Thu Jul 19 10:42 2018 NZST
Run: 18.7nm (33.8km)
16 56.097S 179 53.963E
Weather: Wind 6 SSE

Hanging out in paradise for a while (Paradise Taviuni Resort). It's wonderful here.

Tue Jul 17 16:59 2018 NZST
Run: 25.3nm (45.8km)
16 44.091S 179 42.516E
Weather: Wind 1 SE

We got out of Savusavu yesterday bound for Eastern parts of Fiji. Spent last night at Cousteau and are in Fawn harbor tonight surrounded by turtles. Had a humpback next to legacy this morning. Life is good.

Fri Jul 6 8:52 2018 NZST
Speed: 1knts
Run: 161.6nm (292.5km)
Avg: 6.3knts
24hr: 150.1nm
16 46.635s 179 19.752e

We did it! We're in Savusavu at a mooring, waiting for a visit from the Fiji officials for clearance. It was our fastest passage yet with an average of just over six knots since leaving Tauranga. That's flying for our little boat! It would have been nice to arrive to bright sun and warm tropical breezes but it was not to be. Instead, we arrived in squalls with winds up to 35 knots and cold, pouring rain! We don't even have any alcohol aboard to ease the pain!

Thu Jul 5 7:02 2018 NZST
Speed: 6knts
Run: 174.5nm (315.8km)
Avg: 7.1knts
24hr: 170.5nm
19 03.034s 179 54.337e
Weather: wind SE 20, seas SSE 1.5 and ESE 1.5 meters, cloud 100% with some rain, bar 1016

Plugging away. Not exactly comfortable but far from bad. We expect to be in Savusavu tomorrow morning about 8 AM if all goes well.

Wed Jul 4 6:28 2018 NZST
Speed: 507knts
Run: 153.2nm (277.3km)
21 30.29s 179 27.68w
Weather: Wind SE 15, Seas SE 1 meter + NE 1 meter, cloud 50% clearing, bar 1017

We left Minerva Reef yesterday morning about 9 am and have had a pretty nice day at sea. When the winds clocked and dropped a bit, we had to roll the headsail and turn on the engine as the seas were too rolly to keep the sail filled. We've been motoring since about midnight. We're hoping the wind comes up a bit and we can sail today. With any luck, we'll be in Savusavu Friday morning. All's well on board Legacy.

Sun Jul 1 5:52 2018 NZST
Speed: 1knts
23 39.635s 178 54.220w
Weather: wind ESE 21 knots, barometer 1026

Spent a nice day here at Minerva with a short walk on the reef and some snorkeling, but alas, no lobster (cray fish). We're planning to head off to Fiji on Tuesday morning, weather permitting. I think there are about 10 boats here now and it sounds like at least a few are planning on a Tuesday departure.

Hi Guys, what a great break for you, SO nice to be still eh? We leaving Whangarei on Wednesday for Vuda. Hope to catch up with you soon. John and Maria

Awesome going guys!! So pleased to see you arrived safely (and so quickly) with the Kozmo crew. Enjoy the warmth :)
Fri Jun 29 15:23 2018 NZST
Speed: 1knts
Run: 81.7nm (147.9km)
Avg: 3.6knts
24hr: 86.4nm
23 39.635s 178 54.220w
Weather: wind 10 ESE, seas - can't tell but < 1 meter this morning, cloud 60%, bar

1021 We're hook down at Minerva Reef. We arrived at first light this morning and anchored amongst about 10 other boats. Kozmo got here at the same time we did. We both made it from Tauranga in six and a half days. Not bad. It's beautiful here! The color of the water is spectacular.

Thu Jun 28 16:42 2018 NZST
Run: 0.9nm (1.6km)
Avg: 7.7knts
24hr: 185.1nm
24 46.777s 179 19.204w

oops, meant SSE winds on my last post. I have Passage Brain!

Thu Jun 28 16:35 2018 NZST
Speed: 5.6knts
Run: 158.2nm (286.3km)
Avg: 6.2knts
24hr: 149.4nm
24 47.525s 179 19.481w
Weather: wind 15 SSW, seas SE 1 meter, cloud 30%, bar 1020

Getting close to Minerva where we'll stop for a day or two or six. Life is much nicer on Legacy today. Yesterday was rough, noisy and hard.

Wed Jun 27 15:10 2018 NZST
Speed: 6.4knts
Run: 156.7nm (283.6km)
Avg: 6.6knts
24hr: 158.9nm
26 55.875s 179 46.341e
Weather: wind SSW 23, seas SSW 2.5 meters, cloud 80%, bar 1019

Saw gusts to 40 knots just an hour ago but they didn't last long. It was behind us so not too bad. It's kind of a rough ride. We're hoping it's a lot better in the morning. We should be at Minerva sometime during Thursday night or in the wee hours of Friday morning.
Talked to Kozmo on the radio today. They were 30 miles due west of us at about 2 PM. They're hand steering but Pam sounded great.

