Sun Nov 18 22:21 2018 NZDT
Weather: sse 8 to 10 knots fair skies 28 to 34 degrees C

reef reconnaissance today now anchored inside the lagoon of Hanasavi island nestled between two manta shaped reefs. Lots of fish life but poor coral cover. No inhabitants

Just a question How come your location description says one thing, but the map of the boat says the same as your last stop??? Just asking???
Wed Nov 14 13:18 2018 NZDT
Run: 58.5nm (105.9km)
9 00.70S 159 16.00E
Weather: nw very light for overnight passage with some motoring. Now sse 8 to 10 knots

Arrived into Koemurin Island lagoon in the Russels over very shallow narrow entrance not charted.

Fri Nov 9 19:12 2018 NZDT
Run: 30.7nm (55.6km)
9 00.90S 160 07.40E
Weather: ene wind 12 knots on leaving Honiara dropping thro day to 6 se

Departed Honiara at 1100hrs now arrived at Roderick Bay, north Nggela Sule in Florida group. Welcomed by the family of the Yacht club. Anchoraged in 30m water!

Fri Nov 2 12:06 2018 NZDT
Run: 185.6nm (335.9km)
Avg: 5.6knts
24hr: 133.4nm
9 25.60S 159 57.30E
Weather: ese 15 knots with wrapping swell

arrived at Mbokona Bay, Honiara Solomons at 0800 hours. Anchorage very tight and rolly. Q flag raised. Distanced travelled 577 nm

Bloody marvellous. Look out for Iron Bottom Sound and The Slot. Lots of love.
Thu Nov 1 22:39 2018 NZDT
Weather: ene 15 knots with 1.8 m seas dropping

period of no wind today in the shadow of S Cristobel then heavy sea state & 20 knots ne on other side. Dropping into the night. 63 nm to Honiara

Thu Nov 1 2:42 2018 NZDT
Run: 197.8nm (358km)
Avg: 6.6knts
24hr: 159.6nm
11 06.20S 162 05.20E
Weather: east 15 knots seas 1 to 1.5m. Wind increased. Lightning on horizon

sails gulled winged for downwind. We are now 16 nm south of San Cristobel Island, Solomons. 189 nm to our destination of Honiara on Guadalcanal.

Tue Oct 30 20:57 2018 NZDT
Run: 194.8nm (352.6km)
Avg: 2.7knts
24hr: 65.6nm
12 21.50S 164 42.80E
Weather: e 6 to 8 knots much lighter wind than forecast.

on passage from Vanuatu to Honiara Solomons. 187 nm travelled 358 nm to go. Slow downwind progress

Sat Oct 27 21:39 2018 NZDT
Run: 27.4nm (49.6km)
13 32.45S 167 20.30E
Weather: sse 5 to 7 knots. Stormy skies, flat water

Sailed on a wsw storm from the Reef islands (Rowa) to Lorup bay, Ureparapara. We are anchored inside the (extinct) volcano crater

We are watching your wonderful journey and look forward to your updates. Always thinking of you. Safe and happy travels. Leanne and John. xo
Fri Oct 26 15:48 2018 NZDT
Run: 16.7nm (30.2km)
13 52.40S 167 33.70E
Weather: se 8 to 10 knots

departed Sola Bay on Vanua Lava bound for the Reef islands for overnight. We have started our outbound journey from Vanuatu. A few days hopping north before the wind kicks in & away we will go.

Hope the weather plays the game. Do hope you can visit Ureparapara. Sail Safe Sail Free. Dad.XXX
Tue Oct 23 20:12 2018 NZDT
Run: 107.4nm (194.4km)
13 38.30S 167 30.40E
Weather: ese light winds and clear skies

motorsailed from Waterfall bay on W coast of Vanua Lava to Reef islands N of V Lava. Perfect reef weather

Fri Oct 12 9:06 2018 NZDT
Run: 32.5nm (58.8km)
15 08.70S 167 06.90E
Weather: ne to se very light with sultry sunshine

we have started our journey north. Currently sitting at Lonnoc bay on the north east coast of Santo

Hi Andrew and Gemma Stuart and Neil just forwarded your blog. Is your yacht called Paws? Where are you headed? Happy sailing! Love Fin and family
Fri Oct 5 17:42 2018 NZDT
Run: 10.9nm (19.7km)
15 36.70S 167 10.60E
Weather: ese 8 to 10 knots >

gentle sail 10nm out of LV to Ratua Isl anchorage next to southern coast of Aore opp Malo in 2.5m sand

Tue Oct 2 15:36 2018 NZDT
Run: 62nm (112.2km)
15 27.60S 167 13.30E
Weather: ssw variable and rain >

left Pentecost yesterday due to very heavy weather. Sailed back to Santo to move north of a depression forming near south Malekula. Since it has moved further south towards Efate so we are out of the dangerous quadrant.

