Double Bubble

Thu Apr 18 19:26 2024 NZST
GPS: 19 15.179S 146 49.457E
Weather: 27 deg, 5kn S 1005 baro.

Quick update, unfortunately I managed to pick up skippers lurgy & got a cold!! Yep, so surgery was cancelled....fill in the blanks, the alternative was I could have gotten a case of pneumonia, so bum, bugger & poo however, I do now have another date for 11th May, so stuck here a bit longer. On the upside we got our sliding doors back, which look fabulous, super happy, with clever husband (after getting his 2nd ever cold & giving it to me)!

How cool do they look (black poly doors at right).
And just because, finally got to buy her in Palm Cove!
Mon Apr 15 19:34 2024 NZST
GPS: 19 15.179S 146 49.457E
Weather: Overcast - 26 deg, 1008 baro.

Sorry, issues again with site, so, catch up... we've just spent 4 days in Cairns with our Pelargic friends, & drove through Palm Cove up to the markets in Port Douglas & have just returned to the boat in preparation for surgery Wednesday. Skipper's been up the mast & repaired the wind/speed meter, legend that he is & sails are back on, of course, nothing goes smoothly on a boat so whilst dragging main up on to the boom it snapped the bracket base on the AIS, awesome, so new base & re-run wires...woo hoo, eassy peassy!!!

Had a vist to Palm Cove.
Skipper up the top, & wind meter fixed. Click on pic.
Head & main sail back on.
Setting the table on the patio at our friends.
Wed Apr 3 20:41 2024 NZDT
GPS: 19 15.179S 146 49.457E
Run: 684.7nm (1239.3km)
Weather: 29 deg - 5kn SE 1006 baro.

So back here in Tsv, & hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Skipper has been very busy making framework for sliding doors either side at midships, just have to wait for the doors to be cut now, whilst I've been re-making hatch covers that have turned turtle with the heat here, pre knee op! We now need to sort wind meter at top of mast, put main & headsail back on & start getting vessel ready for movement without me!

Had a lovely visit with Col in Maroochydore, Debs work, lovely.
Great to be on the road back.
Where frame work has been made for doors.
Thu Mar 21 12:14 2024 NZDT
GPS: 27 24.379S 152 57.592E
Run: 684.7nm (1239.3km)
Weather: Overcast - 26 deg, 5kn S 1005 baro

Woo hoo, it's back working! Took a bit of clever investigation, (well I thought I was clever) & I located the domain host for the YIT website & rang NZ & we're back in business! Well I guess following on, floor is all done & skirtings throughout back on, & boat looks quite good. Ultimate news is I've been upgraded & moved over to a private hospital & I'm getting a new knee, 17th April! So whilst we've been waiting, Skippers just landed back at Maroochydore after a week in Adelaide & will be driving down to Brissy where I'm staying at Michelle's, eta 12pm whilst we have Col Quinrig give mainsail a birthday & make a new front cover.

Had a little birthday party.
Got crosstitch framed.
New floor in guest cabin.
Weather station up & running.
Shell & I in Brisbane.
Sat Feb 10 12:09 2024 NZDT
GPS: 19 15.179S 146 49.457E
Weather: Mostly sunny - 30 deg, 15 kn S 1006 baro.

Well, thankfully TC Kirrily didn't double back, got some great sky shots following though! We have quite a bit going on with both hull floorings cut & laid (not glued & not the shed floor), we are now working on entrance & saloon, pretty tricky trying to cut & lay, when nowhere to cut, but we'll get there. The replacement unit for Aft, stbd A/C has arrived & skipper is starting on that, supposedly straight fit replacement (but of course not)! We have had to buy a replacement 96 led light for our cockpit, which carked it (weird flashing white & blue) & then our awesome ceiling fan died 4yrs old, luckily got a new one half price, woo hoo $20! Also Sirroco nav room fan died on special $180, along with boat hook finally ceased after going for a swim, I think in the Hawkesbury!! We had a marina cyclone debrief which is helpful for all & caught up with friends.