Tue Jun 26 15:30 2018 NZST
Speed: 6knts
Run: 165.9nm (300.3km)
Avg: 6.9knts
24hr: 165nm
28 58.618s 178 40.035e
Weather: wind SSW 17, seas SW 2, cloud 50%, bar 1019

At 2:17 PM NZST, Legacy crossed the Tropic of Electromotive Convection. This is the magical line where Cyndi and I simultaneously exclaim "It's hot in here" and turn on the cabin fans. This year the TEC was located at 29 05.091 South.
All is well aboard (if a little warm).

Nice work guys, must be wonderful to be warm naturally.6 degrees here this morning.
Mon Jun 25 15:22 2018 NZST
Speed: 6.8knts
Run: 162nm (293.2km)
Avg: 6.6knts
24hr: 158.9nm
31 07.78s 177 26.44e

Ruff, ruff! Oh wait, that's "rough, rough" in human-speak. I guess I'm getting a little (more) punchy out here. The wind's up but we're grateful that it didn't go as far north as predicted (yet?). We've been making good progress towards Minerva and still have room to turn down wind a bit more if we need to.
Thanks to Bob McDavitt for the great weather advice!

Sun Jun 24 14:54 2018 NZST
Speed: 6.3knts
Run: 158.8nm (287.4km)
Avg: 6.7knts
24hr: 161.2nm
33 06.120s 175 56.644e
Weather: wind W 14, seas < 1 meter, cloud 50%, barometer 1020

Just turned off the engine after 48 hours of motoring. It's been a great ride so far. Heading due north now so we can fall off as the wind heads us later today and tomorrow.

Sat Jun 23 15:15 2018 NZST
Speed: 6.3knts
Run: 158.4nm (286.7km)
Avg: 6.3knts
24hr: 151.7nm
35 23.842s 175 48.530e
Weather: wind 8 WSW, seas

Nice first day of our passage, motor sailing in pretty light winds with diminishing seas. Cold though!!! We've been running our hydraunic diesel heater almost full time.
Kozmo is right behind us. Last we talked (9 this morning), they were doing well. So are we.

Fri Jun 22 14:10 2018 NZST
37 40.18767S 176 10.63257E
Weather: wind 10 NNW, barometer 1018, cloud 3%

We're ready to get underway for Fiji, probably with a stop at Minerva Reef. It's been a great stay in NZ!

Sun Apr 1 6:42 2018 NZST
Run: 0.1nm (0.2km)
37 40.227S 176 10.641E

About a month ago, we moved a few docks north. That's our big cruise for this cyclone season. We're enjoying "land life" in NZ with the purchase of a nice used car and a gym membership.

Eventually, we'll head to Fiji. That might not happen until mid June.

Thu Jan 11 17:35 2018 NZDT
Run: 44nm (79.6km)
37 40.317S 176 10.720E

We're home! We're in a berth at Tauranga Bridge Marina for the cyclone season. We've been going, and going, and going, for so long! It'll be good to get a break. For the next five months, it's not a boat, it's an APARTMENT!

Tue Jan 9 20:58 2018 NZDT
Run: 72.3nm (130.9km)
37 04.037S 175 55.527E

We had a long motor today - about 75 miles from Waiheke island to a little island just off Slipper Island. We'll head to Tauranga tomorrow! It's been a nice mini-cruise getting here.

Mon Jan 8 9:17 2018 NZDT
Run: 81.3nm (147.2km)
36 26.681S 174 52.545E

A couple of hours ago, we left a great little anchorage on the back side on Kawau, bound for Waiheke, and wine!

Fri Jan 5 16:11 2018 NZDT
Run: 0.1nm (0.2km)
35 21.036S 174 20.624E
Weather: Wind West 20

We rode out the blow just fine here in Whangaruru. We saw 44 knots last night but I suspect there we're gusts to 50 when the instruments weren't on. We'll head forget south on Sunday.

Thinking about you two when we saw the Bland Bay campsite got wiped out! Glad all o.k.
Wed Jan 3 16:09 2018 NZDT
Run: 12.8nm (23.2km)
35 21.035S 174 20.689E

We made it out of town only five days after arriving from New Caledonia. Not bad, especially considering our track record ;-)

We'll hold up here in whangaruru until the strong low passes and continue on to Tauranga when the seas settle.

Legacy - Still in Suva

We're still in Suva, but we have a plan. We are hoping to leave for New Caledonia on Wednesday. From there, Nelson or somewhere in Australia, who knows. -Rich

Legacy - Sitting in Suva

Cyndi and I are sitting in Suva, waiting for weather to sail to Nelson, NZ. You can find out more about what we're up to on our blog at www.twoatsea.com.