Fri Feb 15 1:51 2019 NZDT
Run: 61nm (110.4km)
07 36.603N 99 01.445E
Weather: Sunny, warm & breezy

Our last stop in Thailand was spent on Koh Lanta. Lovely beach full of restaurants & bars and best of all - no noisy long-tail boats. Could have spent more time here but shall take advantage of a favourable breeze & make our way to Langkawi.

Sun Feb 10 21:16 2019 NZDT
Run: 12nm (21.7km)
08 10.5289N 098 20.3542E
Weather: Sunny and warm

A fun day yesterday. Started with a dinghy parade. Drone footage will likely appear on the Sail Thailand facebook page in a day or so.

A local boatyard hosted the day and we were treated to traditional Thai food, cocktails & beer, batik painting, vegetable carving and rope splicing. Several local boat related businesses were on hand with displays and info.

We're at a well protected anchorage/river but the murky water isn't conducive to swimming. Tomorrow night is the big finale for the rally and then we'll check out of Thailand and make our way back to Langkawi.

Fri Feb 8 23:24 2019 NZDT
Run: 14.6nm (26.4km)
08 15.969N 098 29.333E
Weather: Sunny and warm

Spent a couple of days visiting a few hongs in Phang Na Bay, paddling around several islands and enjoying the scenery.

Wed Feb 6 3:21 2019 NZDT
Run: 16.4nm (29.7km)
08 05.277N 098 36.235E
Weather: Sunny and warm

One of the Sail Thailand Rally activities was a beach clean up. We were joined by 20+ school children and about a dozen adults from a nearby resort. Only took an hour to fill several bags and this was quite a clean beach.

Mon Feb 4 12:17 2019 NZDT
Run: 5.2nm (9.4km)
08 00.534N 098 49.7799E
Weather: Afternoon scattered showers

Exploring the islands near Krabi - along with hundreds - no thousands of incredibly noisy long tail boats.

Sat Feb 2 14:49 2019 NZDT
Run: 9.3nm (16.8km)
08 02.5408N 098 53.8503E
Weather: Light breezes & a blue sky day

We are in Port Takola Marina near Krabi with its lovely karst landscape in the background. Have spent a bit of time enjoying their new restaurant/bar complete with live entertainment.

Ventured into Krabi town to find a shop to check that our main sail winch motor was OK. Have replaced a control box for the winches & so far so good.

Another day we rented a long tail boat with several other Rally members and visited a Muslim village community living on a nearby island. We checked out their rice farming, fish & crab farming, model boat building, wood carving, batik printing as well as one of their Seafood restaurants.

Wed Jan 30 17:30 2019 NZDT
Run: 36nm (65.2km)
08 01.5389N 098 45.7267E
Weather: Warm & sultry with thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon.

The past couple of days in Nai Harn Bay were spent socializing & saying goodbye to many. Thailand is a crossroads for our cruising friends. Some will remain in SE Asia for awhile, some will head to the Med, some will return to Australia & some like us will head across the Indian Ocean towards South Africa.

Yesterday we sailed from Nai Harn Bay towards Krabi which is the next stop on our rally schedule. We are currently anchored below one of the King's palaces. So far - no invite.

An interesting day of sailing yesterday... When raising the main sail, the electric winch struggled to get it to the top of the mast and then died - along with all the electrics. Not sure why it just didn't trip a breaker? We could get all the electrics going again but had to avoid using any of the electric winches (head sail & anchor) or they would knock out the electrics. Fun & games. Shall have to use man power until we get this winch motor sorted.

Hellooooooo dear Bev and Bob, lovely to catch up a little on where and how you are. Bummer to hear about electric winch issues - hopefully sorted now? xx
Sun Jan 27 23:02 2019 NZDT
Run: 6.2nm (11.2km)
07 46.2966N 098 18.1737E
Weather: Yet another lovely sunny warm breezy day

We headed back to Nai Harn Bay yesterday so we could join a bunch of our Aussie mates and celebrate Australia Day.

Sat Jan 26 13:15 2019 NZDT
07 48.9937N 098 22.8577E
Weather: Another lovely day

Day 2 of the Rally saw us visiting a Pearl farm in a nearby bay. About 1500 oysters hanging around in cages for 1.5 years. They don't have to feed them but they do have to clean off the barnacles & other sea growth each month. Then we were off to a rum factory... Need I say anything more !! Up to the highest point on Phuket Island to see Big Buddha and enjoy the views. The day was topped off with a terrific buffet dinner & excellent cultural theatre show at Siam Niramit.

Fri Jan 25 3:33 2019 NZDT
Run: 6.1nm (11km)
07 48.9937N 098 22.8577E
Weather: A lovely sunny day with light breezes

We've come back into Ao Chalong to join up with the Sail Thailand Rally. Had a very nice lunch with everyone at the Phuket Yacht Club. There's only about a dozen boats in this Rally . We already know three of the boats. So nice to catch up with them as well as meet several others.

Wed Jan 9 17:31 2019 NZDT
Run: 5.6nm (10.1km)
07 46.4104N 098 18.1516E
Weather: Sunny, warm and breezy

We have settled back into Nai Harn Bay at the South end of Phuket Island. A nice protected bay in this NE season. We're trying to have our days start with an early morning walk up to the lookout with sometimes a stop at a French Boulangerie on the way back. Lots of restaurants & fresh fruit vendors ashore to keep us happy. There's even a couple of reasonable snorkeling spots in the bay.

Sat Jan 5 14:33 2019 NZDT
7 49.6298N 98 21.8194E
Weather: Overcast with light breezes

The Big Buddha is having a bit of trouble watching us through the clouds. An uneventful past 24 hours with not much wind or rain. The storm has passed us by but we may see a day or two of rainy conditions. We have our rain collection gear in place to try and catch some !!

Fri Jan 4 14:55 2019 NZDT
Run: 5.7nm (10.3km)
07 49.6298N 098 21.8194E
Weather: Overcast and calm

Anchored at the top end of Ao Chalong under the watchful eyes of Big Buddha. The calm before the storm? Eerily quiet this morning. This bay is usually a hive of boating activity but there has been a ban placed on all boats leaving port until Tropical Storm Pabuk passes by. The eastern coast of this part of Thailand will bear the brunt of the storm & we should only feel the after effects - fingers crossed !!

Hi Bev and Bob, Hope that your anchorage in the bay will be safe for you. Just saw tonight on CNN weather report that you may have a lot of rain and wind. All the very best and look after each others. Eira & Tony
Wed Jan 2 13:31 2019 NZDT
Run: 115.6nm (209.2km)
07 46.31N 098 18.082E
Weather: Sunny and breezy

We took advantage of some favourable breezes and have returned to Nai Harn Bay at Phuket. The weather forecast has a tropical storm moving into the area in the next couple of days. We shall move up the east coast of Phuket and find a snug anchorage.

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