> >

Thu Sep 27 17:03 2018 NZST
Run: 39.5nm (71.5km)
15 32.70S 168 08.90E
Weather: se 15 knots with frequent rain squalls

motor sailed to Loltong Bay N Pentecoste and anchored in 4m sand with reef surround opp the village to the beat of the drums

Sun Sep 23 18:15 2018 NZST
Run: 0.3nm (0.5km)
14 58.80S 168 03.30E
Weather: ese 15 to 20 gusting 25

60 nm day sailing high to arrive at Marino on North Maewo Island. Huge wind shadow in the lee of Ambae due to the volcano suck. Crazy ash sunrise

Sun Sep 23 18:15 2018 NZST
Run: 63.7nm (115.3km)
14 58.75S 168 03.E
Weather: ese 15 to 20 gusting 25

60 nm day sailing high to arrive at Marino on North Maewo Island. Huge wind shadow in the lee of Ambae due to the volcano suck. Crazy ash sunrise

Sat Sep 22 11:09 2018 NZST
Run: 6.3nm (11.4km)
15 28.90S 167 15.00E
Weather: ese 15 to 20 knots gusting 25 to 30

picked up Rob from the airport 2 days ago. Waiting in Palikulo Bay 10 nm from Luganville on Santo for the weather to stop squalling

Sun Sep 2 20:30 2018 NZST
Run: 80.5nm (145.7km)
15 31.40S 167 10.00E
Weather: ese 12 to 15 knots dropping in the afternoon

passage from Uri island in port Stanley Malekula to Luganville today. Beautiful broad teCh rub with the head sail full winged. 45nm travelled. Anchored in Luganville Bay

Looks like a good passage. Are you anchored/moored where you will stay for the week or do you have to move? XXX
Thu Aug 30 22:36 2018 NZST
Run: 26.4nm (47.8km)
16 32.00S 167 46.20E
Weather: sse 8-10 knots. Glass out last few days. Heavy rain overnight

anchored btween Awei & Malekula Islands in the Masquelynes. Deep Blue water mangroves reef and strong tidal currents

Sun Aug 26 18:00 2018 NZST
Run: 67.3nm (121.8km)
16 35.70S 168 09.80E
Weather: ese 18 to 20 knots overcast skies

travelled from Emae Isl to Epi Isl today. Seastate smaller than yesterday. Covered 75 nm in 2 days to spend a few days in Lamen Bay. Black sand bottom clear water and many turtles

Wed Aug 22 17:21 2018 NZST
Speed: 12 top speed on passage in lee of islandknts
Run: 12.3nm (22.3km)
17 33.80S 168 16.50E
Weather: ese 15 knots en route now ene 3 knots

anchored in Matapu Bay Havannah Harbour on nw side of Efate Island. Spent 5 days in Port Villa. Travelled 30nm today

Thu Aug 16 11:57 2018 NZST
Run: 88nm (159.3km)
17 44.30S 168 18.60E
Weather: winds ese 15 knots 5 8ths cloud

anchored in quarantine zone at Port Villa Efate Island Vanuatu. Overnight downwind headsail run from Erromango.

Mon Aug 13 7:39 2018 NZST
Run: 57.9nm (104.8km)
18 49.30S 169 00.80E
Weather: sse 15 knots light rolling swell

left Tanna early yesterday to arrived at Dillons Bay on Erromango in the daylight. 60 nm travelled

On the move again, hope the passage was good. Has the weather warmed up a bit ? xxx
Thu Aug 2 8:21 2018 NZST
Run: 57.6nm (104.3km)
Avg: 4.1knts
24hr: 99.5nm
19 31.50S 169 29.70E
Weather: se 6 to 8 knots clear sky

arrived safely into Port Resolution, Tanna Island Vanuatu. Speedy sail bit of a dream run with Yasur volcano lighting the way glowing into the dawn

Wed Aug 1 18:27 2018 NZST
Run: 135.9nm (246km)
Avg: 8.3knts
24hr: 198.3nm
20 20.00S 169 16.90E
Weather: ese 12 knots seas 1.3 metres

67 nm to go until Port Resolution, Tanna Vanuatu. Took down some sail area to slow down to arrive in daylight

Oh Wow , you have made good time. Give Paws a pat on the back from me and the wonderful crew.XXXXX
Wed Aug 1 2:00 2018 NZST
Run: 80.7nm (146.1km)
21 53.70S 168 o4.80E
Weather: se 8 knots seas under 1 metre clear sky bright moon

departed New Caledonia via Havannah Passe at 1500. Passing Mare island of the Loyalties 14nm to the south. Next stop Vanuatu

You seem to be making good time, may it continue. Love you guys, your courage and stamina physically and emotionally. Loads of love. XXX
Sun Jul 29 19:39 2018 NZST
Run: 29.1nm (52.7km)
22 21.40S 166 50.50E
Weather: ne 2 knots glass out

checked out of Noumea on Friday now on a mooring at Ilot Casy in Baie de Prony waiting for the weather change to come through to to depart for Vanuatu. Best weather all month

