from Beqa to Somosomo Bay.

Fri Aug 22 20:41 2014 NZST
GPS: 18 07.3S 178 25.5E
Run: 40.6nm (73.5km)
Weather: SE 15-20, 100% clc

Arrived in Suva this morning 0300 after a wonderful sail down the coast. Where to now ...?

Thu Aug 21 7:19 2014 NZST
GPS: 17 41.0S 178 50.2E
Run: 13.1nm (23.7km)
Weather: no wind, 25%clc

@ anchor in front of Levuka. Somewhat rolly but ok. We'll be off towards Suva tonight.

Wed Aug 20 9:07 2014 NZST
GPS: 17 34.3S 178 40.6E
Run: 92nm (166.5km)
Weather: 10-15kts ESE, 50%clc

Had a bumpy fast overnighter to Makongai. We spent two nights there, and it is a magical place (giant clams, turtles and awesome people). Moved on today to Naigani.

Fri Aug 15 23:26 2014 NZST
GPS: 16 56.1S 179 54.0E
Run: 13.2nm (23.9km)
Avg: 264knts
24hr: 6336nm

I forgot to change from W to E

Fri Aug 15 23:23 2014 NZST
GPS: 16 56.1S 179 54.0W
Run: 14.1nm (25.5km)
Weather: 10-15kts SSE with showers, 50%clc

Instead of an overnighter to Makongai, we are now on a mooring off Paradise Resort on the south western Tip of Taveuni. It was just too ugly, lumpy seas, big showers and SSW wind between 0 and 20kts.

Wed Aug 13 20:56 2014 NZST
GPS: 16 45.9S 179 47.0W
Run: 21.3nm (38.6km)
Weather: 15-20kts ESE with showers, 50%clc

We finally moved from Rabi to Qamea today.

Thu Aug 7 7:23 2014 NZST
GPS: 16 31.6S 179 59.3W
Run: 15.6nm (28.2km)
Weather: 15-20kts SE, 90%clc

Anchored in Katherine Bay on the the south edge of Rabi. Very sheltered in here but it was gusty all night long. Played ball games with the kids and the locals on shore yesterday.

Mon Aug 4 10:57 2014 NZST
GPS: 16 40.5S 179 50.0E
Run: 6.9nm (12.5km)
Weather: @ the moment calm, 10%clc, lovely

Moved from Viani to Naqaiqai Bay and yesterday on to Buca Bay. The ladys caught the bus to Savusavu this morning. Wind was up during the days 20-25kts SE but calm over night.

Fri Aug 1 7:06 2014 NZST
No position sent.
Weather: Very calm. Scattered rain. 80% clc.

Still in Viani Bay. The wind was howling down Somosomo strait yesterday. In here we had an hour or two of gusts up to 15kts but during the afternoon it calmed down to duck pond conditions.

Mon Jul 28 7:29 2014 NZST
GPS: 16 45.1S 179 54.0E
Run: 3.3nm (6km)
Weather: 15-20kts SE over the day, dying at Night, 25% clc, Brief showers.

Anchored @ Viani Bay with Allure right next to us. Going for a snorkel today.

Fri Jul 25 22:48 2014 NZST
GPS: 16 45.0S 179 51.0E
Run: 34.1nm (61.7km)
Weather: 20 - 25kt SSE calming down now.

@ Anchor in Dakuniba Harbour. Very nice here.

Mon Jul 21 22:01 2014 NZST
GPS: 16 46.7S 179 20.1E
Run: 82.2nm (148.8km)

Made it to Savusavu today after two long days motoring from Yadua along the coast of Vanua Levu. Yadua is a magical place. Last night we stayed in Navatu Bay just east of Naisonisoni Pass and got attacked by millions of flying ants after dawn. Zephyrus was still covered in them this morning.

Wed Jul 16 21:51 2014 NZST
GPS: 17 18.2S 178 13.1E
Run: 1196.2nm (2165.1km)
Avg: 14354.4knts
24hr: 344505.6nm
Weather: Wind W 15 died this afternoon, Southerly 5-10 at night, fine weather

At Nanuna-I-Ra. Stunning landscape all the way up here.

Wed Jul 16 21:46 2014 NZST
Run: 1228.5nm (2223.6km)
Avg: 7.8knts
24hr: 187.8nm
Weather: Wind W20, dying late and turning into S 5

We are heading around the north of Viti Levu.

Thu Jul 10 8:48 2014 NZST
GPS: 17 46.2S 177 22.9E
Run: 15.5nm (28.1km)
Weather: Wind 5 SE, fine weather

At Denarau Marina. Very artificial, but good for some maintenance. Not sure yet where to go from here. Towards Savusavu or leave Fiji for New Cal ...

Sat Jul 5 17:04 2014 NZST
GPS: 17 59.6S 177 22.1E
Run: 63.3nm (114.6km)
Weather: Wind 20-25 ESE, fine weather

@ anchor in the Blue Lagoon. Snorkeling here is disappointing. Good anchorage after the wind backed to ESE last night. Very choppy before. We are off to a Resort night tonight with Lovo and so on.

Fri Jul 4 14:30 2014 NZST
GPS: 17 04.9S 177 16.6E
Run: 17.8nm (32.2km)
Weather: Wind 20 SSE, Heavy rain clouds

@ anchor in Vunayawa Bay. Snorkeled with mantas yesterday and bumped into another anchored yacht at night. Adventures, adventures ...

