Double Bubble

Fri Jan 17 0:08 2020 NZDT
GPS: 27 52.257S 153 20.127E
Weather: Dark, 24 deg, 0kn 1003 baro

Hallelujah, our girl is finally painted with non skid on deck (13th) so off to Tweed Heads for the night to see Aunty Eva & her kin, lovely, lovely people & a great night was had in NSW! So back to the boat in the morning to unwrap our girl which took all day, celebrating with champagne & bubble bath under the boat. We are now having our windows coved & setting up for our new trampoline, with our rigger Col- Quinrig ( our friend coming to set up the 29yr old Profurl thankfully discovering furler ready to die in months (which it seems parts are no longer able to be replaced) ergo $3600 for new furler! On a good note however I drove back to NSW today & collected Pa from the Coolangatta airport & he will be staying with us for a few days!

She looks fantastic, hard work paid off!
Aunty Eva, Tom, Sam, Kelsey & small fry 😊
Pa's come to stay for a few days, yay!
Paddleboard nearly done, looks brand new...ish!
Mon Jan 13 1:30 2020 NZDT
GPS: 27 52.257S 153 20.127E
Weather: Warm, 24 deg 0kn 1008 baro

After 68 days in the shed we've reached the summit, Double Bubble has been hand sanded, hand washed, the shed cleared & hosed out & DB wrapped AGAIN & for the final time (locked in, with no hatch access, getting good at this).We are prepped & ready for the non skid paint to be sprayed on, assuming there's no rain in the morning (too much moisture in the air makes the paint de-laminate).! So with a bit of luck Aunty here we come for an overnight visit. Oh and apparently, red, is oh so nineties!

Now Bubble is black & grey (no red)!
15mtr Catamaran (gift wrapped)!
More wrapping.
Back to booties.
That was fun wrapping (had cunning plan - 2 min)
All tucked up & hosed out.
Wed Jan 8 11:01 2020 NZDT
GPS: 27 52.257S 153 20.127E
Weather: Overcast - 29 deg 0kn 1008 baro

Monday saw the return of the Boatworks tradies & opening of The Galley for food & ice from Christmas break, much has been achieved. The hull has been sanded & wet rubbed ready for a few fills, primer & prep coat for different (warm water temperature) antifoul. Masking up of the boat has nearly been completed, working out the rounds & lay of non skid is time consuming & complicated. Lifelines are tied on & ferrules covered with amalgamating tape. The dolphin striker timbers are now coated (4) in DWD as is the repairs to winch & block bases (when you remove masking tape sometimes the coatings are damaged). So we wait now for Choice Stainless to measure & whip up inner railings for new trampoline hopefully today.

Windows in, tape removed, hatches opened.
Hull sanded good to go (nearly)!
Lifelines tied & secure, ferrules taped (they connect wire)
Dolphin striker coated.
Masked up final time, hatches closed off again.
Wed Jan 1 19:06 2020 NZDT
GPS: 27 52.257S 153 20.127E
Weather: Cloudy - 31 deg, 0kn 1008

Well Happy New Year all, after approximately $1200 worth of Fixtech's been used the windows are now finally in & absolute huge thank you to Ally & Sol aka "The Tramps" for arriving in time as our spirits were waning & helping us to get them completed, as well as the deck & window hatches, painted. As usual we have had a couple of great days/nights together, & lots of fun & fireworks were had last night. Next we move onto antifoul whilst windows set for 7-10 days, pre having final coving applied.

Masses of FS200 applied.
Tramps at work!
Fun night ending at 4am
10 weeks later, the reason we came, windows are in.
All hatches painted, thank you Miss Ally!

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