Looking good guys have fun and stay safe. Other friends over there not far from you on Aquabar.
Tue Jul 17 21:00 2018 NZST
Speed: anchoredknts
22 46.60S 166 48.30E
Weather: sw 12 knots

left Ile des Pins early on 15th July with overnight stop at Ilot Maito now at Ilot Kouare for some snorkelling 3 nm from the outer barrier reef

Tue Jul 17 19:24 2018 NZST
Speed: anchoredknts
Run: 41.3nm (74.8km)
22 46.60S 166 48.30E
Weather: sw 12 knots

left Ile des Pins early on 15th July with overnight stop at Ilot Maito now at Ilot Kouare for some snorkelling 3 nm from the outer barrier reef

Tue Jul 10 14:54 2018 NZST
Run: 0.3nm (0.5km)
22 39.40S 167 26.40E
Weather: se 15 knots patchy cloud rain and sun

anchored in Baie de Kuto Ile des Pins.

Sat Jul 7 20:00 2018 NZST
Run: 44.6nm (80.7km)
22 39.60S 167 26.50E
Weather: ene 12 to 15 wind dropping sea state sloppy

Anchored in Baie de Kuto, Ile des Pins. Travelled 50nm today upwind slog. Hard going with some issues to sort but now safely anchored and both well. Plenty time now to recover dry out & do maintenance..

Thu Jul 5 9:48 2018 NZST
Run: 25.3nm (45.8km)
22 27.30S 166 46.70E
Weather: ese 15 getting stronger next few days, drizzle

Anchored in Baie de la Tortue, Ile Ouen, S of Grande Terre heading for Ile des Pins. Red iron ore scarred mountains

Tue Jun 26 17:27 2018 NZST
Run: 3.6nm (6.5km)
22 20.00S 166 24.30E
Weather: se 20-25knots squalls and showers

anchored at Ilot Maître 3nm sw from Noumea. Kite surfers paradise in these winds

How idyllic that looks. I agree Jeremy, the dudes in the chalets can mostly only watch the marine life directly below them!!! Have a great sail around the islands G&A.
Sat Jun 23 19:48 2018 NZST
Run: 294.5nm (533km)
Avg: 6.3knts
24hr: 151.5nm
22 17.20S 166 25.90E
Weather: SE 10knts calm inside reef lagoon

Arrived safely into New Caledonia through Boulari Pass at 0500 EST 23.6.18. Currently on anchor near to Port Moselle, Noumea

bien joué. Profitez de votre temps pour vous imprégner de la culture française

Absolutely bowled over. Hope you 'av un petit Francaise. Sleep well me hearties you deserve it. XXX
Thu Jun 21 21:09 2018 NZST
Speed: 5.8knts
Run: 396.3nm (717.3km)
Avg: 5.6knts
24hr: 134.2nm
24 16.70S 162 19.80E
Weather: SSE 10 to 12knts seas 1 to 2metres

travelled over 600nm so just over 200nm to go to Noumea, New Caledonia

?????? 2 more sleeps before a good long one!!!! Not counting!!!!!!

Oh Wow, you are doing well. Hope you are holding up physically and mentally. Calm seas and fair winds for the rest of your passage. Love you Guys.XXXXX
Mon Jun 18 22:18 2018 NZST
Speed: 6knts
Run: 143.7nm (260.1km)
Avg: 6.7knts
24hr: 161.2nm
26 32.20S 156 29.60E
Weather: WSW 12knts 5/8 cloud 1.6m seas

Nearly 200nm travelled so far on the passage from Gold Coast to Noumea. Steady downwind run awaiting wind shift to have a broad reach soon hopefully

Looking good - watching you relax in that big ocean - blimey it's very big!!! Weather sounds good too - very comfortable sailing!!! Love and hugs

Updated nicely. Position now shown on this map along with one before. So pleased you are not permanently land locked. Ha Ha.

Going well guys 200nm in the first day is hooning along. Safe travels
Mon Jun 18 0:54 2018 NZST
Speed: 6.0knts
Run: 66.9nm (121.1km)
27 24.60S 154 22.60E
Weather: W 12knts clear 1.5metre seas

Under headsail 60nm NE of Australia heading to New Caledonia Finally departed on our voyage. First ocean crossing together

Thinking of you at every wind shift. Loving that you're finally on your way and sharing your adventure with us. Safe and joyous sailing. xxx

May this Adventure Fulfil Your Dreams. Cheers, Chief Chief.
Mon Jun 4 17:29 2018 NZST
27 45.40S 153 21.40E
Weather: S just starting, waiting for next window hopefully Monday 11th

First post. Hi. All the prep and savings for the last 10 yrs is stowed and tight. Sitting at anchor waiting for next weather window and to sell our beloved Subaru. Still no bites.

New Caledonia is over the horizon

Bon Voyage - looking but not seeing!!!! Will be travelling with you all the way - in my mind and heart. Wishing you a safe and comfortable journey every day and night!!!!

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