Choosing the right dinghy

Our dinghy has given up the ghost and we are currently researching getting the right dinghy for our cruising needs. I came across this blog post and thought it was very useful.

"A hard dinghy serves well to row out to your mooring and set off on a day sail. For weekending and vacation cruising you will find a lightweight inflatable with a small outboard serves you better and allows you to go further. As your cruising range extends, the demands on your dinghy change. By the time, you get ready for long term cruising, you will appreciate all that a rigid inflatable dinghy has to offer. "

Better still if you can afford them are the range of tenders made in New Zealand called Offshore Cruising Tenders see their website They plane easily and can be rowed and a hell of a lot lighter than any RIB. The economics will probably work in your favor over the long term.