Cool clouds post Kirrily.
Both carked it, 2 different sets of wires.
Also new weather station as diodes going on other unit 14yrs.
Cyclone debrief.
Forgot, it appears we have ghecko onboard, since the 25th Jan.
With Pelagic & Sailaway.
Fri Jan 26 20:50 2024 NZDT
GPS: 19 15.179S 146 49.457E
Weather: Overcast- 30 deg, 5 kn E 995 baro. (going down)

So here's an update on Cyclone Kirrily here in Townsville. After mandatory evacuation at 2pm, we left the boat & promptly got hit by a heavy rain shower prior to reaching the car! Arrived at the Lodge & got safely tucked into the 2nd last end unit, there wasn't masses of rain & wind due to locality, but come midnight she whirly gigged her way through, with evac sirens sounding, I sat happily on the balcony, very protected, as was the car, skipper & Phil both asleep (both exhausted). Not huge carnage here, winds 175km, power was turned off at the marina, lost tv signal at the lodge when upgraded to Cat 3, (ergo watching storm). We returned to the marina 8.30am, ran up generator having used 7amps an hr overnight, fridge & freezer on 240v hanging on invertor (wind genny tied off), prior to power being turned back on. Have proceeded to put everything back on, boat dry, no damage & all good! Thankfully it was nowhere near as bad as predicted. Hopefully it doesn't double back!

Red sky at night sailors delight...cyclone next day!!!
Balcony right in the corner, super protected!
Quite a number of trees down or branches broken.
Click on the pic, how lucky is the owner of this car!
Skipper made the papers with a journo onboard!
Bunnings - Ratchet tie down area, empty, got the last ones!
Thu Jan 25 12:30 2024 NZDT
GPS: 19 15.179S 146 49.457E
Weather: Very cloudy - 28 deg, 15kn SW 997 baro.

I thought I'd do a quick update pre our Cat 2 cyclone!! So Bubble has been stripped as best we can, mainsail rolled into boom furler, headsail off, bagged & downstairs, tender & solar panel ratchet tied, top panels & portico strapped down (only just got them, store empty). All covers, cushions etc removed, all hatches locked down & she has been double roped in her pen. The full moon was bringing a king tide but that is no longer an issue (we hope). Evacuation is happening between 12 -3 pm & we will be heading off to stay at Yongala Lodge with neighbour Phil. On other matters, we laid (not glued) our cabin with new flooring & we both hate it, so are waiting on our next choice to arrive & also our port aft A/C condenser has a crack in it, so waiting on a new one of those, hopefully we'll still have a boat to come back too! Oh and skipper did an interview with a reporter onboard for The Bulletin!

Getting a bit of a giddy up now.
Awesome sky last night.
Bunnings - ratchet tie down section.
Double roped.
Ramp tied down all fenders out, fully roped.
Flooring way to light!
Sat Jan 13 15:11 2024 NZDT
GPS: 19 15.179S 146 49.457E
Weather: Partly cloudy - 34 deg, 15kn SE 1001 baro.

Happy New Year, apologies for the delay, we have had quite a bit on & it's only going to get worse with our latest lot of madness! Firstly I must say I am loving my new collapsible silicone container drawer Shell bought for me, yay! I've made some more glasses coasters & a new dress, & restitching covers with the good cotton. Skippers been busy with various jobs, mainly the overhaul of the stbd engine water pump & currently putting on a bigger water trap for the A/C, too much floating debris from the rain (currently some choice words abound). We've had the sad passing of our Townsville friend Crumpy, who Rod has known for some 42 years, so catching up with other long not seen mates. So now for the madness, we have decided to renew our floors throughout Bubble with 2mm Vinyl floorboards, argh (I can already hear the swearing) so I am merrily drawing up the floor plan to get a sense of our requirements. I have only 3 days to go before seeing the specialist about my new knee & info as to how much longer we have to wait!

Watching the fireworks onboard New Years Eve.
My coasters, 2 sizes!
My new dress.
An RIP to Dave "Crumpy".
Loving watching the banana's grow.
How organised is this, yay!

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