Sun Jun 16 7:36 2019 NZST
Run: 89.4nm (161.8km)
Avg: 4.1knts
24hr: 98.2nm
35 43.766S 176 33.172E
Weather: 25 knots SW, 2m short sharp seas, rough squalls

Cannot make headway to the west. Compromised jury rig can only sail on starboard tack and this is limited. Options narrowing. Will run out of diesel and can only sail to the east. Options commercial tow or initiate distress call. 4th day battling headwinds

So sorry to hear this news, our thoughts and love with you guys, it must be very tough. Great to hear you are safe.

The crew of SV SQUANDER are safely on land in the NZ town of Whitianga after being air lifted off their vessel late this morning.

Great news on the refuelling. We are all rooting for you so hang in there. Love you loads

Let me know if there’s anything I can help with in BOI or Auckland. My phone number is 0272669920


Sat Jun 15 9:45 2019 NZST
Run: 117.5nm (212.7km)
Avg: 4.6knts
24hr: 110.8nm
34 27.444S 176 50.363E
Weather: 20-30 knotSW, seas very rough, 3m

very rough night, 40knots, waves in cockpit.c Can?t maintain course,limited control of vessel.Crew hanging in there.

Hang in there!

Hi my name is Claire, I have been keeping in touch with maritime NZ and am getting frequent updates. you can give me a call if you like on: +64221883218 (NZ)

Stay strong. Love and thoughts are with you all. X
Fri Jun 14 8:18 2019 NZST
Run: 147.9nm (267.7km)
Avg: 4.9knts
24hr: 118.3nm
32 46.978S 177 11.590E
Weather: 14knt sw 1-2m lumpy seas 1006hpa

jury rig holding. Managed to put up small headsail, increased speed 1-2knots, crew tired but good spirits

Thoughts are with you squanders, lots of faith in you and the boat
Thu Jun 13 2:18 2019 NZST
Run: 12.6nm (22.8km)
30 45.989s 178 02.290e
Weather: slight seas light winds

mast rig failure, jury rig 3 shrouds, unable to continue under sail, motoring back to NZ. Emergency services notified and monitoring. All well aboard as well as can be expected.

Emergency Services have contacted us. I have let james and Blake know. Be safe. Hear from you soon. Love to all.

Stay safe.
Wed Jun 12 7:54 2019 NZST
5.8 knots
Run: 147.9nm (267.7km)
Avg: 6.1knts
24hr: 147.3nm
30 56.302S 178 06.410E
Weather: 6knots NE, slight rolling seas, clear skies, 1013hpa

motoring, comfortable, showers on board, double hook up on tuna

Tuna Sashimi our favourite dish, hopefully you’ll get some ‘favourable’ breeze soon. So happy the Tasman is being polite! I’m impressed with this technology! leaving cool Tasman temps’ behind & sailing into the Pacific warmth in a few days, you’ll love ‘peeling off’ the thermals. Fair winds to you all. X
Tue Jun 11 7:48 2019 NZST
, 5.5 knots
Run: 129.8nm (234.9km)
Avg: 5.5knts
24hr: 132.6nm
33 04.677S 178 06.479E
Weather: NNE, 9 knots, slight seas, cloud 80%, 1020hpa

motor sailing in light variable winds, All good aboard.

Mon Jun 10 8:18 2019 NZST
Run: 10060.3nm (18209.1km)
Avg: 22.1knts
24hr: 530.2nm
34 16.320S 176 21.940E
Weather: 4knots SW, slight seas, 70% cloud, 1021hpa

motoring, broken out haul slide fixture at clew, All good aboard

Wed May 22 8:53 2019 NZST
Weather: Fine cool

Correction to coordinates

Wed May 22 8:47 2019 NZST
Run: 9957.5nm (18023.1km)
Avg: 32.1knts
24hr: 771.2nm
Weather: Fine cool

Correction of previous coordinates

Awaiting weather window for sail to Tonga

Thu May 9 10:54 2019 NZST
Run: 210nm (380.1km)
35 31S 174 11E
Weather: Fine, cool, some clouds

In Opua Marina awaiting and preparing for passage to Tonga with ICANZ from 20/5

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