Thu Apr 25 12:33 2019 NZST
36 48.423S 175 1.986E

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Thu Apr 11 10:08 2019 NZST
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Weather: Fine

Five Weeks to go

Since the last post, we’ve been very busy getting Libertalia ready for the Pacific Rally, which is now only 5 weeks away. New Zealand has some of the strictest safety regulations in the world; for any NZ registered yacht (which Libertalia is), it has to have a Category 1 safety certificate before customs will allow it to leave the country.

This not only involves a whole list of safety equipment such as EPIRB’s, life rafts, Storm sails, flares, first aid kits, satellite communications etc, but also an experienced crew.

I am dividing the rally into Legs, with different crew joining me for each leg. There are “delivery legs” where the boat crosses ‘Blue Water’ to get between countries, and “cruising legs” where we sail within the island groups themselves.

The first leg is a 950 nautical mile (~2000km) leg between New Zealand and Tonga. The crew for this leg will be 4 of us from Waiheke. Clive, Robin, Marcel and myself all have Blue Water experience, competing in a number of regatta’s including the Sydney-Hobart, Fastnet and Transpac, so I’m really pleased to have “Team Waiheke” onboard.

Departure is scheduled (weather dependent) from the Bay of Islands on 20th May, but there will be a ‘shakedown’ week immediately prior, where the whole flotilla will gather for the first time (40 boats). The week will be action packed, with lots of activities planned, including last minute provisioning and the all-important duty-free grog run (more on that later).

For now its trips to the Supermarket to purchase 3 months’ worth of food (which certainly surprised the checkout staff) and refresher diving courses

Fri Mar 1 8:48 2019 NZDT
Run: 0.1nm (0.2km)
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Weather: Sunny, no wind

Perfect day for refitting the mast with the new rig

Mon Feb 18 14:10 2019 NZDT
Run: 8.8nm (15.9km)
Avg: 16.8knts
24hr: 402.9nm
36 52.708S 174 54.071E
Weather: Lovely Sunny Day

With just 12 weeks to go to the Rally and the boat coming up for its 10th anniversary, it's time to get a new rig

Mon Feb 11 10:52 2019 NZDT
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Weather: 3Kt S 1018

Located on my berth @ Westhaven

Libertalia - Pacific Rally 2019

This year I am taking part in the Island Cruising New Zealand (ICNZ) Pacific Rally in my yacht Libertalia, and thought I would record my adventures in the form of a blog (this being the first entry).
The ICNZ has been around for about 10 years and organizes yacht rallies in the Pacific every other year. In 2019, the biggest fleet ever, some 40 boats, will be setting sail from New Zealand at the end of May to visit Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia over a 6-month period, returning at Read more...

the end of October before the cyclone season.
We purchased Libertalia last year with the intention of doing the rally and have been steadily upgrading her to meet stringent Category 1 safety standards, a requirement of all NZ registered vessels leaving New Zealand.
She is a 2009 Leopard 40 Foot Catamaran with an owner?s configuration (meaning the whole Starboard hull is for the owner; double berth, large en-suite bathroom and office), while the Port hull consists of 2 double berths and a separate bathroom. She is ideal for cruising the Pacific as she has a large covered cockpit and main saloon which is great for pirate parties.
Libertalia was a legendary free colony of pirates, founded and ruled by Captain Mission, and reputed to have be located on Madagascar. Their motto was said to be ?for God and liberty?, and thier flag was white, in contrast to the Jolly Roger. The citizens were anarchists, waging war against states, attacking ships, sparing prisoners and freeing slaves. Not a bad name for a boat I thought. As we get nearer the time of departure, I?ll give an overview of the rally and what?s instore on this grand adventure.

Exciting Nick - 6 months!! Amazing. As per previous comment, if you need some Ballast/company