Tue Jul 1 9:00 2014 NZST
GPS: 17 16.7S 177 06.2E
Weather: Wind NE 20 gusting 25 over night, calming down now and turning to SE

Still at Octopus, watching soccer. Good place to be.

Mon Jun 30 13:06 2014 NZST
GPS: 17 16.7S 177 06.2E
Run: 13nm (23.5km)
Weather: Wind NE 15, some cirrus to the SW

Enjoying the Octopus resort. We'll keep going tomorrow further north to Naviti.

Sat Jun 28 17:22 2014 NZST
GPS: 17 27.5S 177 02.7E
Run: 23.6nm (42.7km)
Weather: No wind, a tiny bit of swell, no clouds, baro 1010

@ Anchor of Navadra Island in the Mamanucas, nice corals, good snorkeling off the boat and beautiful scenery.

Thu Jun 26 18:42 2014 NZST
GPS: 17 46.2S 177 11.4E
Run: 19.1nm (34.6km)
Avg: 3knts
24hr: 71.1nm

Finally @ anchor in Musket Cove. All is well.

Thu Jun 26 12:15 2014 NZST
GPS: 18 02.5S 177 14.5E
Run: 97.6nm (176.7km)
Avg: 4.4knts
24hr: 105.1nm
Weather: Wind S 5kt, 10% clc, calm sea, baro 1012

Great fast sail over night. Heading for Musket Cove after a short visit to Robinson Crusoe Resort. Not impressed.

Wed Jun 25 13:58 2014 NZST
GPS: 19 13.1S 178 03.9E
Run: 12.2nm (22.1km)
Weather: Wind E 5, showers over Kadavu, sunny and fine at sea, SE swell 1.5m

On passage from Kadavu to Likuri Harbour

Sun Jun 22 10:21 2014 NZST
GPS: 19 04.5S 178 10.5E
Run: 0.7nm (1.3km)
Weather: ESE 20-25, 90% clc, Baro 1016mbar

Moved from the anchorage in the channel between Galoa and Kadavu (19 03.91s 178 10.63e) around the corner since the wind backed to ESE. Had a great day at the local rugby match yesterday and brought our friend Veronika to the airport. Heading in and out of Vunisea is still a rough ride. Did sevusevu at Galoa village yesterday evening among some very friendly people.

Thu Jun 19 21:23 2014 NZST
GPS: 19 03.9S 178 10.6E
Run: 24.5nm (44.3km)
Weather: No Wind here, 80% clc, Baro 1012mbar

@ Anchor in Galoa Harbour. Tacking our way today from Korulevu to Galoa against 10kts westerly winds

Mon Jun 16 6:37 2014 NZST
GPS: 18 52.5S 178 29.6E
Run: 8.1nm (14.7km)
Weather: Wind 15kt-20kt E, 50% clc, showers, Baro 1003mbar

@ Anchor in Naqara Bay on the north side of Ono, good snorkeling but pretty choppy and gusty, heading for Kavala Bay today, looking for a quiet anchorage for a change

Fri Jun 13 7:14 2014 NZST
GPS: 18 45.6S 178 31.1E
Weather: Wind 5kt SW, 75% cloud cover. Barometer 1007mmbar

Still at the same spot. Very calm until 0200 in the morning, then, lots of thunder, lightning and rain for a while.

Thu Jun 12 15:48 2014 NZST
GPS: 18 45.6S 178 31.1E
Run: 34.8nm (63km)
Weather: Wind 2kt NNW, 10% cloud cover, some high clouds left

At anchor on west side of Dravuni, had a bumpy night with Nly winds of 15kt and a lot of rain. Cleared during the day, beautiful and sunny now.

Wed Jun 11 18:26 2014 NZST
GPS: 18 16.1S 178 24.3E
Run: 125.8nm (227.7km)
Weather: Wind 5kt ENE, Sea 1m ESE, 90% cloud cover with high cirrus and low rain clouds to the east

motoring towards Kadavu

Mon Jun 2 7:34 2014 NZST
No position sent.

Suva - ;ast night. Passage complete!

Sat May 31 7:37 2014 NZST
GPS: 20 0S 179 0E
Run: 173.8nm (314.6km)
Avg: 7.3knts
24hr: 175.6nm
Weather: ene 10-15, E 1.5m

Fri May 30 7:52 2014 NZST
GPS: 22 06S 179 31W
Run: 70.4nm (127.4km)

Sat May 24 7:33 2014 NZST
GPS: 23 0S 179 0W
Run: 69.1nm (125.1km)
Avg: 2.9knts
24hr: 69.3nm
Weather: se5 calm 25% cloud

5nm form N Minerva

Fri May 23 7:36 2014 NZST
GPS: 24 0S 179 0W
Run: 324.4nm (587.2km)
Avg: 6.8knts
24hr: 162.2nm
Weather: SSE 10-15 seas1m E

Wed May 21 7:36 2014 NZST
GPS: 27 0S 177 0E
Run: 158.5nm (286.9km)
Avg: 6.8knts
24hr: 162.2nm
Weather: sse20-25 confused seas ese 2m

Tue May 20 8:09 2014 NZST
GPS: 29 15S 177 30E
Weather: sse25-30 swell 2.5se

hove to overnight seas up to 4-5m

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